January 2015 Archive

Project CARS is the last racing sim the world will ever need30 January 2015
Star Wars Battlefront's maps, from Hoth to Endor, will each be built for specific game modes30 January 2015
Medieval Engineers' structural integrity preview is demolition porn30 January 2015
Dying Light PC review30 January 2015
Evolve: Hunters Quest is a free-to-play match 3 companion app for Evolve30 January 2015
Life is Strange: Chrysalis PC review 30 January 2015
The pet's out of the bag: The Elder Scrolls Online gets an all new inventory system30 January 2015
Sega to cut 300 jobs, shifts focus away from boxed retail games to mobile and PC30 January 2015
Prison Architect has sold over a million copies, will leave Early Access in 201530 January 2015
Closed: We’ve 650 Heroes of the Storm keys to give away. Codes will be sent out on Saturday30 January 2015
The Witcher 3 won't compromise on visuals, say CD Projekt Red30 January 2015
The Bard's Tale IV won't delay Torment: Tides of Numenera, inXile promises30 January 2015
Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered is on its way, complete with awkward zombie sex29 January 2015
Guild Wars 2's level cap is here to stay29 January 2015
Watch Sid Meier explore the galaxy in Starships29 January 2015
Battlefield Hardline's open beta starts next week, with 64-player battles and high-speed pursuits29 January 2015
Medieval Engineers will be joining Space Engineers in Early Access29 January 2015
What do PC game developers want from Steam Early Access?29 January 2015
The rise and rise of Wargaming: Part 2: It all kicks off29 January 2015
Bricks assemble! Traveller's Tales announce Lego Marvel's Avengers and Lego Jurassic World29 January 2015
Upbeat Giraffe is the first stable Starbound update since March. It changes everything29 January 2015
Blood Bowl 2 is clearer, better looking, and more violent than ever29 January 2015
DayZ's zombies will have access to a new wardrobe in future update29 January 2015
S.K.I.L.L. increases eSports commitment; offering at least €56,000 in prize money29 January 2015
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is offering a free weekend to inactive players29 January 2015
Valve open new curated Steam Workshops. Creators have made more than $57m since 201129 January 2015
Alone in the Dark: Illumination beta starts soon, but only if you buy the game29 January 2015
Minecraft 1.8.2 pre-release gets its 5th update, fixing udders and other things28 January 2015
Offworld Trading Company is bringing Martian capitalism to Early Access28 January 2015
World of Tanks Grand Finals 2015 announced; expect lots of hot tank on tank action28 January 2015
Might and Delight's Shelter 2 trailer uses cuteness like a weapon28 January 2015
Ubisoft is removing games purchased through unauthorised retailers from Uplay accounts28 January 2015
Flight Simulator X makes some Dangerous Approaches in its first add-on in yonks28 January 2015
Far Cry 4 expands its territory with another lot of DLC missions: Hurk Deluxe28 January 2015
Hands on with Blitzkrieg 328 January 2015
The rise and rise of Wargaming: Part 1: Prelude to War28 January 2015
Tomb Raider comes free with Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris on the Square Enix Store28 January 2015
Dragon Age: Inquisition had "by far" the most successful launch in BioWare history28 January 2015
H1Z1 Early Access Review28 January 2015
Spotlight: Six ways Alienware are rebooting the gaming laptop28 January 2015
Elite: Dangerous update 1.07 sees off cargo duplication and crashing28 January 2015
Blizzard nerf Undertaker after Hearthstone balance wobble28 January 2015
Doom is the subject of the next Mythbusters episode28 January 2015
Closed: We’re giving away a Geforce GTX970-powered gaming PC courtesy of Gameforge28 January 2015
World of Warcraft now does selfies (with black-and-white filters if you want them)28 January 2015
Striking Unreal Engine 4 tech demo looks good enough to live in27 January 2015
Magicka 2's new trailer explores the complex relationship between vampires and wizards27 January 2015
Dying Light first impressions27 January 2015
Valve confirms CS:GO match-fixing allegations, issues bans to seven players27 January 2015
Grey Goo PC review27 January 2015
Topic of the Week: What do you look for in a remastered game?27 January 2015
Grim Fandango Remastered PC review27 January 2015
Making it in Unreal: flipping through the X-Files with extraterrestrial horror game The Hum27 January 2015
CD Projekt RED will release 16 free DLC packs for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: "We owe them"27 January 2015
Dragon's Dogma Online is a thing and will be free to play27 January 2015
Frontier Developments lay-off fifteen staff, Coaster Park Tycoon announced27 January 2015
Valve’s economist has become Greece’s new Finance Minister. Fear the hat event horizon27 January 2015
Kerbal Space Program will leave Early Access with the next update26 January 2015
BioWare releases Dragon Age: Inquisition's catchy tavern songs for free26 January 2015
Big changes to StarCraft's Swarm Host in upcoming Balance Test Map26 January 2015
Gorgeous RPG strategy game Armello hits Early Access, discounted through the 29th26 January 2015
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt hands on - playing 2015's most exciting RPG 26 January 2015
Aerobat is an absurdly fast-paced shmup with a drizzle of tactics26 January 2015
In Dead Synchronicity, you mutilate a dead vicar. And then it gets even bleaker26 January 2015
Gearbox are “ready to start” on Borderlands 326 January 2015
It’s official: Planetside 2 holds the Guinness World Record for biggest FPS battle in history26 January 2015
Homeworld Remastered Collection revealed; Steam launch set for February 25th25 January 2015
Adventures in... Assassin's Creed: Unity - Butcher, or Benny Hill? 25 January 2015
Brian Fargo announces Bard's Tale sequel; will be funded via Kickstarter24 January 2015
ArenaNet unveils Guild Wars 2's first expansion: Heart of Thorns24 January 2015
Peter Molyneux offers Microsoft some advice on over-promising24 January 2015
Weekend Deal Dump: Card games and road trips23 January 2015
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and ESL return to Katowice in March23 January 2015
DayZ has another milestone under its belt, with 3 million copies sold23 January 2015
CD Projekt Red remains tight-lipped about Cyberpunk 2077 so it can focus on The Witcher 323 January 2015
Minecraft's Ender Dragon will be getting a makeover for 1.923 January 2015
If an Honorbuddy bot dies in a battleground, and no-one's around to hear it...23 January 2015
How Paul Neurath is kickstarting an Ultima Underworld sequel, with the blessing of EA23 January 2015
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada has the best weaponised space cathedrals in gaming, ever23 January 2015
Rift’s Storm at Sea 3.1 update washes up on shores soon23 January 2015
PEGI won't censor Hatred in Europe. Here's why23 January 2015
Life is Strange dev diary discusses the Butterfly Effect and time meddling23 January 2015
Dying Light’s ‘Be The Zombie’ mode is no longer a pre-order exclusive23 January 2015
Besiege is all about destroying peoples lives with massive siege engines23 January 2015
Grow Home is Ubisoft’s latest passion project, help a robot climb a beanstalk23 January 2015
Galactic Civilizations III beta 4 begins; sit back and watch some space battles22 January 2015
Star Wars continues its conquest of GOG with a trio of new games appearing22 January 2015
Every Battlefield Hardline map and mode has been revealed22 January 2015
Get a glimpse of Game of Thrones: The Lost Lords in Telltale's first look trailer22 January 2015
Total War: Attila will have 9 historical battles, and you can watch one of them now22 January 2015
Ronin pits a ninja against her natural enemy: businessmen22 January 2015
Looking back: why it's time to return to Far Cry 222 January 2015
The devs behind Remember Me are making a smart WW1 vampire RPG22 January 2015
Star Citizen's Arena Commander trailer showcases laser-heavy dogfights22 January 2015
Chaos Reborn Early Access review22 January 2015
Microsoft are looking into PC to Xbox One streaming for Windows 1022 January 2015
Nvidia want MOBA players to buy a GTX 96022 January 2015
Elite: Dangerous to take shipment of ‘Community Goals’ in next update22 January 2015
Ultima Underworld's spiritual successor, Underworld Ascendant, will be Kickstarted22 January 2015
Microsoft's Xbox and Windows 10 integration was what the public wanted, apparently22 January 2015
Phishers leak 1,800 Minecraft players' details to the web22 January 2015
Microsoft unveils the HoloLens augmented reality device and Windows Holographic21 January 2015
World of Warships beta weekend 2 adds threats from above21 January 2015
League of Legends LCS 2015 season begins this week, Worlds to come to Europe21 January 2015
Alien: Isolation has sold a million copies, no data available on sleepless nights caused21 January 2015
Microsoft's plans for marrying Windows 10 and PC gaming: Xbox Live, DirectX, and streaming21 January 2015
Windows 10's world domination plans start with it being a free upgrade21 January 2015
How Company of Heroes 2 became Steam's biggest RTS21 January 2015
The Elder Scrolls Online is dropping its subscription on March 17th21 January 2015
Here are my impressions of Infinifactory, please trust them21 January 2015
Nosgoth now in open beta if you fancy a spot of undeathmatch21 January 2015
We’ve got 500 Heroes of the Storm beta keys to giveaway to EU players and PLEASE NO TRAMPLING21 January 2015
Strafe is a retro FPS with a face-melter of a Kickstarter pitch video21 January 2015
Robert Bowling's Robotoki shut down; Human Element on "hiatus"21 January 2015
Boss: Blizzard release a who's who of Warlords of Draenor's next raid, Blackrock Foundry21 January 2015
Theme Hospital is free on Origin, so go and save some lives and money20 January 2015
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition's region lock has gone the way of Games for Windows Live20 January 2015
Accusations of StarCraft match-fixing against progamer San from betting site Pinnacle20 January 2015
Tomorrow, we start giving away hundreds of Heroes of the Storm beta keys20 January 2015
Heroes of the Storm Founder's Pack goes on sale, gives you three permanent hero unlocks and instant beta access20 January 2015
Topic of the Week: What works and doesn't work in survival games?20 January 2015
Blackguards 2 review20 January 2015
The Big Interview: William Pugh closes the book on The Stanley Parable20 January 2015
GOG is offering a second wave of Star Wars classics for cheap20 January 2015
Europa Universalis IV is getting a new "El Dorado" expansion; new religions, pirate hunting and more20 January 2015
The best mods and apps for Elite: Dangerous20 January 2015
Watch a man's journey to Hearthstone legend in order to become a Blizzard game designer20 January 2015
HER STORY is a game about a women talking to the police, directed by Sam Barlow20 January 2015
Elite: Dangerous is currently being haunted by interdicting ghost ships20 January 2015
Lights, camera, action: Steam Broadcasting and FPS counter leaves beta20 January 2015
Pneuma: Breath of Life cranks the observer effect up to 1119 January 2015
Diablo 3's got a new Lord of Terror: really bad lag19 January 2015
Get your Silent Hill fix on PC with fan-made Alchemilla19 January 2015
Earn enough points in League of Legends' Ocean Week, and Riot will put a statue in the sea19 January 2015
Magnetic will give you a fancy gun and a prison to break out of in March19 January 2015
2K and Firaxis Games announce Sid Meier's Starships19 January 2015
Making it in Unreal: can Elite dock with FTL for Kickstarted space sim Into the Stars?19 January 2015
Riot: League of Legends player reporting does work, but "lacks direct feedback"19 January 2015
The Battlefield 4 kraken is dead, Paracel Storm easter egg is no more19 January 2015
World of Tanks rolls out Personal Missions with exclusive new rewards19 January 2015
Dying Light physical release to be delayed outside of the US; digital release remains unaffected18 January 2015
[UPDATED] Gamestop mistakenly offers Saints Row IV: Gat out of Hell for $5; Deep Silver says orders "won't be honored" 18 January 2015
Angels Fall First is an FPS, RTS and spaceship dogfighting game rolled into one, and it looks fab18 January 2015
Adventures in... The Sims 4 - Launching Mulder and Scully into space18 January 2015
The great DC Universe Online name reclaim will free up inactive hero and villain aliases17 January 2015
Dota 2 Asia Championships prize pool breaches $2 million dollars17 January 2015
Saints Row IV: Gat out of Hell launch trailer has plenty of "dick kicking" to help you smite Satan17 January 2015
H1Z1 customers can get a refund if airdrops have put them off16 January 2015
Grey Goo's launch trailer has one message: fear the goo16 January 2015
Watch Pillars of Eternity for a whole hour, and feel great about it16 January 2015
Weekend Deal Dump: These deals are criminal16 January 2015
Out There's Michael Peiffert on bringing the brilliant space roguelike to PC16 January 2015
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is the latest Games Workshop title to get a PC makeover16 January 2015
Here's what Blizzard are sending their most loyal players to celebrate ten years of World of Warcraft16 January 2015
DiRT 3 owners on Steam will upgrade to Complete Edition for free due to GFWL removal delays16 January 2015
League of Legends "Nemesis Draft" live on PBE; pick champions for the enemy team16 January 2015
Diablo 3 week long community buff starts today; double Treasure Goblins for all16 January 2015
Nvidia announce Geforce GTX 960 cards; boasts 1.5 GHz overclocking potential16 January 2015
Blizzard to release next World of Warcraft raid before patch 6.1; Blackrock Foundry launches February 3rd16 January 2015
Dennaton Games tells Australian fan to "just pirate" Hotline Miami 2; refuses to censor game16 January 2015
H1Z1's Early Access launch has been halted by login errors15 January 2015
World of Warcraft's Veteran Edition is just a Starter Edition trial for lapsed players15 January 2015
Saints Row IV and Civilization: Beyond Earth are free on Steam for the weekend15 January 2015
Hold Nick's hand tonight through the launch of H1Z1 over on our livestream15 January 2015
Total War: Attila trailer shows that everyone's scared of the Huns15 January 2015
Watch a StarCraft: Brood War tournament for student-made bots15 January 2015
Dark Souls 2's next big update will introduce the Scholar of the First Sin15 January 2015
Elite: Dangerous will be receiving its first significant update soon15 January 2015
Rust Early Access review: one year on15 January 2015
Hotline Miami 2 banned in Australia, developer accuses ratings board of "stretching the facts"15 January 2015
WildStar devs outline their 2015 plans, reveal The Protogames Initiative details15 January 2015
Evolve developer defends the studio's maligned DLC bundles15 January 2015
Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty is coming to Steam on February 25th15 January 2015
Twitch clears 500 songs for use in streaming15 January 2015
Total War modder to wargame maker: Nick Thomadis' road to Ultimate General: Gettysburg14 January 2015
Mortal Kombat X trailer shows off Kung Lao and Kitana's disregard for safe accessorising 14 January 2015
Final Fantasy XIV's huge 2.5 update includes the long-awaited Gold Saucer14 January 2015
Battlefield Hardline's open beta is coming, and it won't have a progression cap14 January 2015
Kerbal Space Program's next update will overhaul aerodynamics14 January 2015
Cities: Skylines trailer has the developers sharing their vision of the game14 January 2015
Pillars of Eternity release date is March 26th14 January 2015
The Survivor GameZ: The DayZ eSport is returning14 January 2015
H1Z1 will launch with over 150 servers, PvE-only servers from day one14 January 2015
Heroes of the Storm upgrades to closed beta14 January 2015
Nosgoth steps into the light as open beta starts14 January 2015
Diablo 3 patch 2.1.2 is now live. It adds Ancient Items, rebalances the Greater Rifts, and much more14 January 2015
Evolve’s latest trailer reveals the Behemoth, an intelligent boulder14 January 2015
Total War: Warhammer revealed in The Art of Total War14 January 2015
EVE Online's Proteus update makes sneaky ships sneakier and asteroids prettier13 January 2015
Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns trademark and logo suggest an expansion on the horizon13 January 2015
Team Liquid continues transformation with new CS:GO roster acquisition13 January 2015
Shadowrun: Hong Kong hits Kickstarter to fundraise for a bigger cyberpunk dystopia13 January 2015
A first-class ticket on the Number 9: Grim Fandango preorders open on GOG13 January 2015
Satellite Reign Early Access review13 January 2015
Safe Haven, Alien: Isolation's third Survival mode add-on, launches13 January 2015
The Big Interview: Chris Avellone on how to write an RPG13 January 2015
Train Simulator 2015: hands on with the London Overground train13 January 2015
GTA V on PC delayed till March 24; Rockstar offer apologies and recommended specs13 January 2015
Medieval Engineers is the sensibly-named follow-up to Space Engineers13 January 2015
Oculus: VR could be more about movies than games; "We don't know what the killer app is"13 January 2015
Telltale Games have a new boss13 January 2015
Escape from Durgesh Prison: Far Cry 4 permadeath DLC ziplines in today13 January 2015
Steam Machines will be "front and centre" at GDC this March13 January 2015
Snake eyes: Metal Gear Solid 5 now has an FPS mod12 January 2015
Volume's new trailer reveals Rob Locksley's enemies and Andy Serkis12 January 2015
Layoffs reportedly hitting Codemasters, F1 2015 development not affected12 January 2015
Sunless Sea gets final release date12 January 2015
The best wargames on PC12 January 2015
Evolve’s system requirements are nice and gentle. Plus, full support for 4K resolutions12 January 2015
Making it in Unreal: advancing alien AI with Space Hulk: Deathwing12 January 2015
Minecraft regularly gets more than 1m players playing concurrently12 January 2015
You can help Planetside 2 get into the Guinness Book of Records12 January 2015
MoneyHorse cancel Glorious Leader! Kickstarter after hack12 January 2015
Formula Fusion is an anti-gravity racer for the PC from the developers of Wipeout12 January 2015
Watch the Smite World Championship finals right here; winner takes home $1.3 million dollars11 January 2015
Blizzard's Overwatch trademark suspended following likelihood conflict with smartphone app11 January 2015
World of Warcraft 6.1 patch notes have been spoiled; Twitter integration, new items and much more11 January 2015
Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 smashes records by raising an estimated $1.5 million dollars11 January 2015
Steam adds Captcha confirmation process on all trade offers to help thwart thieving malware10 January 2015
Sekai Project successfully funds Clannad visual novel with over half a million dollars10 January 2015
H1Z1 shambles onto Steam Early Access with zombie infested trailer10 January 2015
Life is Strange dev diary spills the beans on the episodic adventure10 January 2015
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor dominates this year's GDC Awards, getting five nominations9 January 2015
Mass Effect's FemShep was the first Commander Shepard9 January 2015
Pre-order Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell to communicate with the other side9 January 2015
Ampisound's live-action Dying Light parkour video will make you dizzy9 January 2015
There are some hints that Elder Scrolls Online is going free to play9 January 2015
Skip Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain’s tougher sections by wearing a chicken hat9 January 2015
You can now fly to the newly discovered Goldilocks exoplanets in Elite Dangerous9 January 2015
Hey, Red. You got away with it. Transistor sold more than 600,000 copies9 January 2015
Twitch are running a Movie Night. Pizza and beer not included9 January 2015
The new Evolve trailer reveals the perils of being an exterminator in the future9 January 2015
Bhaal be praised! Beamdog's working on a new Baldur's Gate game, due out this year9 January 2015
DayZ fan film paints a solemn picture of the post-apocalypse, without zombies8 January 2015
Valve kicks off the first Anime Weekend Sale on Steam8 January 2015
Technobabylon, Wadjet Eye's cyberpunk thriller, is due out this spring8 January 2015
Sunless Sea update adds a main storyline and dangerous underground weather8 January 2015
Ninja Theory's Hellblade is now coming to PC; 4K and mod support might be on the cards8 January 2015
Elite: Dangerous review8 January 2015
Oculus: "a new platform emerges every 10 years; Zuckerberg believes VR is coming next"8 January 2015
DayZ producer: “Youtube and Twitch are the entire force behind DayZ's success”8 January 2015
Call of Duty Online recruits an Avenger for Chinese advertising push8 January 2015
Zombie Studios give up the ghoul, pass the Blacklight: Retribution baton to Builder Box8 January 2015
Zombie Army Trilogy sneaks a third campaign into enemy territory to justify its name8 January 2015
Aliens: Colonial Marines and Aliens vs Predator re-establish contact with Steam8 January 2015
Has BioWare's Shadow Realms shapeshifted?8 January 2015
Intel's Compute Stick is a tiny PC you can plug into your TV8 January 2015
Get ready for the Dota 2 International 20157 January 2015
Broken Age gets physical this spring to coincide with the release of Act 27 January 2015
Sunset's first screenshots are gorgeous and very orange7 January 2015
The IGF 2015 finalists have been announced, listing games you really should take for a spin7 January 2015
Valve aren't running Steam Dev Days this year but "are planning a larger than usual presence at GDC"7 January 2015
The Internet Archive's added 2,400 classic MS-DOS games, including Sex Vixens from Space7 January 2015
Yogscast Jingle Jam raises over $1m for charity7 January 2015
Watch EVE Online players get older in this video from CCP7 January 2015
The Assassin’s Creed movie's release date's been announced for December 20167 January 2015
Intel announce plans to invest $300m towards hiring more women and minorities7 January 2015
Respawn have a God of War director working on a game that isn't Titanfall7 January 2015
Smite's gods get rowdy in a new trailer, setting the stage for the World Championship6 January 2015
Team Liquid and the former Curse eSports organization announce merger; Liquid coming to League of Legends6 January 2015
Dirty Bomb's closed beta arrives on Steam with the full mercenary roster unlocked6 January 2015
Riot's got a big solution to League of Legends server problems6 January 2015
3DRudder lets you control games with your smelly feet6 January 2015
Assassin's Creed Unity Dead Kings DLC gets a release date and a spiffy trailer6 January 2015
Topic of the Week: What did you play over the holidays?6 January 2015
League of Legends players are getting a mystery gift from Riot for being on their best behaviour6 January 2015
Razer is creating OSVR, an open-source ecosystem for virtual reality, plus a headset6 January 2015
Razer reveal their streaming tech with Forge TV6 January 2015
SOMA has been “crazy hard” to create, say Frictional Games6 January 2015
We've got ten Guild Wars 2 t-shirts to give away. Would you like one?6 January 2015
Kickstarter raised $89 million for games in 20146 January 2015
Former DICE developers set up Fugitive Games, launch Kickstarter for new space sim Into the Stars6 January 2015
John Carmack: people who try Oculus “walk out a believer” 6 January 2015
Elite: Dangerous' New Year server hiccups created a bit of a mess5 January 2015
Survarium's post-apocalyptic open beta spreads to Europe5 January 2015
Mojang will let you shed your old Minecraft username5 January 2015
Five Nights at Freddy's 3 is in development, and Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is looking for more security guards5 January 2015
HP's new, tiny Windows PCs start at only $180 and launch soon5 January 2015
Devolver Digital is talking about a new Seaman game5 January 2015
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s first expansion pack adds John Malkovich5 January 2015
Killing Floor 2 aims to be the bloodiest shooter of 20155 January 2015
Steam broke its own record by reaching 8.5m concurrent users5 January 2015
Ubisoft ponder the future of Far Cry: will it hold dinosaurs, vampires or Vietnam?5 January 2015
Solium Infernum devs Cryptic Comet won't make another PC game5 January 2015
Pokémon Plays Twitch: speedrunners hack stream chat into Game Boy classic5 January 2015
Nvidia processors will power self-driving, "situationally aware" cars5 January 2015
Dota 2 modeller builds GabeN Shopkeeper in time for New Bloom5 January 2015
Better late than never: Steam client beta update adds FPS counter to overlay4 January 2015
Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 kicks off with special charity Humble Bundle4 January 2015
Watch out: Aliens: Colonial Marines and Aliens vs Predator have been abducted from Steam3 January 2015
Dota 2 heralds the new year with over ten million unique players last month3 January 2015
2014: the year of the very big deals2 January 2015
Best games of 2014: South Park: The Stick of Truth1 January 2015
The PCGamesN Big Quiz of 20141 January 2015
How Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is turning into the world's most exciting eSport1 January 2015
Best games of 2014: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft1 January 2015