March 2021 Archive

Activision is taking down leaked footage of the new Warzone map31 March 2021
Light blocks are coming to Minecraft Java31 March 2021
Popular Warzone cheat software is actually a malware installer31 March 2021
"Remedy is going to make Alan Wake 2 with Epic," according to industry insider31 March 2021
Noita receives its final major update, Epilogue31 March 2021
Looks like Call of Duty: Warzone’s stim glitch is back for the seventh time31 March 2021
Minecraft player uses NASA data to create a 1:45 scale Hawaiian Islands map31 March 2021
Nvidia drivers could make Linux gaming easier, if you have multiple GPUs31 March 2021
The Binding of Isaac: Repentance is out now31 March 2021
Sega's anti-piracy software "sometimes makes mistakes," like killing SteamDB's Yakuza page31 March 2021
PUBG's free-to-play version is shutting down31 March 2021
Forget DDR5, G.Skill has 5333MHz DDR4 RAM primed for Rocket Lake31 March 2021
No Man's Sky gets shared, seasonal expeditions with another major update31 March 2021
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands' Chains of Domination hits the PTR in two weeks31 March 2021
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gets a surprise drop of three new maps31 March 2021
All of Nvidia's RTX 3000 graphics cards finally get Resizable BAR support31 March 2021
Fallout 5 needs to expand on Vault-Tec’s evil roots31 March 2021
The best games like Kingdom Hearts on PC31 March 2021
Random, rotating pieces of Hitman 3 are now free-to-play31 March 2021
SGDQ 2021 is dead, long live SGDQ 2021 Online30 March 2021
Borderlands 3's Director's Cut adds diamond keys and a new loot armory30 March 2021
Europa Universalis 4's Leviathan expansion launches next month30 March 2021
CD Projekt just announced The Witcher 4 and Cyberpunk 2 without actually announcing them30 March 2021
Disco Elysium's fully voiced Final Cut upgrade is out now, and it's free30 March 2021
Razer's Kraken X headset is up to 28% cheaper today30 March 2021
Intel Core i9 11900K reviews roundup - what do the critics think?30 March 2021
Eve Online's annual 'egg' hunt is back, just in time for Easter30 March 2021
It would take 4,000 hours to beat every PC game on Xbox Game Pass30 March 2021
Outriders world tiers - here's how difficulty works in Outriders30 March 2021
Rainbow is Magic skins are back in Siege for April Fool's30 March 2021
League of Legends' Space Groove event launches this week30 March 2021
DDR5 RAM production ramps up ahead of Intel Alder Lake and AMD Zen 430 March 2021
Here are new League of Legends champion Gwen's abilities30 March 2021
Kingdom Hearts pre-orders on the Epic Games Store are getting partial refunds30 March 2021
Classic FPS game XIII is free for 48 hours30 March 2021
Rainbow Six Siege players can now enable Nvidia Reflex on Vulkan30 March 2021
Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT review - too much for membrane30 March 2021
The best Men of War: Assault Squad 2 mods30 March 2021
CPUs and GPUs could get even more expensive, as TSMC hikes wafer prices30 March 2021
These Skyrim mods are giving weapon animations a Dark Souls overhaul30 March 2021
Assassin's Creed is getting its own take on Where's Wally?30 March 2021
CS:GO's Broken Fang Premier mode is now unlocked for all players30 March 2021
Netflix show boosts Dragon Knight's pick rate in Dota 229 March 2021
Terraria's Steam Workshop support has arrived29 March 2021
Here's when Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War's mid-season update goes live29 March 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone install size is finally shrinking - after a 50GB patch29 March 2021
Dig deep into Dwarves with this Total War: Warhammer 2 mod29 March 2021
Intel i9 11900K overclock pushes 11th gen Rocket Lake past 7GHz29 March 2021
Gigabyte has 12 Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti graphics cards on the way at 12GB29 March 2021
Outriders crafting guide29 March 2021
Civ 6's Portugal can generate a disgusting amount of gold, it seems29 March 2021
Nier Replicant is a curious throwback to a bygone era29 March 2021
The Elite Dangerous: Odyssey alpha kicks off today - here's what's coming29 March 2021
A John Carter game is in the works from Fortnite and Sea of Thieves veterans29 March 2021
Corsair K65 RGB Mini review - a stunning 60% gaming keyboard29 March 2021
Cyberpunk 2077's huge 1.2 patch will improve vehicle handling and a ton else besides29 March 2021
League of Legends patch 11.7 notes - Space Groove skins, One for All29 March 2021
A Valheim fan is recreating Fable 2's Castle Fairfax29 March 2021
It Takes Two is a Steam top seller28 March 2021
Battlefield 6 could have free-to-play features, battle pass28 March 2021
The best Forza Horizon 5 settings for performance on your gaming PC28 March 2021
Meet the fans localising lost Yakuza, Trails, and Final Fantasy games28 March 2021
Valheim modder recreates World of Warcraft's icy continent Northrend28 March 2021
This Minecraft portrait made from canals is extremely soothing28 March 2021
Netflix's The Witcher set photos possibly reveal the Wild Hunt28 March 2021
Activision shutting down Call of Duty: Warzone SBMM website28 March 2021
Here's Doom on a digital camera27 March 2021
Halo modder remakes Mario Kart27 March 2021
Thanks to Yakuza and Persona, Sega is Metacritic's best publisher for 202027 March 2021
Morrowind Rebirth turns ten with massive update27 March 2021
I don’t want to kill Caiatl in Destiny 227 March 2021
Anthem director has left BioWare27 March 2021
Will Wright asks Sims modders to beta test his new game26 March 2021
Dark Souls and Tetris combine in the action-packed Loot River26 March 2021
Assassin's Creed narrative lead leaves Ubisoft after 10 years26 March 2021
Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Ostara Festival decorations are back in the latest patch26 March 2021
"What we're doing is unique” - why It Takes Two's director loves co-op games26 March 2021
A Stellaris short film from the creator of This Is Battlefield is coming in June26 March 2021
League of Legends' new champion is Gwen, and she's a creepy living doll26 March 2021
Logitech's G635 gaming headset is up to 46% cheaper26 March 2021
Paradox fans are desperate for the new grand strategy game to be Victoria 326 March 2021
Take Death Stranding's hiking to the next level in Insurmountable, out in April26 March 2021
Razer's reusable straw comes with a cleaning kit, but no RGB26 March 2021
Call of Duty WW2: Vanguard is coming this year, according to multiple reports26 March 2021
Razer's RGB face mask is no longer a concept26 March 2021
Incoming patch for Microsoft Flight Simulator should boost performance26 March 2021
Ark: Survival Evolved tool Dododex now lets you compare dino capabilities26 March 2021
Apple's M1 CPU edges near Intel i9 11900K in CPU benchmark scores26 March 2021
PUBG dev teases Karakin return and Miramar rework26 March 2021
DDR4 RAM could be the next PC component to get more expensive in 202126 March 2021
A Red Dead Redemption 2 modder has restored Armadillo to its future glory26 March 2021
Balan Wonderworld devs ask players to install day one patch following "reports of a photo-sensitive epilepsy risk"26 March 2021
CS:GO fan makes Nuke lore-inspired 'Tales of Cedar Creek' weapon skin line26 March 2021
Risk of Rain 2 gets a massive anniversary update, and a giant number of returning players25 March 2021
Lord of the Rings: Gollum reveals its first in-game footage25 March 2021
GTA 2-Cyberpunk 2077 mash-up Glitchpunk gets new gameplay reveal25 March 2021
RTS game Shadow Tactics is getting a standalone expansion - Aiko's Choice25 March 2021
Little Nemo and the Nightmare Fiends brings a classic fantasy cartoon strip to life25 March 2021
World of Warcraft no longer allows you to buy 30 days of game time25 March 2021
Call of Duty: Cold War devs rebalance 11 weapons in next week's mid-season patch25 March 2021
PCIe 3.0 vs PCIe 4.0 - what are the benefits and can you run it?25 March 2021
Rainbow Six Siege devs explain (and fix) the recoil bug25 March 2021
Chill city-building game Dorfromantik is out now in Early Access25 March 2021
Back 4 Blood delayed into October, open beta revealed for summer25 March 2021
Epic's next free game is cyberpunk (not that one)25 March 2021
Outriders release time and pre-load details confirmed25 March 2021
Civ 6's Portugal DLC pack is out now25 March 2021
Rome: Total War gets a remaster next month25 March 2021
DDR5 RAM module from Samsung has mammoth 512GB capacity25 March 2021
Dorfromantik is a chill city-building strategy game with tabletop charm25 March 2021
Black Legend is XCOM with alchemy and Flemish folklore25 March 2021
Upcoming 4X game Humankind has been delayed25 March 2021
Prime Gaming's April games haul includes narrative exploration game Before I Forget25 March 2021
Stellaris is still one dollar25 March 2021
Nvidia's RTX 3080 Ti release reportedly delayed till May25 March 2021
Genshin Impact Barbara hangout guide25 March 2021
GTA Online weekly update doubles rewards on Bikers content25 March 2021
Dota 2 gets a new hero and its 7.29 update in April25 March 2021
Rust fan remakes its original 'First Day' trailer, and it's spot-on25 March 2021
Overwatch isn't getting any more League MVP skins25 March 2021
Dota 2 gets a "comprehensive update" to its new player experience for anime launch25 March 2021
It Takes Two is now the best-reviewed game of 202124 March 2021
RPG Maker MV has sold 500,000 copies, so now it's on sale for super cheap24 March 2021
Move over, Football Manager - We Are Football is gunning for the sports sim title24 March 2021
PlayStation's emulator trophy patent isn't new, and neither are emulated achievements24 March 2021
Travellers Rest is Stardew Valley for innkeepers, and it could get multiplayer24 March 2021
This Cyberpunk 2077 mod improves reflections without a performance hit24 March 2021
PUBG players on PC were incorrectly banned due to an update bug24 March 2021
The Steam Game Festival is dead, long live Steam Next Fest24 March 2021
Hitman 3's next DLC lets you dress 47 in the world's ugliest CS:GO skin24 March 2021
MSI warns its AMD and Nvidia graphics cards will see a price rise24 March 2021
A Skyrim fan is recreating its weird and wonderful loading screen characters24 March 2021
Where to find the anomaly in Fortnite24 March 2021
PUBG Season 11 kicks off next week24 March 2021
This cursed Stellaris mod asks 'what if the galaxy was a grid?'24 March 2021
Intel plays catch-up with AMD, aiming to launch 7nm Meteor Lake CPUs in 202324 March 2021
League of Legends' Alistar gets nerfs, Braum and Kindred get buffs next patch24 March 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone dev bans 13,000 more accounts24 March 2021
Where to find the literature samples in Fortnite24 March 2021
Rainbow Six Siege's Zofia gets an elite Resident Evil Jill Valentine skin24 March 2021
PUBG Season 11 brings Paramo back to the battle royale game24 March 2021
Fallout 76 CAMP pets will include dogs then cats - and potentially fan requests24 March 2021
Romhacker adds the best part of modern Tetris to the best version of retro Tetris23 March 2021
WoW Classic's Burning Crusade beta invites have started to roll out23 March 2021
One of Cyberpunk 2077's design leads has left CD Projekt Red23 March 2021
Red Dead Online's weekly update ups rewards on Land of Opportunities missions23 March 2021
Stronghold: Warlords is adding extreme difficulty this week, with lots more to come23 March 2021
Discord considers a $10 billion buyout by Microsoft, but it might go public instead23 March 2021
This is a Minecraft screenshot23 March 2021
Outbreak mode is coming to Call of Duty Cold War's Sanatorium map23 March 2021
These Total Warhammer 2 mods spice up Rakarth and the Dark Elves23 March 2021
This Skyrim mod adds The Witcher 3's quest boards23 March 2021
Fortnite devs gauge interest in Lady Dimitrescu23 March 2021
Nvidia DLSS might appear outside PCs for the first time in new Nintendo Switch23 March 2021
This Ark: Survival Evolved mod adds more than 500 items for a decadent home base23 March 2021
K-pop star Ailee releases new PUBG anthem, "Believe"23 March 2021
Valheim progression guide - how to defeat the five Valheim bosses23 March 2021
Diablo 3 season 23 - everything we know23 March 2021
Civ 6's New Frontier Pass drew more active players than either expansion23 March 2021
Amazon teams up with Rainbow Six Siege vets for a new online multiplayer game23 March 2021
Civilization 6’s April patch will be “the biggest community update event ever”23 March 2021
Valheim beginner’s guide to surviving Viking purgatory23 March 2021
Looks like Nvidia's GTX 1050 Ti is relaunching at double its original price23 March 2021
Netflix posts "Dota fans only" clip to get Dota 2 lovers on board for the anime23 March 2021
Solasta's new dungeon creator is D&D meets Mario Maker23 March 2021
Diablo 3 gets its big follower revamp when Season 23 kicks off next week23 March 2021
This modded GameCube keyboard controller is the best of both worlds23 March 2021
Red Dead Online's new Outlaw Pass has left fans underwhelmed23 March 2021
CS:GO fans turn the classic FPS game into Fall Guys with skins and “30 minigames”23 March 2021
Roblox will get a Royal Blood in-game performance at this year's Bloxy Awards23 March 2021
New Witcher season two castings reveal a new character and a gender swap22 March 2021
Hearthstone gets one permanent nerf, and 36 temporary unnerfs22 March 2021
Call of Duty: Cold War's crossbow returns for real this week22 March 2021
Dota 2's community tutorial is live now, just in time for the anime22 March 2021
Bloons TD 6 becomes $2, hits an even more ridiculous player count record22 March 2021
Nvidia's RTX 3070 Ti could launch in May, following the RTX 3080 Ti22 March 2021
Yakuza 6: The Song of Life system requirements revealed on PC22 March 2021
Doom Eternal will see "more updates" this year22 March 2021
Resident Evil turns 25, Resident Evil showcase set for April22 March 2021
This new Sukritact Civ 6 mod overhauls Egypt to be less passive22 March 2021
Here's the Fallout 76 content roadmap for 202122 March 2021
Monster Harvest is about growing Pokemon in Stardew Valley, due out in May22 March 2021
Intel Alder Lake CPUs could double multi-threaded performance over 11th gen22 March 2021
Curious about Kingdom Hearts? Stick to the main games22 March 2021
Team17 is publishing Rainbow Six Siege-like tactical shooter Ready or Not22 March 2021
PUBG Season 10 wraps up this week22 March 2021
League of Legends fan creates an impressive Attack on Titan mash-up22 March 2021
Resident Evil Village system requirements appear on Steam22 March 2021
Resident Evil: ReVerse gets an open beta next month22 March 2021
Doom Eternal director says "there are more stories to tell with the Doom Slayer"22 March 2021
Outriders is a Steam top seller again21 March 2021
Assassin's Creed Valhalla hotfix out for Ostara Festival crashes, "permanent fix" next week21 March 2021
Make Doom beautiful using this visual overhaul mod21 March 2021
World of Warcraft player reaches level 50 without leaving starting area21 March 2021
Rainbow Six Siege sets new concurrent player record of over 200,00021 March 2021
New Resident Evil film merges first two games, inspired by John Carpenter21 March 2021
Elden Ring from Elden Ring modded into Skyrim20 March 2021
Nier: Automata getting review-bombed on Steam because the Game Pass version's better20 March 2021
Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War players will keep progress from leaked crossbow, Treyarch confirms20 March 2021
World of Warcraft offering cute pets for charity20 March 2021
Yakuza Remastered Collection hotfix addresses CPU usage, crashes20 March 2021
Far Cry 6 needs to rediscover its survival game roots20 March 2021
Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne is getting a PC release in May20 March 2021
Rainbow Six Siege devs address silent recoil changes with TTS patch19 March 2021
Warframe's huge Corpus Proxima update is out now19 March 2021
Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.5 gets its next live letter reveal in April19 March 2021
Watch Dogs Legion's online mode has arrived on PC19 March 2021
Now the Phasmophobia ghosts can touch you if you dress like Andy Serkis19 March 2021
Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset review - stuck in its console roots19 March 2021
The Medium is more Polish than most Polish-made games19 March 2021
Save up to 38% on Intel's 10th gen CPUs today19 March 2021
Cyberpunk 2077's next patch will make the Night City cops back off a bit19 March 2021
Asus TUF Gaming H3 Wireless review - a cordless upgrade19 March 2021
Rainbow Six Siege's server upgrade is nearly complete19 March 2021
Intel's Xe HPG gaming GPU could be revealed this month19 March 2021
This RTX 3080-powered Microsoft Flight Simulator rig is the ultimate sim setup19 March 2021
King Arthur: Knight's Tale is a sound strategy RPG, but the hero is a prat19 March 2021
Hearthstone is getting Diamond cards with its new expansion19 March 2021
Genshin Impact Bennett hangout guide19 March 2021
This Fallout 4 mod gives you a Destiny 2-style ghost19 March 2021
League of Legends' Sylas, Zed, Pantheon, and Jax get prestige skins this year19 March 2021
CS:GO devs are giving away a Hades music kit to the RPG's Steam players19 March 2021
Skyrim modder 'accidentally' makes Riften a "city of cheese", and now you can too19 March 2021
Geoff Keighley's Opening Night Live returns for Gamescom 202118 March 2021
Survival city-builder Endzone - A World Apart has left Early Access18 March 2021
PlayStation buys Evo, but they're still playing Tekken on PC18 March 2021
Generation Zero is kicking off Year 3 with Resistance, set to launch in April18 March 2021
Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.5 site brings new teasers for Death Unto Dawn18 March 2021
This year's Game Devs of Color Expo will be held online, and it's set for September18 March 2021
Square Enix's open-world RPG Project Athia is now Forspoken, and it hits PC next year18 March 2021
Life is Strange 3 drops this September with a new hero, town, and power18 March 2021
Stellaris’ upcoming espionage systems are changing ahead of the 3.0 'Dick' patch18 March 2021
Epic reveals its next free game18 March 2021
Assassin's Creed Valhalla gets its first big expansion in April and new festival today18 March 2021
The Grocer King leads Portugal in the next Civ 6 DLC18 March 2021
HDR support is coming to over 1,000 games in new Windows update18 March 2021
Scarlet Nexus gets a June release date and an anime from the Cowboy Bebop studio18 March 2021
This Warzone streamer is running around shooting people with bread18 March 2021
Alienware's next gaming laptop will feature a true Cherry MX mechanical keyboard18 March 2021
Magic: Legends is Diablo with deck building and microtransactions18 March 2021
Prime Gaming's latest loot brings Roblox, Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege goodies18 March 2021
PUBG's fourth anniversary cosmetic giveaways kick off today18 March 2021
Rainbow Six Siege Crimson Heist battle pass guide: how to rank up18 March 2021
The EU4 subscription launches today, and the Nakama patch is making a comeback18 March 2021
GTA Online weekly update brings double rewards for Arena War and Rhino Hunt18 March 2021
The best Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion mods18 March 2021
Minecraft player builds World of Warcraft's Elysian Hold17 March 2021
Satisfactory's Update 4 lets you light up the factory floor17 March 2021
The Epic Games Store will get a Discord-style social party system17 March 2021
Assassin's Creed Valhalla adds a free Altair outfit from AC117 March 2021
Coreupt has an edge over Street Fighter 5: "buttery smooth online"17 March 2021
You could run Doom on 16 billion crabs17 March 2021
AMD RX 6700 XT reviews roundup - what do the critics think?17 March 2021
New Total Warhammer 2 patch revamps Forge of Daith, stops Drycha screaming17 March 2021
This Stardew Valley mod lets you romance a skeleton full of "humerus" puns17 March 2021
EA Play finally comes to Game Pass PC, but you'll need to download another launcher17 March 2021
The new Half-Life: Blue Shift mod for Black Mesa now has a playable intro17 March 2021
Age of Empires 4 "gameplay, civilizations, campaigns, and more" to be shown next month17 March 2021
Nvidia's RTX 3050 Ti and 3050 could be great budget GPUs17 March 2021
Doom Eternal's final DLC, The Ancient Gods - Part 2, drops tomorrow17 March 2021
New Age of Empires 3 DE patch overhauls modding and takes away Portugal’s cows17 March 2021
Hearthstone: Forged in the Barrens card reveal - meet Horde Operative17 March 2021
Here are this week's CS:GO Broken Fang missions17 March 2021
Intel i9 11900K - everything we know about the flagship 11th gen chip17 March 2021
League of Legends gets new Space Groove thematic next patch17 March 2021
Those Warcraft 3 multiplayer improvements you want won’t be coming anytime soon17 March 2021
It sure looks like dinosaurs are coming to Fortnite16 March 2021
Rainbow Six Siege will have a free week to kick off Crimson Heist16 March 2021
Stadia exclusives are starting to come to Steam16 March 2021
PUBG Season 11 looks set to start in April with new story content16 March 2021
Looks like the Rainbow Six Quarantine beta is getting started16 March 2021
Crusader Kings 3’s 1.3 ‘Corvus’ patch is here, as is the first DLC16 March 2021
WD's PCIe 4.0 SSD is up to 37% cheaper16 March 2021
Rainbow Six Siege’s streamer mode comes in Y6S1.1, but not all of it16 March 2021
Netflix's The Witcher gets its Philippa Eilhart16 March 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator's new CRJ add-on is out now and looks gorgeous16 March 2021
Star Dynasties is Crusader Kings in space, out now Steam Early Access16 March 2021
Intel's i5 Rocket Lake CPUs could have great value, while i7 and i9 prices shoot up16 March 2021
Civilization 6 is now the best Star Wars game thanks to this mod16 March 2021
League of Legends patch 11.6 notes - Battle Academia skins, Akali, Xin Zhao changes16 March 2021
Andaseat T-Pro 2 review - a luxurious but costly gaming chair16 March 2021
This Witcher 3 mod records all dialogue, making progress tracking a doddle16 March 2021
DDR5 RAM could be up to 28% faster than DDR416 March 2021
Football Manager 2021's final winter update is out now16 March 2021
Dark Alliance is a frantic ARPG, but somehow it's still a DnD game16 March 2021
Nvidia admits it accidentally unlocked the RTX 3060 for crypto miners16 March 2021
Red Dead Online's Outlaw Pass 5 is here16 March 2021
Fortnite - find golden artifacts near The Spire16 March 2021
Netflix shares a "sneak peek of some new faces" in the Dota 2 anime show16 March 2021
A Skyrim fan has recreated Solitude in Far Cry 5 and it's gorgeous16 March 2021
Intel i7 11700K - everything we know about the new flagship i7 CPU16 March 2021
Rockstar pays $10k to the modder who fixed GTA Online's ridiculous load times15 March 2021
Rise of the Commonwealth returns for Fallout 4: Sim Settlements 215 March 2021
Game of Thrones actor voices Total War: Warhammer 2's next legendary lord15 March 2021
15GB Assassin's Creed Valhalla patch adds "more cats" (and other stuff)15 March 2021
Rainbow Six Siege's Crimson Heist update is about to drop15 March 2021
Devs confirm Fortnite Season 6 release time and "larger than normal" patch size15 March 2021
The final Civ 6 New Frontier Pass pack adds Portugal and… zombies?15 March 2021
Loop hero tile combos and synergies15 March 2021
Banned Taiwanese horror game Devotion is available again, DRM free15 March 2021
Updates are coming for Warcraft 3: Reforged, but the future is clouded15 March 2021
AMD's RX 6700 XT could outperform the Nvidia RTX 307015 March 2021
League of Legends devs looking at adding non-Mythic items "to fill in some gaps"15 March 2021
How to unlock Loop Hero's secret boss fight15 March 2021
This CS:GO fan map adds Rainbow Six Siege-like destruction to Inferno15 March 2021
Genshin Impact 1.4 release date and everything we know15 March 2021
Genshin Impact 1.4 release time – countdown to Rosaria's banner15 March 2021
Total War: Warhammer 2's next free Lord is Rakarth of Karond Kar14 March 2021
Forza Horizon 4 is a double Steam top seller14 March 2021
Age of Empires news expected at April Microsoft event14 March 2021
Minecraft pros wanted by UK gardening site for landscaping advice14 March 2021
Minecraft amethyst - how to find geodes and make a spyglass14 March 2021
Cities: Skylines players have generated 61 times the population of earth14 March 2021
Zack Snyder's Justice League has an accidental Halo reference, possibly because of fan-fiction14 March 2021
Crusader Kings 3: Northern Lords is a viking themed expansion, out next week13 March 2021
The Stellaris Star Wars expansion drops next month13 March 2021
Surviving Mars is back with free tourism update13 March 2021
Surviving Mars has a new developer, new expansion coming this year13 March 2021
Resident Evil visits the White House in Netflix series13 March 2021
Valheim devs recommend Amon Amarth as background music13 March 2021
What is Dota? Let Netflix explain13 March 2021
Diablo 2 fan remake's second season is live, adding a new dungeon, and changing PvP13 March 2021
Rainbow Six Siege: Crimson Heist goes full anime12 March 2021
Blizzard is still working on a triple-A PC multiplayer game that's not Overwatch 212 March 2021
This Total War: Warhammer 2 mod gives the AI more interesting armies12 March 2021
AMD will fix USB issues with a BIOS update, but you'll have to wait until April12 March 2021
Genshin Impact event asks players to shout at KFC employees for pins12 March 2021
Dying Light 2 development update set for next week12 March 2021
The next American Truck Simulator DLC is Texas, but it's too big for a release date12 March 2021
How to start PC gaming on your phone (and why you shouldn't)12 March 2021
Destiny 2 dev lays out more nerfs for Stasis subclasses12 March 2021
Crash Bandicoot 4 hits PC this month12 March 2021
How Eve Online's corps recruit fresh blood for the space game's wars12 March 2021
Size Matters is a race against the clock as you shrink to the size of an atom12 March 2021
Loop Hero tips for beginners - what you should know before you play12 March 2021
Fallout 76's Locked and Loaded update is out next month12 March 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone's zombies have found their way to Verdansk's prison12 March 2021
Rainbow Six Siege Crimson Heist - everything we know about Y6S112 March 2021
Loop Hero will get more speed settings11 March 2021
Borderlands 3's Director's Cut has been delayed due to the Texas snowstorm11 March 2021
Hearthstone: Forged in the Barrens release date set for the end of March11 March 2021
Six Days in Fallujah dev: "we could've done a better job" explaining our goals11 March 2021
Next week's free game from Epic is about being a space suit11 March 2021
The Outer Worlds' Murder on Eridanos DLC release date lands in six days11 March 2021
Here's every Bethesda game set for Game Pass PC, from Skyrim to Doom 6411 March 2021
Nvidia teams up with footballer Thiago Silva to auction off a gaming PC for charity11 March 2021
Valheim devs were inspired by Zelda: Breath of the Wild and PS1 graphics11 March 2021
Life is Strange 3 reveal set for next week at Square Enix Presents11 March 2021
HyperX Cloud 2 Wireless review - a good, but not great gaming headset11 March 2021
Football Manager 2021 mods add new tactics, leagues, skins, and much more11 March 2021
All Warzone missile silo locations11 March 2021
This Red Dead Redemption 2 mod lets you operate a gunsmith business11 March 2021
GTA Online's weekly update brings double rewards for putting up with Lamar11 March 2021
PUBG gets cosmetic challenges to celebrate its 4th anniversary11 March 2021
Kazuma Kiryu is a woman now, thanks to a Yakuza modder10 March 2021
Supraland reaches "over 600,000 unique players (plus pirates)" as dev teases sequels10 March 2021
SNES-era TMNT returns in Shredder's Revenge, coming to Steam10 March 2021
Minecraft devs reveal lush caves biome and enhanced shader support10 March 2021
GTA 5 modders are turning the Mile High Club construction site into DLC10 March 2021
MSI tests how effective gaming laptops are for cryptocurrency mining10 March 2021
Nioh 2's latest PC patch has been causing crashes10 March 2021
Apex Legends player goes from bronze to master in single, solo 33-hour stream10 March 2021
PUBG's new Labs mode strips down the UI and has you following flares in the dark10 March 2021
Total War: Three Kingdoms - Fates Divided review10 March 2021
Rust player data lost following fire at European data centre10 March 2021
The Ryzen-powered Aya Neo handheld gaming PC will land on shelves eventually10 March 2021
This Stardew Valley mod lets you have platonic relationships10 March 2021
CS:GO disappeared from Steam for a few incredible, terrible hours9 March 2021
Krieg's terrifying abs have been cast in the Borderlands movie9 March 2021
Save up to 41% on the Glorious Model D- gaming mouse, its biggest discount ever9 March 2021
Minecraft player spends three years creating a fictional US city9 March 2021
Viking RTS game Ancestors Legacy now has a free multiplayer edition9 March 2021
Want to take Valheim ore through a portal? The devs are open to the idea9 March 2021
Crusader Kings 3 is getting an all-new system for duels9 March 2021
Fortnite Season 6 adds a single-player "experience"9 March 2021
Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga's finale continues today with Balance9 March 2021
You might be able to boost Valheim fps with a simple tweak9 March 2021
Red Dead Online's weekly update is about finishing up Outlaw Pass 49 March 2021
Microsoft confirms PC and Xbox exclusivity for "some" upcoming Bethesda games9 March 2021
The non-Pro Samsung 980 NVMe SSD is here, ditching PCIe 4.0 for Gen 39 March 2021
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 release date - everything we know9 March 2021
Industrial strategy games still aren't dealing with climate change9 March 2021
World of Warcraft's big 9.0.5 patch starts rolling out today9 March 2021
Custom DS emulator adds analog control to Super Mario 64 DS9 March 2021
New Final Fantasy XIV ads are just channeling your annoying FFXIV friend8 March 2021
Here's a preview of Warframe's biggest update in eight years8 March 2021
Overwatch's PachiMarchi challenge promises adorable terror8 March 2021
Marvel's Avengers XP rework is meant to slow the pace of endgame skill points8 March 2021
Disintegration studio V1 Interactive is shutting down8 March 2021
Total War and Peace - a pacifist run of Three Kingdoms: Fates Divided8 March 2021
Doom Eternal devs tease a teaser trailer for The Ancient Gods Part Two DLC8 March 2021
Here's Apex Legends' World's Edge map in Minecraft8 March 2021
Pokémon-style RPG Monster Hunter Stories 2 hits Steam on day one8 March 2021
Stronghold: Warlords review - an RTS out of time8 March 2021
The best Warzone Mac-10 loadout8 March 2021
AMD could follow in Nvidia's steps with dedicated mining cards8 March 2021
When does Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer come out? Online co-op release date and details8 March 2021
The best Warzone AN94 loadout8 March 2021
"People are bored of it" - why Rainbow Six Siege's meta is changing8 March 2021
Bored fugitive sent back to prison after trying to buy Call of Duty: Cold War8 March 2021
Valheim and Loop Hero lead Steam top sellers7 March 2021
Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy leaked by Microsoft7 March 2021
Elden Ring fan beating Sekiro boss every day until it's out7 March 2021
Among Us has quickchat now7 March 2021
Huge Phasmophobia update fixes bugs, adds features, makes game "much more stable"7 March 2021
Diablo 2: Resurrected won't support all mods, but making them should be easier7 March 2021
Mass Effect? Mass-murder, more like6 March 2021
Final Fantasy 14 bans over 5,000 players for using real money in-game6 March 2021
Here are Markiplier's Minecraft seeds6 March 2021
Genshin Impact 1.4 includes a dating sim, Rosaria is next character6 March 2021
How Diablo 2: Resurrected is calling on the spirit of the original ARPG6 March 2021
Tale of Immortal sells 1.8 million copies, devs "kicking off" English translation6 March 2021
Watch Dogs: Legion online mode delayed on PC indefinitely6 March 2021
Valheim player builds World of Warcraft's Stormwind Harbor6 March 2021
Loop Hero is breaking out on Steam5 March 2021
Euro Truck Simulator 2 devs reveal Heart of Russia DLC, coming after Iberia5 March 2021
The Division 2 will get another 'major update' late this year5 March 2021
Minecraft's mountain generation is getting revamped with five new biomes5 March 2021
The next Empire of Sin patch is in beta, and finally gives us auto-resolve5 March 2021
Destiny 2's 12-player raid glitch is going to stick around for a bit5 March 2021
The Oculus Quest 2 is the most popular PC VR headset, just 5 months after release5 March 2021
Why are people comparing Valheim to Dark Souls?5 March 2021
Gaming laptop stock begins to struggle with increased demand from crypto miners5 March 2021
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You can get the best of XCOM for a silly price via the new Steam Ultimate Collection5 March 2021
World of Warcraft gets Valor Points for Mythic Keystone gear next week5 March 2021
Intel's budget NVMe SSDs get a 24% price cut two days after launching5 March 2021
Stardew Valley-like magical farming RPG Alchemic Cutie launches this July4 March 2021
Outriders demo gets two million players, devs issuing major patch with loot changes4 March 2021
MSI meets Neon Genesis Evangelion in this monitor concept4 March 2021
Artifact 2.0 is dead, but both versions of the game are now free for everyone4 March 2021
Prepare for heavy Counter-Strike nostalgia with this Prodigy map port4 March 2021
Apex Legends devs nerf Caustic hard4 March 2021
Apex Legends will let you play solo with no-fill matchmaking4 March 2021
Asrock joins MSI in unlocking PCIe 4.0 SSD support in Z490 motherboards4 March 2021
Nvidia's rumoured RTX 3080 Ti could also be programmed to deter cryptominers4 March 2021
Next week's free game from Epic is a sci-fi city builder4 March 2021
This Total War: Warhammer 2 mod beefs up Luthor Harkon's zombie horde4 March 2021
Want ‘hillier’ hills in Civilization 6? There’s a mod for that4 March 2021
Fortnite gets TikTok sea shanties with a Wellerman parody4 March 2021
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's PC alpha kicks off later this month4 March 2021
Loop Hero review - DnD Déjà vu4 March 2021
Elder Scrolls Online's new villa dungeon has some of the best bosses yet4 March 2021
AMD boosts Ryzen 3000 CPU performance with Smart Access Memory4 March 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone players blow up every vehicle in Verdansk, crash game4 March 2021
GTA Online's weekly update offers double rewards on yacht and plane missions4 March 2021
Google's no longer selling Cardboard VR headsets, but you can still make your own4 March 2021
Anime fighting game Guilty Gear Strive delayed into June4 March 2021
Rust's March update adds an underground rail network and tunnel dwellers3 March 2021
D&D gets a "triple-A, third-person, open-world" RPG from CS:GO co-devs3 March 2021
Six amazing PC games you can't miss in March3 March 2021
EA: predatory scripting was "never in FIFA, Madden, or NHL, and never will be"3 March 2021
Football Manager 2021 comes to Game Pass PC this week3 March 2021
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The best Valheim armor for combat3 March 2021
Valheim's disappearing boats aren't being stolen by birds, devs confirm3 March 2021
AMD's RX 6700 XT is hitting shelves on March 18, rivals the Nvidia RTX 30703 March 2021
Intel will no longer cover you if you break your overclocked CPU3 March 2021
Valheim reaches five million sales in just four weeks3 March 2021
Now you can invite non-Steam friends to play Steam games with you3 March 2021
Looks like Fortnite is getting a female Midas skin3 March 2021
Call of Duty: Cold War patch introduces fixes and improvements for Outbreak3 March 2021
Humble Choice starts revealing bundles early, March 2021 has multiple triple-A games3 March 2021
The D&D movie has its villain2 March 2021
Valheim's dedicated server update appears to break dedicated servers2 March 2021
Save up to 34% on Logitech's 25,600dpi gaming mouse2 March 2021
The Sims 4 just got another, extra-tiny class of DLC2 March 2021
Fake Nvidia RTX 3080 listings don't combat scalpers like they intend to2 March 2021
GTA RP streamer discovers that roleplaying jobs is as unpleasant as having a job2 March 2021
Hearthstone patch 20.0 will make balance changes for burst damage2 March 2021
Poetry is coming to Crusader Kings 3, so everyone is getting a pope hat2 March 2021
Epic is buying Fall Guys, but the game will remain on Steam2 March 2021
XCOM meets dark fantasy and weird science in Black Legend, out this month2 March 2021
Empires of the Ascended adds Legends of Runeterra’s best cards yet2 March 2021
BattleTech tips: a guide to robots and warfare2 March 2021
It Takes Two is part co-op game, part relationship stress test2 March 2021
Red Dead Online's weekly update offers slim pickings2 March 2021
BattleTech mechs: tips for constructing the best build2 March 2021
World of Warcraft gets more Shadowlands raid and dungeon tweaks today2 March 2021
Age of Empires 2 DE gets new Steam beta program to test future updates2 March 2021
This Valheim mod lets you scrap with your pals without losing items2 March 2021
Dota 2 fans find secret trailer for the Dragon's Blood Netflix anime2 March 2021
Rainbow Six Siege dev wants to improve on detecting smurf accounts2 March 2021
League of Legends patch 11.5 notes - Bee themed skins, Twitch, Seraphine, item changes2 March 2021
Adopt Me, Roblox's most popular game, has been played 20 billion times1 March 2021
The Borderlands movie has cast its Tiny Tina1 March 2021
Fortnite 15.50 release time - another classic weapon gets unvaulted1 March 2021
Valheim multiplayer isn’t P2P - devs explain why you're getting lag1 March 2021
Need for Speed devs temporarily move to Battlefield 6 in latest EA studio shakeup1 March 2021
Ark's final DLC has been delayed1 March 2021
RTX 3090 cards with blower coolers are being discontinued1 March 2021
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Destiny 2's Trials of Osiris disabled after players use Hakke emblems to match fix1 March 2021
Popular Total War: Rome 2 mod Divide et Impera gets major update1 March 2021
How to use a wishbone in Valheim1 March 2021
GTA Online player figures out how to speed up loading times by 70%1 March 2021
Crossout goes cyberpunk with its Syndicate update1 March 2021
Apex Legends broke another player record on Steam1 March 2021
Nvidia is "not limiting the performance of GPUs already sold" to nerf mining1 March 2021
A Skyrim fan has recreated Riverwood in Valheim1 March 2021
Genshin Impact Hu Tao banner release time - Moment of Bloom starts soon1 March 2021