May 2014 Archive

Paradox Development Studio gets sentimental; Runemaster footage shown off30 April 2014
Last Life gets funded: the dead will walk30 April 2014
Become an infamous rug abuser in Quest for Infamy on June 26th30 April 2014
Techland's Hellraid has been given a glossy new coat of blood30 April 2014
Tanks for the memories: Rebellion showcases vehicular murder in Sniper Elite 330 April 2014
Grab yourself a free copy of Watch Dogs with select GeForce GTX graphics cards30 April 2014
Brighten up your day with the Child of Light launch trailer30 April 2014
Food for the pyre: here are some screenshots from CCP's cancelled World of Darkness MMO30 April 2014
Zenimax Online recruit players to "name and shame" Elder Scrolls Online gold spammers30 April 2014
Valve have okayed a Japanese arcade game named Left 4 Dead: Survivors30 April 2014
On Cloud9: Valve announce invitees for Dota 2 International 201430 April 2014
The moment CCP's CTO realised his own corp had broken Eve Online - for the better30 April 2014
Weather report: a "competitive atmosphere" is building above Loadout thanks to ranked mode30 April 2014
Grid Autosport on PC will have a huge, free high res texture DLC30 April 2014
Don't cry for the old ways: Blizzard talk three tier system for Warlords of Draenor PvP gear30 April 2014
You don't have to be mad to work here... Outlast's Whistleblower DLC out on May 6th29 April 2014
Why Blizzard created Flexible Raiding mode in World of Warcraft29 April 2014
Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates May the Fourth by showering players with free droids and bonus XP29 April 2014
League of Legends: Origins of the fluffy poros29 April 2014
Telltale's Game of Thrones gets an HBO story consultant in the form of George R. R. Martin's assistant29 April 2014
Enemy of the steak: Watch Dogs season pass DLC swaps Aiden for T-Bone29 April 2014
Sheep-based murder simulator Flockers coming to Steam Early Access on May 6th29 April 2014
Wolfenstein: The New Order lockpicks up the pace in its latest stealth trailer29 April 2014
Hearthstone beta "validated" free-to-play for Blizzard29 April 2014
League of Legends pro suffers collapsed lung, resumes streaming from hospital29 April 2014
Elder Scrolls Online patch 1.0.6 takes the fight to gold farming bots 29 April 2014
How Planetside 2 is helping SOE develop H1Z129 April 2014
How to transfer your PC and Mac progress in FTL to iPad29 April 2014
There are now 15 million Minecrafts in the wild; Notch celebrates with energy drinks29 April 2014
TowerFall is doing better on PS4 than PC - and its creator thinks he knows why29 April 2014
Rad: STALKER standalone overhaul Lost Alpha launches early29 April 2014
Lego Minifigures Online is building up to summer open beta28 April 2014
Blizzard surveys players about Diablo 3 expansion hunger28 April 2014
Bungie explains why PC's not getting that Destiny love28 April 2014
The Origin Overmind wants you to know that Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is out on June 24th28 April 2014
Let's investigate the first picture from the Warcraft movie28 April 2014
Minecraft Realms spreads its blocky tendrils into North America28 April 2014
Monochroma: I like my puzzle platformers how I like my moral spectrum28 April 2014
Why Wildstar is like HBO: "We are probably the most fair subscription model on the market"28 April 2014
Brian Fargo on "the dark ages" of pre-Steam development: "They're the saviours of the PC"28 April 2014
The 50 Things PC Games Must Stop Doing Right Now28 April 2014
Hearthmind is Twitch Plays Pokemon for the Blizzard CCG28 April 2014
PC games revenue has now "surpassed" that of console games. MOBAs were involved28 April 2014
Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare grows microtransactions ahead of PC release28 April 2014
From me to you: Dark Souls devs have a new owner in Killer is Dead publishers Kadokawa28 April 2014
"World of Warcraft is not a flight sim": Why Blizzard banned flying for Warlords of Draenor28 April 2014
There’s dissent in the ranks for Episode 5 of the PCGamesN Podcast27 April 2014
How do I convoy my excitement? Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer Mod hits open alpha 1 May27 April 2014
MLG planning to build world’s first eSports arena in China27 April 2014
E.T. found in New Mexico landfill27 April 2014
Elite: Dangerous footage shows off how to use heat to burn your enemies27 April 2014
Quite the crowd: Thomas Was Alone has sold over 1m copies26 April 2014
Ludum Dare 29 is a go and its theme asks you to delve deep26 April 2014
Epic’s Tim Sweeney: “We’re heading towards a future where triple-A is the minority”26 April 2014
Elite: Dangerous’ trading system’s tested by hundreds of AI merchants26 April 2014
Dota 2 brushes itself down with the Spring Cleaning update26 April 2014
What I learned about Polish tanks at the Polish tank museum.26 April 2014
Mad Max trailer is infuriatingly short26 April 2014
Minecrafting 145: World-changing26 April 2014
An eternity of Kickstater: Obsidian might launch another campaign this year25 April 2014
BioWare spills Dragon Age: Inquisition class details and unleashes a flood of screenshots25 April 2014
Divinity: Original Sin will launch on June 20th, ruining summer plans25 April 2014
Running wild: Virtuix raises another $3 million for the Omni VR treadmill25 April 2014
Battlefield 4's had another visit to the emergency room, this time for rubber banding25 April 2014
Clockwork Empires gearing up for early access this summer25 April 2014
State of Decay had limbs falling off and cars breaking down, so it's been patched up25 April 2014
Tripwire sum up results of Red Orchestra 2 Steam giveaway: "Bloody hell"25 April 2014
Child of Light trailer looks like a good time: promises growing up, puzzles and rhyme25 April 2014
Panau rather than later: a Just Cause 3 looks to be imminent25 April 2014
Here's what the maker of DSfix has done for Dark Souls 2 on PC25 April 2014
So: the man who made Homeworld is now president of Zynga Studios25 April 2014
There's a Titanfall DLC map set in a simulated world: an abstract "parkour playground"25 April 2014
Port Inspection - Dark Souls 225 April 2014
Call of Duty: Ghosts' Chaos Mode beefs you up for alien killing duty24 April 2014
Company of Heroes 2 is free for both the proletariat and bourgeoisie this weekend24 April 2014
This is the future: Denmark, in its entirety, has been trapped in Minecraft24 April 2014
Distance: Oh hell yes24 April 2014
Four Davids vs. Goliath: Evolve's latest trailer shows off a full match24 April 2014
Gabe will be pleased: SteamOS and Linux support comes to Unreal Engine 424 April 2014
SOE think they've figured out how to make paid-for items lootable in H1Z124 April 2014
We have 2000 War Thunder: Ground Forces keys and there's only, like, eight of us. Want one?24 April 2014
Let's talk about Hex: the top-notch CCG's in closed beta24 April 2014
How explosions will fix World of Tanks' camping problem24 April 2014
Elder Scrolls Online's 12-player trials will host its "most complex and difficult" encounters24 April 2014
Here's the first image from the next Call of Duty - and a hint about its setting24 April 2014
New LoL support Braum blocks projectiles - but what is a projectile anyway? Riot answer24 April 2014
Oculus VR and Facebook deal approved by government money men24 April 2014
Star Trek Online Season 9 gets a dose of Vulcan logic 23 April 2014
Star Wars: The Old Republic's Galactic Stronghold expansion delayed until August23 April 2014
1C dips into King's Bounty once more and pulls out Dark Side23 April 2014
A hack between friends: Watch Dogs flaunts its multiplayer shenanigans 23 April 2014
Warlords of Draenor is changing a whole mess of things and throwing in dynamic PvP gear23 April 2014
Stab a shark, build a house, just an average day in FarSky 23 April 2014
Riot name League of Legends' "first true tank support" champ: Braum, Heart of the Freljord23 April 2014
Lethal League is a fighting game about launching a ball into your opponent's face23 April 2014
Goat Simulator 1.1 improves on perfection with front-leg balancing and parkour. There's video23 April 2014
The 11 best Football Manager 2014 players23 April 2014
Red Orchestra 2 will be free forever on Steam - so long as you click the button today23 April 2014
Zombies Monsters Robots closed beta sign-up begins ahead of third-person pulverising in May23 April 2014
Mojang's Minecraft 1.8 world generator heralds "the return of floating islands"23 April 2014
2K plan Steamworks support for Borderlands, Civs III and IV post-Gamespy shutdown23 April 2014
Apocalypse Now: Survarium will be open to everyone this week, but only for one day22 April 2014
Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure has been delayed for two weeks; mutants not to blame22 April 2014
BlizzCon 2014 will open its doors to orcs, zerg and even Kel'Thuzad on November 7th22 April 2014
Watch 30 minutes of Nazis falling over in Wolfenstein: The New Order22 April 2014
Enemy Starfighter — At the crossroads of Homeworld, Myth, and TIE Fighter22 April 2014
The Candyman cometh: World of Warcraft gets eggcited about Noblegarden22 April 2014
I've found the first few pages of the BioShock film script22 April 2014
Assassin's Creed: Unity could introduce co-operative murder at E322 April 2014
Win an EVE Source book by spinning us a yarn22 April 2014
Zombies Monsters Robots is a cover shooter that forefronts all the rocket-wielding dinosaurs Gears forgot22 April 2014
Dragon Age: Inquisition to lob demons from the sky beginning October 722 April 2014
Why Triumph returned to Age of Wonders (and PC-only development)22 April 2014
The Curse of Icewind Dale to take Neverwinter players beyond Infinity from May 1322 April 2014
Codies talk GRID Autosport - an "authentic" racer to "move the series back in line"22 April 2014
Noah's lark: Cat Simulator to be the "premiere next-gen cat simulation"22 April 2014
Last chance to sea: Sony Pictures register BioShock movie domains22 April 2014
Silence is (too) deadly: Riot explain crowd control nerfs in League of Legends22 April 2014
Prisonscape will have you shanking your first gang leader in no time21 April 2014
Never leave a Broforce bro behind21 April 2014
Littlewargame is a multiplayer RTS that runs entirely in your browser21 April 2014
Star Citizen footage shows off space walking, ejecting, and a whole lot of dogfighting21 April 2014
Epigenesis gains single player and new map21 April 2014
What’s in the box? Schrodinger’s Cat and a randomly generating platformer21 April 2014
The Trial of Battlefield 421 April 2014
John Smedley on DayZ and H1Z1 similarities: “this is our take on the Zombie Apocalypse”20 April 2014
Splinter Cell: Echoes comics due this summer20 April 2014
Easter of the Vikings20 April 2014
Child of Light video shows off its painterly fantasy world20 April 2014
Half-Life VR 1.3 will bring virtual reality to Episode 120 April 2014
Tropico 5 challenges you to hold power for 200 years20 April 2014
Minecrafting 144: Right-click an emerald20 April 2014
Ubisoft has over 9,000 employees. Possibly becoming the world’s largest gaming company19 April 2014
InSynch is a gorgeous stop-motion animated music game out on 24 April19 April 2014
Let's talk about Thief's anti-open world19 April 2014
Garry’s Mod virus filled servers with sound of coughing19 April 2014
Here Be Dragons has you hunt down the monsters of the sea for Queen and country19 April 2014
Guild Wars’ ninth anniversary starts three weeks early because of typo19 April 2014
FTL: Advanced Edition transforms the spacefaring rogue-like into a mind control space circus19 April 2014
Warlock 2: The Exiled review18 April 2014
This way lies madness: Gaslamp Games and Clockwork Empires18 April 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online review18 April 2014
Starbound updates slowed while team moved to UK18 April 2014
None like it hot: How heat’s your worst enemy in Elite: Dangerous18 April 2014
Elder Scrolls Online duping bug is wrecking game economy. Zenimax shut down guild bank18 April 2014
JetGetters' Kickstarter cancelled as developer finds investor18 April 2014
Attack of the Artifacts heralds a "more monstery" Card Hunter - flush with angry antiques and tournament tactics18 April 2014
Cortex Command updated with Steam Workshop, squad controls, and smarter AI18 April 2014
Blocky shooter Minimum leaves purgatory after being rescued by Atari17 April 2014
Alien: Isolation has one claw firmly stuck in 197917 April 2014
Vrooming noises in new Grid game confirmed in teaser trailer17 April 2014
Sagas for everyone: Stoic and King settle trademark dispute17 April 2014
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot gets a bit more free for the weekend17 April 2014
One man and his dog: Risen 3 trailer is dark and reveals an August release date17 April 2014
New phishing scam puts your beloved Steam trading cards at risk17 April 2014
Moebius: Empire Rising review17 April 2014
Swedish politicians compete in StarCraft tournament to "remind youth that votes matter"17 April 2014
Why Heroes of the Storm is the MOBA Blizzard always wanted to play17 April 2014
Riot have deployed "more human-like" bots in League of Legends - but they still can't jungle17 April 2014
Anti-Centauri: let a panel of Firaxis designers explain Civilization: Beyond Earth17 April 2014
Get your Airfix fix: Gaijin kit out War Thunder with user-generated content toolset17 April 2014
The great Guild Wars 2 gear merger - or the way PvP works now17 April 2014
Hearthstone on iPad exits "soft launch", goes hard for worldwide release17 April 2014
DRM still needs to exist, says Square Enix exec - but shouldn't "interfere" with games17 April 2014
Vlambeer is selling Nuclear Throne via Twitch and thinks you should buy it there16 April 2014
World of Tanks 9.0 throws players back in time with a Historical Battles mode16 April 2014
George, meet George: Broken Sword 5's two halves are united16 April 2014
Final Fantasy XIV boasts 2 million registered accounts, causing moogle habitats to shrink16 April 2014
War of the Vikings leaves Early Access and lands on our shores16 April 2014
Wildstar reveals Warplots: giant battlestations to ride into 40 vs 40 PvP fights16 April 2014
The gaming habits of the wild Steam user16 April 2014
Call the midwife: Chaos Reborn has been successfully Kickstarted, and then some16 April 2014
Hands on with Nosgoth16 April 2014
World of Warplanes is 10% as popular as World of Tanks - but Wargaming are "very happy"16 April 2014
Towering inferno: Defense Grid 2 finally has a proper trailer16 April 2014
Do you think I'm lion: Snoop Dogg to contribute z-speak to Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC16 April 2014
Mouse-mounted keyboard-and-joystick device hits Kickstarter goal ten times over16 April 2014
Spelunky world record broken once again - record breaker plans on topping it16 April 2014
Star Citizen hits $42 million in funding; Chris Roberts brings out the towels15 April 2014
Don't lose your towel: Grail to the Thief is an adventure game for the blind inspired by Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy15 April 2014
The curse is winning: physical version of Dark Souls 2 delayed for a week in the UK15 April 2014
Who cares about Facebook? 25,000 second-generation Oculus Rifts sold15 April 2014
Guild Wars 2's April Feature Pack will improve the quality of life in Tyria15 April 2014
We've got 5000 Wildstar beta codes and are done trying to stack them into a huge number pyramid. Update: EU only15 April 2014
Embrace the Chaos: X-Com creator Julian Gollop on independence and the trouble with Ubisoft15 April 2014
Pitch perfect: here's some match footage from Blood Bowl 215 April 2014
Why Oculus founder Palmer Luckey believes VR will kill off the TV15 April 2014
Why X-COM creator Julian Gollop left handheld gaming behind and came back to the PC15 April 2014
Anti-insurgent detergent: Soap MacTavish to return in Call of Duty: Ghosts, somehow15 April 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online fansite creates a trading system because ZeniMax Online won't15 April 2014
Get your nanomachine fix while you still can: Crysis and Crysis 2 multiplayer shutting down14 April 2014
Oculus Rift officially a big deal: David Attenborough's making a nature documentary for it14 April 2014
Civilization goes Beyond Earth, but not back to Alpha Centauri14 April 2014
Subnautica screenshots rise up out of the depths14 April 2014
World of Darkness MMO gets a stake driven through its heart14 April 2014
Open season: Sir, You Are Being Hunted hits v1.0 on May 1st14 April 2014
A cheeky bug has been building invisible walls in Battlefield 4 - and we've only just noticed14 April 2014
Here's Watch Dogs running on an Ultra spec PC - and the hardware you'll need to do the same14 April 2014
Titanfall plagued by load time problems post-patch, proclaim pilots14 April 2014
League of Legends pro fined over "one of the highest harassment scores" in LCS history14 April 2014
Half-Life speedrun record smashed, video evidence is nauseating 13 April 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online review in progress13 April 2014
Caffeine is a beautiful thing, both in your cup and on your screen13 April 2014
DLC Fall: Titanfall Expedition map pack coming in May13 April 2014
World of Tanks will even the playing field for 201413 April 2014
PC is the dominant gaming platform claims PAX East panel 12 April 2014
Historic Battlefield games are relocating from GameSpy to Origin 12 April 2014
Steam Controller will release in “October or November”, Steam Machines to follow before year’s end12 April 2014
Todd Stashwick joins Visceral as co-writer on new Star Wars project12 April 2014
Minecrafting 143: Snowy Textures12 April 2014
The spirit of Alpha Centauri lives on in Civilization: Beyond Earth12 April 2014
Azeroth Choppers: World of Warcraft does American Choppers, and nothing makes sense any more11 April 2014
Wargame Red Dragon due out next week; last chance to check out the beta11 April 2014
Double Fine Presents Last Life: 4 hours to catch a killer on Mars, what's a dead detective to do?11 April 2014
Chris Roberts PAX East itinerary: Land at PAX, show off Star Citizen dogfighting module, crash ship immediately 11 April 2014
Blizzard reveals four new, mostly nuts, Heroes of the Storm characters at PAX East11 April 2014
Hearthstone single-player mode will chuck players into the necropolis of Naxxramas11 April 2014
Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 will do Steam Early Access - once it's done being a mobile game11 April 2014
Blood Dragons and dud-free reboots: Uplay's Spring Sale is quite good11 April 2014
Hack 'n' Slash Early Access trailer implores you to "check it out", subsequently "delete evil"11 April 2014
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot tackles player loneliness with pets in new update11 April 2014
"It's not easy being queen": StarCraft 2's Kerrigan trailered for Heroes of the Storm11 April 2014
EA know eSports isn't stopping - and want to get involved11 April 2014
World of Tanks' average players spend three times as much as League of Legends players11 April 2014
Snow Leopard is feeding: Riot bump up minimum specs for League of Legends on Mac11 April 2014
Diablo 3 hotfixes tweak the reward structure: sometimes you'll get more, sometimes you'll get less10 April 2014
Wubs are farmed in this Farming World dubstep trailer10 April 2014
Orcs Must Die! Unchained ramps up the aggression, chucks in more players and will be F2P10 April 2014
H1Z1 will be a massive sandbox, where you can farm, build a town or drive around hunting zombies10 April 2014
Titanfall patch adds private matches for tournament play and casual battles with buddies10 April 2014
Watch Dogs gets chummy with Nvidia in a new tech trailer10 April 2014
System Shock 2 Linux port means soundtrack, radio interviews and more for Steam owners10 April 2014
Warframe Update 13.0 introduces a character who can turn into a puddle at will10 April 2014
Elite: Dangerous leaves alpha, enters beta and introduces trading10 April 2014
Stay frosty: Arkham Origins' Cold, Cold Heart footage shows off fancy weapons and a very hot suit9 April 2014
Even esports had a montage: watch the Katowice 2014 highlights9 April 2014
H1Z1 is a post-apocalyptic MMO from SOE where you can burn everything down9 April 2014
The Wolf Among Us: A Crooked Mile PC review9 April 2014
All Infinite Crisis champions are unlocked for a week, because Superman likes PAX East9 April 2014
Get back to the table: Card Hunter is getting an expansion9 April 2014
Dawngate opens up: EA's fantasy MOBA enters community beta9 April 2014
Latest The Evil Within trailer is sort of creepy, then very creepy, then kind of nice, but then very creepy again9 April 2014
Diablo III Patch 2.0.4 touches down and now the world will never be quite the same again9 April 2014
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel goes to the moon, lets you play as Claptrap9 April 2014
Halo: Spartan Assault PC review9 April 2014
Epic want to help you get started in UE4. They will provide tea and biscuits9 April 2014
Minecraft 1.7.6 is out now: but beware of offline/online compatibility9 April 2014
Windows 8 increasingly tolerable - 8.1 update 1 now available9 April 2014
Secret Ponchos' not so secret PC reveal8 April 2014
The Chaos Reborn demo lets you command vicious unicorns and illusory beasts8 April 2014
Saints Row's Johnny Gat is ready to unleash deadly wubs in Divekick8 April 2014
Epic's Fortnite starts building up to alpha, while more details start to trickle out8 April 2014
The Crew launches this autumn, when you'll be able to make America your race track8 April 2014
AMD's new Radeon is taking on the TITAN Z for half the price8 April 2014
We can rebuild him: Blizzard showcases the new and improved male tauren8 April 2014
Hotline Miami 2 trailer is all forward rolls and dual-wielding in the name of sudden death8 April 2014
All Reich Now: Wolfenstein trailer paints post-war world in bloody reds and nostalgic greys8 April 2014
Zenimax send in pest control to squish The Elder Scrolls Online's progression halting bugs8 April 2014
Nvidia’s new DirectX 11 drivers offer a "faster experience" than AMD's Mantle API8 April 2014
Standby for Ironfall: Minecraft has a Titanfall mod8 April 2014
Scrolls foretold: Mojang CCG to benefit from "snappier" tutorials, free demo version8 April 2014
Battlefield 4 loadout presets to let us spend more time toppling skyscrapers from today8 April 2014
Respawn dial down Titanfall matchmaking changes "to help players find games"8 April 2014
GameSpy's shutdown affects more games than you'd expect7 April 2014
Punch terrorism right in the genitals: Broforce explodes all over Steam Early Access7 April 2014
Check under the sofa: Outcast HD remake needs $600K7 April 2014
Viscera Cleanup Detail now caking the walls of Steam Early Access in gore7 April 2014
Goat Simulator gets double the goat mayhem with a multiplayer update, dated for next month7 April 2014
Craglorn is The Elder Scrolls Online's first Adventure Zone, and it's not for riffraff 7 April 2014
Vlambeer responds to criticism over supposed Nazi imagery in Luftrausers : "The fact is that no interpretation of a game is ‘wrong’"7 April 2014
Ruffian puts Game of Glens on ice: "Exactly what we do with Game of Glens next is undecided"7 April 2014
Borderlands prequel from former Irrational staffers at 2K Australia rumoured for PC7 April 2014
Overwatch: is this the game Blizzard have Left 4 Dead's lead designer working on?7 April 2014
The Simpsons tackles Minecraft for intro couch gag; Notch "not sure how I feel about it"7 April 2014
Pull up a chair by the hearth: desktop app now supports chat with friends7 April 2014
Mojang prep for one of Minecraft's "most requested features since birth": name changes7 April 2014
DayZ update to hit this month, contains fireplaces, archery, and pistols6 April 2014
Tim Schafer would love to make Brutal Legend 2, but it probably won’t ever happen6 April 2014
Watch Dogs PC system specs demand hefty processors6 April 2014
The PCGamesN Podcast: Episode 4 - now with added tanks6 April 2014
Behold the power of the Age of Wonders 3 Level Editor5 April 2014
Enter the psyche of a killer with MIND Path to Thalamus5 April 2014
NotGTAV gets PC release, does not feature bank robberies, does feature David Cameron5 April 2014
Evolve will have "a lot more content than Left 4 Dead" 5 April 2014
Bon Voyage: Monaco concludes with final DLC 'Fin'5 April 2014
Minecrafting 142: Name Changing5 April 2014
Down-and-out detective Tex Murphy returns on April 22nd in glorious FMV4 April 2014
Alien: Isolation's audio is dynamic, but can you hear screaming in space?4 April 2014
Goodbye GameSpy: the online service will shut down on May 31st4 April 2014
Better together: ArenaNet spills the beans on how Guild Wars 2's megaservers will affect other features4 April 2014
Battlefield 4's elusive megalodon finally discovered hanging out in a Naval Strike map4 April 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online wants to remind you it's launching today with a flashy trailer4 April 2014
Become a recruitment mercenary with the EVE Online Recall Program4 April 2014
World of Tanks now has 80 million accounts - and its eSports scene is real4 April 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online is out today. Guess how many mudcrabs you'll need to shoot to top level 50?4 April 2014
Slower healing and "squished" character stats: WoW is changing for Warlords of Draenor4 April 2014
Meet the Aimpad: the prototype peripheral bringing analog control to WASD4 April 2014
Uncharted director Amy Hennig joins Visceral to make a Star Wars game4 April 2014
Twitch announces Group Chat, a way for you to create secret clubs and avoid the unwashed masses 3 April 2014
Taking sides: 2D multiplayer shooter Warside pits future-men against each other in a resource war3 April 2014
Anomaly Defenders turns the series on its head, with aliens protecting their home from villainous humans3 April 2014
Star Conflict gets Oculus Rift support, chucking your eyeballs into space3 April 2014
Jagged Alliance: Flashback enters alpha, with Steam Early Access hot on its heels3 April 2014
Divinity: Original Sin enters beta, adds witches, possibly cackling, and 400 improvements3 April 2014
Betrayer review3 April 2014
Hands on with Child of Light3 April 2014
Age of Wonders 3's first patch is about to be cast and Triumph promises DLC and expansions3 April 2014
What you sow: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls sells 2.7 million copies in first week3 April 2014
Too many mandibles: Infinity Ward preview Ghosts Devastation DLC's new Extinction map3 April 2014
Push start to begin: Microsoft are bringing back the start menu for Windows 83 April 2014
We've got 500 keys to 500 tanks in War Thunder's Ground Forces beta. Want one?3 April 2014
Why EverQuest's dev director thinks we should want all MMOs to be free-to-play3 April 2014
Lone Star Clash 3 wafts $35,000 prize pool for StarCraft 2 and League of Legends invitationals3 April 2014
Riot rejig League of Legends champion Twitch: they've had their sights set on him "for years"3 April 2014
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor gets an October release date and an extremely gloomy trailer3 April 2014
Shroud of the Avatar raised $333,000 last month, so it now has hot tubs and coconuts 2 April 2014
Building blocks — LEGO Minifigures Online2 April 2014
The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 gets a release date now that we've been confused by the launch trailer2 April 2014
Tentacles: Enter the Mind is the adorable tale of a ravenous monster that eats eyeballs2 April 2014
By Zeus! Age of Mythology: Extended Edition coming to Steam in May2 April 2014
Tropico 5 arrives on May 23rd, so start saving up to buy your first election now2 April 2014
Daylight delayed until April 29th to make it scarier 2 April 2014
Death in Candlewood is a Poe-inspired first-person shooter and twisted romance2 April 2014
Guild Wars 2 megaservers will fill underpopulated maps with players from April 152 April 2014
Goat Simulator review2 April 2014
DICE "unhappy" with Battlefield 4 server performance; "Reducing lag is a top priority"2 April 2014
UK minister hopes game dev will become "poster industry" to inspire science students2 April 2014
The Joy of Hex: a truly brilliant computer CCG 2 April 2014
Sine Mora and so much more: Kalypso Bundle offers Tropico 3 and turn-based tactics galore2 April 2014
Watch this: Watch Dogs' wind, water and lighting effects on a high-end EDIT: PS4, sigh. But still pretty.2 April 2014
The City is corrupt: Square Enix investigate Thief save file disappearances on PC2 April 2014
Oculus take down Developer Center systems to tackle potential hacking problem2 April 2014
Star Citizen hits new stretch goal; Chris Roberts says he won't sell out to a big company1 April 2014
The stunning vistas of The Long Dark1 April 2014
Kerbal Space Program launches asteroid-harassing update in collaboration with NASA1 April 2014
The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 launch trailer appears, absent a release date1 April 2014
Epic's Tim Sweeney on VR: "It's going to be a bigger phenomenon than smartphones"1 April 2014
Sticks & Starships: Genesis will have you raising a primitive civilization into an interstellar empire while riding cassowaries 1 April 2014
League of Legends gets a new mode for a week, making everyone a death-dealing god1 April 2014
We captured our American for episode 3 of the PCGamesN Podcast1 April 2014
Bethesda "didn't mandate" Elder Scrolls Online subscription; "It was a mutual decision"1 April 2014
Bad karma chameleon: Minecraft bug sees players lose ability to swap skins1 April 2014
Review: BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Part Two1 April 2014
Godus was "on the boring side" at release, says Molyneux; "Like Call of Duty without guns"1 April 2014
Nosgoth is a surprisingly good, blood-sucking arena battler - now £12 to play immediately1 April 2014
UNPRECEDENTED APRIL NEWS BLOWOUT: Blizzard Outcasts, Arma 3 Karts and World of Tanks: Crayfish announced1 April 2014
Oculus recruit another Valve VR brain to work out of Seattle R&D Lab1 April 2014
The International 2014 takes Dota 2 to a new venue on July 181 April 2014
DDOS attacks disrupt European servers for Diablo III, World of Warcraft, StarCraft II and Hearthstone1 April 2014