May 2016 Archive

Introversion shows off Prison Architect update and two new games30 April 2016
Valve VAC bans users of prolific TF2 hack, catches pros in the tidal wave30 April 2016
Long War Studios signed up for five more XCOM 2 mods30 April 2016
New GTA Online mode In & Out steals away double cash and RP on launch week29 April 2016
Grab up to 60% off Street Fighter merch in flash Bank Holiday charity sale29 April 2016
Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online has free weekend, long name29 April 2016
Ubisoft cracking down on The Division hackers and exploiters, massive ban wave imminent29 April 2016
Romero and Carmack cancel Kickstarter for holographic FPS Blackroom29 April 2016
Survarium giveaway! Win one of 2000 codes for in-game silver!29 April 2016
Battlefield 5 announcement set for May 629 April 2016
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remaster rumours suggest full campaign and 10 multiplayer maps29 April 2016
There's a woman simulating oral sex in the background of Guile's SFV stage. Which is weird.29 April 2016
Final Fantasy XIV’s next update is Revenge of the Horde, brings “bottomless dungeons”29 April 2016
Battleborn launch trailer calls you to arms with a montage of many deaths29 April 2016
Diablo III season 6 starts today, launches with 2.4.1 patch29 April 2016
Dreadnought is a game of cat and mouse with gargantuan spaceships and deadly missile barrages29 April 2016
Lionhead, developer of Fable and Black & White, closes down today29 April 2016
NVIDIA to show off Pascal at Editor's Day next week, claims report29 April 2016
Total War: Warhammer’s Chaos Warriors pre-order DLC will be free for all during launch week29 April 2016
Tomb Raider movie has its Lara in Alicia Vikander29 April 2016
Doom has an incredibly cool easter egg for old-school fans29 April 2016
Overwatch comic has dragons, smashes them29 April 2016
Sega releases retro Hub, puts Workshop support into 59 classic titles28 April 2016
You can play the Ghost in the Shell FPS this weekend, free28 April 2016
Blade & Soul gets new 6v6 PVP mode and new dungeons in Shattered Empire update28 April 2016
First look at Space Hulk: Deathwing gameplay reveals your Terminator squad has been Left 4 Genestealers28 April 2016
Multiplayer-less free to play port Forza Motorsport 6: Apex gets open beta next week28 April 2016
Fan favourite Guile returns to Street Fighter V as latest DLC character 28 April 2016
Plot, augs and options revealed in new Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trailer28 April 2016
Duelyst giveaway! Win one of 100 codes for in-game currency worth $10!28 April 2016
Offworld Trading Company leaves Early Access - it's like The Martian with less dung potatoes28 April 2016
Build your own island for Sky Pirate MMO Worlds Adrift, best designs to feature in game28 April 2016
Bribe doctors and jack up prices in Big Pharma’s Marketing and Malpractice expansion28 April 2016
15 minutes of Shadow Warrior 2 is all swords, guns and jokes about genitals28 April 2016
Overland takes XCOM on the road28 April 2016
Chinese tech site benchmarks the Radeon Pro Duo - it's 59% faster than a 980 ti at 4K28 April 2016
The World in Wargaming: Order of Battle: Winter War is a chilly conflict between very different armies28 April 2016
Curse relaunched as all-in-one communication platform for gaming communities28 April 2016
Robocraft's 'biggest expansion ever' adds loot crate rewards and weapons for all28 April 2016
You can now buy games on Steam with Bitcoin28 April 2016
The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine expansion will be as big as all of the Skellige Isles combined and out before E328 April 2016
Hyper Light Drifter brings co-op dash 'n' slash in latest beta build28 April 2016
ESL launches 24/7 eSports TV channel in May27 April 2016
Watch the opening levels of DOOM's single-player campaign played by id Software27 April 2016
The Division hacks can't be fixed "without complete rewrite" says netcode dev27 April 2016
'No plan' for more Dark Souls or Bloodborne, says Miyazaki as From Software get to work on new IP27 April 2016
Invites to Valve's next $3m Dota 2 Major in Manila announced27 April 2016
Mechanical keyboards are no solution to anything, and deep down we all know it27 April 2016
Topic of the Week: Should Call of Duty be a permanent client akin to F2P games?27 April 2016
Hearthstone tops 50 million registered players as Whispers of the Old Gods releases27 April 2016
Dragon Age executive producer wants us all to guess the next Bioware game27 April 2016
Onwards and upwards: Dovetail Flight School and plane simulation without the hoop-flying27 April 2016
AMD launch the $1500 Radeon Pro Duo, a VR card with one GPU per eye27 April 2016
Modern Warfare remaster coming with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare according to leak27 April 2016
The Fallout 4 mod tools beta has begun27 April 2016
Dreadnought, the 5v5 spaceship strategy, goes into closed beta26 April 2016
Nvidia Showcase: 8 great multiplayer games worth playing with friends26 April 2016
Borderlands movie gets a writer, now just lacks director, cast and purpose26 April 2016
Battleborn motion comics now on YouTube; witness the origins of its motley murderers26 April 2016
Unofficial Fallout 4 patch fixes all the bugs Bethesda haven't26 April 2016
The WhatsApp War: inside the life of an Eve Online fleet commander26 April 2016
Assassin’s Creed creator regains rights to 1666 Amsterdam from Ubisoft26 April 2016
Hitman's second episode, Sapienza, is out now for all would-be assassins 26 April 2016
Dark Souls 3's second DLC won't launch until 201726 April 2016
Homefront: The Revolution's opening cutscene shows the history of a toppled superpower26 April 2016
We put Bernie Sanders in charge of a galactic superpower, and it worked out just fine26 April 2016
"We'll be checking in on Clementine again," - Robert Kirkman on Telltale's The Walking Dead26 April 2016
Elder Scrolls Online's Dark Brotherhood DLC is coming to PC first on May 3126 April 2016
CliffyB wants LawBreakers to be 'mature' - here's how to actually do it26 April 2016
Hunger Games, Twilight and more join Steam in Lionsgate deal; UK gets the Leprechaun boxset26 April 2016
AMD's $300 Polaris 10 GPU reportedly offers similar performance to NVIDIA's GTX 980 ti26 April 2016
Doom's SnapMap level creator has some cool features, but it only supports four players26 April 2016
New Witcher 3 Blood and Wine screens show glimpse of land "unlike anything you’ve seen in Wild Hunt" 26 April 2016
Dota 2's 6.87 patch adds a voting phase where heroes are selected to be banned25 April 2016
The Division's Dark Zone issues got a shout-out on Fox News25 April 2016
"The current value of the Eve economy is $55 million," reveals CCP CEO25 April 2016
John Romero's new FPS is a fast-paced, rock music-backed homage to '90s shooters25 April 2016
Swindle your way to victory against all the original races in the new Master of Orion25 April 2016
Dota 2 items - the best from the Steam workshop25 April 2016
YouPorn-sponsored eSports team could be screwed after ESL ban25 April 2016
AMD's share price rises 52% in 24 hours, the sharpest increase in the company's history25 April 2016
Seasons After Fall's beautiful hand-painted forest hides a secret melancholy25 April 2016
Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location brings terrifying clown faced robots into your home25 April 2016
Making it in Unreal: what can first-person RPG Glory do better than Bethesda?25 April 2016
Hitman GO’s VR version is a separate purchase exclusive to Oculus, coming May 1125 April 2016
Hearthstone Whispers of the Old Gods: all the new cards25 April 2016
Hearthstone patch 5.0 now live: nerfs applied, bugs squashed and cards added25 April 2016
Dust 514's PS3 failure would have "done the exact same thing on PC" says Project Nova director24 April 2016
Mask-based tactical RPG Masquerada funded halfway in opening 48 hours24 April 2016
Battleborn open beta infographic contains massive numbers, literal nonsense24 April 2016
AMD to challenge Nvidia this year with 14nm Polaris 10 GPUs24 April 2016
Persona 5 official site hacked, release date and PC version faked23 April 2016
Eve's China-West server unification 'held back' by legal issues23 April 2016
Borderlands 3 confirmed for when Gearbox finish working on Battleborn23 April 2016
Navy SEALS join Rainbow Six Siege in latest DLC with two new operators23 April 2016
Doom's framerate won't be capped at launch - the FPS's advanced graphics options revealed22 April 2016
Minecraft developers Mojang have released a free strategy game called Crown and Council22 April 2016
Nvidia Showcase: how to get the critically acclaimed Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC for free from NVIDIA22 April 2016
Outlast 2's first gameplay video shows a terrifying and tense chase through a cornfield22 April 2016
Turn-based tank strategy, Panzer Corps, goes free on Steam for the weekend22 April 2016
Cooking "requires an entire room in your house", so VR enthusiasts will make the effort, says CCP dev22 April 2016
PC players winning thanks to Hitman's latest patch - bask in that sweet bias22 April 2016
League of Angels II giveaway! Win one of 300 codes for in-game gold, worth $11!22 April 2016
Cancelled MMO that spawned Overwatch team "failed horrifically" says Kaplan22 April 2016
After just one match, World of Warships is already a better eSport than World of Tanks22 April 2016
Humble Bundle adds best of Devolver Digital, two new games to Telltale collection22 April 2016
Company of Heroes 2 pumping 50% of skin competition purchases back into community22 April 2016
Mirror's Edge Catalyst has the best parkour in all of gaming22 April 2016
Sapienza is the sun-kissed Hitman sandbox we’ve been waiting for22 April 2016
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada sails onto Steam in a spaceship covered in skulls22 April 2016
StarCraft World Champion Life arrested and charged in matchfixing investigation22 April 2016
Champions of Anteria is Ubisoft's new PC RTS, debut trailer features the word "checkeroonie"22 April 2016
CS:GO testing out "Prime Matchmaking" for players with verified accounts22 April 2016
Ex-Witcher 3 devs' isometric, free-running RPG, Seven, gets dramatic first trailer21 April 2016
Ubisoft releases hotfix for The Division's game-breaking glitch21 April 2016
"With Tyranny we wanted to create a more nuanced evil," - Obsidian on crafting a new RPG experience21 April 2016
Project Nova hands-on: the Dust 514 team swap the expanse of Eve for tight PC shooting21 April 2016
The Elder Scrolls: Legends is Bethesda's answer to Hearthstone - sign up for the beta now21 April 2016
Mirror's Edge Catalyst loses momentum, is delayed until June 721 April 2016
Massive orbital cities showcased in Eve Online's Citadels expansion trailers21 April 2016
Hitman's next episode out Tuesday, new trailer features a madman yammering about bioweapons21 April 2016
The Frisbee game from Tron is being made for VR21 April 2016
"Why not have a vision instead of just making the same shit as everyone else?" - CliffyB talks LawBreakers21 April 2016
EVE: Valkyrie receives 'trench run' Carrier Assault update, VR cross-play21 April 2016
LawBreakers challenges you to beat gravity, and doesn't go down easy21 April 2016
Project Nova announced as FPS PC tie-in for EVE Online21 April 2016
Eve Fanfest kicks off, tune into the stream for latest news21 April 2016
Mega Drive classics go on sale in your childhood bedroom to celebrate Steam Workshop support21 April 2016
Hellblade devs had mo-cap actor copy existing animations to save time21 April 2016
John Romero dresses as a keyboard Jedi to develop new FPS in a bizarre teaser video20 April 2016
The Elder Scrolls Online's Dark Brotherhood trailer gives us a first look at sneaky murder20 April 2016
Treyarch have started sending out closed alpha invites for Black Ops 3's modding tools20 April 2016
Post-apocalyptic FTL-alike March of The Living has shuffled onto Steam20 April 2016
Rocket League's free Hoops DLC slam dunks into futuristic carball arenas on April 2620 April 2016
Ironbeak Owl, Big Game Hunter and more nerfed in new Hearthstone card review20 April 2016
Play Trove's Mantle of Power expansion now by buying a booster pack20 April 2016
BioShock in Unreal 4 looks good enough to move to an underwater dystopia for20 April 2016
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada's launch trailer is drowning in ships20 April 2016
Topic of the Week: Are you interested in Doom's multiplayer?20 April 2016
Total War: Warhammer gets chivalrous with the playable Bretonnian faction 20 April 2016
Heroes of the Storm update includes Tracer's pre-release20 April 2016
Sometimes Always Monsters continues the saga of a struggling author this year20 April 2016
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition's online functionality has returned after over a week20 April 2016
Guild Wars 2 Spring Quarterly Update introduces level boosting, bigger experience gains, and lots of rewards20 April 2016
Nvidia Showcase: VR - an exciting new frontier in gaming and beyond20 April 2016
Dark Souls - The Board Game has been funded ten times over on Kickstarter20 April 2016
Kerbal Space Program 1.1 brings performance improvements and more mod support20 April 2016
League of Legends' Mid-Season Magic brings "cohesion and game health" to mages19 April 2016
Get what you deserve in The Walking Dead: Michonne's final episode on April 2619 April 2016
Hearthstone expansion Whispers of the Old Gods release date on the cards for April 2719 April 2016
Don't take a leap of faith, come see the system requirements for Mirror's Edge Catalyst19 April 2016
Bastion and Transistor developer's next game is a party-based RPG with eye-popping art19 April 2016
Trove expansion The Mantle of Power challenges players with new, deadlier worlds19 April 2016
The Warcraft movie's new trailer has fighting, CGI and questionable music19 April 2016
The Black Death giveaway! Win one of 100 copies of this unforgiving survival game!19 April 2016
New rhythm action game lets you play as Chvrches, Little Dragon, and other indie royalty19 April 2016
Counter-Strike 1.6 can be played on Android phones, in full, if you're a masochist19 April 2016
Hitman's new escalation contract pits bald triggermen against "extreme" security19 April 2016
Dark Souls 3 is the fastest-selling game in Bandai Namco US history19 April 2016
Rambo: The Video Game is getting DLC and we can't work out why19 April 2016
The Banner Saga 2 PC review19 April 2016
Mafia 3 brings HBO-style homicide to the PC on October 719 April 2016
Guile over brawn: Street Fighter 5 gains another familiar face this month19 April 2016
Play Fallout: New Vegas as a YouTube-your-own-adventure19 April 2016
Ratchet & Clank devs Insomniac surface on Steam with Song of the Deep on July 1219 April 2016
GTA 5 meets Cities: Skylines in miniature Los Santos fan video19 April 2016
John Romero FPS incoming on PC, legendary Doom designer hints19 April 2016
And now your watch is over - Overwatch closed beta ends April 2518 April 2016
New hero duo Iggy & Scorch bound onto the Paragon roster in Early Access on April 2118 April 2016
Blade & Soul's Shattered Empire update adds the biggest group challenge so far on April 2718 April 2016
Sabre Week comes to GTA Online, adding discounts and bonuses alongside a new ride18 April 2016
League of Legends patch 6.818 April 2016
WoW's sixth expansion, Legion, will shatter the realms with an August 30 launch18 April 2016
War Thunder's daily updated WW2 event series is live, features over 70 recreated battles18 April 2016
Let's twist again - BioShock creator Ken Levine is making an interactive Twilight Zone movie18 April 2016
Tickets for Minecon 2016 go on sale on May 6 - dig into the details here18 April 2016
Asus add three new Adaptive-Sync monitors to their range, two with 4K resolution18 April 2016
Sci-fi strategy classic Battlezone 98 Redux flanks everyone in a surprise Steam launch18 April 2016
Back in 1995 is a survival horror that looks like it was recovered from a 20-year time warp 18 April 2016
12 Dark Souls 3 tips and tricks that are new to the series18 April 2016
Insomniac announce two new VR games: brawler Feral Rites and magic duel The Unspoken18 April 2016
Doom open beta extended, continue blasting hellspawn today18 April 2016
Ubisoft looking to “punish” players over The Division exploit18 April 2016
A Guitar Hero MMO was almost a reality, complete with turn-based dance battles18 April 2016
Making it in Unreal: take on toys in the great, physics-y outdoors of R.C. Bot Inc.18 April 2016
DayZ creator’s VR-exclusive shooter Out of Ammo is now on Steam Early Access18 April 2016
Ark: Survival Evolved developer settles lawsuit with Trendy Entertainment18 April 2016
All Walls Must Fall demands time-travelling cold war tactics in cyberpunk Berlin18 April 2016
Castlevania devs announce asymmetric multiplayer Raiders of the Broken Planet17 April 2016
The Black Death rolls into Early Access April 1917 April 2016
VR storyteller FATED: The Silent Oath destined for release end of April17 April 2016
Some guy just built the BFG from Doom out of Lego17 April 2016
Trine's stealthy successor Shadwen sneaks out this May16 April 2016
Paradox claims Hearts of Iron IV 'most moddable game yet'16 April 2016
Japanese high school horror Corpse Party materializes on PC April 2516 April 2016
Unseen Half-Life 2 concept art makes its way online16 April 2016
New Ghostbusters game coming in July to star completely new cast16 April 2016
Get your name in the stars by pre-ordering Stellaris15 April 2016
Rocket League patch 1.16 sorting out dodgy car hitboxes15 April 2016
'Uninstall QuickTime for Windows today' urges security firm15 April 2016
Dark Souls III update tweaks a bunch of swords, DLC due this Fall15 April 2016
Anti-aug propaganda sites and a man wrecking wine with a robo-arm - must be a Deus Ex ARG15 April 2016
Dark Souls board game brings Ornstein and Smough to your tabletop, kickstarts April 1915 April 2016
Between Me and The Night giveaway! Win one of 100 copies of this surreal platformer, worth $14.99!15 April 2016
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture PC port review15 April 2016
"We don't condone it," Oculus respond to hack that lets you play Rift exclusives on HTC Vive15 April 2016
Elite: Dangerous 2.1, The Engineers expansion, supercruises into beta in May15 April 2016
Rule over the birthplace of humanity with Democracy 3: Africa, out now15 April 2016
Aurion is a hand-drawn RPG homage to the culture and legacy of Central Africa15 April 2016
This is the Police casts you as a retiring head cop faced with the morally questionable15 April 2016
Razer's new wireless Man O'War headset is all about minimising interference and dropouts15 April 2016
Hefty 4GB Skyrim mod adds more buildings, NPCs, personality to cities15 April 2016
Chainsaws and silenced pistols together at last in fan-made GoldenEye remake for Doom15 April 2016
Mirror's Edge Catalyst closed beta begins April 22 for those with Faith15 April 2016
Ubisoft's E3 2016 press conference is happening on June 1314 April 2016
Rainbow Six Siege is free on Steam for the entire weekend so you can hammer it14 April 2016
Atlas Reactor closed beta adds seasonal story missions to the XCOM-meets-Dota hybrid14 April 2016
Dark Souls 3 is currently the most popular non-Valve game on Steam, beating even ARK14 April 2016
Two Big Ten schools will battle it out on April 25 at the BTN Invitational League of Legends event14 April 2016
Nvidia Showcase: Mad Max, Day of the Tentacle Remastered now discounted during NVIDIA’s sale14 April 2016
Final Fantasy 14 gets a new PvP arena where you can earn special mounts and gear14 April 2016
New Escalation Contracts land for Hitman, along with a special SMG for completionists14 April 2016
Doom open beta - start time, access details, maps and modes14 April 2016
See diplomacy, war and tech advancement in a tour of the galaxy with the new Stellaris trailer14 April 2016
Powerful mage Khadgar joins Hearthstone as a new, limited edition hero, available until April 2414 April 2016
Lakers legend Kobe Bryant's career lives on in the NBA 2K17 Legend Edition14 April 2016
Microsoft's CaptionBot cautiously tries to guess what's happening in game screenshots, fails14 April 2016
A look at the layout of Warhammer's old world in latest Total War trailer14 April 2016
Should you play Dark Souls 3 even if you don't enjoy difficult games?14 April 2016
Nova Covert Ops is the culmination of everything Blizzard’s learned in five years of making StarCraft II14 April 2016
A tiny fantasy glimpse at Guild Wars 2’s Spring Update in teaser trailer for April 19 release14 April 2016
Hidden talents: HTC Vive will gain "real, new functionality" after release via firmware updates, says Valve developer14 April 2016
The World in Wargaming: Sengoku Jidai: Shadow of the Shogun paints a beautiful picture of Japanese civil war14 April 2016
No need to search for clues about Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter - its delayed to June 1014 April 2016
Listing for Witcher 3's Blood and Wine was 'placeholder' says GRYOnline editor, actual date unknown14 April 2016
Won’t be the last one: Final Fantasy IX PC out now with added features and new models14 April 2016
Lando Calrissian and Cloud City join Star Wars Battlefront in the Bespin expansion this June13 April 2016
Court documents reveal GTA 5 has generated $3 billion to date13 April 2016
Fictional budget restraints see No Man's Sky reimagined as an FMV reboot based in Slough13 April 2016
Hearthstone cards singing Britney Spears' Baby One More Time is as good as you'd imagine13 April 2016
VR's adoption rate may be slower than 3DTVs, but Facebook's playing the long game with a 10-year plan13 April 2016
The Witcher veterans swap Geralt for Garrett in thieving isometric RPG Seven13 April 2016
Topic of the Week: Your Dark Souls stories13 April 2016
Enter the Gungeon sells 170,000 on Steam in a week, devs can now afford a real-life gungeon13 April 2016
The Division Incursion update: what to expect in Falcon Lost and how to get gear sets13 April 2016
Roll back your NVIDIA drivers to fix Quantum Break PC issues, say Remedy13 April 2016
Titanfall 2 and three EA Sports titles headline public Play EA events in June13 April 2016
Everybody’s going to the rapture tomorrow - seriously, the game’s out April 1413 April 2016
Nobody say Bloodlines 2: Leonard Boyarsky reunites with fellow Troika alumnus Tim Cain at Obsidian13 April 2016
Dark Souls 3 PC port review13 April 2016
Some who ordered Oculus Rift within minutes won’t be getting it for months13 April 2016
Ex Rockstar North exec sues Take-Two Interactive for $150m in unpaid royalties12 April 2016
FTL meets zombie fiction as March of the Living shuffles towards an April 20 release12 April 2016
Nvidia Showcase: is your PC ready for virtual reality?12 April 2016
Loot extra special winter clothing in The Division's Incursions update, which is now live12 April 2016
Holy Sith! Someone has recreated the Star Wars Rogue One trailer in Fallout 412 April 2016
Overwatch's final beta weekend is live on April 15-16 - here are the details12 April 2016
Ashes of the Singularity patch 1.01 addresses balancing issues across the entire game12 April 2016
Meet your gun-averse enemies and the evil corporations of Mirror's Edge Catalyst12 April 2016
Fallout 4 channels Pokemon with its Wasteland Workshop DLC, out now12 April 2016
RollerCoaster Tycoon World Early Access review12 April 2016
New heroes, generals, an entire race and more coming as free Total War: Warhammer DLC12 April 2016
Forget tea and wings: Dark Souls 3 is here, and its launch trailer is actually great12 April 2016
Edge of Tomorrow remains Hollywood's best videogame adaptation (and it didn't need a license)12 April 2016
Minecraft-VR-like Chunks launched by Facepunch via Early Access12 April 2016
With a streaming audience 10% as big as its player count, CS:GO is a hit spectator sport thanks to ex-pros and betting12 April 2016
Triumphant tanks: Na’Vi take down Hellraisers in World of Tanks season final12 April 2016
Mainlining has you hacking the hacktivists from the comfort of somebody else's desktop12 April 2016
Praise the sun! We've got some Dark Souls 3 merchandise to give away!12 April 2016
Dark Souls 3 crash bugs: all the fixes to stop you going hollow12 April 2016
Quietly, Samsung have sold more than 1 million curved monitors to date12 April 2016
Dark Souls 3 beginner's guide - boss tips, class guide, Estus shard and Ember locations12 April 2016
Organisers Perfect World "making changes to internal personnel" in wake of disastrous Dota 2 Shanghai Major12 April 2016
The three phases of Stellaris are laid out in a candid new developer diary from Paradox11 April 2016
Consortium: The Tower raises over $155k on Fig in a day, surpassing its entire Kickstarter run11 April 2016
Dark Souls 3 PC review11 April 2016
Dark Souls 3 release times, patches and other details to distract you from the next 12 hours of waiting11 April 2016
“To us, having a transgender character wasn’t that big a deal,” says Baldur's Gate developer11 April 2016
Better the devil you know - The Curse of Tristram brings Diablo 2 to StarCraft 2 Arcade11 April 2016
HOUND aims to make alien ecosystems and unimaginable worlds powered by AI11 April 2016
Titanfall 2 teaser shows a flash of robot leg, announces worldwide reveal on June 1211 April 2016
The Devil's Daughter, and the design challenges of being Sherlock Holmes11 April 2016
Someone finished Fallout 3 and all its DLC without dying or healing11 April 2016
Is Steam too powerful? Indie devs consider Valve’s dominant position11 April 2016
Riot bury massive statue of League of Legends champion Nautilus in sea bed to act as artificial reef11 April 2016
Codemasters acquire Evolution Studios as new development team, won't be splitting them up11 April 2016
Making it in Unreal: Light Repair Team #4 brings bright ideas to the Vive11 April 2016
Summer home: Constructor HD will release later on this year to “get it right”11 April 2016
Dinosaur skeletons from space and King Kong battle it out in final stage of $63,000 Ark modding contest11 April 2016
Magic Duels giveaway! We've got 5 codes for in-game gold, worth $12, to give away!10 April 2016
Rust randomly assigns genders by SteamID, players confused and unhappy10 April 2016
Paradox goes from medieval warfare to sci-fi exploration in Stellaris dev diary 10 April 2016
The Division's gear sets revealed ahead of this week's end-game update10 April 2016
Final Fantasy XV PC version being considered, could contain cut content10 April 2016
Don't Starve Together escapes Steam Early Access on April 219 April 2016
Bullfrog 'stopped being the same' after EA takeover9 April 2016
Today's best deals from the week-long Amazon PC gaming sale9 April 2016
Nosgoth cancelled as Early Access audience 'hasn’t grown enough'9 April 2016
ESL One Cologne to host next $1m CS:GO tournament9 April 2016
US Senator writes letter to Oculus Rift requesting transparency after privacy concerns8 April 2016
David Hayter returns as Solid Snake with Konami's backing... In a Ford advert8 April 2016
Welkin Road looks like Mirror's Edge on mushrooms8 April 2016
Take a look at this Tomb Raider 2 Unreal 4 fan remake before it's buried in a vault8 April 2016
Steam Controller hardware revision incoming, following 400K original units shipped8 April 2016
HTC address influx of questions over Vive launch woes with a big old FAQ8 April 2016
Heroes of the Storm unlocks the full roster of heroes and offers +50% XP this weekend8 April 2016
Apply Gold Pine Resin, scoff Green Blossom and take a bow - Dark Souls 3 pre-load is live8 April 2016
Play out your Revenant fantasies with 8-player co-op survival game The Wild Eight8 April 2016
Left 4 Dead 3: an undead wish list8 April 2016
Prepare for an infinite journey through the cosmos with the 10-track No Man's Sky OST8 April 2016
Clandestine giveaway! Win one of 100 copies of this Cold War espionage game worth $24.99!8 April 2016
Square Enix are canning vampire vs. human battler Nosgoth on May 318 April 2016
Why videogames aren't funny8 April 2016
The Making of Doom: id's shooter masterpiece8 April 2016
John Carmack given BAFTA fellowship - “thank you very much for this honour but I’m just getting started”8 April 2016
Tyranny and the nature of evil: "Everyone’s the hero of their own story"8 April 2016
Attack on Titan is coming to PC - get ready to stab giant, naked eunuchs in the neck8 April 2016
NVIDIA's first Pascal-based Tesla P100 doesn't use the full Pascal GPU core8 April 2016
Don’t go hollow: there’s a fix for 360 controllers breaking in Windows 10’s insider beta8 April 2016
Telltale Publishing's nightmare is zombie-survival-craftorama 7 Days To Die8 April 2016
Street Fighter 5 is "a marathon and not a sprint" - Capcom address lack of content7 April 2016
Bethesda plan to take advantage of the extra room and host a two-hour E3 special7 April 2016
Shadowrun Returns-inspired, officially-backed Fear Effect sequel heading to Kickstarter7 April 2016
Oculus Rift isn't using your personal data for targeted Facebook ads... yet7 April 2016
Battlezone 98 Redux dev diary talks Steam Workshop, old maps and increased sexiness7 April 2016
GDC 2016 presentation document shows lively New Orleans in fresh Mafia 3 screens7 April 2016
New Battlefleet Gothic: Armada trailer teaches you to respect your Eldars7 April 2016
Taric: hands-on with the reworked League of Legends Champion7 April 2016
Devs of cancelled Metal Gear Solid remake announce new, David Hayter-backed MGS VR project7 April 2016
How VR will destroy the world, as foretold by these dystopian narratives7 April 2016
Nostalrius emulates World of Warcraft as it was a decade ago, and Blizzard are shutting it down on April 107 April 2016
LionNotDead: Fable Legends could continue development as an indie project7 April 2016
The blood red capes are coming: Chaos units shown off in new Total War: Warhammer trailer7 April 2016
Battleborn open beta pre-load begins, will feature 25 characters and multiple modes7 April 2016
Show me Heavensward: a Final Fantasy 14 diary - week 97 April 2016
Beamdog fixing Siege of Dragonspear bugs, improving trans character and removing controversial dialogue7 April 2016
Behold the world's thinnest laptop - HP's Spectre is just 10.4mm thick7 April 2016
Show's over, no encore: Rock Band 4 PC crowdfunding campaign fails to hit goal7 April 2016
Quantum Break brands pirates, as well as some legitimate buyers, with in-game eyepatch6 April 2016
Europa Universalis IV: Mare Nostrum available today, letting you access the ocean's bounty6 April 2016
BlizzCon tickets go on sale April 20 - prepare to be left out in the cold6 April 2016
FACEIT and Twitch partner up to launch first eSports league with team co-ownership6 April 2016
Banner Saga 2's launch trailer prepares you for another sombre trek across the icy tundra6 April 2016
ARK: Survival of the Fittest is the playable Hunger Games you always wanted6 April 2016
Impending Doom - open beta starts April 15, multiplayer-centric post launch plans gouged open6 April 2016
Topic of the Week: Which old game needs an expansion?6 April 2016
Furi is a twin-stick gem where every minute is a Herculean boss fight6 April 2016
Shiny were the eccentric hit machine that ruled the '90s - and want to get the band back together6 April 2016
Aeris lives? Final Fantasy 7: Remake will be three full games, plot may change significantly6 April 2016
eGames, an eSports Olympics-like that runs concurrently to the Games, backed by UK government6 April 2016
Early Access Later On: Starbound revisited6 April 2016
The Division patch 1.1 adds raids, gear sets, trading and more stuff you remember from World of Warcraft6 April 2016
Edmund McMillen to be inevitably drenched in poop after asking for item submissions for Binding of Isaac6 April 2016
League of Legends patch 6.76 April 2016
Overwatch ranked mode patch deployed, plus new Tracer pose and much more6 April 2016
League of Legends Taric rework officially revealed, the Gem Knight is now the Shield of Valoren5 April 2016
Nvidia Showcase: HTC Vive’s most immersive virtual reality experiences 5 April 2016
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Tracer blinks in to Heroes of the Storm on April 26, get early access if you pre-order Overwatch4 April 2016
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