March 2019 Archive

Vermintide 2’s Winds of Magic expansion unleashes the Beastmen this summer28 February 2019
Anthem Storm build: the best Storm combos for elemental evisceration28 February 2019
Season of the Drifter introduces us to a “Bungie-controlled Destiny”28 February 2019
Hearthstone’s Year of the Dragon teaser hints at arcane and Iron Horde expansions28 February 2019
Stardew Valley polygamy mod lets you farm love interests28 February 2019
Anthem Colossus build: the best damage and combo builds for BioWare’s big boi28 February 2019
Anthem Ranger build: the best Ranger combos and builds for dealing high damage28 February 2019
Fortnite now has an Apex Legends-style ping system28 February 2019
Life is Strange 2 explores a divided USA through "characters you're not used to seeing in games”28 February 2019
Hearthstone's next expansion will begin the Year of the Dragon28 February 2019
Hearthstone promises a fiery evolution in Year of the Dragon28 February 2019
Metro Exodus PC performance analysis: the best settings for 60fps28 February 2019
The Fortnite Season 8 map replaces Wailing Woods with a volcano28 February 2019
Samsung denies buying GlobalFoundries… then gives Crown Prince of UAE a tour28 February 2019
Fortnite Volcano Vents: use a Volcano Vent in different matches28 February 2019
Fimbul review: a Viking action adventure that nails Midgard but winds up middling28 February 2019
Fortnite's new Party Assist lets your friends complete your challenges for you28 February 2019
Even as crowds are booing GOATS, Overwatch League viewers are holding strong28 February 2019
Fortnite season 8 release times - here’s when you can play28 February 2019
Alien: Isolation is back - as an expanded video series made out of its cutscenes27 February 2019
Jedi: Fallen Order will be revealed at Star Wars Celebration in April27 February 2019
Warframe replaces alerts with Nightwave starting today27 February 2019
No objections - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy hits PC in April27 February 2019
Metro Exodus ending explained: how to get the good and bad endings to Artyom’s adventure27 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege shoutcaster KiXSTAr on the game's "constant power creep"27 February 2019
Alibaba's Tech for Change aims to empower 1 million female coders by 203027 February 2019
Psychonauts 2 devs are ready if Starbreeze drops the game27 February 2019
Fortnite player remakes Tony Hawk's Pro Skater level in Creative mode27 February 2019
Mortal Kombat 11's Johnny Cage can use his Oscar to kill you27 February 2019
How to get Destiny 2 Arbalest Exotic fusion rifle27 February 2019
Gibraltar's Apex Legends hitbox is 140% larger than Wraith's27 February 2019
BioWare should learn from Warframe if it wants to fix Anthem27 February 2019
Fortnite is getting sued over dance emotes again27 February 2019
Conan Exiles devs are working on a Dune MMO27 February 2019
Destiny 2 Tarrabah - how to get the Crown of Sorrow Exotic SMG27 February 2019
Overkill's The Walking Dead is officially cancelled27 February 2019
Apex Legends map: loot spots, Hot Zones and Respawn Beacons across Kings Canyon27 February 2019
Tickets for Warframe event TennoCon 2019 go on sale this week27 February 2019
Overwatch’s Baptiste is a healer for hitscan fans26 February 2019
Overwatch patch notes v1.34: Baptiste makes his debut26 February 2019
Overwatch's Baptiste is the GOATS buster we've been waiting for26 February 2019
Overwatch Baptiste: abilities, weapons, synergies, and counters26 February 2019
Versus Evil hits 2019 with Slavic RPGs, schoolyard battles, and a mysterious hitchhiker26 February 2019
A handful of ions could take the quantum computing crown from IBM and Google26 February 2019
Free games: Hitman 2 Starter Pack gives you the first level free26 February 2019
Intel expects 5-core Lakefield chips this year, and “entirely new classes of device”26 February 2019
Microsoft CEO defends US Army HoloLens contract intended to "increase lethality"26 February 2019
Win a Steam key for Hypercharge: Unboxed - it's basically Toy Story with guns!26 February 2019
Fortnite season 8 will probably have dragons26 February 2019
AMD ends year-long driver dry spell for Ryzen Mobile gamers26 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege caster KiXSTAr argues "for leaning into the esports side" more26 February 2019
GTFO release date set for spring26 February 2019
Dell recycles two billion pounds of e-waste two years ahead of schedule26 February 2019
Anthem's loot to get "adjustments" as Diablo 3 designer weighs in26 February 2019
This website lets you fly around classic game levels in your browser26 February 2019
Devotion removed from Steam after getting review bombed by Chinese players26 February 2019
DRM-free store GOG lays off a reported 10% of its staff25 February 2019
RuneScape’s Elite Dungeons trilogy concludes today with The Shadow Reef25 February 2019
Twitch fights EU copyright restrictions by having legislators play Mario Kart25 February 2019
There are “no plans” for a Cyberpunk 2077 beta25 February 2019
Apple could ditch Intel and move to ARM by 2020... killing MacOS gaming25 February 2019
Xbox One games appear to be running on PC in the latest Windows beta25 February 2019
Cooler Master SK650 review: the most beautiful, intensely frustrating gaming keyboard ever made25 February 2019
Fortnite plane timed trials locations: where to complete three timed trials with the X-4 Stormwing Plane - week 9 challenges guide25 February 2019
Steam's new 'about' page might show a hint of its coming redesign25 February 2019
Trials Rising scores – our roundup of the critics25 February 2019
Brigitte's voice actor got harassed for her character's impact on Overwatch25 February 2019
Making it in Unreal: when Halo met Portal in Splitgate: Arena Warfare25 February 2019
Microsoft announces HoloLens 2 amid employee outcry over military contracts25 February 2019
All Fortnite golden balloons locations: where to pop golden balloons - week 9 challenges25 February 2019
Fortnite Wraps: all weapon and vehicle skins revealed so far25 February 2019
The Division 2 Hyenas faction guide24 February 2019
New games: Baba is You launches March 13, so here’s a new trailer24 February 2019
Anthem limits the XP you gain in freeplay between trips back to Fort Tarsis24 February 2019
The Outer Worlds release date may have been leaked24 February 2019
Fortnite season 8 will be about pirates24 February 2019
The Metro Exodus Steam page is getting bombed… with positive reviews24 February 2019
This huge Skyrim mod completely overhauls the magic system24 February 2019
New games: Warp is a trip into an open world of notebook doodles24 February 2019
A mysterious Bethesda placeholder has appeared on Amazon with a Fallout countdown timer23 February 2019
Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter will kick off with shotgun rebalances and big changes to Gambit23 February 2019
Anthem’s 90-day roadmap includes new missions, freeplay events, cosmetics, and is ‘just the first step’23 February 2019
US Federal Trade Commission to hold a workshop on loot boxes23 February 2019
Fortnite devs are talking about a respawn mechanic - yes, like Apex Legends23 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege teaser hints at a proximity alarm gadget22 February 2019
Anthem scores – our roundup of the "whiners"22 February 2019
Raids, prestige, and nuclear winter are coming to Fallout 76, and players are ecstatic22 February 2019
Anthem PC review: a strong beat, repeated, endlessly, without variety22 February 2019
Steam charts: most popular games, 16-22 February, 201922 February 2019
The Fortnite World Cup will have a $3 million solo prize - the biggest in esports history22 February 2019
Fortnite: how to unlock Prisoner stage 5 - everything we know22 February 2019
Real-life Final Fantasy wedding service provides giant Moogles and swords22 February 2019
Civilization 6 Phoenicia guide: settling far and wide22 February 2019
How Age of Wonders: Planetfall is embracing deeper 4X gameplay, broader unit diversity, and penguins22 February 2019
Close to the Sun might be a subtler successor to BioShock22 February 2019
AMD slashes Vega 56 prices to spoil Nvidia's GTX 1660 Ti launch22 February 2019
Fewer than half of Apex Legends players have ever revived a teammate22 February 2019
A single hacker is stopping Titanfall 1's last few players from finishing games22 February 2019
Anthem leveling guide: fast ways to level up and farm XP22 February 2019
Canada's so polite in Civ 6 that it won't even declare war if you nuke it21 February 2019
Guild Wars 2's developer confirms it plans to lay off staff21 February 2019
Overwatch teaser hints that hero 30 is an ex-Talon healer named Baptiste21 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming Danish operator can 'blend and adapt into environment'21 February 2019
Atlus survey asks which games you want ported to PC21 February 2019
Paradox Mods aims to break the barrier between Steam, Epic, and consoles21 February 2019
Dying Light 2’s wildcard factions will make your life harder21 February 2019
Slay the Spire and Into the Breach's greatest trick is that they hide nothing from you21 February 2019
Win a code for spaceship building, alien-blasting roguelike Genesis Alpha One!21 February 2019
Why Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 "is going to be insane"21 February 2019
Here's how to do Fortnite's double-pump in Apex Legends21 February 2019
Batalj is accelerated, online XCOM, and it's out now21 February 2019
Fortnite waterfalls: where to visit 7 waterfalls for your Fortnite Overtime challenges21 February 2019
DRAM manufacturer SK Hynix announces $107bn expansion plans21 February 2019
Sea of Thieves PC review: a superb and silly swashbuckler as long as you have a crew21 February 2019
Epic's lawsuit has forced the Fortnite Live organisers into liquidation21 February 2019
Microsoft could be moving in to kill Windows Mixed Reality21 February 2019
You can get Apex Legends' Twitch bonuses without a Prime account21 February 2019
Nvidia's GTX 1650 graphics card rumoured to follow GTX 1660 Ti in late March21 February 2019
Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti release date, specs, and performance21 February 2019
Fortnite: how to unlock Prisoner stage 421 February 2019
Shaggy’s been modded into Jump Force, because of course he has21 February 2019
Epic pulls Fortnite ads while waiting for YouTube to deal with child exploitation20 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege Hibana Elite skin release date: when you can get the Onkochishin bundle20 February 2019
The Sims 4: StrangerVille brings military training and possession to your Sims20 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege will get more new game modes with mid-season events20 February 2019
Intel wants your input on Intel Xe and future graphics cards20 February 2019
Jump Force PC review - manga stars stumble in this disappointing 3v3 brawler20 February 2019
AMD’s Navi GPUs could suffer from a joint Ryzen 3000 launch party20 February 2019
Elder Scrolls 6 may be caught in a trademark dispute that won’t resolve until 202020 February 2019
Razer slashes mobile gaming staff and hopes of a Razer Phone 320 February 2019
Rocksteady's recent job ads hint it's preparing an announcement20 February 2019
Civilization 6 Canada guide: puck your enemies20 February 2019
Noctua now supports AMD Ryzen across its lineup due to its increasing popularity20 February 2019
Age of Wonders is mining new opportunities with Planetfall's shift to science fiction20 February 2019
Valve has axed Steam's video library20 February 2019
Microsoft continues to shun VR for Xbox despite Windows Mixed Reality platform20 February 2019
Tony Hawk says a Pro Skater esports league "would be great"20 February 2019
Samsung could form a silicon supergroup with former AMD fab to take on TSMC20 February 2019
LoL's Kayle and Morgana reworks are coming - check out their abilities20 February 2019
Nvidia's GTX 1660 Ti is reporting 192 Tensor Cores - is it DLSS-ready?20 February 2019
League of Legends patch 9.4 notes - Papercraft skins and Sylas Tweaks20 February 2019
Apex Legends' Havoc rifle is now available20 February 2019
Noted Twitter troll Hideki Kamiya suggests “Mortal Kombat x Bayonetta”20 February 2019
Apex Legends Twitch Prime pack brings an exclusive Pathfinder skin19 February 2019
Path of Exile: Synthesis release date - all the latest details on PoE’s most story-focused expansion ever19 February 2019
Darkest Dungeon 2 is coming to Early Access19 February 2019
Age of Wonders: Planetfall releases in August, has dinosaur riders19 February 2019
The full Guild Wars 2 All or Nothing interview - crystal dragons, ghost pirates, and ambition19 February 2019
Anthem update fixes the campaign-halting grind19 February 2019
We have 5000 Closers Rogue Agents Celebration Boxes to give away!19 February 2019
After investing millions in gaming, Google will "reveal all" next month19 February 2019
Civilization 6 Hungary guide - hail the Raven King19 February 2019
Making Warframe's guns: "Gamers just want a gun that melts alien skulls to a satisfying, fine goo"19 February 2019
Civilization 6 Mali guide - gold is your god now19 February 2019
All of Final Fantasy 15's cancelled DLC will live on as a novel19 February 2019
Quantum computing is facing a component shortage… without a nuclear arms race19 February 2019
Heroes of Newerth's latest major patch will be its last19 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege operators will now get cheaper over time19 February 2019
Ex-Facebook employee Palmer Luckey wants to fix your Oculus Rift for free19 February 2019
Fortnite's Driftboard is officially heading to the game19 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege's Bandit gets a Hell's Angel makeover for his elite skin19 February 2019
Double Fine’s Costume Quest gets a cartoon from the Adventure Time studio19 February 2019
Apex Legends Steam: how to get Respawn’s battle royale on Valve’s client19 February 2019
Far Cry New Dawn retail sales down 86% from Far Cry 519 February 2019
Carjacking attempt leaves Devil May Cry voice actor unharmed despite six bullets fired18 February 2019
Ronda Rousey brings Mortal Kombat cosplay to WWE’s Elimination Chamber18 February 2019
Ghost Town comes to Black Ops 4 Blackout - Alcatraz and a night mode should follow18 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege Burnt Horizon patch notes - here’s what hits the TTS today18 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege isn't getting Operation Health 2 because "it's already happened"18 February 2019
Fortnite: search between three ski lodges location18 February 2019
Civilization 6 Ottomans guide - step one: build Janissaries, step two: build Janissaries18 February 2019
Intel rolls out discrete GPU patches preparing Linux for Intel Xe graphics cards18 February 2019
Final Fantasy 15's final DLC episode releases next month18 February 2019
Far Cry New Dawn perks: every unlockable ability to help you survive the apocalypse18 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege's Frost is getting reworked because she "doesn't offer interesting gameplay"18 February 2019
Contaminated wafers cost AMD and Nvidia foundry $550m in Q118 February 2019
Ronaldo has been replaced on the cover of FIFA 1918 February 2019
Making it in Unreal: why Hypercharge: Unboxed overturned the toy box18 February 2019
Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti 3DMark benchmarks place it ahead of the GTX 107018 February 2019
Nvidia's over-ambitious 2019 targets could be a disaster waiting to happen18 February 2019
A Plague Tale: Innocence is a gory medieval fairytale that has bite18 February 2019
Nine post-apocalypse games to prepare you for Armageddon18 February 2019
Ninja's getting his own toy line18 February 2019
Dirt Rally 2 scores – our round-up of the critics18 February 2019
Dirt Rally 2 PC review - a punishing sequel for skilful drivers18 February 2019
New games: Jumpgrid channels Super Hexagon’s frantic button tapping18 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege’s Burnt Horizon operators are fiendishly fun17 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege Burnt Horizon operators fully revealed17 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege ranked mode is leaving beta in the first half of the year17 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege to get huge teamkilling overhaul17 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 adds operators from Peru, Mexico, Kenya, and India17 February 2019
Vermintide 2 is getting weekly challenges and home decor17 February 2019
Darksiders 3 has made back its development budget17 February 2019
Apex Legends netcode looks pretty inefficient17 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege may be getting Danish operators16 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege gets its first cinematic short and reveals new character16 February 2019
Bayonetta 2 director parts ways with PlatinumGames16 February 2019
Final Fantasy 15’s Regalia returns in Forza Horizon 416 February 2019
Fortnite: how to unlock Prisoner skin stage 216 February 2019
Fortnite: how to unlock Prisoner stage 316 February 2019
Razer Game Store is shutting down less than a year after launching16 February 2019
Fans want Chappie in Apex Legends, and Neill Blomkamp is down16 February 2019
Lesion's mine trap looked a lot different in early Rainbow Six Siege concept art16 February 2019
Metro Exodus RTX performance: Nvidia's DLSS makes the ray traced apocalypse genuinely playable16 February 2019
PSA: You might want to check the privacy settings on your EA account16 February 2019
Apex Legends scores - our roundup of the critics16 February 2019
Gritty debuts in Overwatch League to cheer on Philadelphia Fusion15 February 2019
Roblox unbans PewDiePie, but you still can’t say his name15 February 2019
Anthem glitch blasts faces into quantum nightmare particles15 February 2019
Evo Japan stream halted after Dead or Alive hosts start spanking each other15 February 2019
Boxed copies of Metro Exodus have Epic Games stickers on top of the Steam logo15 February 2019
Apex Legends PC Review - the best battle royale to date15 February 2019
Steam charts: most popular games, 9-15 February, 201915 February 2019
Anthem launches, servers crash15 February 2019
Earthquakes are causing cracks all over Fortnite15 February 2019
Win the full range of Razer Quartz gaming gear!15 February 2019
The low-poly architecture of '90s shooters like Quake is back to terrify us all15 February 2019
Bloody B975 gaming keyboard review: high-tech optical switches, low-end aesthetic15 February 2019
Fortnite motel and RV park location: where to search chests or ammo boxes at a motel or RV park - Overtime challenges15 February 2019
Far Cry New Dawn Specialists: all Guns and Fangs for Hire and where to find them15 February 2019
Apex Legends could already be heading to China15 February 2019
What to expect from Final Fantasy 1615 February 2019
Chinese players are mistaking this VR game for Apex Legends15 February 2019
Anthem release times - here's when you can play15 February 2019
The Division 2 Black Tusks faction guide15 February 2019
Dataminers find a new machine gun in Apex Legends' first patch15 February 2019
Nvidia blames China, crypto, and its Turing GPUs for a $781m dip in gaming revenue15 February 2019
Medieval MMO Conqueror's Blade is having another open weekend15 February 2019
All Fortnite doorbell locations: how to ring the doorbell of a house with an opponent inside15 February 2019
US Copyright Office says Alfonso Ribeiro doesn't own The Carlton15 February 2019
Learn about the Supreme Court by cozying up to its members in Supreme Courtship15 February 2019
Free games: Rainbow Six Siege’s latest free weekend is underway15 February 2019
Thatgamecompany’s Flower is on PC - right now14 February 2019
Crackdown 3 has a tiny sprinkle of political commentary about Theresa May14 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege’s Y4S1 patch will remove Ash’s ACOG14 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege reveals Mozzie, Gridlock, and their gadgets14 February 2019
The Xbox One Elite controller has got some serious PS4-shaped competition14 February 2019
Facebook considered buying Unity to dominate the VR market14 February 2019
Civilization 6 Sweden guide: how to win as a diplomat or bibliophile14 February 2019
Anthem's live-action short is out now14 February 2019
Crackdown 3 scores – our roundup of the critics14 February 2019
Crackdown 3 review - forgettable fun that lacks ambition14 February 2019
The mechanical keyboard switch guide14 February 2019
Far Cry New Dawn scores – our roundup of the critics14 February 2019
Far Cry New Dawn PC review - colourful action muddied by too much busywork14 February 2019
Asus could devalue Nvidia's GTX 1660 Ti GPU with just 3GB of memory14 February 2019
Hollow Knight: Silksong is a full sequel, not DLC14 February 2019
Fortnite's Season 8 Battle Pass will be available for free14 February 2019
Fallout 4’s Father Companion mod lets you cure cancer and change the ending14 February 2019
Ninja’s team wins the first Apex Legends tournament - by one point14 February 2019
Don’t worry, Rainbow Six Siege’s Australian map now says fuel instead of gas13 February 2019
Street Fighter 5’s Blanka has a game-breaking exploit, and players are loving it13 February 2019
Ubisoft will give you a free game for pre-ordering The Division 2 on PC13 February 2019
Wrestler Booker T sues Activision for gimmick infringement13 February 2019
Free games: Win a Steam key for authentic WW1 shooter Tannenberg!13 February 2019
A League of Legends caster says SK Telecom's squad are "has-beens"13 February 2019
Fortnite submarine location: where to dance on top of a submarine13 February 2019
Metro Exodus scores – our roundup of the critics13 February 2019
Metro Exodus PC review - an exquisite post-apocalyptic triumph13 February 2019
Metro Exodus is shipping with Nvidia DLSS support from day one13 February 2019
Fortnite metal turtle location: where to dance on top of a metal turtle13 February 2019
Over 70% of the time your PC auto-updates it's because of system memory13 February 2019
Epic says 2 Milly's Fortnite lawsuit is "at odds with free speech"13 February 2019
Kingdom Come: Deliverance has sold two million copies13 February 2019
Valve has fixed CS:GO's meta-breaking radar bind exploit13 February 2019
The next Call of Duty game will have a single-player campaign13 February 2019
Peter Molyneux's next game is more of a "hobby" and involves making things13 February 2019
The industry's coming together to help the hundreds laid off by Activision-Blizzard13 February 2019
There will be no major release from Blizzard in 2019 - sorry, Diablo fans12 February 2019
Activision-Blizzard announces record profits, lays off nearly 800 people12 February 2019
The Division 2 open beta starts in March12 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege teaser reveals an Australian operator and a new shotgun12 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition removed and prices dropped across the board12 February 2019
The Planet Coaster spin-offs Frontier should be making12 February 2019
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare sequel is "never" going to happen, says former dev12 February 2019
AMD's Radeon VII shows Navi only has to be a 7nm Polaris refresh to take on Nvidia12 February 2019
Population Zero might be the survival game Fallout 76 isn't12 February 2019
A streamer's zero-damage run through every Soulsborne game was ended by a brick12 February 2019
Willowbrooke Post is a mischievous love letter to Stardew Valley12 February 2019
Apex Legends is the third game ever to hit 7 million hours on Twitch in a single day12 February 2019
AMD's Radeon VII outdated already as TSMC sets 7nm EUV rollout for March12 February 2019
A Doom modder has reimagined Resident Evil 2 inside the classic FPS12 February 2019
Forget overclocking, an MIT AI is bending diamonds to make our CPUs faster12 February 2019
The Dishonored 2 studio is hiring for a monetisation designer12 February 2019
AMD dismisses Nvidia’s DLSS for its “image artefacts” and “harsh scaling”12 February 2019
The Outer Worlds features its own take on Fallout's VATS12 February 2019
Total War: Three Kingdoms release date - all the latest details on the new Total War12 February 2019
Let’s get it on now - dozens of Capcom’s best soundtracks are on Spotify12 February 2019
Yakuza 0 gets ultrawide support and an FOV slider - and it’s probably dropping Denuvo12 February 2019
Mr. X Gon’ Give It to Ya is now a real mod for Resident Evil 211 February 2019
This Apex Legends name generator imagines better titles for the battle royale11 February 2019
Fortnite gets nerfs for planes, hand cannons, and RPGs11 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege’s next map is Outback - it’s got a nuclear convoy and stuffed sharks11 February 2019
Nvidia’s going HAM on ray tracing at GDC and AMD’s on the Zen 2 hype train11 February 2019
Bitcoin’s bouncing back... but don't worry, cryptos aren't coming for your GPUs11 February 2019
Fortnite’s crossbow returns in tomorrow’s update11 February 2019
Apex Legends has sent Titanfall 2's player count rocketing11 February 2019
Win goodies for feel-good cartoon FPS Away: Journey to the Unexpected11 February 2019
Fortnite crown of RVs location: where to dance on top of a crown of RVs11 February 2019
Nvidia could drop 7nm GPUs tomorrow and AMD would be left in the dust11 February 2019
Yakuza Kiwami PC review - new life for the original gangster11 February 2019
New Apex Legends maps are coming, and they'll probably be bigger11 February 2019
NSFW: naked photos of the hottest Nvidia, Intel, and AMD silicon of the past 20 years11 February 2019
Anthem release date - all the latest details on BioWare’s new game11 February 2019
Civilization 6: Gathering Storm PC review - great civs redeem partial systems11 February 2019
Total War: Three Kingdoms is delayed again - Warhammer 2's next DLC will be out first11 February 2019
Paradox's new 'dating app' could be the start of a new Vampire: The Masquerade ARG11 February 2019
Making it in Unreal: the VR open-world RPG dream is still alive with The SoulKeeper11 February 2019
AMD Navi GPUs reportedly delayed until October at the earliest11 February 2019
Simple, innocent Solitaire is getting a leveling system and rewards11 February 2019
New games: The Stillness of the Wind is a story of life, loss, and goats11 February 2019
A new Watch Dogs trademark filing has fans thinking next-gen10 February 2019
Studio Ghibli veterans are making a Ni no Kuni movie with Level-510 February 2019
Blacklight: Retribution is shutting down, so all in-game items are now free10 February 2019
Warhammer: Chaosbane now has a release date and pre-launch betas10 February 2019
Team Liquid axes its Heroes of the Storm team9 February 2019
The Division 2’s private beta includes endgame characters and a new mission9 February 2019
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will get a new game plus mode this month9 February 2019
Shaggy is not going to be in Mortal Kombat 11 and is a “dead meme"9 February 2019
A Wargroove player is remaking the Advance Wars campaign, and it's playable9 February 2019
The first stage of Warframe’s melee 3.0 rework (probably) launches next week8 February 2019
Epic trailer versions of songs aren’t dead - Anthem is going off the rails on a crazy train8 February 2019
EA’s stock tanked this week - Apex Legends brought it back and then some8 February 2019
EA’s not worried about Battlefield 5’s Firestorm and Apex Legends competing8 February 2019
Steam charts: most popular games, 2-8 February, 20198 February 2019
Free games: Win a Steam key for explosive planet battler Worbital!8 February 2019
Fortnite Paradise Palms Shooting Gallery location: where to get a score of 5 or more at the Shooting Gallery east of Paradise Palms8 February 2019
The full Civilization VI: Eleanor of Aquitaine interview - how Civ's two-nation leader came to be8 February 2019
Fortnite Retail Row Shooting Gallery location: where to get a score of 5 or more at the Shooting Gallery north of Retail Row8 February 2019
Apex Legends features a tribute to a developer's departed dog8 February 2019
Fortnite Wailing Woods Shooting Gallery location: where to get a score of 5 or more at the Shooting Gallery east of Wailing Woods8 February 2019
New World is an MMO where lore isn’t given to you - it’s buried deep8 February 2019
Game devs are building videogames for quantum computers8 February 2019
Pennsylvania considers a tax on violent videogames to help prevent school shootings8 February 2019
Apex Legends tips – our guide to Respawn’s battle royale game8 February 2019
id Software co-founder says "love to do" a new Commander Keen8 February 2019
Nvidia is publishing a book on ray tracing to entice game developers8 February 2019
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice system requirements8 February 2019
Overwatch’s piano aimbot translates a MIDI keyboard to the in-game instrument8 February 2019
Skyrim total conversion mod Enderal comes to Steam next week with a new expansion8 February 2019
Axiom Verge crashed on the Epic store because it was missing a file called “steam”7 February 2019
Fortnite invites you to Share the Love with new challenges and a tournament7 February 2019
It’s official - Rainbow Six Siege is going to Australia7 February 2019
Respawn tried “approximately a bojillian” ways to get Titans into Apex Legends7 February 2019
Grab a beta code so you can get stuck into the Conqueror's Blade's right now!7 February 2019
Where to work in the games industry to prepare for the apocalypse7 February 2019
Ice-T has a level-capped Titan in Destiny 2, but sadly uses a big ol' noob-cannon7 February 2019
HyperX Fury RGB SSD review: give 'em the old razzle dazzle7 February 2019
This perspective bug gives Rainbow Six Siege's Caveira a game-breaking advantage7 February 2019
Murderous tyrant Dong Zhuo is heading to Total War: Three Kingdoms7 February 2019
Fortnite Expedition Outposts locations: where to visit all Expedition Outposts in a single match7 February 2019
After three years' silence, Team Fortress YouTuber says his terminal disease was "a sick joke"7 February 2019
Two of Apex Legends' characters are LGBTQ7 February 2019
Frontier's unannounced first-party IP will release this year7 February 2019
Devil May Cry 5 takes Resident Evil 2's gore and smacks it with style7 February 2019
Intel is bringing FIFA’s gaming perspectives into live football broadcasts7 February 2019
The Outer Worlds devs would “love” to do mod support - but not at launch7 February 2019
Method beat WoW’s Dazar’alor raid twice before anybody else could do it once6 February 2019
Anthem’s roadmap includes limited-time world events called Cataclysms6 February 2019
Anthem is going to sell six million in 37 days, according to EA6 February 2019
Sea of Thieves nerfs double guns and snipers in a major combat rebalance6 February 2019
Red Dead 2 sells 23 million, publisher raises forecast, stock crashes anyway6 February 2019
More than a million players fell foul of Valve Anti-Cheat last month6 February 2019
Resident Evil 2 Remake endings explained: the differences between the Claire and Leon campaign6 February 2019
Win a new starship that really brings the pain in Star Trek Online: Mirror of Discovery!6 February 2019
Metro author asks fans not to "betray us" over Exodus' Epic Games store release6 February 2019
Softbank lost $2.7bn from the Nvidia share crash... so it sold its entire $3.6bn stake6 February 2019
Fortnite Chilly Gnomes locations - where to search Chilly Gnomes6 February 2019
Rainbow Six Siege's Blackbeard is patrolling the US border, according to this newscast6 February 2019
Final Fantasy 14 director wants fewer mechs and more monsters in future instalments6 February 2019
PC games are showing us why we should care about surveillance6 February 2019
A flurry of GTX 1660 Ti leaks suggest Nvidia is gearing up for launch6 February 2019
Anthem Forge guide: how to tool up your Javelin for victory6 February 2019
Fortnite abandoned mansion location: where to complete a dance off at an abandoned mansion6 February 2019
Hungary's theme in Civ 6 is based on a folk song about erectile dysfunction6 February 2019
Former CS:GO pro Shroud helped develop Apex Legends' weapon recoil6 February 2019
Epic expands Support-a-Creator across its entire store6 February 2019
The UK "has less than 100" AMD Radeon VII GPUs ready for launch February 76 February 2019
Phoenix Point has been delayed again6 February 2019
Sea of Thieves will get a PvP Arena, pets, and story quests in one “mega update”5 February 2019
Hearthstone’s got a new card back, and we’re going to infect you with it5 February 2019
Respawn is working on “more Titanfall” for 2019 - and it’s not a VR game5 February 2019
Imperator: Rome launches this April5 February 2019
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