January 2017 Archive

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will have a single-player campaign and span “multiple Star Wars eras”31 January 2017
BioWare will release a multiplayer action RPG before the end of March 201831 January 2017
Get XCOM: UFO Defense and Constructor for free31 January 2017
Nvidia Showcase: stream an action double feature with Just Cause 2 & Deus Ex: Human Revolution 31 January 2017
Sniper Elite 4’s 101 trailer shows there’s more to the game than just nut shots31 January 2017
CD Projekt RED forums hacked, over 1.8 million user credentials stolen 31 January 2017
Hitman is now available on disc - celebrate with this shopping channel-style sales pitch31 January 2017
HoloLens sounds a long way off the sub-$1,000 pricetag it needs for a real launch31 January 2017
Pop your pal's head through some drywall in the Rainbow Six Siege free weekend on Feb 231 January 2017
Hitman: The Complete First Season PC review31 January 2017
Paladins beginners guide: roles, modes, deck building, and more31 January 2017
Torment devs apologise for cutting stretch goals, future content to be "free to all backers"31 January 2017
Crush your enemies, ideally drive them before you: Conan Exiles comes to early access31 January 2017
EarlyNinja wants to right all the wrongs of Steam Early Access31 January 2017
Early access platform EarlyNinja apologises for "misunderstanding" over game listings31 January 2017
Hitman PC graphics, performance and 4K analysis - the PCGamesN Tech Report31 January 2017
Banner Saga 3 Kickstarter funded in less than a week, playable Dredge now a stretch goal31 January 2017
Valve begin "blocking TF2 gambling accounts" in continuing post-CS:GO crackdown31 January 2017
Blizzard might let Bastion self-heal on the move in Overwatch's next PTR31 January 2017
Namco founder Masaya Nakamura has died at age 9130 January 2017
E3 organisers ESA “urge the White House to exercise caution” over immigration ban30 January 2017
Battlefield 1 is getting a public test server 30 January 2017
GDC and key indie gaming figures speak out against President Trump’s Muslim ban30 January 2017
If not for financial troubles Fallout 3 might've been a 3D Obsidian game30 January 2017
Here's why Dirt 4 isn't Dirt Rally 2, and what it aims to do instead30 January 2017
AMD RX 490 briefly appeared as a suggested GPU for Fallout 4's new high-res texture pack30 January 2017
Watch Simon Miller go from great big man to great big baby as he plays Resident Evil 730 January 2017
Sci-fi city builder Aven Colony is the latest title to join Team 17’s publishing label30 January 2017
Only one day left to claim codes from Games Republic30 January 2017
Think of the Fenrisian Wolves: Peta ask Games Workshop to cut fur from Warhammer figures30 January 2017
Deus Ex shelved for Marvel project, second game is Guardians of the Galaxy30 January 2017
Making it in Unreal: the reason behind beautiful Ico-esque adventure Rime30 January 2017
Over a million people watched Astralis win ELeague CS:GO major, breaking Twitch records30 January 2017
AMD are avoiding a Ryzen hex by launching only quad and octo-core Zen chips30 January 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer is peer-to-peer and not cross-platform30 January 2017
Five Studios Interactive show off first gameplay footage of Drone29 January 2017
Annapurna Interactive reveal beautiful picture puzzler Gorogoa29 January 2017
ARK: Survival Evolved’s Tek Tier patch comes January 3029 January 2017
Stardock release substantial version 2.0 update to Galactic Civilizations III29 January 2017
Creative Assembly release first dev diary for Total War: Arena29 January 2017
Improvements to D.va’s Defense Matrix coming soon, says principal designer Geoff Goodman29 January 2017
Extra difficulty modes and Street Fighter costumes are coming to Dead Rising 429 January 2017
Ice queen Aurora joins the Paragon roster on January 3128 January 2017
Take the Scizzer for a spin in update 1.1.3 for Frontier’s Planet Coaster28 January 2017
The Lee brothers are back as Arc System Works unveil Double Dragon IV28 January 2017
Crypt of the NecroDancer: AMPLIFIED is now available on Steam Early Access28 January 2017
Obsidian's Josh Sawyer misses having Chris Avellone around: "He's a machine"28 January 2017
Explore a new Precursor base in Subnautica’s Castles and Coffee update28 January 2017
Return to the Gungeon with the free Supply Drop update for Enter the Gungeon28 January 2017
Wrap up for the winter, as GSC Game World announce Cossacks 3: Rise to Glory28 January 2017
Dashing heroes still can’t escape Roadhog’s hook in Overwatch patch 1.728 January 2017
Expand into orbit with the new Habitats coming in update 1.5 for Stellaris28 January 2017
Riot delve into the reasoning behind League of Legends’ business model28 January 2017
Ubisoft tease the footprint-tracking Jackal for Rainbow Six Siege’s Velvet Shell update27 January 2017
Commander creator and multicrew land in the Elite: Dangerous 2.3 beta on February 2627 January 2017
Xbox One and PC Cross-Play comes to versus modes in Gears of War 427 January 2017
Here’s the character creator from Ship of Heroes, a spiritual sequel to City of Heroes27 January 2017
Red vs. Blue creators Rooster Teeth launch game publishing division27 January 2017
Gears of War mode, toilet traps and more: watch us play Hitman just like the pros don't27 January 2017
The Mudokons are in trouble again in the first Oddworld: Soulstorm image27 January 2017
Filthy Lucre giveaway! Win one of 100 copies of this tactical heist game!27 January 2017
The Division follows Destiny with cosmetic microtransactions - get weapon skins for cash27 January 2017
For Honor’s beta is live - here’s your best bets for getting in and when it's all over27 January 2017
Tyranny's release being Trumped by US election was "a coincidence", say Obsidian27 January 2017
WoW griefer kicked from top-ranked guild after sabotaging rival in world-first race27 January 2017
Pillars of Eternity II's Josh Sawyer on leaving high fantasy woods for something weirder and more challenging27 January 2017
Three months after launch, Civ 6 modding tools are still being worked on, say Firaxis27 January 2017
OcUK's £24,000 PC answers the question of what to buy the oligarch who has everything27 January 2017
New Dota 2 event Dark Moon live now, running until 7 February27 January 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda: Origins - pick Ryder's Milky Way training in character creation27 January 2017
Some FIFA 17 players are seeking to exploit a player's real-life injury for FIFA Coins27 January 2017
QuakeCon 2017 will take place in Dallas on August 2426 January 2017
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture composer Jessica Curry to host videogame music show26 January 2017
Logitech Spotlight: three pieces of hardware built for dominance in Battlefield 126 January 2017
This fully interactive Eve galaxy map shows kills in real-time26 January 2017
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown puts PC in its sights26 January 2017
For Honor PC gameplay - watch us strap on the training gauntlets for Ubisoft's brawler26 January 2017
Versus Evil host Charity Clash event where streamers raise money by playing Antihero26 January 2017
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire offers pirates in exchange for crowdfunding26 January 2017
Endless Space 2's latest update adds The Horatio, a faction made entirely of clones26 January 2017
Heroes of the Dorm 2017 will broadcast exclusively on Facebook, for some reason26 January 2017
Human companions detailed, romance and more in Mass Effect: Andromeda New Earth trailer26 January 2017
Square Enix teases "multi-game partnership" with Marvel, starting with an Avengers game26 January 2017
Samsung C24FG70: the Quantum Dot panel is a leap forward for gaming displays. Oh boy.26 January 2017
Ni no Kuni II is coming to PC: restore Evan to the throne of Ding Dong Dell in 201726 January 2017
Daikatana revisted: has time been kind to the infamous 'worst shooter ever'?26 January 2017
Routine exosuit fitting goes horribly wrong in new trailer for cyberpunk Souls-alike The Surge26 January 2017
Codemasters just announced Dirt 4, and it's out on June 926 January 2017
FF7 remake in collaboration event as Mobius Final Fantasy comes to Steam, February 6 26 January 2017
Add a little SLI-lovin’ to Resident Evil 7 with this little tweak26 January 2017
Elite Dangerous community unites in alien-hunting quest worth 100 million credits26 January 2017
You can still sign up for the Ghost Recon Wildlands closed beta, live from February 3 to 626 January 2017
Blizzard say they’ll fix bug that shrinks Mei’s waist and makes her butt look big25 January 2017
Hobbit on being MVP of his first major tournament and learning from Gambit25 January 2017
Microsoft promise higher frame rates for Windows 10 in improved Game Mode video25 January 2017
Killer Instinct World Cup organiser says the teabagging ban was just a 'troll'25 January 2017
Starbound sells over 2.5 million copies 25 January 2017
Obsidian’s Josh Sawyer is consulting on a survival horror game based on Apocalypse Now25 January 2017
Overwatch This episode 17: Year of the Rooster is great, CTF is bad and what's next on the PTR25 January 2017
Load up on guns and bring your friends - Ghost Recon Wildlands is only fun with others25 January 2017
SpaceX CEO Elon Musk mains Soldier: 76 - can you trust him to take you to Mars?25 January 2017
Prey is out on May 5, watch Morgan stab himself in the eye in new gameplay trailer25 January 2017
Meet Eliza, Tekken 7's pre-order bonus narcoleptic vampiress. Because Tekken.25 January 2017
Super-tough new difficulty coming free to Hitman on January 31 as game releases on disc25 January 2017
Pre-orders for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood are live - get a chicken knife in collector's edition25 January 2017
How CD Projekt envisioned The Witcher 3’s striking depiction of war25 January 2017
Riot cancel new Sewn Chaos skins for League, say they didn’t hit “quality bar”25 January 2017
Exile builds ziggurat in new Conan Exiles trailer, coming to early access on January 3125 January 2017
Pillars of Eternity documentary shows how the RPG saved Obsidian25 January 2017
Free Vermintide lorebook DLC to tell the story of the Skaven, coming soon25 January 2017
Overwatch’s Year of the Rooster event adds a freeform Capture the Flag mode25 January 2017
SWAT 4 lands on GOG, reviving a classic24 January 2017
Halo Wars 2: release date, system requirements, editions, story - everything we know24 January 2017
Overwatch patch 1.7 notes - Roadhog, D.Va and Ana nerfs, Sombra buffs and UI improvements24 January 2017
League of Legends patch 7.224 January 2017
After closing them down, Disney hire Avalanche Software to make a Cars 3 game24 January 2017
Resident Evil 7 PC port review24 January 2017
1,960 man-hours per week: the truth about WoW raiding at the highest level24 January 2017
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - A Criminal Past locks Adam Jensen up on February 2324 January 2017
League of Legends Blood Moon event brings four new skins, creepier map24 January 2017
Overwatch's Year of the Rooster event will run until February 13, full trailer leaked24 January 2017
“I'm just a puppet in his hands” - Guillermo del Toro isn't helping create Death Stranding24 January 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda's Origin Access trial on March 16 will include multiplayer24 January 2017
There’s no PC release date for Friday the 13th because of console certification holding it back23 January 2017
Blizzard are giving away StarCraft 2 for free to select players23 January 2017
PortalHot mod is fun with portals and Superhot-style time manipulation23 January 2017
Modder is creating a first-person mode for the Resident Evil Remaster23 January 2017
Eye Zombie: Dying Light gets support for Tobii Eyetracking23 January 2017
The Witcher 3's HD rework mod improves bear rugs, crates, roofs, tables, and more23 January 2017
League of Legends free champion rotation for January 23-3023 January 2017
“AI is the next step” - Obsidian’s Josh Sawyer talks about the evolution of branching dialogue23 January 2017
Custom difficulty modes and permadeath are now live in Dishonored 223 January 2017
Watch Simon Miller ask the big question: what the hell even is a Resident Evil 7?23 January 2017
Heavy Gear Assault giveaway! Win one of 100 copies of this robot duelling game!23 January 2017
Resident Evil 7 PC review23 January 2017
Dark Souls 3's final DLC is The Ringed City, features quest for The Dark Soul itself23 January 2017
Making it in Unreal: Ship of Heroes devs on the supervillains every MMO must contend with23 January 2017
You can run Mass Effect: Andromeda on a GTX745 or better, and can adjust FOV on PC23 January 2017
We can't put our finger on it, but there's something off about this GTA 6 case23 January 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda has plasma weapons, fire-based builds and easier tech combos23 January 2017
Torment: Tides of Numenera feels just like its 1999 ancestor - totally different23 January 2017
"Record number of titles reaching PC gamers in 2016" claims ESA report22 January 2017
Community demands ban for Overwatch pro allegedly caught smurfing22 January 2017
Inside Rebellion: the fiercely independent UK studio with the power and desire to make 2000AD games22 January 2017
CS:GO Major 2017 is live now on Youtube and Twitch22 January 2017
Get down with the sickness in Quarantine - from publishers of Terraria and Payday 222 January 2017
ASUS announce ROG GR8 II - World's smallest VR gaming PC22 January 2017
Holdfast: Nations At War storms to the top of Steam Greenlight22 January 2017
Tiny racing returns in Micro Machines World Series22 January 2017
Bastion and Transistor developers donate $1000 to local animal shelter22 January 2017
Halo Wars 2 multiplayer demo is out now22 January 2017
Study that claimed playing videogames improves your marksmanship is retracted21 January 2017
Halo Wars 2 will leave out resource management and add a collectible card mode21 January 2017
Hidden gems of PC gaming: BioShock21 January 2017
The five technological advances vital to deshitifying virtual reality21 January 2017
Dedicated fans are doing everything in their power to save classic MMO, Asheron's Call21 January 2017
Minimum specs for maximum carnage: what you'll need to run For Honor on your PC21 January 2017
"Why should we make something that everyone else is making?" - Resident Evil 7 dev21 January 2017
Legendary StarCraft caster Day[9] learns Dota 2 from veteran player Purge21 January 2017
Thimbleweed Park clowns around with a new trailer21 January 2017
This Chinese online FPS is Overwatch with licensed Transformers20 January 2017
Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney to get Lifetime Achievement award at GDC 201720 January 2017
Steam client update gives Steam Controller mapping features to X-Input controllers20 January 2017
New Conan Exiles gameplay trailer shows base building, destruction and huge deity summons20 January 2017
Limbo and Inside creators Playdead tease next game, in which you’re not a young boy20 January 2017
Twitch Prime members get XP boosts and more loot at For Honor's launch20 January 2017
Australian Classifications board notes "strong sex scenes" for Mass Effect: Andromeda20 January 2017
Heroes of the Storm’s Global Championships 2017 are now underway20 January 2017
Boyband haircuts, one-legged wetsuits, and more: the worst Resident Evil fashion crimes20 January 2017
Portal designer Kim Swift joins EA’s Motive “to work on our new IP and Star Wars projects”20 January 2017
Creepy Castle giveaway! Win one of 20 copies of this quirky metroidvania!20 January 2017
Watch a drug lord rescue in 20 minutes of new Ghost Recon Wildlands single-player footage20 January 2017
More curation, less procedural generation - Osiris: New Dawn wants to succeed in the genre No Man's Sky created20 January 2017
Could you lead the Spartans in real life? See others try and fail in Halo Wars 2 event20 January 2017
League of Legends and the Big Ten universities found new intercollegiate eSports league20 January 2017
Compensation for China's Hearthstone rollback is worth at least 25 card packs20 January 2017
WoW bot Honorbuddy banned in Germany, further cases pending20 January 2017
GTA V player uses ridiculously pimped car to get revenge on griefers in GTA Online19 January 2017
The Division's Last Stand DLC is control-based, 8v8 competitive multiplayer with AI mobs19 January 2017
Cyanide are creating a videogame adaptation of White Wolf's Werewolf: The Apocalypse19 January 2017
Player beats Champion Grundyr in Dark Souls 3 NG+7 while stripping, with 720° back parries19 January 2017
Atlas Reactor goes free-to-play and kicks off season 2 with a new freelancer19 January 2017
Ubisoft grab more top movie talent - the writer of Traffic to helm The Division film19 January 2017
You can add Grombrindal the White Dwarf to Total War: Warhammer for free today19 January 2017
Revelation Online giveaway! Win one of 2,000 keys for the third closed beta!19 January 2017
For the next week, playing Robocraft will raise money to fight a child's brain cancer19 January 2017
Descend into madness - and whale guts - in Call of Cthulhu's new trailer19 January 2017
Operation Screwed Over - an XCOM 2: The Long War 2 battle report19 January 2017
Yooka-Laylee has a local co-op campaign and an in-game multiplayer arcade19 January 2017
Death only leads to more secrets in Torment: Tides of Numenera's new combat trailer19 January 2017
Sniper Elite 4 plays like Hitman: 1943 Edition19 January 2017
Complete SCARS, For Honor's new interactive storytelling website, to guarantee beta access19 January 2017
It’s not just Trump’s lift that’s gold plated, the $30bn PC gaming hardware market is too19 January 2017
Can Halo Wars 2 thrive in the RTS revival?19 January 2017
The Green Goblin tears up Los Santos in GTA 5 mod video19 January 2017
Pillars of Eternity 2 announcement likely coming soon18 January 2017
Logitech Spotlight: boost your performance in today’s best PC games18 January 2017
Resident Evil 7's Windows Store version comes with a free Xbox One copy via Play Anywhere18 January 2017
Magic: the Gathering creators Wizards of the Coast open new digital game studio18 January 2017
Overwatch This episode 16: Blizzard defends nerfs and talks PTR rewards18 January 2017
The Witcher, Hitman, and Dying Light alumni found new studio: Strange New Things18 January 2017
Microsoft promise new games, say 2017 won't be led by Halo and Gears of War18 January 2017
Dreadnought giveaway! Win one of 5,000 keys for early access to the open beta!18 January 2017
Journey to the Far Edge of Fate and battle Diablos in Final Fantasy XIV's latest patch18 January 2017
Race around Mt Chiliad in your new Specter in GTA Online's latest update18 January 2017
Halo Wars 2 has gone gold - take the fight to "a terrifying new enemy" on Feb 2118 January 2017
The Taurant class is Mirage: Arcane Warfare's violent, boulder-throwing psychopath18 January 2017
Sapphire are unleashing the full power of AMD’s Polaris 11 GPU… but only in China18 January 2017
From the makers of Mordheim comes Necromunda, another Warhammer 40K game18 January 2017
Could you Escape From Tarkov? Watch us try in the hardcore shooter's alpha test18 January 2017
Gabe Newell teases Left 4 Dead 3 and Half Life movie in his ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Reddit18 January 2017
XCOM 2's The Long War mod is out now - here's a video overview of the new features17 January 2017
Latest Overwatch developer video discusses possibility of in-game rewards for PTR testers17 January 2017
Medieval mash-'em-up For Honor adds three new hero classes17 January 2017
Hitman - The Complete First Season brings you 2016's best bald strangler, collected17 January 2017
Sundered, the follow-up to gorgeous hand-drawn indie Jotun, smashes Kickstarter target17 January 2017
It's rad, man: play Don Bradman Cricket 17 on Steam now17 January 2017
My.com becomes Warface's EU/USA publisher in Crytek restructure17 January 2017
MMOFPS Heroes & Generals hits 10 million players, promises more planes and vehicles17 January 2017
Randy Pitchford discovers Battleborn porn, subreddit quickly swamped by Overwatch filth17 January 2017
Galactic Junk League giveaway! Win one of 1,000 starter packs for this ship-building arena shooter, worth $15!17 January 2017
Frozen Synapse 2's factions are based on Alpha Centauri's, will react to third-party events17 January 2017
Don’t get too excited about the new Windows 10 Game Mode speed boost17 January 2017
Twitch loves watching Overwatch - Blizzard's latest is 2016's most-viewed new game17 January 2017
Brood War gets its most legendary match-up one more time - Flash vs. Jaedong live right now17 January 2017
You can craft and name weapons in Mass Effect: Andromeda, and there’s a dedicated melee slot17 January 2017
Heroes of the Storm's new hero, Valeera, arrives in the PTR tomorrow16 January 2017
League of Legends free champion rotation for January 16-2316 January 2017
Last Man Standing may be added to The Division's Survival mode, hints player survey16 January 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda's multiplayer mode will drop single-player rewards16 January 2017
Carbot's new Overwatch animation understands what makes every hero infuriating16 January 2017
Watch Simon Miller belittle your excitement about the aliens in Elite: Dangerous16 January 2017
Check out Milla the basset hound's space alchemy in Freedom Planet 2 gameplay video16 January 2017
The Witcher 3's Super Turbo Lighting mod makes a gorgeous game glow16 January 2017
Play pirates JRPG-style in Tales of Berseria's free demo, now available16 January 2017
Deadly Premonition creator Swery65 forms indie studio, White Owls16 January 2017
Interest in HTC Vive surges as VR developers reveal they prefer it to Oculus Rift16 January 2017
Overwatch spectator mode gets first of promised major improvements: health bars16 January 2017
Nostalrius team demand Elysium WoW legacy servers stop using their code and character data16 January 2017
Making it in Unreal: how All Walls Must Fall generates its tech-noir Berlin nightclubs16 January 2017
Load of Pokéballs: two Ark modders get into legal battle over Pikachu and co16 January 2017
Updated version of Skyrim Script Extender expected to release in March15 January 2017
Assistant professor at the University of Maine codes the original Portal for the Apple II15 January 2017
Pocket Sized Hands show off multiplayer VR stealth game, Honeypot Espionage15 January 2017
G2A release their first development project, the VR theme park G2A Land15 January 2017
AGDQ 2017’s Dark Souls 3 run shows the trials of marathon speedrunning15 January 2017
The source code for Turok: Dinosaur Hunter found on reclaimed workstation from Acclaim15 January 2017
Grapple with paradoxes and time loops in this new trailer for temporal puzzler Induction15 January 2017
Arc System Works announce Guilty Gear Xrd REV 215 January 2017
Track down the Chameleon with Hitman's Elusive Target 1815 January 2017
Revel in battle as Kalypso Media release combat trailer of Vikings - Wolves of Midgard14 January 2017
Become the boss fight in new trailer for villainous platformer Nefarious14 January 2017
Command armies of unicorns, hair trolls and robots as Pit People enters Steam Early Access14 January 2017
Jason Lives in this new trailer for Friday the 13th, showing off Part VI Jason14 January 2017
Animal knife fights and spooky goings-on feature in this trailer for Night in the Woods14 January 2017
Return to the days of Counter-Strike 1.6, as CS: Classic Offensive comes to Steam Greenlight14 January 2017
Bring some heroes out of retirement, as Frozenbyte announce Has-Been Heroes14 January 2017
Red Hook Studios reveal additional details on Darkest Dungeon’s new Radiant Mode14 January 2017
Wizards of the Coast plan digital reimaging of Magic: The Gathering14 January 2017
Battlecrew Space Pirates’ European and North American closed beta begins January 1914 January 2017
BioWare respond to the Amazon Echo speaker Mass Effect easter egg and we're all going to die13 January 2017
Nvidia Showcase: inside the surreal indie adventure Maize13 January 2017
Lego City Undercover gets its first trailer for the PC remaster13 January 2017
Murder mystery board game Mysterium out now on PC13 January 2017
CS:GO team graffiti and autographed team stickers come to Steam Marketplace13 January 2017
Wargaming lay out their 2017 World of Warships plans: PvE and Steve Seagal13 January 2017
Hearthstone’s future plans include faster ranked progression, Standard Arena13 January 2017
Watch: the best and worst DLC of 2016, from The Witcher 3 to Street Fighter V's sexy Santas13 January 2017
Styx steps up his trailer game for Shards of Darkness13 January 2017
Star Conflict giveaway! Win one of 300 keys for the Black Hort premium spaceship!13 January 2017
A Hearthstone designer insights livestream is coming on January 1313 January 2017
Play any hero in Heroes of the Storm this weekend, starting in two hours13 January 2017
WWE 2k17 comes to PC on February 7 so you can distract yourself from Reigns’ title run13 January 2017
Conan Exiles gets server tools and full mod support for Early Access launch13 January 2017
Smite's new god The Morrigan is "the highest skill character that Hi-Rez has ever done"13 January 2017
Unused Hearthstone legendaries include multiplying 12/12s and endless arcane missiles13 January 2017
Gigabyte Z270X-Ultra Gaming review: good value Z270 without too much compromise13 January 2017
Overwatch patch makes it easier to buy lootboxes, quietens cars13 January 2017
Osiris: New Dawn developers used No Man's Sky interviews as market research13 January 2017
Dell kill their long-awaited 4K OLED monitor because of technical difficulties13 January 2017
Cloud Imperium give us a look inside the creation of Star Citizen's alien languages12 January 2017
"I know we have to take risks" - Xbox boss Phil Spencer after Scalebound's cancellation12 January 2017
The Sims 4 finally gets toddlers in a free update12 January 2017
Dirt Showdown is free for a limited time12 January 2017
Epic and Microsoft are being sued for Gears of War by a man who says he's the real Cole Train12 January 2017
WoW Q&A with Paul Kubit kicking off right about now12 January 2017
Conan Exiles system requirements revealed, aren't as brawny as you might expect12 January 2017
Get to know the Tempest and Nomad in a new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer12 January 2017
Play a branching quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera's new interactive trailer12 January 2017
Nerfing D.Va's armour gives her "more legitimate counters" in Overwatch, say Blizzard12 January 2017
Dragon Age 2 expansion canned because of Frostbite engine, not because you didn't like it12 January 2017
Improvements to Overwatch custom games coming soon, may let you create game modes12 January 2017
Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom takes the '100-hour' out of RPGs, and adds Street Fighter12 January 2017
The place where Paladins and gods clash: inside Hi-Rez Expo 201712 January 2017
“No such thing as Half-Life 3” and probably never will be, says supposed Valve insider12 January 2017
Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti rumoured for a March release - GDC unveiling and a PAX launch?12 January 2017
"If we ever needed anything, they refused": indie and publisher in public spat over Poncho12 January 2017
Halo Wars 2 beta is coming January 2011 January 2017
Logitech Spotlight: get a versatile, gamer-grade keyboard with the G21311 January 2017
Half of The Banner Saga's players quit at the last battle - “It's f**king tragic”, say Stoic11 January 2017
Battlefield 1’s anti-cheat software, FairFight, seems to be gunning for legit players11 January 2017
Watch a speedrunner blast through Doom 2016 in under an hour for AGDQ 201711 January 2017
Overwatch This episode 15: breaking down the buffs and nerfs in the PTR11 January 2017
Get Day of the Tentacle and only top-rated games in latest Humble Bundle11 January 2017
Eleague’s CS:GO Major starts on January 22 - celebrate with some bespoke Metallica11 January 2017
NBA's Miami Heat buy stake in Misfits, say eSports are "blazing a trail" 11 January 2017
Penultimate Team Fortress 2 comic is finally out after 16 months11 January 2017
Skyrim: Special Edition mods - is it the definitive version of the game yet?11 January 2017
Toss some Kaisers as the Scottish come to Verdun (for free)11 January 2017
Smite Rivals developer on mobile games: "Why can't I just play this on my PC?"11 January 2017
Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy is "an original adventure" as Star-Lord, according to leak11 January 2017
Microsoft confirm Crackdown 3 is "still on track", will share more "in the coming months"11 January 2017
Russian intelligence services allegedly used PC games as delivery method for spying malware11 January 2017
Scalebound game director hopes "never [to] have to let you down like this again"11 January 2017
AMD Ryzen CPU clockspeeds rising as launch closes in11 January 2017
Roadhog hook rebuffed on the Overwatch PTR, will add 'slow on stun' effect11 January 2017
Coffin-based woohoo sessions and Vampires are coming to The Sims 4 on January 2410 January 2017
Prey is similar to Dishonored because Bethesda are happy to leverage Arkane's strengths10 January 2017
See the first 27 minutes of Rime, a meditative adventure game set in a pastel paradise10 January 2017
League of Legends patch 7.110 January 2017
Assassin's Creed and Prince of Persia writer joins 2K for unannounced project10 January 2017
Best of CES 2017 - all the top PC toys from the Las Vegas tech show10 January 2017
Did you like that Halo Mega Bloks gameplay? 343 Industries want to hear from you10 January 2017
Three ways Astroneer is better than No Man's Sky10 January 2017
XCOM 2's Long War mod is less of a grind than the first, will still take 100 missions to finish10 January 2017
Powerplay, engineers, blueprints and combat rebalanced in latest Elite: Dangerous patch10 January 2017
Blizzard on WoW patch note problems in 7.1.5 - “This will not happen again”10 January 2017
The best indie games of 2016: Virginia, Hyper Light Drifter and Inside nominated by IGF10 January 2017
World of Warcraft patch 7.1.5: Brawler's Guild, micro-holidays, class changes and more10 January 2017
Oculus co-founder on the future of VR: “it’s kind of looking like it’s mobile”10 January 2017
League of Legends free champion rotation for January 9-1610 January 2017
Stoic's lessons from The Banner Saga 2: "we dropped the ball" on community engagement10 January 2017
Razer are offering a $25k reward for info on their missing laptop prototypes10 January 2017
News on Mass Effect: Andromeda’s multiplayer beta likely coming this month9 January 2017
Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun teaser shows a classic League of Legends Champion reworked9 January 2017
Overwatch Valentine's voicelines datamined, breaking hearts of Mercy fans everywhere9 January 2017
Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan asks for "better feedback" over gut instincts9 January 2017
Here's how Overwatch patch 1.7's kill feed update works9 January 2017
CIG say Star Citizen cheat prevention is “a priority”, but they require video evidence9 January 2017
Watch Simon Miller play Astroneer and totally fail to enjoy or understand it9 January 2017
Skyrim: Special Edition was helped by the Fallout 4 production process9 January 2017
Over 1.5 million user profiles leaked online following hack of CS:GO league ESEA9 January 2017
Half-Life 3 prototypes included an RTS and an FMV adventure game9 January 2017
Making it in Unreal: TV Trouble is WarioWare reimagined as a '60s period piece9 January 2017
The next version of Windows Update will let you opt out of new drivers9 January 2017
Korean teens play Overwatch in VR using their own omni-directional rig9 January 2017
Some Classic Hearthstone cards could turn Wild in 2017 to keep Standard set meta fresh9 January 2017
Meet the voices of the Ryder twins, in this special Mass Effect: Andromeda video8 January 2017
One of the oldest Doom source mods, ZDoom, ceases development8 January 2017
Stylish speedrunning platformer Standby slides onto Steam8 January 2017
Dataminers find map of Vvardenfell hidden within Elder Scrolls Online8 January 2017
16 years on, World War II Online is finally coming to Steam this summer8 January 2017
New Ghost Recon Wildlands trailer shows off multi-stage extraction mission8 January 2017
Channel the light and the dark with Serath, the latest hero for MOBA Paragon8 January 2017
BioWare’s Aaryn Flynn confirms that Mass Effect: Andromeda will not have a season pass8 January 2017
Project CARS 2 set for a tentative September 2017 release8 January 2017
Dreamfall Chapters’ long awaited ‘Final Cut’ comes to PC on March 247 January 2017
Glimpse The Far Edge of Fate with this new trailer for patch 3.5 for Final Fantasy XIV7 January 2017
Steam hits new record of over 14 million concurrent users7 January 2017
Awesome Games Done Quick’s seventh iteration kicks off this weekend7 January 2017
Cats and snipers do not mix in this new live action trailer for Ghost Recon Wildlands7 January 2017
Smell-o-vision returns with this special Resident Evil 7 scented candle7 January 2017
The PEA drop plans for their CS:GO league, following player vote to stick with the ESL7 January 2017
BioWare will announce PC specs for Mass Effect: Andromeda in February7 January 2017
Focus Home Interactive and Asobo Studios collaborate on new adventure game, The Plague7 January 2017
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's Desperate Measures DLC mission and some Skins go free6 January 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda will support controllers on PC 6 January 2017
Can Nvidia or LiquidSky nail the Netflix moment for game streaming?6 January 2017
Blizzard will take “aggressive action” against people who abused Mei’s ice wall exploit6 January 2017
Smite Rivals pits mobile against PC with cross-play functionality 6 January 2017
Overwatch is 11th most searched PornHub term for 2016, beating off anal by one position6 January 2017
Oculus exec pleads not guilty on attempted commercial sexual abuse of a minor charges6 January 2017
How Mass Effect: Andromeda’s new skills and multi-class profile system works (we think)6 January 2017
Yogscast and Humble Bundle raise $2.5 million for charity in December 20166 January 2017
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Visa to sponsor eSports team SK Gaming, aim to "build affinity" with millenials6 January 2017
Minion Masters Giveaway! Win one of 4000 copies of this multiplayer strategy game6 January 2017
Hearthstone players on Mac have been dealing with frequent crashes for nearly two years6 January 2017
The Shugoki is a huge samurai with a club - three new For Honor heroes revealed6 January 2017
Dota 2 patch lays waste to bugs, improves interface, removes Roshan hat6 January 2017
Colleagues "had to work with the FBI on [internet] threats" says Riot design director6 January 2017
Diablo 3's Darkening of Tristram event is a brief, disappointing adventure6 January 2017
FPS/MMO Escape from Tarkov gets new raid location and weapon failure in extended alpha6 January 2017
Ten champions will be banned in League of Legends Championship Series games from now6 January 2017
Landmark, the offspring of EverQuest Next, is shutting down after only seven months6 January 2017
Logitech Spotlight: light up the competition in Battlefield 16 January 2017
Elite: Dangerous gets its first Thargoid contact5 January 2017
Activision “won't be making a comment” on the Steam removal of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles5 January 2017
Mass Effect 2 is free for a limited time5 January 2017
Almost 370 million games were sold on Steam in 2016, according to Steam Spy data5 January 2017
Smite Season 4 and Paladins Season 1 plans laid out as Smite Tactics enters closed beta5 January 2017
Hands-on with Smite Rivals: a rapid real-time card game that you can play anywhere 5 January 2017
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eSports pros to appear on CBS's Elementary as Holmes investigates murder mid-stream5 January 2017
Steam security exploit allows you to see email addresses and change preferences of other users5 January 2017
Capcom will put you in that one Black Mirror episode with the Resident Evil 7 live experience5 January 2017
Eve Online history book still selling well, will hopefully be available internationally soon5 January 2017
4K G-Sync HDR at 144Hz. The search for the perfect gaming monitor could be over5 January 2017
Reddit’s list of bugs in Dota 2 version 7.00 is almost 4,000 words long5 January 2017
FC Copenhagen want to host 50,000 fans for a CS:GO tournament, now own team North5 January 2017
16 AMD AM4 Ryzen motherboards unveiled at CES5 January 2017
Pro team Echo Fox move into fighting games with eight major signings, including Justin Wong5 January 2017
PEA likely to withdraw from CS:GO as players overwhelmingly vote to play in EPL5 January 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda gets new combat gameplay trailer at CES 20175 January 2017
Inside leads as the Game Developers Choice Awards nominees are announced for GDC4 January 2017
Diablo 3's anniversary update is now live4 January 2017
Starbound devs are working on a game that’s essentially “Advance Wars meets Fire Emblem”4 January 2017
Syndicate-inspired isometric assassin ‘em up Tokyo 42 shows off stealth and action4 January 2017
Nailed it! This Overwatch Lucio trickjumping montage ups the tempo 4 January 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda release date set for March 21, 20174 January 2017
Overwatch This episode 14: Roadhog nerfs, Sombra buffs and patch 1.7 on the way4 January 2017
New screens from Homeworld devs tease next game, with sweet black planes4 January 2017
Rhianna Pratchett spills the secrets of Mirror's Edge, Tomb Raider and Thief - Part 14 January 2017
Diablo anniversary events invade WoW, Overwatch, Diablo 3 and other Blizzard games4 January 2017
Tomb Raider’s lead writer, Rhianna Pratchett, leaves the series4 January 2017
Get actually eaten by the Alien as Covenant gets a VR tie-in experience4 January 2017
Dota 2 patch adds strategy phase hero swapping, fixes couriers4 January 2017
Nvidia's worst-kept secret is out - GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti laptops are here4 January 2017
Asus TUF Z270 Mark 1 review: a Kaby Lake board that's TUF by name and tough by nature4 January 2017
SolForge, the CCG co-designed by Magic's creator, is shutting down4 January 2017
Friendly puzzle-platformer Rime, once a PS4 exclusive, is now coming to PC4 January 2017
Forza Horizon 3 patch is 53GB, corrupts saves, is seemingly the debug version of the game3 January 2017
The fate of Nexus rests in your hands - a Wildstar update reveal is coming January 43 January 2017
Overwatch’s new Control map, Oasis, is now live for everyone3 January 2017
DinoPC Primal GT4 Stealth review: an almost silent Kaby Lake i5-powered 1080p gamer3 January 2017
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ is out any minute now3 January 2017
Star Wars Battlefront-inspired FPS Galaxy in Turmoil teases one of its sci-fi maps3 January 2017
Lawyer suing TmarTn and Valve speaks out about the case: "we feel good about it"3 January 2017
More than half of Steam users are running Windows 10, reveal Valve3 January 2017
MSI Z270 Gaming M5 review: a well-priced, feature-rich Z270 board for your new rig3 January 2017
Manage a League of Legends eSports team from the comfort of your own browser3 January 2017
Team Fortress 2 community save child's life by supporting map maker3 January 2017
Pro team Tempo Storm's Hearthstone app aims to "fix all of the issues" in the competitive scene3 January 2017
CNN illustrates Russian hacking story using footage from Fallout 4’s hacking game3 January 2017
Elite devs sue Atari over $2.2 million unpaid RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 royalties3 January 2017
Overwatch in World of Warcraft: Ogrewatch debuts at the Brawler's Guild in next patch3 January 2017
Sledgehammer tweet suggests next COD may return to 20th century3 January 2017
AMD Vega feature details leak ahead of Thursday's CES architecture preview3 January 2017
Prey will be “really flawless” on PC: Arkane say they've learned from Dishonored 23 January 2017
Simon Miller is here to crush your hopes and dreams for games in the new year2 January 2017
Half-Life 2: Episode Two speedrunners take top spots with new out-of-bounds trick2 January 2017
Tiny Heist is a free sneaky roguelike from the creator of Super Hexagon2 January 2017
Killing my CO: two hours of chaos and confusion in Squad2 January 2017
Don’t Starve-style survival Wrongworld is looking for your Greenlight vote to help it blast back to space1 January 2017
Rainbow Six Siege and the importance of second-year game support1 January 2017
Free Radical’s cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 3 campaign footage shows twin clones destroy spaceships1 January 2017
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