May 2013 Archive

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon trailer brings its robo-balls to the table30 April 2013
CCP say they want a petition to gauge the interest in EVR. So we made one30 April 2013
Leviathan: Warships trailer is jazzier than the first - takes it to the bridge, takes it past the bridge30 April 2013
Epigenesis trailer shows why it won the Make Something Unreal contest30 April 2013
Son of Nor has you shape the earth with telekenisis and kill foes with mind bullets30 April 2013
League of Legends Behavioural Alerts will tell players off for acting up30 April 2013
Guild Wars 2 Retribution update: Molten Weapons Facility walkthrough and guide30 April 2013
Half-Life 2’s excellent Minerva mod gets a Director's Cut on Steam30 April 2013
Blizzard want to make finding legendary items in Diablo 3 exciting every time30 April 2013
Hands-on with Guild Wars 2's custom arenas and spectator mode30 April 2013
Kerbal Space Program: the universe is like a big McDonalds and we're stuck on a dirty two pence coin30 April 2013
Monaco made $120,000 before its release30 April 2013
League of Legends 3.6 patch notes detail new Howling Abyss map, Trundle and Sejuani relaunches30 April 2013
BioShock Infinite DLC to feature new companion character30 April 2013
Company of Heroes 2 preview: welcome to a new theatre of war29 April 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts mosaic appears on official site29 April 2013
The Knife of Dunwall PC review - When the fall is all there is29 April 2013
Unreal Indie Bundle appears on Steam; includes Sanctum, Unmechanical, and more29 April 2013
Metro: Last Light trailer shows the mutants and monsters that fill Russia’s irradiated underground29 April 2013
Warframe PC review29 April 2013
Company of Heroes 2 Theatre of War mode will showcase particular battles from throughout World War 229 April 2013
Have a look at what the Witcher 2 mod tools are capable of29 April 2013
Watch Dogs release date announced. Here's a new trailer filled with cars and noise29 April 2013
Dog Sled Saga is a Kickstarter for a dog sled race simulator all about dogs29 April 2013
Frostbite support for Oculus Rift looking more likely as DICE devs are spotted playing with VR29 April 2013
Greenheart Games release modified version of Game Dev Tycoon to pirate the pirates29 April 2013
The Weekly Playlist: the one where Rob braces himself for Company of Heroes 2 and Tim screws up his maths A-Level all over again29 April 2013
Notch's latest game is called Drop, a free browser game about falling into a cube forever29 April 2013
Mars Wars Logs is a "cyberpunk" RPG starring a man named Roy. It's out now on Steam.28 April 2013
CD Projekt decide there’s "no place" for multiplayer in The Witcher 328 April 2013
Arma 3 trailer talks teamwork in multiplayer at length28 April 2013
DayZ base-building will be “like capital ships are to Eve”28 April 2013
Black Ops 2: Uprising PC release dated for May 16, takes PvP to a "deserted London music festival"28 April 2013
Eve Fanfest 2013 keynote wrap-up: space elevators, mobile apps, and personal stargates27 April 2013
EVE TV series and Dark Horse comic book announced 27 April 2013
EVE Online collector’s edition comes with CCP’s rare first game: Hættuspil27 April 2013
Sponsored post: Green Man Gaming offer 75% off a weekend of grapple-chuting with the Just Cause series27 April 2013
Death Inc. developers Ambient Studios fall foul of the reaper27 April 2013
Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer sees playable Cathar confirmed27 April 2013
Nvidia splash bunnies in realistic water demo27 April 2013
Spotlight on Greenlight: Reprisal27 April 2013
Watch this: Eve Online's ten year anniversary symphony27 April 2013
Maxis working on "additional fixes" for SimCity post-poogate27 April 2013
Dead Island: Riptide retail Steam codes in the UK unlock Dark Souls instead26 April 2013
Planetside 2 test reveals the Harasser buggy and a MAX revamp26 April 2013
Bullet points from New Eden's future: Eve Online fanfest keynote wrap-up26 April 2013
CCP reveal EVR: a 6v6 space dogfighting game built for the Oculus Rift26 April 2013
Infinite Crisis trailers uncape Gaslight Batman and Doomsday26 April 2013
Total War: Rome 2 to introduce the Pontus faction and its scythed chariots as free launch DLC26 April 2013
Invictus donate League of Legends tournament winnings to Chinese quake relief effort26 April 2013
A brief interruption: help us make PCGamesN better26 April 2013
Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag trailer details its social hub for pre-orderers: The Watch26 April 2013
Valve release Operation Payback for CS:GO: the first community map support pass in "an ongoing series"26 April 2013
Dota 2 International 3 to be kicked off by Invictus on August 726 April 2013
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified trailer sighted, release scheduled for August 2026 April 2013
Celebrate independent StarCraft 2 with the DreamHack Open Stockholm this weekend26 April 2013
LCS Spring Playoffs begin Friday, stakes range from prizes to relegation25 April 2013
EA's recent bout of layoffs reportedly affect 10% of entire workforce25 April 2013
Watch a new shoutcasted Hearthstone duel: Warrior vs Paladin25 April 2013
Valve will now allow you to subscribe to games on Steam25 April 2013
Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods gets a release date: May 28th25 April 2013 mean to bribe you to change your World of Tanks password25 April 2013
Skyrim: Legendary Edition now totally official and bound for June 7 release25 April 2013
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon walkthrough trailer: pigs, murder and more CONFIRMED25 April 2013
Half-Life Houndeye courier spotted in Dota 2 update25 April 2013
Watch the Virtual Boy emulated with the Oculus Rift25 April 2013
Battlefield 4 release date set for October 31, Commander Mode and Battlelog 2.0 spilled by retailer25 April 2013
Dota 2 patch leaves the Skywrath Mage a bigger target25 April 2013
BioWare tease the Cathar as a playable race in Star Wars: The Old Republic25 April 2013
Refighting the war in the Pacific in Rising Storm25 April 2013
Introversion release Prison Architect Alpha9; make your prisoners do the laundry24 April 2013
Metro: Last Light has gone gold; "prepare to enter the Metro once more"24 April 2013
Total War: Rome II video shows off the battle of Teutoburg, flaming balls24 April 2013
Steam to get download rate limiter following beta24 April 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts is Infinity Ward’s next thing24 April 2013
XCOM shooter re-reveal happening "in the coming days", say 2K24 April 2013
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn impressions: a stirring turn-around24 April 2013
Lord of the Rings Online scales the heights of Helm's Deep and level 95 for its next expansion24 April 2013
The strange case of the Team Fortress 2 Robotic Boogaloo24 April 2013
CryEngine 3 demo takes us to the African savannah in the name of urban development24 April 2013
OPINION: Here's what I think about Deep Silver's awful zombie torso24 April 2013
World of Tanks 8.5 begins rolling out today; premium consumables now purchasable without real-world cash 24 April 2013
Team Fortress 2 update sees laws of physics restored, Linux stability improved24 April 2013
Darksiders’ new publisher: “We are not the creative, talented developer that brings out new versions in house”23 April 2013
Jagged Alliance: Flashback launches Kickstarter campaign23 April 2013
Metro: Last Light trailer shows off guns and excessive neck-slicing23 April 2013
Splinter Cell held back by its complexity; new game to offer “broader range of play”23 April 2013
Star Citizen developer opens Santa Monica studio23 April 2013
SimCity players in revolt after 2.0 patch leaves cities overflowing with bugs and faeces23 April 2013
Civilization 5 Cold War mega-mod introduces Thatcher to hexagonal warfare23 April 2013
Hawken your wins: mech game gets in-game achievement system23 April 2013
Guild Wars 2 update will add custom PvP arenas and spectator mode next week23 April 2013
Guild Wars 2 "Retribution" update to add new dungeon; Molten Weapon Facilities23 April 2013
Dawn of War sequel a "strong possibility" from Relic despite Sega sale23 April 2013
World of Warcraft 5.3 patch notes tell how level 90 will happen faster in future23 April 2013
Fallen Enchantress - Legendary Heroes release date trumpeted for May 2223 April 2013
And the new owner of the Darksiders series is...23 April 2013
Creative Assembly developers make the case for Total War: Arena23 April 2013
Terraria update to feature ice biome and penguins. Nature's greatest hunter22 April 2013
The Realm is lush adventure game inspired by Studio Ghibli and Ico22 April 2013
Homeworld license bought by Gearbox22 April 2013
Gunpoint gadget trailer shows unfriendly fire; Steam release announced22 April 2013
Fez pre-orders start on Steam. Enjoy 10% discount22 April 2013
Mighty Quest for Epic Loot trailer introduces Sir Painhammer and castle building22 April 2013
Company of Heroes servers migrating to Steam: test them early, now22 April 2013
Hands on with Call of Juarez: Gunslinger22 April 2013
Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded set to release in June: "Re-made, expanded and enhanced"22 April 2013
Surgeon Simulator 2013 — PC review22 April 2013
New Team Fortress 2 update fixes VR woes and improves the Linux version22 April 2013
Minecraft toys are on their way, courtesy of Jazwares22 April 2013
Burn Jita 2 turns Eve Online's most populous system into a warzone. Again.22 April 2013
SimCity goes offline for a bit later today ahead of patch 2.022 April 2013
The Weekly Playlist: the one where Steve talks of goal-oriented explosions and Jeremy enjoys death in Half-life21 April 2013
God Mode launch trailer marks game’s Steam release21 April 2013
Dyad PC release date announced for 24 April21 April 2013
Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box retro platformer Rytlock’s Critter Rampage released. Kicking rabbits harder than you’d expect21 April 2013
World of WarCraft engineers will soon be able to craft Abrams’ Bad Robot mascot21 April 2013
Grid 2 AI will become aggressive if you “push them out of their comfort zone”21 April 2013
Pong played on walls of Philadelphia’s Cira Centre; 83,000-square-foot game21 April 2013
Airmech update adds parts system to allow greater customisation20 April 2013
Metro: Last Light to be bundled with Nvidia cards20 April 2013
Planetary Annihilation footage shows base building but no planets being annihilated20 April 2013
World of Tanks passwords hacked. Wargaming advise changing them20 April 2013
Surgeon Simulator 2013 trailer shows the horror of drunken brain surgery in the back of a moving vehicle20 April 2013
Mechwarrior Online patch adds lance commanders and highlander mechs20 April 2013
Spotlight on Greenlight: The Kingsport Cases20 April 2013
Watch Team Fortress 2 being played with Oculus Rift and omni treadmill19 April 2013
MS Toga Party, Guild Wars charity event, raises Multiple Sclerosis awareness tomorrow19 April 2013
Sponsored post: Green Man Gaming offer up to 75% off Grand Theft Auto games19 April 2013
UPDATE: Paradox and Stardock lost bid for Homeworld IP19 April 2013
Chinese Dota 2 server beta going live on April 28th19 April 2013
Simcity update 2.0 arrives April 22nd, will allow mayors to drive in style19 April 2013
Shootmania: Storm has a new and quite peculiar game mode19 April 2013
Sir, You Are Being Hunted, trailered, and also pre-ordered19 April 2013
Black Ops 2 double weapon XP weekend gets underway tonight19 April 2013
The Evil Within is Project Zwei is the new survival horror thing from Resident Evil's creator19 April 2013
Minecraft Snapshot 13w16a lets you try new launcher, scope out horses19 April 2013
Razer honour accidental 90% discount sales despite “insane amount of losses”19 April 2013
Blizzard reverse decision on World of Warcraft player denied first level 9019 April 2013
Bethesda mystery solved: Resident Evil creator's new game to be paraded this afternoon19 April 2013
Skyrim: Legendary Edition spotted in Poland19 April 2013
Visiting Dead Island: Riptide with some terrible tweens18 April 2013
League of Legends: presenting your NA and EU all-star teams18 April 2013
Homeworld license finds new owner but it’s not the Save Homeworld campaign18 April 2013
Girl Scouts to get video game developer badge18 April 2013
Monaco trailer oozes with adorable villainy18 April 2013
Just Cause 2 multiplayer beta is open to the public this weekend18 April 2013
Among the Sleep has you play a toddler in a haunted house18 April 2013
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon video has Michael Biehn say swears. A lot.18 April 2013
Age of Empires 2: HD Edition patch fixes most the things. Increases frame rate by 500%18 April 2013
Bethesda continue to tease, saying "mystery revealed tomorrow"18 April 2013
EVE Fanfest 2013 schedule published. A little of everything, including a wedding18 April 2013
Reus release date set for 16 May. See godly powers at work in new trailer18 April 2013
Planetside 2 patch renders tank mines bigger, jump jets louder18 April 2013
Battlefield 2142 producer doubts DICE "got the balls" to make a sequel18 April 2013
Minecraft's Notch and Jeb make the Time 100 Most Influential list as 'Titans'; Will Wright sounds off18 April 2013
Dota 2 G-1 League to tentatively resume April 23 following DDOS attacks18 April 2013
Firefall open beta will see New Eden populated from July 918 April 2013
Report: Ex-Team Bondi team hit by layoffs after Whore of the Orient loses publisher18 April 2013
This Skyrim mod brings the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Tamriel18 April 2013
Dota 2 update adds Skywrath Mage; everyone is now afraid18 April 2013
Julian Gollop credited Firaxis for "saving the day" with XCOM, and fixing troubled franchise17 April 2013
Dustforce developer “surprised by how critical promotions were for revenue”17 April 2013
Section 8 developer TimeGate loses appeal in $7.3 million lawsuit17 April 2013
Planetside 2 alerts to become planetwide to avoid server queues17 April 2013
Leviathan: Warships trailer skimps all expense but cashes in on nautical puns17 April 2013
Steam Greenlight sees 20 new titles ushered in by Valve, including Frozen Endzone17 April 2013
Company of Heroes 2 Collector’s Edition details revealed17 April 2013
Planetside 2 roadmap video details recent changes: alert systems, service ribbons, and17 April 2013
Metro: Last Light system requirements17 April 2013
If Ron Gilbert made another Monkey Island game, this is how he’d do it17 April 2013
Gas Powered Games are no longer a PC-only studio17 April 2013
Jagged Alliance: Flashback is the name of Space Hulk devs Full Control's new sequel17 April 2013
FIFA 14 exists, will feature new ball physics and more intelligent shooting17 April 2013
Battlefield Heroes helicopters incoming17 April 2013
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon trailer says goodbye to LA, hello to cyborg sword-fighting17 April 2013
Battlefield 4 single player has features "pulled directly from multiplayer"17 April 2013
Technician Update coming to Hawken, aims to make the game more tactical16 April 2013
Bethesda tease us with barbed wire and sheet music; "Consider yourself teased"16 April 2013
Guild Wars 2 is free for 2880 minutes this weekend16 April 2013
SimCity Attractions Set DLC rides toothpaste to America16 April 2013
Infinity Ward refugees Respawn Entertainment trademark ‘Titan’16 April 2013
Guild Wars eighth anniversary celebrations start Monday with dodgeball, Rollerbeetle racing, and special item drops16 April 2013
Hands on with The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, Ubisoft's free-to-play Diablo clone16 April 2013
League of Legends to apply heavy nerfs to champions; "power creep has gotten out of hand"16 April 2013
This is not Dota 2. This is Riot owner Tencent's next MOBA.16 April 2013
The Knife of Dunwall is set loose today16 April 2013
We've got 600 World of Warplane keys to giveaway!16 April 2013
Dota 2 G-1 League play postponed following DDOS attacks16 April 2013
Criterion forego fast cars to "make something new"16 April 2013
Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer shows Hutt Cartel rising15 April 2013
DDOS attacks disrupt competitive Dota 2 play15 April 2013
Grid 2 trailer shows how the game’s multiplayer has gone all social. More so15 April 2013
EVE Online executive producer Jon Lander steps down15 April 2013
SimCity Mac release will allow players of both platforms to play together15 April 2013
Castle of Illusion remake sees 1990 Mickey Mouse game given a bit of spit and polish15 April 2013
Shelter sees you in charge of a litter of badger cubs, from the developer of Pid15 April 2013
Planetside 2 Mobile Uplink app lets you phone your outfit from outside the game15 April 2013
Krautscape is a racer where you build the tracks as you drive15 April 2013
Bethesda cease development on Skyrim, enter full production on a new thing15 April 2013
Splinter Cell: Blacklist trailer sees Sam engage in government-sanctioned stalking15 April 2013
DayZ Standalone radio plans detailed by Dean 'Everest' Hall from base camp15 April 2013
Thief fan petition for return of original Garrett voice actor hits 1,800 signatures15 April 2013
Neptune's Pride 2: Triton arrives unheralded15 April 2013
The Titanic, as remembered in Minecraft15 April 2013
The Elder Scrolls Online monster showcase: S’Ogrim up north15 April 2013
The Weekly Playlist: the one where Nick says Dark Souls is "easy" and Rob asks "Why Columbia?"14 April 2013
Chasm is a 2D ARPG with a demo. A freakin’ demo. In this day and age. Awesome14 April 2013
Death Inc. pre-orders get instant alpha access and chance to name an exploding cow14 April 2013
Elder Scrolls Online video shows 20 minutes of in-game footage14 April 2013
Mirror’s Edge mod adds Oculus Rift support14 April 2013
The Witcher 3 screens show giants, beers, and boats14 April 2013
Road Redemption is a modern Road Rash that’s looking for backers13 April 2013
XCOM FPS trailers pulled from 2K Marin Youtube channel; website disappeared, too13 April 2013
Tomb Raider language pack seeks further $30 from Japanese Steam players13 April 2013
Starbound pre-orders raise $200,000 in first day; meteoric success13 April 2013
EVE Online interactive timeline to show major events in game's history13 April 2013
Spotlight on Greenlight: Black Annex13 April 2013
Hawken adding a new map: Front Line12 April 2013
Watch this: a shoutcasted Hearthstone duel12 April 2013
Sponsored post: Green Man Gaming offer Risen free with Dead Island: Riptide12 April 2013
Notch comes second in reader poll for Time's Most Influential Person in the World12 April 2013
Guild Wars 2 teases Flame and Frost content finale in "Retribution" 12 April 2013
Star Conflict will do for spaceships what World of Tanks did for... umm12 April 2013
How City of Heroes studio Paragon nearly staved off destruction12 April 2013
Skyward Collapse is a turn-based, 4x peacekeeping mission from AI Wars’ Arcen Games12 April 2013
SOE respond to Planetside 2 cert gain drama: "we humbly apologize" 12 April 2013
Dark Souls 2 director admits original's PC port was “half-assed”, promises to take “more care” with the sequel12 April 2013
Hands on with Auto Club Revolution: Oh my God, it's full of cars12 April 2013
The perfect storm: designing Shootmania, and beyond12 April 2013
Bioshock: Infinite's Columbia has been given the Minecraft treatment... and it's spectacular12 April 2013
Black Ops 2: Uprising Mob of the Dead trailer sends Ray Liotta to prison12 April 2013
World of Tanks celebrates birthday with bonus XP, cheap tanks12 April 2013
No Tidehunter plus NaNiwa equals Alliance, a new force in eSports12 April 2013
The future's bright: looking ahead to Civilization 5: Brave New World12 April 2013
Stardock CEO blames “diminishing” innovation in strategy games on missing DirectX 10 support for Windows XP12 April 2013
Twitch ban wheelchair bound streamer as he performs miraculous recovery on air12 April 2013
Free games and in-game purchases to face Office of Fair Trading Investigation12 April 2013
World of Warcraft Brawler’s Guild to see “exciting changes” in next patch via new bosses and Challenge Cards12 April 2013
Planetside 2 community apoplectic as cert point compensation for account wide unlocks runs amok12 April 2013
The Knife of Dunwall Dishonored DLC trailer spells Daud’s doom via massive marine mammals11 April 2013
Indiegogo cancels indie dev’s successful campaign to save her own life, citing "suspicious activity"11 April 2013
Space Hulk studio Full Control are making a proper Jagged Alliance game; “It’s part of our DNA”11 April 2013
How Garry’s Mod is prepping Half-Life 2 for the Oculus Rift11 April 2013
Dishonored 1.3 update fixes kill stat bugs, straightens out Dunwall City Trials11 April 2013
Blizzard name the players in WCS Season 1's Premier League11 April 2013
PC sales declined at their fastest rate ever. Should we be worried?11 April 2013
Riot strike back in League of Legends player numbers row11 April 2013
Hands on with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon11 April 2013
Dark Souls 2's trailer is not one for those that require lively colour palettes10 April 2013
Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter funded. Now, onto the stretch goals10 April 2013
Kerbal Space Program’s lead designer explains update plans10 April 2013
Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer celebrates release of 2.0 patch10 April 2013
World of Warcraft patch 5.3 will introduce in-game troubleshooting browser10 April 2013
EVE Online corp CEO makes off with more than 400 billion ISK10 April 2013
SOE call for Planetside 2 players to test revamped "battle flow" mechanics today10 April 2013
Arma 2’s Chernarus has been imported to Arma 3, looks really nice10 April 2013
Shootmania: Storm launches with a new trailer; binaries and fatalities abound10 April 2013
Hearthstone promo grants World of Warcraft players wingèd horses10 April 2013
Warface closed beta going offline today ahead of full release10 April 2013
Guild Wars 2 Looking For Group tool to be introduced by ArenaNet this year10 April 2013
Project Eternity environment footage sees Infinity Engine reborn10 April 2013
League of Legends fan submits designs for Lego champions and minions10 April 2013
Dota 2 bests League of Legends to become most played “core” PC game in the West UPDATE: Salt-pinching time!10 April 2013
League of Legends patch 3.5 restores balance with tweaks to Akali, Kayle and Lux10 April 2013
Hands-on with Outlast, an indie first-person horror game with AAA pedigree10 April 2013
Borderlands 2 patch 1.40 adds new difficulty mode, Ultimate Vault Hunter9 April 2013
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing footage shows off pee metre9 April 2013
Thief "PC version isn't just a copy of the console version"9 April 2013
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon leaked following uPlay hack9 April 2013
Guild Wars 2 leaderboards launch. Look on in envy9 April 2013
Planetside 2 engine to be used for all future SOE games9 April 2013
Metro: Last Light video introduces us to the game’s irradiated world9 April 2013
EA wins Worst Company in America for second year running9 April 2013
What the studio behind Aliens: Colonial Marines did next: Minimum9 April 2013
Batman Arkham Origins takes Rocksteady out of Gotham with a new developer; release date announced for October 259 April 2013
Diablo 3 1.0.8 patch notes detail new incentives for playing co-op9 April 2013
Gears of War producer Rod Fergusson leaves Irrational9 April 2013
How to win at Kickstarter — Brian Fargo discusses his crowdfunded millions9 April 2013
StarCraft 2 World Championship Series 2013 qualifier and regional final dates revealed9 April 2013
Signal Ops is a multiple perspective espionage FPS, and it’s out today9 April 2013
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon footage seeps colourfully into the eyes and ears of the waiting internet9 April 2013
Tomb Raider had the potential to sell five or six million copies, say Square Enix8 April 2013
Why No One Lives Forever won’t be hitting Steam or anytime soon8 April 2013
Blizzard purchase IPL tech, assets and staff for their "own initiatives"8 April 2013
VeryGames trounce fnatic 2-0 at Mad Catz Birmingham CS:GO tournament8 April 2013
Bioshock: Infinite remains UK no.1 despite 75% drop in sales8 April 2013
Thunder Wolves trailer reveals touching ta... EXPLOSIONS8 April 2013
Ghost of a Tale crosses the Redwall books with Beyond Good & Evil8 April 2013
Shroud of the Avatar Kickstarter closes at over $2 million, double what it was seeking8 April 2013
Left 4 Dead 2 and Resident Evil 6 PC swapsies are go8 April 2013
BlizzCon 2013 tickets on sale from April 248 April 2013
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is an ‘80s sci-fi FPS with a release date and everything8 April 2013
Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC footage released alongside double-act guff8 April 2013
Make Something Unreal Live 2013: The Final Day - or Moly knows best7 April 2013
Hands-on with Anomaly 2 multiplayer7 April 2013
Make Something Unreal contest winners announced7 April 2013
Natural Selection 2 patch 244 makes game more balanced than a seesaw7 April 2013
Distance video shows gravity-defying Tron cars7 April 2013
Remember Me specifications published by Capcom7 April 2013
Battlefield 4 to be bundled with AMD cards7 April 2013
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon soundtrack and screens are loving homage to Terminator and the 80s7 April 2013
World of WarCraft patch 5.3 will improve pet eyesight, boosting their accuracy7 April 2013
Hands-on with Metro: Last Light7 April 2013
Spotlight on Greenlight: Darkwood6 April 2013
Make Something Unreal Live 2013: Day 5 - or the science of stopping6 April 2013
Star Wars: The Old Republic update 2.0 redesigns PvP bolster system6 April 2013
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn closed beta tests running through April6 April 2013
Survarium alpha test registration is open; new developer diary released6 April 2013
Torment: Tides of Numenera becomes highest funded Kickstarter, closing at $4,188,9276 April 2013
Infinite Crisis videos show off Wonder Woman and Nightmare Batman6 April 2013
0x10c “going to be put on ice” until Notch works through creative block6 April 2013
Papo & Yo coming to Steam 18 April; alcoholism allegory wrapped up in child’s imagination6 April 2013
Make Something Unreal Live 2013: Day 4 - or Miles 'Football Manager' Jacobson’s day out5 April 2013
Triple-A development is "Soul crushing," says Warren Spector5 April 2013
Sponsored post: Green Man Gaming offers 75% off Focus Home Interactive games5 April 2013
Royal Society to fund science exhibition games via 12-hour summer jam5 April 2013
Public test server for World of Tanks 8.5 now open5 April 2013
Thief preview: a first look at Eidos Montreal's stealthy reboot5 April 2013
Amazons: Total War guarantees delivery of incendiary weapons, female cavalry and a new campaign map for Rome5 April 2013
Company of Heroes 2 pre-order bonuses feature mini-campaign, skins and commanders5 April 2013
Remember Me hands-on: a journey into well-charted territory5 April 2013
Black Annex: an isometric corporate espionage game built in QBASIC5 April 2013
All aboard the Sin of Damnation: Space Hulk at GDC5 April 2013
The PC and Mac version of Minecraft has sold ten million copies (and horses are coming)4 April 2013
Make Something Unreal Live 2013: Day 3 - or wi-fi do we fall4 April 2013
Forthcoming Call of Duty DLC features zombies, Alcatraz and "top Hollywood talent"4 April 2013
Neverwinter will enter open beta on April 30, adds professions system on April 124 April 2013
The Witcher 3 will be DRM free because "If someone wants to pirate a game, he will”4 April 2013
Survey shows games industry's stark gender divide: women underrepresented, underpaid4 April 2013
ArenaNet release the Guild Wars 2: Super Adventure Box soundtrack for free4 April 2013
Imagine these BioShock Infinite board game pieces stuck in your carpet4 April 2013
League of Legends hero update sees Sejuani covered up and buffed out3 April 2013
Monaco release date announced for 24 April3 April 2013
EVE Online player stations to get private hangers and other goodies3 April 2013
Diablo 3 developer admits multiplayer “can often feel not worth the effort”3 April 2013
SimCity DLC adds Nissan-branded building to the game - it is free, mind3 April 2013
Make Something Unreal Live 2013: Day 2 - or how to get ahead with a good HUD3 April 2013
LucasArts closed by Disney; future of Star Wars: 1313 unknown3 April 2013
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, please don’t be an April fool because I think I love you3 April 2013
Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy creator returns to game development3 April 2013
Torment: Tides of Numenera release date pushed back to 2015 due to overfunding3 April 2013
Left 4 Dead 2 Resident Evil 6 crossover continues with Napads as Tanks3 April 2013
Crytek USA hope to wrestle back Darksiders series in auction3 April 2013
Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC will make the game five maps bigger, leaked promo art suggests3 April 2013
Battlefield 4 developer DICE "interested" in eSports, removed co-op play3 April 2013
Blizzard reshape competitive StarCraft 2 worldwide with 2013 World Championship Series3 April 2013
Make Something Unreal Live 2013: Day 1 - Mendel’s Farm by Static Games3 April 2013
Make Something Unreal Live 2013: Day 1 - Beings by Team Summit3 April 2013
Make Something Unreal Live 2013: Day 1 - Epigenesis by Dead Shark Triplepunch2 April 2013
Make Something Unreal Live 2013: Day 1 - Polymorph by Kairos Games2 April 2013
23 amazing details you didn't notice in the Grand Theft Auto V box art2 April 2013
Skyrim soundtrack beats Beethoven in Classic FM poll2 April 2013
Gas Powered Games working on a "free-to-play MMO," says Taylor2 April 2013
Levels themselves are torn apart in new Hawken demo trailer2 April 2013
Torchlight 2 update adds Steam Workshop support, plus new weapons, dungeons and pets2 April 2013
Thief trailer unveiled, Garrett has a new voice2 April 2013
Walking Dead creative leads discuss using race to make better games2 April 2013
Hawken opens delightfully sketchy mech store for April Fools1 April 2013
So here's what Torment: Tides of Numenera will actually look like1 April 2013
Guild Wars 2's Super Adventure Box is a ludicrously ambitious 8-bit April Fool1 April 2013
Unexpected April PC Gaming News Blowout: Minecraft 2.0, Football Manager 1888 and more in shock morning of reveals1 April 2013
World of Warcraft Noblegarden event brings Easter to Azeroth1 April 2013
Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC unearthed; will probably feature multiplayer and Zombies maps1 April 2013