May 2021 Archive

Among Us goes from 350k daily PC players to two million after Epic giveaway31 May 2021
Warframe devs reveal Yareli's abilities31 May 2021
Necromunda: Hired Gun review - working nine to hive31 May 2021
Total War: Warhammer 3 and Darktide devs set for Skulls Showcase stream31 May 2021
Nvidia might finally unveil ray tracing support for Doom Eternal31 May 2021
Old Need for Speed games are being delisted - today31 May 2021
World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade release time confirmed31 May 2021
Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs part one launches in eight days31 May 2021
Two Point Hospital goes to college in the newly-leaked Two Point Campus31 May 2021
Razer's Mamba gaming mice are under $60 with up to a 52% discount31 May 2021
Intel reiterates it'll be a couple of years before the gaming PC part shortage lets up31 May 2021
Ubisoft Connect's revamped chat service arrives this week30 May 2021
This Biomutant mod tunes its graphics for maximum beep-boop30 May 2021
XCOM 2's massive The Long War of the Chosen mod is nearly done30 May 2021
PUBG's publisher is making a new game based on a series of Korean fantasy novels30 May 2021
The Days Gone mods have started flooding in now that it's on PC30 May 2021
It's time to play Minecraft with a Bop It29 May 2021
Lost arcade game preserved for the first time in the latest MAME release29 May 2021
Resident Evil Village modded to make Lady Dimitrescu even taller29 May 2021
One of the best horror games on Steam is free to keep for one more day29 May 2021
Hades fans are releasing an Iliad audiobook29 May 2021
RetroArch gets an easy way to play HD, widescreen SNES games29 May 2021
What if: Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu got her own game?29 May 2021
Biomutant devs say upcoming patch will improve basically everything that's bad29 May 2021
Looks like Steam's getting a library manager to show which games take the most space28 May 2021
There are still "no plans for a worldwide release" of Dragon Quest X28 May 2021
Minecraft devs explain how the Caves & Cliffs mobs will spawn without the new biomes28 May 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator now "only" needs 83GB of drive space28 May 2021
Punk Wars is a Mad Max spin on Civilization28 May 2021
In Far Cry 6 a wheelchair-bound dachshund bites people in the balls28 May 2021
For The King is 60% off in Curve Digital's sale - watch gameplay here28 May 2021
Genshin Impact isn't just Zelda: Breath of the Wild anymore - now it's Wind Waker28 May 2021
Total War: Three Kingdoms is getting review bombed after devs terminate support28 May 2021
How to get the most out of the OMEN Gaming Hub28 May 2021
Cyberpunk 2077 has a new director28 May 2021
The best Resident Evil Village mods28 May 2021
This Skyrim mod lets you turn Good Boy Meeko into a corgi, terrier, or pug28 May 2021
You have less than a month to unlock Age of Empires 3's US civ for free28 May 2021
Human Fall Flat is on sale with a free new level - watch gameplay here28 May 2021
Steam's open-world games sale has Rust, RDR2, Cyberpunk 2077 for less28 May 2021
Biomutant Fry-Sparker microwave puzzle locations28 May 2021
Biomutant Flush-Stool toilet puzzle locations28 May 2021
Chunky CS:GO patch brings Ancient, Grind, Mocha, Cache map changes28 May 2021
Sony leaked its own Uncharted 4 PC announcement and didn't even try to hide it27 May 2021
Iron Harvest's new American faction DLC is out now27 May 2021
Dying Light 2: Stay Human's new trailer shows a dangerous, dense world27 May 2021
Dying Light 2 is dead, but Dying Light 2: Stay Human is out this December27 May 2021
Samsung Odyssey G7 review - a big gaming monitor with big value27 May 2021
The Dying Light 2 reveal event will begin soon27 May 2021
AMD Zen 4 gaming CPUs could see a 20% IPC gain over Zen 327 May 2021
Minecraft's first Caves & Cliffs pre-release is out now27 May 2021
Nvidia's GeForce RTX 3080 Ti matches the RTX 3090 in benchmarks27 May 2021
Two of the best RTS games ever are free to keep this weekend on Steam27 May 2021
I Am Fish is the Pixar-esque successor to I Am Bread - win a chance to play now!27 May 2021
The next mainline Sonic game comes to PC in 202227 May 2021
House of Ashes' monsters aren't hallucinations this time: "These things are real"27 May 2021
House of Ashes first look: "We're not making Tomb Raider or Call of Duty"27 May 2021
Dragon Quest 12 is "Dragon Quest for adults"27 May 2021
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's first major update includes a huge list of fixes27 May 2021
Some Rocket Lake motherboards struggle with Intel's i9 11900K gaming CPU27 May 2021
Fortnite - Where to find the tallest mountain to place the spirit crystal27 May 2021
Epic's free game this week is Among Us27 May 2021
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground review - solid strategy27 May 2021
Total War: Three Kingdoms will get a second standalone game27 May 2021
Prime Gaming brings Assassin's Creed Valhalla bundle and more games this June27 May 2021
Victoria 3, diplomatic plays, and the art of war27 May 2021
Where to find the Fortnite Ghost ruins and Shadow ruins27 May 2021
How to craft guns in Biomutant27 May 2021
GTA Online weekly update adds eight new Stunt Races27 May 2021
FFXIV 5.55 is out, so the game's 60% off26 May 2021
Euro Truck Simulator 2 devs tease new truck model like it's bigfoot26 May 2021
Deep Rock Galactic is getting an integrated three-tier modding system26 May 2021
20 years later, N64 emulator Project64 gets its 3.0 update26 May 2021
Fallout 76's latest patch fixes busted enemy spawns26 May 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator's latest patch fixes indestructible wing ice and lots more26 May 2021
BlizzCon 2021 is dead, long live BlizzConline 202226 May 2021
Solasta: Crown of the Magister review - DnD with a dash of XCOM26 May 2021
This Cyberpunk 2077 x Star Wars mod is stressing me out26 May 2021
Where to find the Fortnite broken telescopes and downed black helicopter26 May 2021
We're getting closer to ARM gaming PCs, as Microsoft expands Windows 10 support26 May 2021
Genshin Impact's 1.6 livestream kicks off later this week26 May 2021
Gothic boomer shooter Graven enters early access today26 May 2021
This is what the Victoria 3 maps looks like right now26 May 2021
The best Biomutant classes and breeds26 May 2021
Apex Legends' Valkyrie is getting nerfed26 May 2021
Crusader Kings 3’s game director teases more 3D environments in future updates26 May 2021
PUBG's latest Miramar map rework is on the test server26 May 2021
Stardew Valley Expanded update adds new maps, new events, and lets you marry the wizard25 May 2021
Final Fantasy XIV is still getting new hairstyles from a 2015 fan design contest25 May 2021
Anno 1800's Tourist Season DLC has arrived, along with a free update25 May 2021
Valve is reportedly making a Switch-style console that could launch in 202125 May 2021
Humankind devs reveal the Soviets as the 4X game's next contemporary culture25 May 2021
Dead by Daylight will get a Resident Evil crossover for its fifth anniversary25 May 2021
Here's League of Legends' new and improved Dr. Mundo25 May 2021
Corsair's FPS gaming mouse is currently under $40 with up to 42% off25 May 2021
Gaming PC upgrades will cost a fortune as RAM and SSD prices continue to rise25 May 2021
Valve might have a Steam-powered handheld gaming PC in the works25 May 2021
J.J. Abrams confirms a Portal movie is in development after eight years25 May 2021
Please look at these extremely cursed Civilization 6 horsemen25 May 2021
Overwatch 2's Bastion rework could make him more mobile in sentry mode25 May 2021
Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 release date, operators, and roadmap25 May 2021
Dota 2 patch 7.29d brings Axe, Bristleback, Broodmother, Invoker changes, and more25 May 2021
There will "almost certainly" be an Overwatch 2 beta25 May 2021
Let’s Build a Zoo is basically immoral Planet Zoo, and the beta starts this week24 May 2021
This Civilization 6 mod adds Mondstadt from Genshin Impact24 May 2021
Voxel Tycoon is an adorable transportation manager that goes on forever24 May 2021
Euro Truck Simulator 2 is getting official multiplayer, and it's already in beta for ATS24 May 2021
This full VR mod for GTFO turns it into Absolutely The Hell Not24 May 2021
Rainbow Six Siege Thunderbird - everything we know24 May 2021
This Skyrim mod is about rebuilding the Hall of the Vigilant and defending it from vampires24 May 2021
This Age of Empires 2 player wrote over 11,500 words to help you get good24 May 2021
Total War: Warhammer 3's Kislev faction goes sledding with bears and guns24 May 2021
Biomutant review - open world by numbers24 May 2021
Frontier CEO apologises "wholeheartedly" for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey launch24 May 2021
Razer gaming PC listing suggests Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti launch is close24 May 2021
AMD's Zen 4 AM5 socket could adopt a similar pin design to Intel24 May 2021
Rainbow Six Siege: North Star release date and operator24 May 2021
Stellaris devs “not done yet” with the game, “there's plenty of stuff to do”24 May 2021
Nvidia could stop supporting older Kepler GPUs, even if you can't buy a new card24 May 2021
Genshin Impact's Serenitea Pot is getting heaps of improvements in update 1.624 May 2021
Days Gone is Steam's top seller23 May 2021
Watch Dogs Legion PvP modes delayed until August23 May 2021
Every Rainbow Six Siege North Star change detailed23 May 2021
Doom is literally playing in this article23 May 2021
Critters For Sale is Disco Elysium meets Silent Hill, first part free on Steam23 May 2021
Elder Scrolls Online wanted to explore the Dwemer, but Todd Howard said no23 May 2021
WoW Classic Burning Crusade PvP ranking bug is being fixed next week23 May 2021
Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition adds haptic feedback for PS5 controllers22 May 2021
This Resident Evil Village mod turns your knife into Heisenberg's hammer, or any other melee weapon22 May 2021
Cyberpunk 2077's Viktor is now richer than Bill Gates22 May 2021
Victoria 3 devs on slavery and colonisation: “we are not confident we got it right”22 May 2021
PUBG has a Red Dead Redemption 2-like spinoff on the way22 May 2021
What if: Fallout 5 lets you play as a ghoul?22 May 2021
Netflix is looking to move into videogames, report claims22 May 2021
Crysis 2 Remastered being teased22 May 2021
The best Star Wars game now has ray tracing21 May 2021
Twitch creates a hot tub category because you all won't stop being babies about it21 May 2021
The Last Spell blends Into the Breach, They Are Billions, and a little Fire Emblem21 May 2021
Victoria 3's “decentralised” nations may become playable in a future update21 May 2021
Stellaris, Cities: Skylines, and Surviving Mars are free for PDXCon weekend21 May 2021
It’s true, Victoria 3 is the next Paradox grand strategy game21 May 2021
Empire of Sin is expanding its roster with Fixers, who include a former Texas governor21 May 2021
Next Hearts of Iron 4 DLC announced at PDXCon Remixed21 May 2021
Crusader Kings 3 DLC Royal Court will let you show off in a personal throne room21 May 2021
Minecraft gets "up to 91" new blocks in Caves & Cliffs part one21 May 2021
Total War: Warhammer 3's Kislev winged lancers are ready to skewer daemons21 May 2021
AMD CEO maintains that graphics card availability will improve soon21 May 2021
Razer's 144Hz gaming monitor with RGB lighting is up to 24% cheaper21 May 2021
Laxidaze is a funky cyberpunk mash-up of Pokémon and Persona21 May 2021
Where to find Rambo’s POW dog tags in Warzone21 May 2021
How to access the Nakatomi Plaza vault in Warzone21 May 2021
No Man's Sky expedition turns out to be a massive Mass Effect Easter egg21 May 2021
A leak suggests Victoria 3 could be announced at PDXCon Remixed tonight21 May 2021
The best LW3 Tundra Warzone loadout21 May 2021
Sign up to Crossout here for your choice of bonus items21 May 2021
Genshin Impact Battlefront Misty Dungeon event guide21 May 2021
Destiny 2 is getting a cross-play beta next week21 May 2021
Phasmophobia's getting some new ghost types in the next beta update21 May 2021
AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT GPU spotted in the wild21 May 2021
Fallout 76 devs looking into Legendary crafting system "improvements"21 May 2021
League of Legends patch 11.11 notes - Project: Bastion, new skins, Master Yi, Senna changes21 May 2021
Fortnite's Ruby Shadows pack is free, and it's only on PC20 May 2021
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's first hotfix should improve stability20 May 2021
This mod makes Total War: Warhammer 2's Dread Saurian a lot more dreadful20 May 2021
Overwatch 2 teams are shrinking20 May 2021
Dwarf Fortress will let you throw captives into a volcano20 May 2021
How Total War: Warhammer 3 will "go out with a massive bang"20 May 2021
Shadow Warrior 3 looks like it's taking notes from Doom Eternal20 May 2021
Logitech's wireless gaming mouse has a 500+ hour battery life and 37% discount20 May 2021
Diablo Immortal's endgame is "much richer" than Diablo 3's20 May 2021
Expect Starfield at E3, but don't expect a 2021 release20 May 2021
AMD Zen 3 revision won't bring faster gaming CPUs, but could ease stock issues20 May 2021
NBA 2K21 is this week's free game from the Epic Games Store20 May 2021
The best Carv.2 loadout in Warzone20 May 2021
FFXIV players are gathering to pay respects to Berserk creator Kentaro Miura20 May 2021
Microsoft will discontinue Internet Explorer after 25 years of service20 May 2021
Total War: Rome Remastered’s first patch fixes animals crossing bridges20 May 2021
GTA Online's panther statue is finally lootable from the Cayo Perico heist20 May 2021
Check out this Nvidia GeForce-powered PC inside of an old Gamecube20 May 2021
Where to find the Fortnite sandcastles20 May 2021
Dota 2 updates bring pesky noise bug fixes and new Supporter's Club content20 May 2021
New TimeSplitters game on the way from a re-formed Free Radical team20 May 2021
Female Hrothgar "will" come to FFXIV, but not in Endwalker19 May 2021
Warframe will see the release of Gara Prime Access next week19 May 2021
Intel Xe DG1 finds its way inside a gaming PC, which is good news for the DG219 May 2021
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey has arrived for small steps and giant leaps19 May 2021
Outriders reached more than 3.5 million players in its first month19 May 2021
Minecraft devs fix another bug that’s been there for eight years19 May 2021
Here's about 20 minutes of Diablo 2: Resurrected monsters doing monster stuff19 May 2021
Resident Evil Village, but every time you see Lady Dimitrescu her hat gets bigger19 May 2021
Summer Game Fest's Kick Off Live has Weezer, but no word on Elden Ring19 May 2021
Microsoft's Windows 10 21H1 update arrives - here's what's new19 May 2021
New Hearts of Iron 4 expansion will let you form a Nordic empire in Baltic rework19 May 2021
Rocket League is getting a Formula 1 fan pack19 May 2021
Apex Legends’ Lifeline is numerically "too strong" right now, but no nerfs are planned19 May 2021
Forget the RTX 3080 Ti, Nvidia might have an RTX 3090 Ti on the way19 May 2021
Fortnite gets an NBA crossover event today - here's what it brings19 May 2021
Deathloop isn't the game I thought it was, and that's a good thing19 May 2021
Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War update introduces sniper flinch19 May 2021
This Civilization 6 city placement is next level19 May 2021
Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness gets its Netflix debut date19 May 2021
DDR5 RAM - everything we know about the next gen memory19 May 2021
GTA 5 speedrunner beats the game in nine hours without taking any damage19 May 2021
This GBA emulator runs in a browser and lets you pick up your save from any device18 May 2021
Civilization devs have "several" games in development that will be revealed "this year"18 May 2021
Ghost Recon Breakpoint's Teammate Experience Update launches this month18 May 2021
Take-Two plans to launch two new "immersive core" franchises by March 3118 May 2021
XCOM-like Phoenix Point's next DLC introduces the massive Behemoth18 May 2021
Upcoming 4X Humankind reveals its next Contemporary culture, the Indians18 May 2021
Call of Duty Season 3 Reloaded release time and patch size confirmed18 May 2021
SGDQ 2021 games revealed, including a one-hour speedrun of Dragon Age: Inquisition18 May 2021
Intel's new Optane H20 gives SSD performance a leg up on 11th gen CPUs18 May 2021
Portal 2 gets an update out of the blue, and it scraps the Workshop level file size limit18 May 2021
DnD-based RPG Solasta leaves Early Access and hits Game Pass next week18 May 2021
VR games now have access to Nvidia DLSS, starting with No Man's Sky18 May 2021
Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti - everything we know about the future high-end GPU18 May 2021
You can't get Nvidia's RTX 3080 in real life, but you can build one in Valheim18 May 2021
Mass Effect's infinite paragon and renegade glitch still works in the Legendary Edition18 May 2021
Empire of Sin will get a free 'Precinct Update' this year that adds mod support18 May 2021
Total War: Warhammer 3’s Kislev now features giant cats and gun sleighs18 May 2021
GTA Online and Red Dead Online are getting new races this month18 May 2021
This new Skyrim mod makes interactions way more immersive18 May 2021
Hefty Phasmophobia update brings difficulty tweaks, quality of life changes, bug fixes18 May 2021
Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti - everything we know about the future high-end GPU18 May 2021
The Ascent is a cyberpunk Diablo-like that’s packing heat18 May 2021
Valheim players are modding in new monsters to fight18 May 2021
WoW Classic’s Burning Crusade pre-patch begins rolling out today18 May 2021
League of Legends' support Senna changes have hit the PBE18 May 2021
Days Gone PC review - tasty rider18 May 2021
Genshin Impact adds two-factor authentication for better security17 May 2021
RetroArch is about to get far more frequent updates17 May 2021
Assassin's Creed Valhalla fans worked with a Mohawk cultural centre to translate Vinland dialogue17 May 2021
SteelSeries Rival 5 review - a lighter Logitech G50217 May 2021
No Man's Sky's second expedition starts today17 May 2021
Sims 4 roadmap offers fans hope for farming and bands17 May 2021
Microsoft has a hidden anti-ransomware feature in Windows 10 that you can enable17 May 2021
Chivalry 2 will host an open beta this month to test cross-play17 May 2021
AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT and RX 6600's rumoured specs outlined17 May 2021
While graphics card prices continue to rise, gaming motherboards could get cheaper17 May 2021
I'm a historical fan, but I liked Total War: Warhammer 3's battles17 May 2021
GTA Online players gather on NoPixel for in-game memorial to fellow roleplayer17 May 2021
Nvidia's RTX 3080 and other Ampere GPUs listed for triple their MSRP17 May 2021
Overwatch's 2021 Anniversary event introduces Funky Baptiste to the world17 May 2021
The Razer Huntsman Elite gaming keyboard is up to 23% cheaper17 May 2021
Genshin Impact Eula banner release time - Born of Ocean Swell starts soon17 May 2021
Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Resident Evil Village lead Steam top sellers16 May 2021
WoW's Chromie is trans, narrative lead confirms16 May 2021
Terraria celebrates tenth birthday with 50% off sale16 May 2021
Amazon's New World suggests selling XP boosts in-game, internet explodes16 May 2021
FFXIV patch 5.55 bringing Nier: Automata crossover epilogue, Endwalker prelude16 May 2021
Mass Effect Legendary Edition causing crashes, players unhappy about certain features15 May 2021
Asus ROG Gladius III Wireless review - not for big hands15 May 2021
Starfield reportedly Xbox and PC only15 May 2021
Rust may be getting more underwater environments, voice DLC15 May 2021
What if: Far Cry 6 brings back Trigens?15 May 2021
FFXIV Endwalker releases November15 May 2021
Asus ROG Claymore 2 review - wireless and modular luxury15 May 2021
Fallout 76 players are running a music festival to get trees planted in inner cities14 May 2021
American Truck Simulator devs bring a beautiful update on the Wyoming DLC14 May 2021
Kerbal Space Program 2 has cartoon tutorials and procedural wings14 May 2021
Things to shout in Old Norse when playing Valheim or AC Valhalla14 May 2021
Forget Victoria 3, this Victoria 2 mod can give you an (almost) 3D map14 May 2021
Rainbow Six Siege fan concepts Finka rework, devs think it's awesome14 May 2021
Civilization 5 mods - the best Civ 5 mods14 May 2021
The AMD RX 6900 XT just broke another GPU overclock record14 May 2021
Cozy little city builder Before We Leave has arrived on Steam14 May 2021
Don't fall for the scam MSI Afterburner website that's doing the rounds14 May 2021
War Thunder's Battle Pass vehicles offer a beefy twist on familiar hardware14 May 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone's infinite gas mask glitch has been fixed14 May 2021
Fallout 76 gets a new Steel Reign questline PTS and prep update soon14 May 2021
WoW Classic’s character cloning is getting a price slash14 May 2021
Assassin's Creed Valhalla season pass goes 25% off the same day the first DLC launches13 May 2021
Unlike Outriders, co-op DnD brawler Dark Alliance hits PC Game Pass on day one13 May 2021
Epic's next free game is likely to be huge13 May 2021
You can game on Teamgroup's new 1TB USB stick with SSD-rivalling speeds13 May 2021
Total Warhammer 3's DLC might reflect Warhammer: The Old World updates13 May 2021
E3 is an app now13 May 2021
Total War: Warhammer 3 adds tower defence to its battles and it's perfect13 May 2021
Corsair's 6400MHz DDR5 RAM is ready for next gen Intel and AMD PCs13 May 2021
Latest Age of Empires 3 DE patch breaks the new US civ's 50 state challenge13 May 2021
Roblox's Adopt Me has got its Toy Shop update13 May 2021
AC Valhalla Wrath of the Druids Ciara romance guide13 May 2021
The best M82 Warzone loadout13 May 2021
AC Valhalla Wrath of the Druids - Children of Danu guide13 May 2021
A desktop RTX 3050 Ti might join Nvidia's RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti13 May 2021
Fallout 76 fans have created an in-game cooking contest, and it's amazing13 May 2021
Genshin Impact's Prop Hunt-like mode Windtrace lands tomorrow13 May 2021
Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the new best way to play the trilogy13 May 2021
AC Valhalla Wrath of the Druids - Dublin renown guide13 May 2021
GTA Online's weekly update boosts rewards on Business Battles and Target Assault races13 May 2021
A CS:GO modder has taken Cobblestone back to its roots13 May 2021
League of Legends devs are moving support Senna's mythic builds "away from Frostfire Gauntlet"13 May 2021
WoW looks gorgeous as a tabletop town13 May 2021
Roblox's Adopt Me devs are starting a studio to "minimize overwork and burnout"12 May 2021
Humble crams $657 worth of stuff into a $20 bundle, and every penny goes to COVID relief12 May 2021
Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids DLC release time confirmed12 May 2021
Borderlands 3 is getting a six-week series of super boss fights12 May 2021
Minecraft is getting "twice as much Java"12 May 2021
New Nvidia Broadcast update improves your webcam and microphone for free12 May 2021
This Fallout 4 mod gives you "A Sassy Creed" hidden blades12 May 2021
Everything is on fire in this new Total War: Warhammer 3 trailer12 May 2021
Destiny 2 cross-play accidentally activated with Season of the Splicer launch12 May 2021
Sign up to innovative WWII shooter Enlisted and get free troops, guns, and premium12 May 2021
Budget AMD Big Navi GPUs could soon rival Nvidia's RTX 3060 Ti12 May 2021
This Stardew Valley mod lets you bang the Mandalorian12 May 2021
Civilization fans are making city location maps "for fun”12 May 2021
If Bioshock 4 is open world, it should be more RPG too12 May 2021
This Cyberpunk 2077 mod turns Johnny Silverhand into John Wick12 May 2021
GTA 5 gets an enhanced photorealism makeover - and it looks stunning12 May 2021
A Skyrim fan has killed every single NPC and creature so now everywhere's Solitude12 May 2021
Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids review - a hexcellent adventure12 May 2021
Apex Legends' Bocek and Spitfire have been nerfed12 May 2021
Dota 2's The International 10 is set for August with a $40 million prize pool12 May 2021
This month at Pocket Tactics: The Division Mobile, New Pokémon Snap, and more12 May 2021
Humankind devs reveal the Egyptians as 4X game's fifth contemporary culture11 May 2021
Europa Universalis 4 creator calls Leviathan "one of the worst releases we have had"11 May 2021
League of Legends devs unveil the MOBA's next big event, Project: Bastion11 May 2021
A Stargate strategy game is coming from the makers of Phantom Doctrine11 May 2021
Fantasy strategy game Master of Magic is getting a reboot11 May 2021
Intel expands its Tiger Lake lineup with new CPUs for gaming laptops11 May 2021
New HTC Vive Pro 2 VR headset packs a 5K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate11 May 2021
AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution could challenge Nvidia DLSS in June11 May 2021
Age of Empires 2 ranked play to lose deathmatch mode and gain Empire Wars11 May 2021
Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer release date and times - everything we know11 May 2021
SnowRunner Season 4 will have you building a giant rocket in Russia11 May 2021
New World devs unveil Dark Souls-like dungeon, the Amrine Excavation11 May 2021
Resident Evil Village hunting tips for beginners11 May 2021
Genshin Impact Eula banner and abilities11 May 2021
Here's Resident Evil: Village as a PS1 game11 May 2021
Resident Evil Village Goats of Warding locations11 May 2021
The best Resident Evil Village settings for performance on PC11 May 2021
GTA roleplayers are recreating WoW's Burning Crusade raid11 May 2021
Watch a live demo of upcoming space 4X game Distant Worlds 2 in action11 May 2021
PCGamesN has an Overwolf app - here's what it does and how to get it11 May 2021
Nvidia RTX 3050 and RTX 3050 Ti gaming laptops will start at just $79911 May 2021
Hood Outlaws and Legends characters - weapons, traits, and abilities11 May 2021
Red Dead Redemption 2 modders have rebalanced law and crime11 May 2021
Warhammer 40K game Battlesector now has a release date and pre-orders are live11 May 2021
League of Legends patch 11.10 notes - Arcana skins, jungle changes, Kog'Maw update11 May 2021
Galactic Civilizations 4 wants to mix Stellaris with Civilization in epic galaxies11 May 2021
Those Resident Evil Village puppet shows have been translated to English10 May 2021
This Minecraft steampunk city took a team seven months to build10 May 2021
Roblox users are set to earn nearly $500 million this year10 May 2021
Fortnite 16.40 release time confirmed - a vaulted weapon returns as an exotic10 May 2021
Assassin's Creed Valhalla reveals new DLC enemies, the Witcher offers combat tips10 May 2021
Gears 6 won't be announced "for some time"10 May 2021
Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest schedule - where to watch for Endwalker and patch 5.55 news10 May 2021
Genshin Impact Domain of Heresy - how to defeat Abyss Herald10 May 2021
HyperX releases DDR4 RAM with a higher clock speed than DDR510 May 2021
What is Overwolf and how can it help improve your game?10 May 2021
Fallout 3's opening is the best in the series10 May 2021
Half-Life: Alyx gets a Source Filmmaker movie for those of you without VR10 May 2021
AMD's future flagship Radeon RX 7900 XT could be 40% faster than the RX 6900 XT10 May 2021
Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer roadmap10 May 2021
Looks like a League of Legends Project: Varus skin has been teased (and un-teased)10 May 2021
The best Akimbo Renetti Warzone class setup10 May 2021
Genshin Impact fan creates and renders amazing Zhongli Archon outfit10 May 2021
Resident Evil Village is triple Steam top seller9 May 2021
The Witcher 3 next-gen update might include popular mods9 May 2021
Here's Doom on a GoPro drone controller9 May 2021
Battlefield 6 reveal may have been delayed9 May 2021
This Valheim mod turns it into WoW's Azeroth9 May 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone teasing Die Hard and Rambo crossovers9 May 2021
Minecraft player builds TARDIS from Doctor Who8 May 2021
Apex Legends Wattson nerf being looked into8 May 2021
Days Gone PC won't have DLSS or ray tracing8 May 2021
Half-Life spinoff mod years in the making coming this summer8 May 2021
StarCraft, MSFS, and Carmen Sandiego inducted into Videogame Hall of Fame8 May 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone minigun returns, Raven patches it out8 May 2021
What if: Microsoft made Skyrim free with Windows?8 May 2021
Resident Evil Village is the biggest RE launch in Steam or Twitch history7 May 2021
Resident Evil Village doesn't have an FOV slider, but modders have already added one7 May 2021
Play Days Gone without the annoying zombie hordes with Open Country7 May 2021
Avermedia PW315 webcam review - great for content creators7 May 2021
Here's a peek at Dwarf Fortress' adventure mode on Steam7 May 2021
American Truck Simulator's California is getting a second free overhaul7 May 2021
Fallen babies are coming to the Destiny 2 merch store7 May 2021
Sega: "We do not have plans to bring Lost Judgment to PC at this time"7 May 2021
Total War: Three Kingdoms moves Mount Song to its rightful place in latest patch7 May 2021
Fit your gaming PC setup with PlayStation keycaps, mouse mats, and more7 May 2021
Diablo 2: Resurrected’s new enemy models have all kinds of new spines and things7 May 2021
Intel's Xe DG2 GPU is "around the corner" as AMD and Nvidia struggle with stock7 May 2021
Introducing the monsters skulking around Resident Evil Village7 May 2021
Resident Evil Village doesn't actually need a graphics card to run7 May 2021
Hearts of Iron 4's grand campaign is live, using a custom mod developed in six days7 May 2021
SSDs are more reliable than hard drives in latest Backblaze study7 May 2021
Resident Evil Village review - the real Resident Evil 4 remake7 May 2021
Charming city building game Going Medieval hits Steam Early Access soon7 May 2021
Skyrim fans keep making amazing glass war axes and Redditors want to see a duel7 May 2021
Resident Evil Village weapon upgrades guide7 May 2021
How long is Resident Evil Village?7 May 2021
Resident Evil Village recipes7 May 2021
Resident Evil Village Riverbank treasure house puzzle solution7 May 2021
Resident Evil Village five bells puzzle solution7 May 2021
Resident Evil Village violin house - combination lock code7 May 2021
Resident Evil Village labyrinth ball locations7 May 2021
Resident Evil Village bosses guide7 May 2021
Resident Evil Village mannequin puzzle solution7 May 2021
Minecraft devs fix a bug that's been there for eight years6 May 2021
Valve explains why it never tells CS:GO players anything6 May 2021
Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer is bringing back Hung Jury SR46 May 2021
Hardspace: Shipbreaker's biggest-ever update introduces your crew6 May 2021
Epic reveals the next free game6 May 2021
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