March 2017 Archive

Here are the system requirements for Middle-earth: Shadow of War 28 February 2017
80 Days developers Inkle announce Heaven’s Vault, an open-world adventure game28 February 2017
New Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay footage shows off Peebee’s loyalty mission28 February 2017
AMD unveil the actual name of their next range of GPUs, previously codenamed Vega28 February 2017
Overwatch patch 1.8 notes - Bastion rework, the server browser and more out now28 February 2017
Hearthstone’s Arena mode leaves Wild in new patch28 February 2017
Rebellion are releasing a remaster of 2000 AD third-person shooter Rogue Trooper28 February 2017
Play For Honor between Feb 13-26? You're eligible for Champion Status this weekend28 February 2017
Watch us unbox the Ryzen 1800X, AMD's 16-thread, Intel-challenging CPU28 February 2017
Ubisoft announce new triple-A Avatar game developed with James Cameron and Lightstorm28 February 2017
A decade and a half in the making, Halo Wars 2 shows Microsoft's plan for the series on PC28 February 2017
Microsoft subscription service Xbox Game Pass won’t be available on PC28 February 2017
Yooka-Laylee’s Glitterglaze Glacier is a snow-truck riding winter wonderland28 February 2017
Yooka-Laylee is bringing back the '90s console platformer, but is it a good fit for PC?28 February 2017
Getting Dota 2 fps loss? Valve have a performance test that may help28 February 2017
Bretonnia are now available (for free) in Total War: Warhammer, sequel is coming next28 February 2017
The best Overwatch custom games28 February 2017
CCP reveal first non-Eve title, Sparc, a VR game about throwing balls at your friends28 February 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda day one patch underway, may be ready by early access trial28 February 2017
Torment: Tides of Numenera PC review28 February 2017
Fight for the Sphere in Stellaris's Utopia expansion, coming April 628 February 2017
The Division's latest update and Last Stand DLC launch today, play six hours for free28 February 2017
Despite success of For Honor and Rainbow Six Ubisoft still plan to make “solo narrative games”28 February 2017
Talking dinosaurs fight space monsters in Epic's cross-platform RPG Battle Breakers28 February 2017
Oculus on wireless VR - “It’s compressed, it’s not perfect and it’s expensive.”28 February 2017
First For Honor patch lands tomorrow: buffs Valkyrie, Conquerer and Berserker27 February 2017
EA's Peter Moore is leaving eSports for real sports in June, becoming CEO of Liverpool FC27 February 2017
Ark adds force-fields, electric eels, birds of prey, and lions that can murder airborne dinosaurs27 February 2017
Oddysey is Myst, but with science27 February 2017
Watch Simon Miller trash the entire RTS genre, and you, for 7 minutes straight27 February 2017
City Climber giveaway! Win one of 50 copies of this humorous physics game!27 February 2017
Stories Untold is not Stranger Things: The Game, but it has just as much '80s cool27 February 2017
Middle-Earth: Shadow of War releases August 25, applies Nemesis system to buildings27 February 2017
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is a handsome remaster, but it's no substitute for a sequel27 February 2017
Stardew Valley creator on success and next steps - “Is it the best I can do? No”27 February 2017
Making it in Unreal: behind the reinforced plates of Heavy Gear Assault27 February 2017
Pythonesque Renaissance art adventure Four Last Things is out now, and pleasantly silly27 February 2017
Shenmue 1 and 2 remasters still due this year according to further leaks27 February 2017
ESRB say Mass Effect: Andromeda features full nudity, Bioware say it's "softcore space porn"27 February 2017
Goldhawk Interactive release an early demo of Xenonauts 2 via GOG26 February 2017
Target leak Shadow of Mordor sequel, titled Middle-earth: Shadow of War26 February 2017
Twirlbound announce Pine, a whimsical action adventure about human survival26 February 2017
New Windows 10 anti-bloatware update attempts to block installation of Win32 apps26 February 2017
Become the dead centre of town with medieval cemetery simulator, Graveyard Keeper26 February 2017
Government shakeups and political unrest are coming to Stellaris in its Utopia expansion26 February 2017
Stack the deck in your favour when Monster Slayers comes to Steam on March 2326 February 2017
Stardock celebrate v2.1 of Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation with a 50% off sale26 February 2017
Most of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s galaxy will still be explorable after main story concludes26 February 2017
Gaijin Entertainment announce weekly Naval Battles events for War Thunder25 February 2017
Warframe developer Digital Extremes announce second annual Tennocon 25 February 2017
Get the poopdeck scrubbed as Blackwake sails for Steam Early Access25 February 2017
Eden is no paradise, as NVYVE Studios release new trailer for survival horror P.A.M.E.L.A25 February 2017
Overwatch takes the title of Game of the Year at the 2017 DICE Awards25 February 2017
Pillars of Eternity 2 smashes through $4 million mark, beating out the original Pillars of Eternity25 February 2017
Steam accounts for over 50% of For Honor's player base, despite cheaper alternatives25 February 2017
The boys in blue are coming for you in this latest trailer for Tokyo 42, detailing the Cop Drop25 February 2017
Psyonix award dedicated Rocket League pigeon fancier with custom in-game title25 February 2017
ZeniMax ask a judge to block Oculus from using their code in VR products24 February 2017
How Overwatch was born in two weeks - watch what we learned from Jeff Kaplan's GDC talk24 February 2017
NVIDIA Showcase: 7 things you need to know about Ghost Recon Wildlands24 February 2017
This Ghost Recon Wildlands live-action trailer is directed by Die Hard director John McTiernan24 February 2017
Hi-Rez are offering refunds and tweaking Essence to be less of a grind in Paladins24 February 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: get clued up on Mass Effect: Andromeda, play the Ghost Recon beta, win a game key, and more! 24 February 2017
Genesis Alpha One is a roguelike that blends base building with strategic FPS action24 February 2017
Superstar streamers beware - email scam offering Razer sponsorship will brick your PC24 February 2017
Watch us count down 7 of the craziest PC game budgets24 February 2017
Cloudflare bug may have leaked data for many client sites (but not PCGamesN)24 February 2017
The Exiled giveaway! Win of 12 keys for this survival MMORPG!24 February 2017
For Honor cheaters banned for first offences (and lack of honour)24 February 2017
AMD are still scared Intel will outspend, outflank and outmuscle Ryzen24 February 2017
Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta bedeviled by errors and server maintenance24 February 2017
Hidden gems of PC gaming: Dark Souls I-III24 February 2017
Tim Willits denies Kaplan vs Pitchford final in DICE Quake tournament, then takes the crown24 February 2017
BioShock developers Irrational are now called Ghost Story and are making story-led games23 February 2017
The Overwatch League begins in Q3 201723 February 2017
The grind is being looked at for WoW 7.2, but the game isn't built around mythic raid guilds23 February 2017
Free Unreal and Unity plugin Steam Audio will let sounds bounce around virtual environments23 February 2017
The DRG Initiative is a third-person team shooter where Twitch can influence battles23 February 2017
Watch today's Legion Q&A stream with WoW game director Ion Hazzikostas here23 February 2017
Steam are paying more tax in ten countries, but it will be up to publishers to increase prices23 February 2017
Battlegrounds giveaway! Gain access to the closed beta of this battle royale-style survival game!23 February 2017
Kettles, turrets, bananas - nothing is safe from being mimicked in Prey23 February 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda’s quietest squadmate has as many lines as Shepard in Mass Effect 323 February 2017
You can choose Shepard's - yes, Shepard's - gender in Mass Effect: Andromeda23 February 2017
Realising the space opera: we go hands-on with Mass Effect: Andromeda23 February 2017
Natalie Dormer voices your Asari doctor in Mass Effect: Andromeda, Lexi T'Perro23 February 2017
H1Z1: King of the Kill eSports to debut on The CW, with $300,000 tournament finals23 February 2017
Eve Online’s Project Discovery will now let players find actual, real planets23 February 2017
The really exciting AMD Ryzen CPUs aren't launching in March23 February 2017
Overwatch This episode 21: Efi Oladele theories, rumours, thoughts and spider-tanks23 February 2017
Ghost Recon Wildlands beta starts right about now - Twitch Prime rewards announced23 February 2017
Want to work for Riot? You better not play Candy Crush…22 February 2017
Live-Fire, a 6v6 mode without respawns heads to Titanfall 2 along with new maps tomorrow22 February 2017
NVIDIA Showcase: commanding the combatants of For Honor22 February 2017
Cards Against Humanity is getting an official Mass Effect expansion, co-written by BioWare22 February 2017
Overwatch’s Mexican Dorado map is based on a Google Image of an Italian town22 February 2017
League of Legends patch 7.422 February 2017
Semi-finalists announced for Epic Games' $500,000 development contest22 February 2017
Neverwinter giveaway! Win one of 1,000 Trove of Elemental Evil packs!22 February 2017
AOC AGON AG352QCX review: the 200Hz refresh can't hide this VA panel's hazy motion22 February 2017
Super Cloudbuilt remakes 2014's hectic parkour platformer, coming summer this year22 February 2017
Family-friendly action-RPG Dragon Quest Heroes II comes to PC, gets day one edition22 February 2017
AMD confirms March 2 release for the 8-core Ryzen CPUs, pre-orders today22 February 2017
How ZeniMax are faithfully realising Morrowind in Elder Scrolls Online, down to the Red Mountain22 February 2017
Overwatch's highlight intros take 4 days to animate, last 5 seconds - watch it happen22 February 2017
Wartile, a turn-based strategy without turns, comes to Early Access on March 1722 February 2017
How 14 people took on Tomb Raider and Uncharted with Troll and I22 February 2017
SteamVR Tracking no longer requires $3,000 training course to use22 February 2017
After submission snafu, Herald now on track for release today22 February 2017
'Bat-wing demon' boss fight leaks from Dark Souls 3's coming DLC, is quickly taken down22 February 2017
Civ 6 to get Australia, Steam Workshop, and multiplayer teams in ‘Australian Summer’ update22 February 2017
Pillars of Eternity II crowdfunding tops $3 million, has the most backers in Fig history21 February 2017
Digital Homicide's lawsuit against Jim Sterling is dismissed with prejudice21 February 2017
Star Wars Battlefront spiritual successor Galaxy in Turmoil shows off alpha spacewalks 21 February 2017
Twitch streamer Brian “Poshybrid” Vigneault dies during 24-hour charity livestream21 February 2017
Hot Wheels cars head to Rocket League as paid DLC, along with a free topper and antenna21 February 2017
Halo Wars 2 units - every Spartan, tank and Sentinel21 February 2017
Nier: Automata trailer has surprise PC release date, quickly removed and probably wrong21 February 2017
Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf giveaway! Win one of 20 copies of this card-based strategy game!21 February 2017
Minecraft snapshot 17w06a gives first glimpse at 1.12 update21 February 2017
The Battlefield 1 community is embroiled in an ARG that makes Sombra seem straightforward21 February 2017
Halo Wars 2 PC review21 February 2017
Resident Evil 7 DLC now available on PC - two packs of new scenarios and modes21 February 2017
Dauntless’ behemoths revealed: Embermane and Pangar will eat you whole21 February 2017
Rogue Legacy developers return for further pixelated brawling in Full Metal Furies21 February 2017
Rainbow Six Siege patch 2.1.1 fixes a host of issues for modes, maps, Operators, and more20 February 2017
Surveil this interactive Ghost Recon Wildlands map and unlock some in-game boosts20 February 2017
Super Duper Turbo Edition: New mod pack makes Street Fighter 5 load real fast20 February 2017
EA are now offering a year's subscription to Origin Access for $3020 February 2017
The party fight the Guard Scorpion in new Final Fantasy 7 Remake screens20 February 2017
Here's how to use an actual motor vehicle as a Doom controller (pro tip: don't)20 February 2017
Watch Simon Miller stab, snipe and quip his way through jabronis in Sniper Elite 420 February 2017
The Ryzen response: Intel have forgotten how to deal with a genuinely competitive AMD20 February 2017
Nier: Automata’s Androids are like Dark Souls bloodstains, next livestream on Feb 2320 February 2017
CS:GO hacker uses exploit to spam messages complaining about hackers20 February 2017
Greek voice actor denies he's playing Overwatch's 24th hero20 February 2017
Crazy Justice is a cel shaded steampunk hero shooter with Tesla coils, beta sign ups now live20 February 2017
Making it in Unreal: behind the eyes of the bots in Unfortunate Spacemen20 February 2017
Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak devs partner with NASA to create interactive Mars colony20 February 2017
Hands-on with Prey's opening hour: Arkane put sci-fi horror at centre stage19 February 2017
Dunk Lords takes basketball to a very violent and surreal place19 February 2017
Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood's Samurai class shown off at Fan Fest in Frankfurt19 February 2017
All The Delicate Duplicates Launches on Steam19 February 2017
Space Pirates and Zombies 2 walks multiplayer mode off the plank19 February 2017
Checking out Street Fighter V's Kolin in greater depth19 February 2017
New VR horror tribute to Silent Hill will leave your organs severely quartered19 February 2017
Microsoft promises more exclusive games for Windows 10 in 201719 February 2017
My Memory of Us tells heartwarming holocaust story with robots and flying whales19 February 2017
Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment will be ghosting across your monitor this April19 February 2017
"They're bigger than anything we've ever done" - Three new games from Bethesda18 February 2017
"Everybody thinks they want a lot of autonomy" - the cost of working for Valve18 February 2017
Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood gets an epic cinematic trailer18 February 2017
Is Call of Duty going back to WW2? The Battalion 1944 devs think so18 February 2017
Terraria strikes double platinum - Sells over 20 million copies18 February 2017
Blizzard say goodbye to Windows XP and Vista18 February 2017
Crusade expansion under the microscope - Galactic citizens in Galactic Civilizations 318 February 2017
Battle of the headsets rages on as HTC Vive becomes VR platform of choice for developers18 February 2017
Latest Conan Exiles patch completely breaks waterskins18 February 2017
Snowy, Canada-based thriller Kona is releasing on March 1717 February 2017
“We’re gonna have games only released on PC” - Microsoft’s Phil Spencer talks exclusives17 February 2017
Portal and Half-Life 2 co-writer Erik Wolpaw leaves Valve17 February 2017
The official servers for Conan Exiles are now region locked to prevent griefing17 February 2017
Review aggregators OpenCritic claim Metacritic are trying to prevent their growth17 February 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: win a game, play something new, mod Farming Simulator, and more!17 February 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda's combat trailer shows off hyper-fast battles and deep customisation17 February 2017
Watch the 8 best cinematic game intros of all time - like films but shorter and better17 February 2017
Grab the Bottle giveaway! Win one of 60 copies of this eccentric puzzler!17 February 2017
Blizzard send a copyright notice to the makers of Overwatch lad mag Playwatch17 February 2017
MSI have launched their mini-ITX GTX 1070 to rival Gigabyte’s midget cards17 February 2017
2000 AD is now available to other developers outside Rebellion, but who should make what?17 February 2017
Paradox CEO does the splits between two tanks to entice you towards PDXCon17 February 2017
Dawn of War 3’s murderous factions fight over the Spear of Khaine in new trailer17 February 2017
Asus ROG Strix Z270i Gaming review:a great foundation for your mini Kaby Lake machine17 February 2017
14 minutes of talking shop and beating men to death with pipes in The Surge17 February 2017
Hearthstone dev team considering undoing old nerfs in 2018 thanks to new Hall of Fame17 February 2017
"S**t Square Enix" screams Nier: Automata director in savage attack on game t-shirt17 February 2017
Ashes of the Singularity merges with standalone expansion Escalation, no upgrade fee17 February 2017
Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha 0.1.1. gameplay video released – Taming New Seas17 February 2017
Whip your team into shape, with new Motorsport Manager GT Series DLC pack releasing on February 2217 February 2017
Watch Dogs 2 “Human Conditions” DLC due to release on PC on March 2317 February 2017
War Thunder gets new Japanese tanks in impending update17 February 2017
Do yourself a favour and check out the brand-new DESYNC "Creative Kills" trailer17 February 2017
Free Thief-inspired stealth game The Dark Mod gets improved level editor and updated assets16 February 2017
Blizzard don't tease upcoming Overwatch heroes as much due to Sombra ARG feedback16 February 2017
PewDiePie apologises for anti-Semitic stunt after slamming the media coverage16 February 2017
Hearthstone’s Year of the Mammoth: Adventures culled and cards retired16 February 2017
Bundle Stars offer Batman: Arkham Knight for $4.99 in 24-hour flash sale16 February 2017
Starbreeze are working on PayDay 3, call the series their “most important brand”16 February 2017
Ghost Recon Wildlands: release date, gameplay, system requirements - everything we know16 February 2017
Ghost Recon Wildlands’ open beta runs from February 23-2716 February 2017
The Ring director Gore Verbinski says cancelled BioShock movie may have "another chance"16 February 2017
Paragon’s latest hero is a k-pop superstar with her own self-sung theme tune, Shinbi16 February 2017
New Dean Hall game to be shown off next month at EGX Rezzed16 February 2017
Microsoft E3 conference scheduled for Sunday June 11, 2pm PST - earlier than usual16 February 2017
For Honor PC review16 February 2017
That sure-fire TF2 headshot you missed in 2009? Valve just fixed the decade-old bug that caused it16 February 2017
Songbringer procedurally generates a sci-fi Zelda, all from a one-man team16 February 2017
Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire companion guide16 February 2017
G2A Deal offers five games a month for $2.65, first month includes Superhot, is cheaper16 February 2017
Overwatch This episode 20: Blizzard fight back against hackers and Overwatch League delays16 February 2017
Defcon introduces VR mode, but only if you like to watch16 February 2017
Possible fix found by players regarding For Honor’s stuttering issue16 February 2017
Blood Bowl 2 introduces Chaos Dwarfs and Khemri teams to its bloody roster16 February 2017
The Humble Freedom Bundle is raising money for immigrants, offering $600 of games for $3015 February 2017
Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan trolls fans who are begging for Valentine’s content15 February 2017
Isabella von Carstein heads to Total War: Warhammer as another Legendary Lord15 February 2017
NVIDIA Showcase: six things to know about For Honor on PC15 February 2017
Former Sony Online boss John Smedley forms a new studio for Amazon 15 February 2017
Resident Evil 7 ships 3 million copies, has recouped development costs15 February 2017
Daymare: 1998 aims to reignite true survival horror on Kickstarter15 February 2017
Watch the new Elite: Dangerous Holo-Me character creator do an old Willem Defoe15 February 2017
Valve have been trolling you about Half-Life 315 February 2017
Intel Kaby Lake - processors, motherboards, PCs and performance15 February 2017
New Watch Dogs 2 ending hints a hacktivist sequel is planned and coming to L0nD_N15 February 2017
Raw Fury offer to pay Steam Direct fees for select indie devs if they can't afford them15 February 2017
Valve won't use hard-coded tools to detect cheaters for fear of "arms race" with cheat makers15 February 2017
Intel’s Vulkan support may be official, but it’s no CPU graphics performance panacea15 February 2017
Get a taste of epic fantasy MMO Revelation Online in the open beta, coming March 615 February 2017
Ezreal build, counter and abilities - League of Legends champion guide15 February 2017
Polish your plays and duff up some dummies in the League of Legends practice tool, now live15 February 2017
All proceeds from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered DLC to go to US military vets15 February 2017
For Honor Day 1 patch brings a bunch of fixes to networking issues15 February 2017
Steam investigated by European Commission for geo-blocking15 February 2017
Robo Recall compatibility discovered in Nvidia patch notes15 February 2017
Crusader Kings 2 gets 75% price reduction to celebrate its anniversary 14 February 2017
Apocalypse Now is still short of $900k KS goal, so it’s moving platform and asking for $5 million14 February 2017
Everything that's coming to Path of Exile in the new Fall of Oriath expansion and Legacy League14 February 2017
For Honor’s PC beta phases recorded 1.8 million players - have a launch trailer14 February 2017
For Honor PC graphics, performance and 4K analysis - the PCGamesN tech review14 February 2017
Nobody to play with this Valentine's? Here's a bunch of free games instead14 February 2017
Frontier remove Elite Dangerous: Arena from sale due to lack of players14 February 2017
Copyright claim threatens Elite Dangerous pen-and-paper RPG after funding goal is met14 February 2017
Fnatic will manage AS Roma's new FIFA team in latest sports club's move into eSports14 February 2017
What do developers and publishers really think of Steam Spy?14 February 2017
Blizzard swing the Banghammer: Overwatch hackers blocked from Korean internet cafes14 February 2017
Mass Effect: Discovery comic features a Turian spy infiltrating the Andromeda Initiative14 February 2017
Corsair set to shake up PC form factor with “Corsair One” 14 February 2017
Battlefield 1's Winter Update brings map voting to the snowy fronts tomorrow14 February 2017
25 Minutes of Nier: Automata gameplay video released, killer combat within14 February 2017
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr gets early access campaign The Founding14 February 2017
CD Projekt Red’s share prices have increased from $4.18 to $17.20 since the start of 201513 February 2017
Ghost Recon Wildlands scores top Hollywood script-writing talent13 February 2017
Rockstar's Leslie Benzies' new studio enlists VR-specialist Budapest-based team13 February 2017
Overwatch's Year of the Rooster update - all skins, emotes and cosmetics13 February 2017
Hideo Kojima says Death Stranding is an experience we "haven’t played before"13 February 2017
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition is out tomorrow on PC, and it's free for owners of the original13 February 2017
Halo Wars 2’s physical edition has been cancelled in the US13 February 2017
Resident Evil: Vendetta is a CGI movie that fills the story gaps between Resi 6 and 713 February 2017
Nerd-basher Simon Miller reveals the cold hard truth about the Mass Effect franchise13 February 2017
Viewsonic XG2703 review: a crystal clear panel offering kitten-smooth gaming13 February 2017
Five point-and-click adventures tell a larger story in Anthology, by Richard & Alice creator13 February 2017
Sniper Elite 4 is out tomorrow - here's exactly when you can neuter some Nazis13 February 2017
E3 website updated with prices for public tickets, plus list of "participating companies"13 February 2017
The open world of Nier: Automata has its predecessor's problem13 February 2017
Sniper Elite 4 PC review13 February 2017
For Honor beta impressions: there's no honour here, but fantastic combat holds it all together13 February 2017
Making it in Unreal: inside The Culling, the bloodiest show on Earth13 February 2017
The next title by Wolfenstein: The New Order devs is "f***ing bananas", says Bethesda exec13 February 2017
Here's when For Honor unlocks on PC tomorrow13 February 2017 replace Obsidian as developers on F2P tank sim Armored Warfare13 February 2017
Rebellion plan to open up the 2000 AD license to other publishers and developers12 February 2017
Nier: Automata gets new action-packed trailer but still silence regarding a PC release date12 February 2017
Funcom announce mod support for Conan Exiles with the Conan Exiles Dev Kit12 February 2017
The history of Championship Manager, part two: the Football Manager years, 2004 to present12 February 2017
Midgar Studio release new trailer for Edge of Eternity ahead of GDC 201712 February 2017
Koji Igarashi interviews Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night's composer, Michiru Yamane12 February 2017
GOG brings three Sierra city builders back from the annals of history12 February 2017
Mechs and greater space exploration are on the way in Starbound’s upcoming patch12 February 2017
Sniper Elite 4’s launch trailer orchestrates some expertly timed pandemonium12 February 2017
Red Hook celebrate the release of Darkest Dungeon’s Radiant Update with a 50% sale12 February 2017
Return to the Lovely Planet with Quicktequila’s Super Lovely Planet11 February 2017
Collectible card RTS BattleForge to be revived as Skylords Reborn11 February 2017
The miniature Metroidvania Hollow Knight creeps onto PC and Mac on February 2411 February 2017
Cult classic adventure series Syberia returns for its third installment on April 2511 February 2017
The history of Championship Manager, part one: from 1992 debut to the Eidos split in 200311 February 2017
Alaskan survival simulator The Wild Eight sets up base camp on Steam Early Access11 February 2017
Little Nightmares is the most creatively creepy platformer I've played11 February 2017
Koei Tecmo show off two new weapon types coming to Toukiden 211 February 2017
Slow League of Legends connections act as basis of New York’s suing of Time Warner Cable11 February 2017
The AIs are taking over Minecraft, as YouTuber creates working chatbot in vanilla Minecraft11 February 2017
Customise your Total War: Warhammer campaign with new Assembly Kit update11 February 2017
Star Trek: Bridge Crew delayed, will launch with the original U.S.S. Enterprise bridge10 February 2017
People not being paid for mods is a “bug in the system”, says Valve boss Gabe Newell10 February 2017
Sleepy hollow: Dark Souls 2 event will reignite the fire in the RPG's servers from Feb 2510 February 2017
Rockstar and 2K parent company Take-Two license some of their properties for film10 February 2017
Activision lay off around 5% of their workforce, including some Infinity Ward staff 10 February 2017
FTL devs return with Into the Breach, turn-based kaiju defence with giant robots10 February 2017
MU Legend giveaway! Win one of 3,000 keys for the second closed beta!10 February 2017
Overwatch’s Lucio is coming to Heroes of the Storm - here's how he'll play10 February 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: grab a beta key, start playing For Honor, overclock your processor, and more!10 February 2017
Trump's chief strategist invested $60 million in a WoW gold-trading site that collapsed - sad!10 February 2017
Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta coming in the next month, adds new province10 February 2017
Next TF2 update "one of our biggest", adds Pyro class pack and placement matches10 February 2017
Direct control: Mass Effect: Andromeda's single-player campaign can be played offline10 February 2017
VR needs better games to succeed, says Gabe Newell, and Valve are working on three10 February 2017
Blizzard plan to "start the process" of forming Overwatch League teams this year10 February 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda has over a dozen hub areas, will learn from The Witcher 310 February 2017
Hopes dashed, AMD only supporting Windows 10 with Ryzen drivers10 February 2017
Valve will move Dota 2 International out of USA if immigration difficulties continue10 February 2017
Thimbleweed Park is a 1980s point-and-click wearing rose-tinted glasses10 February 2017
Get your VR guns blazing with the release of John Wick Chronicles10 February 2017
Take On Mars launches out of Early Access with its long-awaited full release10 February 2017
Rocket League teams up with Hot Wheels with 2 new Premium DLC packs10 February 2017
"A lesson has been learned" - Youtuber who ran illegal gambling site speaks up9 February 2017
Humble Bundle has launched a multi-platform funding and publishing program9 February 2017
Call of Duty returning to "traditional combat" in possible World War II sequel9 February 2017
Nvidia Showcase: the major players in Ghost Recon Wildlands9 February 2017
Destiny 2 confirmed for 2017, but no further information given in Activision quarterly report9 February 2017
Rocket League pledges to fund community tournaments and provide $1 million prize pool9 February 2017
Greedfall is the new game from developers of Technomancer and Bound by Flame9 February 2017
Riot will be taking the League of Legends World Championships to China9 February 2017
South Park: The Fractured But Whole delayed to later in 2017 as Ubisoft report great year9 February 2017
Make War Not Love 4: a love letter of free games and DLC from Sega this Valentine's day9 February 2017
Kolin, Street Fighter V’s first brand new Season 2 character, launches on February 289 February 2017
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier gets third episode on February 289 February 2017
Devolver Digital unveil Stories Untold, a horror compilation based off the cancelled series9 February 2017
Paradox explain how to become one with the Shroud in the upcoming Stellaris: Utopia9 February 2017
For Honor's open beta is now live - here's when and everything else you want to know9 February 2017
Techland and InXile release new cinematic story trailer for Torment: Tides of Numenera9 February 2017
The NBA officially enter eSports with the launch of the NBA 2K eLeague in 20189 February 2017
Warlords weakened and other changes in For Honor before the open beta this weekend9 February 2017
Nice of you to join us, Palit, but we built a passively-cooled PCGNTX 1050 Ti ages ago9 February 2017
Cat eared kings fight wooly bullies in this new trailer for Ni No Kuni II9 February 2017
The best zombie games of 20179 February 2017
InXile show off first glimpse of The Bard's Tale IV's combat9 February 2017
Dota 2 patch 7.02 brings balance changes to over 40 heroes9 February 2017
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 takes the Player’s Choice spot for Evo 20179 February 2017
PAX-Darling DESYNC gets February 28th release date on Steam, for just $159 February 2017
Oculus to remove almost half of its pop-up Rift demonstration bays in America9 February 2017
Get Even gets a creepy new trailer, and boy does it look weird9 February 2017
Build your own triple-screen Razer Project Valerie gaming laptop clone with just a few door hinges and cables9 February 2017
AMD releases latest Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Driver version 17.1.29 February 2017
Fallout 4 surpasses Skyrim to be crowned as Bethesda’s most successful game8 February 2017
Ni no Kuni II isn’t halfway done yet, despite the release window being 20178 February 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda’s conversation options will be built around ‘agree’ and ‘disagree’ 8 February 2017
Warner Bros. Interactive’s videogame revenue dipped in 20168 February 2017
Project CARS 2 is heading to PC this year, will support 12K resolutions and VR8 February 2017
Overwatch This episode 19: the server browser and Bastion's huge rework8 February 2017
Play HotS with your mates and you can get a free mount for both it and WoW8 February 2017
War Thunder skins: the best user-created camouflages for your tanks and planes8 February 2017
E3 will be open to the public this year for the first time ever8 February 2017
Get a blast of Humanity in new Dark Souls III: The Ringed City gameplay8 February 2017
Stalking shouldn't have to "escalate to threats" before action is taken, says FGC YouTuber8 February 2017
Devolver Digital and No Code tease new game, featuring shiny red ball8 February 2017
A Plague Tale: Innocence is The Last of Us in 14th century, plague-ridden France8 February 2017
Intel SSD 600p 512GB review: PCIe speed for the price of a sluggish SATA mid-ranger8 February 2017
CS:GO tournament site bans player for 1,000 years after allegedly harassing 15 year-old girl8 February 2017
The Surge is a futuristic Dark Souls clone, but it's a damn fine one8 February 2017
Rock Band VR will release March 23 – get ready to rock out with your HMD out8 February 2017
Watch us round up every upcoming Focus Home Interactive game in 30 seconds8 February 2017
Calling Windows 10 Cloud ‘ransomware’ is a bit much, Mr. Sweeney…8 February 2017
Take-Two quarterlies: GTA V sells more than all of Resident Evil, nothing on Red Dead 2 on PC8 February 2017
Thresh build, counter and abilities - League of Legends champion guide8 February 2017
Gears of War 4 gets two new maps in February, one of which will be a sniper’s nightmare. 8 February 2017
The Force is Strong in New Star Wars Humble Bundle III, but not for long8 February 2017
Overwatch gets a server browser and CTF in the PTR, buffs Bastion, Mercy, and D.Va7 February 2017
Microsoft announce Starship Commander, an interactive VR game you control with your voice7 February 2017
Microtransactions in COD Modern Warfare Remastered now contain new weapons7 February 2017
Blizzard still working on allowing players to save and easily share Overwatch Highlights7 February 2017
Stoic would “love to offer” voiceovers for The Banner Saga 37 February 2017
Steam phishing exploit fixed by Valve7 February 2017
League of Legends patch 7.37 February 2017
Forza developers Playground Games build a new team to create non-racing game7 February 2017
Design your own civ and spy on its enemies in Galactic Civilization III's biggest expansion yet7 February 2017
Spread the love with a contagious free skin in Paragon's Carnival of Hearts7 February 2017
Hitman – The Complete First Season is releasing on Linux on February 167 February 2017
Rainbow Six Siege's Year 2 plans prove there's more to Ubisoft than annualised sequels7 February 2017
Barkley 2 devs aren't dead, just polishing the Bootypocalypse (and related quests)7 February 2017
Fill a house with sweet rolls in free Homestead expansion for Elder Scrolls Online, out now7 February 2017
Gambling Commission says NepentheZ case is "one of the most serious" they investigated7 February 2017
Intel won't be selling you a Kaby Lake chip with an AMD GPU in it this year7 February 2017
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr public alpha goes live on Feb 107 February 2017
How Rainbow Six Siege's Velvet Shell operators are breaking the rulebook and the meta7 February 2017
Hands-on with Rime: it's not a puzzle game, but it's puzzling, dreamy and captures childhood7 February 2017
League of Legends legend Faker breaks records on first Twitch stream with 245,000 viewers7 February 2017
An AR developer brings Portal to your living room via HoloLens6 February 2017
Fallout 4's free high-res texture pack is out now, but you’ll need a spare 58GB to install it6 February 2017
Stock up on WoW gold - it'll buy you games, Hearthstone cards, cosmetics and more6 February 2017
Halo Wars 2’s launch trailer makes strategy sexy again6 February 2017
The Nilfgaardian empire invade Gwent: The Witcher Card Game - here's a trailer6 February 2017
Watch Simon Miller put Conan Exiles' manly credentials to the test6 February 2017
Civilization 6 is coming to Linux on February 96 February 2017
Concept art for unreleased game, possibly a Star Wars project, surfaces6 February 2017
Exorsus beat Serenity and Method to World of Warcraft's first mythic Nighthold clear6 February 2017
Frontier will adapt Hollywood movie with “high worldwide profile” for their third franchise6 February 2017
Starbreeze will publish Psychonauts 2, Double Fine say it won't affect the game6 February 2017
Making it in Unreal - bottling the horror in Apocalypse Now: The Game6 February 2017
Rumoured AMD Ryzen CPU lineup pops up online and promptly vanishes6 February 2017
“Equality and all that”, say Funcom on penis and breast sliders in Conan Exiles AMA6 February 2017
Denuvo leave private directory open to the public, crackers swarm over emails from devs6 February 2017
Tanks Rule as World of Tanks Super Bowl commercials smash stuff up5 February 2017
Dedicated fans create brand new Pokémon game in vanilla Minecraft5 February 2017
Slice through time in Katana Zero, Askiisoft’s neo noir samurai platformer5 February 2017
Funcom temporarily shut down official Conan Exiles servers to fix lag issues5 February 2017
Ubisoft outline improvements and new features coming in Rainbow Six Siege Year 25 February 2017
Sail the literal open ocean in solitary adventure game Far: Lone Sails5 February 2017
For Honor duels predict the Super Bowl LI results on Conan’s Clueless Gamer5 February 2017
Specially built AIs fight against each other in MIT’s Battlecode programming competition5 February 2017
Zany card-collecting roguelike Loot Rascals arrives on PC March 75 February 2017
The Battlefront III Legacy team release second open beta for fan recreation of Battlefront III5 February 2017
Ready at Dawn’s Deformers to receive a Steam open beta4 February 2017
Hearthstone director Ben Brode talks about Shamans, balance and the current meta4 February 2017
FIFA 17 comes to ESPN as broadcaster plans to air FIFA 17 finals during the Super Bowl4 February 2017
Return to River City when River City Ransom: Underground launches on February 274 February 2017
After five years of development, Sins of a Galactic Empire's final version is now available4 February 2017
Valve announce that Dust2 is leaving Active Duty for CS:GO4 February 2017
Terry Crews teases Overwatch fans yet again with mock Doomfist audition4 February 2017
Lego Worlds to leave Steam Early Access in March 20174 February 2017
Pillars of Eternity II game director Josh Sawyer explains multiclassing in new backer update4 February 2017
Here are the system requirements for Dauntless, PC's free-to-play Monster Hunter3 February 2017
See Resident Evil 7 completed on Madhouse difficulty in 3.5 hours with just the knife3 February 2017
Games revealed for XCOM 2 Humble Monthly - Total War: Warhammer heads up the next3 February 2017
Six suitably wild things I did in the Ghost Recon Wildlands beta3 February 2017
Buy any Nvidia 10-series GPU and get For Honor or Ghost Recon Wildlands free3 February 2017
Skyblivion - a mod that brings Oblivion into the Skyrim engine - gets a gorgeous new trailer3 February 2017
Nuclear bunker management lands on Windows 10 as Fallout Shelter goes Play Anywhere3 February 2017
Watch us recount the best games of 1997, referencing the Spice Girls as we go3 February 2017
Conan Exiles cracked after Denuvo was removed by accident3 February 2017
Diluvion giveaway! Win one of 60 keys for this deep sea adventure game!3 February 2017
Three new Mafia 3 DLCs are coming before July, made with your feedback in mind3 February 2017
Rage at your useless mates in real-life Rocket League with these new pull-back toys3 February 2017
What does Conan Exiles bring to the saturated survival genre?3 February 2017
Snipe, sneak and shoot through Georgia this weekend in the Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 beta3 February 2017
Vote for your champions in the Hearthstone Global Games, a unique $300K tournament3 February 2017
G2A on Redditor's claims to expose them: he was trusted because his rating was high3 February 2017
Windows Game Mode performance preview - the early numbers are not good...3 February 2017
Nier: Automata has gone gold, but still no sign of PC release date3 February 2017
Ghost Recon Wildlands beta giveaway! Win one of 75 keys for the closed beta that kicks off today!3 February 2017
Peebee's voice actress says she can "fall in love" in Mass Effect: Andromeda3 February 2017
Author of The Expanse talks its MMO origins and Mass Effect 3's "f**king terrible ending”2 February 2017
Another 22,865 Korean Overwatch accounts banned by Blizzard for cheating2 February 2017
"92 percent of Carmack’s hard drive was wiped" - ZeniMax respond to Carmack's denial2 February 2017
The time I got team-killed by Rainbow Six Siege's biggest showboat2 February 2017
Devolver will host the games of developers affected by the US travel ban during GDC 20172 February 2017
For Honor’s season pass is basically just cosmetics2 February 2017
Utopia is Stellaris's first major expansion, adds Wonders and social engineering2 February 2017
Famous racing franchise returns from the dead as new SimBin studio reveal GTR32 February 2017
Valve under spotlight as EU Commission considers if regional Steam keys are anti-competitive2 February 2017
A new Steam client could be on the way, according to leaked concept images2 February 2017
'Primal Ancient' items and Armoury build-saving introduced in Diablo 3's latest patch2 February 2017
Make a lovely map, fill it with dead orcs in Terry, Total War: Warhammer's new map editor2 February 2017
ESL hires former Fox Sports exec to make eSports broadcasting "network-ready"2 February 2017
Ubisoft tease new Rainbow Six Siege Operative, Mira, who makes windows in reinforced walls1 February 2017
A speedrunner has already finished Resident Evil 7 in just over 90 minutes1 February 2017
Failbetter's Sunless Skies hits the stratosphere, gets £100k Kickstarter goal in four hours1 February 2017
Tyrant Freak: Denuvo respond to Resident Evil 7 being cracked in a week1 February 2017
Bethesda parent company ZeniMax acquire VR specialist developers Escalation Studios1 February 2017
Overwatch This episode 18: are Bastion and D.Va getting mega-buffs?1 February 2017
Fancy going to the PC Gamer Weekender? We've got a pair of tickets up for grabs!1 February 2017
Kill enemies with their own magical rocks as the Vigilist in Chivalry successor Mirage1 February 2017
Final Fantasy VII Remake is still a long way off, but there are other titles in production1 February 2017
GMG Chinese New Year sale: Resi 7 for £32, GTA5 for £18, Borderlands 2 GOTY for £3.291 February 2017
War Thunder's Japanese tech tree: the good, the bad and the Type 89b I-Go Ko1 February 2017
WB Games tease mystery announcement on March 81 February 2017
ESO: Morrowind collector's edition is £20 more for ten in-game items, including horse armour1 February 2017
Expose a conspiracy in Guild Wars 2's latest episode, Heart of Thorns is half-price for a week1 February 2017
Make the world dumber in indie action-RPG Quote, now available on early access1 February 2017
Will the Cabal invade the Tower? Possible Destiny 2 plot details leak... via Mega Bloks sets1 February 2017
Lee Sin build, counter and abilities - League of Legends champion guide1 February 2017