July 2013 Archive

Minecon 2013 tickets on sale today31 July 2013
StarMade is Minecraft spliced with Eve Online31 July 2013
SimCity Update 7 introduces bridges, overpasses and tunnels for road builders31 July 2013
“AAA is not fine” claims Dennis Dyack31 July 2013
Battlefield 2 Project Reality mod about to hit v1.0. Only took 8 years31 July 2013
Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer is 3v3v2; Bane on Joker on Bat action31 July 2013
DUST 514 tournament offers winner the chance to name a planet in EVE Online’s New Eden31 July 2013
Wasteland 2’s reactive story: “We aren’t shy about shutting off entire levels of gameplay”31 July 2013
Prison Architect update 12 adds contraband; turns out your administrators are boozers31 July 2013
Kainy lets you stream your PC games to your phone and tablet31 July 2013
Planetside 2 has new continent Hossin arriving on the public test server this week31 July 2013
League of Legends patch 3.10 balances champions, maps, and fixes bugs31 July 2013
Bioshock Infinite sold more than 4m copies; Grand Theft Auto 4’s sold more than 25m31 July 2013
Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm receive free map pack31 July 2013
Guacamelee! is coming to PC in a week; Mutant Blobs Attack bundled free31 July 2013
The Humble Deep Silver Bundle contains great games and not so great games31 July 2013
Payday 2 video delves into player classes and skills31 July 2013
Cliff Bleszinski asks Phil Fish to not quit games in open letter30 July 2013
MechWarrior Tactics trailer reveals game's inner gears30 July 2013
QuakeCon 2013 presentations will feature Elder Scrolls Online live stream and the Carmack keynote30 July 2013
Redshirt preview - In space, everyone can hear your self-obsessed screams30 July 2013
Guild Wars 2 prepares to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee30 July 2013
Train Simulator 2014 announced, will be free update for Train Simulator players30 July 2013
Company of Heroes 2 to get updated Langres map, now called Langreskaya; balance patch released30 July 2013
Grand Theft Auto IV mod adds Grand Theft Auto V character switch feature30 July 2013
Lioness asks “If you could live your life again, would you change anything?”30 July 2013
Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea sees Booker and Elizabeth fight through Rapture; Clash in the Clouds DLC released30 July 2013
Crusader Kings II save converter lets you continue your medieval conquest into Europa Universalis IV30 July 2013
Wasteland 2 has nearly 50 locations and a 20 hour main campaign30 July 2013
Skulls of the Shogun trailer kills kids for giggles30 July 2013
Unreal Engine 3 licensed by US Army to make educational shooty bang bang games30 July 2013
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn events has you fight alongside Lightning and unlock her gear30 July 2013
EVE Online video tells you the Dumb Ways to Die in New Eden30 July 2013
Minecraft Blocks vs Zombies minigame is an ace remix of the Plants vs Zombies formula30 July 2013
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow demo incoming30 July 2013
Diablo and Diablo 2’s lead designer says auction house “had detrimental effects on gameplay throughout”30 July 2013
Starcraft 2 patch 2.0.10 delayed following issues with Asian release; old replays incompatible with new version30 July 2013
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot rethinks microtransactions after gamer pressure29 July 2013
Witcher devs continue to be good guys, "Don't believe in selling extra content"29 July 2013
Australian games prices "unjustifiable" says Australian Commerce Committee29 July 2013
Dota 2 accumulates a whole lot of milestones all at once29 July 2013
Planetside 2 launches 'Player Studio', allowing players to create items to be sold in game29 July 2013
Second half of Star Wars: The Old Republic's Operation Nightmare now live29 July 2013
Lucas Arts cancelled 20 Star Wars games over the years, including Jedi Knight 329 July 2013
Super Meat Boy prank call is why you shouldn’t try to scam Team Meat29 July 2013
Wayward Manor sees writer Neil Gaiman make the jump into games29 July 2013
IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad trailer marks beginning of preorders29 July 2013
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 announced; new maps, new factions, and an improved engine29 July 2013
Star Wars: Attack Squadron domains registered by Disney; possible EA involvement29 July 2013
Oculus Rift combined with Hydra controller to make immersive cover shooter setup29 July 2013
Hands on with Magicka: Wizard Wars29 July 2013
Saints Row 4 refused Australian classification. Again. Anal probes not the issue29 July 2013
Eve Online saw its largest battle in history, with more than 4,000 ships sailing into the black29 July 2013
American McGee’s Grimm creeps onto Steam Greenlight29 July 2013
The Weekly Playlist: the one where Julian reveals he's a masochist and Steve travels back in time28 July 2013
World of Tanks to collaborate with anime series Girls Und Panzer28 July 2013
Icarus Needs: is all about waking up28 July 2013
Fez 2 cancelled following Twitter argument28 July 2013
Plants vs Zombies 2 video shows off time zone features28 July 2013
Shadowgate will reward those that look to die in interesting ways28 July 2013
The Making of Civilization V: Brave New World28 July 2013
Kanye Quest 3030 has won the weekend27 July 2013
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map makers make $150,000 through Operation Payback27 July 2013
Incognita beta to begin within two months27 July 2013
Satellite Reign footage shows gorgeous Blade Runner-esque world27 July 2013
Space Hulk preorders begin on Steam27 July 2013
The Bureau trailer shows an agent looking a little lost27 July 2013
Spotlight on Greenlight: Strike Vector27 July 2013
Changing of the guard: Dota 2, Evil Geniuses and the next eSports upheaval27 July 2013
Team Fortress 2 update fixes the Loch-n-Load 26 July 2013
UK “Pornwall” could censor gaming26 July 2013
Planetside 2 is receiving a physical form to be sold in real shops26 July 2013
How to bring a gaming PC to Afghanistan26 July 2013
F.E.A.R Online announced; a free-to-play multiplayer shooter26 July 2013
Minecrafting 109: Lego of me26 July 2013
Battlefield 4 boasts second monitor support for your minimap26 July 2013
Wildstar producer on why developers haven't copied League of Legends' business model: "It's so hard to do"26 July 2013
Creative Assembly divulge secrets of Rome 2 in campaign map-focused video; "Everyone likes bread"26 July 2013
Three million players now amplifying Gaijin's War Thunder26 July 2013
World of Warcraft subscriptions drop (again) to 7.7 million worldwide26 July 2013
Former Moscow 5 owner charged in "largest hacking and data breach scheme ever prosecuted in the United States"26 July 2013
Activision-Blizzard go independent, find investor in Riot Games owners Tencent26 July 2013
QuakeCon 2013 tournaments announced25 July 2013
Bohemia Interactive assigned mission to make games for the US Army25 July 2013
BioWare talk about their “competition” with The Witcher25 July 2013
New Humble Weekly Sale is the Positech Games back catalogue25 July 2013
iRacing gets Oculus Rift support25 July 2013
Rayman Legends is coming to PC on 30th August25 July 2013
Payday 2 web series’ plot thickens with drug deals and bar brawls25 July 2013
Battlelog 2.0 will put Battlefield 4 in your pocket, sez this trailer25 July 2013
SimCity sells two million copies, "is a success" despite "really rough" first week25 July 2013
League of Legends Champion Review: Lucian, the Purifier25 July 2013
Dishonored’s Brigmore Witches DLC teased with in-game adverts and doomy diary25 July 2013
Ubisoft intend to sell you on The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot using only this trailer25 July 2013
Kerbal Space Program gains XCOM-ish metagame in Career Mode25 July 2013
Blizzard eSports boss wins backing of Guild Wars publisher to make free-to-play online PC game25 July 2013
GTA V PC petition tops 250,000 signatures25 July 2013
StarCraft 2's WCS vs. Dota 2's The International: unforced errors and babies in bathwater24 July 2013
Gearbox on Homeworld acquisition: “it needs a fresh coat of paint”24 July 2013
Mass Effect concept art reveals scrapped story ideas like a Saren-esque Shepard24 July 2013
Steam Greenlight approves 14 more games; badgers, kicking, and darkness all feature24 July 2013
Satellite Reign is funded. Onto the stretch goals24 July 2013
Saints Row 4 trailer shows off alien abduction gun. DLC season pass plans announced24 July 2013
Planetside 2 update GU13 brings lattice to Esamir, new weapons, and new audio24 July 2013
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter has a comic and it’s an enticing little thing24 July 2013
Assassin’s Creed 4 open-world trailer sees Kenway navigate contracts and crabs24 July 2013
Become a heist-meister in Payday 2's pre-order Steam beta24 July 2013
Rift designer on going to free to play: "our players aren't frickin' ATM machines"24 July 2013
Battlefield 4 will "exceed expectations"; pre-orders "stacking up well" against Battlefield 324 July 2013
Beat Hazard dev apologises for "messing up" with Steam card controversy24 July 2013
World of Tanks begins amour with new British armour in update 8.724 July 2013
Oculus Rift creators announce global VR game jam with $10k top prize24 July 2013
Treyarch suffer "threats of violence" over Black Ops 2 PC weapons tweaks24 July 2013
Sign up for Magicka: Wizard Wars' alpha and (probably) get Magicka on Steam24 July 2013
Mechwarrior Online special Jenner commemorates young fan; raises money for charity23 July 2013
Nidhogg to be released later this year, possibly through Steam23 July 2013
Dota 2’s The International will be broadcast on Swedish TV23 July 2013
Eidos Montreal’s general manager quits saying cause is Square Enix’s “lack of courage”23 July 2013
Beat Hazard rewards players with Steam badges; dev says it’s “a bit of an experiment”23 July 2013
Gun Monkeys price drop explained by developer. It’s for The Greater Good23 July 2013
Activision possibly to be charged $3bn by parent company Vivendi23 July 2013
Ride of the Valkitty depicts every puss' problem in finding a warm bed23 July 2013
Blizzard explain WCS / International finals clash: "There was only a small window of opportunity"23 July 2013
Diablo 3 on console is slightly better than the PC version. Can we have the changes on our version please?23 July 2013
Ocean City Racing is an open world driving game made by three men23 July 2013
Must have own mop: report to generic FPS corridor #4 for Viscera Cleanup Detail co-op23 July 2013
Go Medieval on a moblin or 30 in Hyrule: Total War 3.023 July 2013
StarCraft 2 WCS 2013 regional finals dated for same weekend as Dota 2 International finals23 July 2013
Why assigning League of Legends’ Champions ages would be "contentious"23 July 2013
StarCraft 2 birthday celebrations mean extra XP for all23 July 2013
Dota 2 The International prize pool stands at more than $2.6m22 July 2013
Valve on Greenlight: “We are working to fix it”22 July 2013
Runescape 3 launches with the Battle of Lumbridge event22 July 2013
Trion on why End of Nations had to be a MOBA22 July 2013
The Walking Dead season 2 will feature *ahem* and *ahem*22 July 2013
Titanfall mech allocation explained: “everyone in the match could have a Titan on the battlefield at the same time”22 July 2013
Epic begin streaming free Unreal Engine tutorial series22 July 2013
Watch Dogs won’t require an internet connection; Limited Edition detailed - comes with its own buff22 July 2013
Saints Row's Enter the Dominatrix DLC is now a mockumentary22 July 2013
Games Workshop latest: Chainsaw Warrior comes to PC22 July 2013
Battlefield 4 system requirements leaked on Uplay UPDATE: And debunked just as quickly22 July 2013
Payday 2: everything we know22 July 2013
Team Fortress 2 Linux version now runs on older Intel graphics cards22 July 2013
Saints Row 4 anal probe ban to be reconsidered by Australian Classification Review Board22 July 2013
Nvidia Shield (re-)dated for July 31 release22 July 2013
Dota 2 International compendium updated with fantasy team tournament and collectible pro cards22 July 2013
Warcraft movie trailered for Comic-Con eyes only22 July 2013
Infested Planet hands-on: the right kind of bug hunt21 July 2013
Steam summer sale day 11: the best deals21 July 2013
Saints Row 4 originally ended with a Bollywood-style dance number21 July 2013
Tomb Raider comic series will tell story that leads into the reboot’s sequel21 July 2013
Satellite Reign engine footage begs the question “Why isn’t this game funded yet?”21 July 2013
Skullgirls coming to PC 22 August with a load of new content21 July 2013
Total Annihilation sequel may be in the works; Wargaming now own the IP and Chris Taylor’s studio21 July 2013
Lego Marvel Super Heroes features a Hulk-muscled, Spiderman-abilitied Stan Lee21 July 2013
Steam summer sale day 10: the best deals20 July 2013
Borderlands 2 has a wealth of new DLC on the horizon20 July 2013
Age of Wonders 3 delayed into 2014. Scores of children’s hope dies20 July 2013
Tangiers takes to Kickstarter to fund its surrealist stealth shenanigans20 July 2013
Minecraft to receive three new Feed the Beast mod packs catering to all tastes20 July 2013
Wasteland 2 beta testing starts in October; to be feature complete in the next month20 July 2013
Homeworld high-definition remakes in the works at Gearbox20 July 2013
Spotlight on Greenlight: Fran Bow20 July 2013
Battlefield 4 campaign plot revealed by EA; Chinese villains confirmed19 July 2013
19-year old would-be game designer creates 25 hour Skyrim campaign to grab Bethesda’s attention19 July 2013
WildStar's last two races announced: the Chua and Mordesh revealed19 July 2013
Steam summer sale day 9: the best deals19 July 2013
Dreamhack’s kicking off over in Valencia. Finest European Starcraft 2 play on show19 July 2013
Minecraft mod GregTech contains code to crash game19 July 2013
World of Warcraft Snowfight is Blizzard’s first children’s book19 July 2013
Strider remake coming to PC; makes being a cyber ninja look easy19 July 2013
Shadowrun Returns launch trailer welcomes us to the sprawl19 July 2013
TowerFall is coming to the PC; no longer Ouya exclusive19 July 2013
Saints Row 4 trailer reveals a naked, gooey, but very much alive, Johnny Gat19 July 2013
Star Wars: The Old Republic to get a tauntaun mount19 July 2013
Dota 2 now available for Mac and Linux. Let the world domination continue19 July 2013
EVE: The Second Decade collector’s edition video shows how it all started19 July 2013
Halo Spartan Assault is in the Windows 8 app store now19 July 2013
Arma 3 trailer showcases what’s going on in the beta right now. Hint: lots of guns19 July 2013
Aaru’s Awakening has a ridiculously hard Old School mode; hand-drawn art reduces the hair-pulling19 July 2013
Deadly Premonition is coming to the PC according to a mug of coffee18 July 2013
Planetside 2 implants scrapped as players denounce pay-to-win18 July 2013
Samsung launch 1TB SSD and increase write speeds in the new 840 EVO series18 July 2013
The Bureau: XCOM researches keyboards, drops radial wheel for PC version18 July 2013
Steam summer sale day 8: the best deals18 July 2013
Myst Island is being recast in 3D for the Oculus Rift18 July 2013
ArenaNet to modify Guild Wars 2's early game to "help better teach core mechanics"18 July 2013
Why Trion Worlds turned End of Nations into a MOBA18 July 2013
Magicka: Wizard Wars footage turns the air blue with bolts of electricity and friendly fire18 July 2013
Hi-Rez respond to Tribes Ascend breach of privacy allegations; "We only scan when our games are running"18 July 2013
Valve dock item drop rewards for Team Fortress 2 idlers18 July 2013
World of WarCraft latest cosmetics let you be beautiful/terrifying17 July 2013
Warframe Update 9 introduces community-designed armour17 July 2013
Guild Wars 2 gets all democratic with Cutthroat Politics next week17 July 2013
First footage arrives on earth from Take on Mars17 July 2013
Steam summer sale day 7: the best deals17 July 2013
MotorGun is a game with duelling cars in it from the makers of Interstate ‘76 and Twisted Metal17 July 2013
GTA5 will have a customisable dog. He answers to ‘Chop’ and will be adorable. 17 July 2013
Somebody's gone and added iron sights to Doom17 July 2013
Battlefield 4 merchandise line coming to a dog tag retailer near you17 July 2013
State of Decay PC port coming to Steam Early Access this year, minus frame rate chugginess17 July 2013
Battlefield 3's most elusive easter egg finally uncovered17 July 2013
SimCity creative director leads upper-tier exodus at Maxis to start new simulation studio17 July 2013
Star Wars: The Old Republic 2.4 update is "shaping up to be very big", due in October17 July 2013
Call of Duty Ghosts won’t be taking Black Ops’ branching missions16 July 2013
World of WarCraft’s Proving Grounds will test your mettle16 July 2013
Redshirt is a Star Trek-inspired social sim, avoid certain death by liking your boss' status16 July 2013
It’s a pirate life for Kenway in Assassin’s Creed 4 Blag Flag naval trailer16 July 2013
Steam summer sale day 6: the best deals16 July 2013
Wii U Pro Pad adapted (unofficially) for Windows and Mac16 July 2013
Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches is the game’s last DLC, will put you at the mercy of Corvo16 July 2013
Team Fortress 2 update gives the Payload cart a break from bots, puts an end to Mac resolution nonsense16 July 2013
Colin Johanson to answer your burning questions tonight on Guild Wars 2 livestream16 July 2013
Police Quest creator Kickstarts Precinct, a cop adventure game written by "some of today's brightest Hollywood talent"16 July 2013
Elder Scrolls Online solo dungeons will be "rare" for low level characters16 July 2013
Dota 2 hits record 4 million player monthly total in wake of official release16 July 2013
£3 Fish: Fez makes a bomb thanks to Steam Summer Sale16 July 2013
Skyrim gets Steam Trading Cards, and consequently so will you16 July 2013
Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC brings a hoarse man to water in concept art16 July 2013
Snoopeh steps down from Evil Geniuses in team restructure15 July 2013
American McGee cancels OZombie Kickstarter to focus on Alice animation15 July 2013
Ubisoft: we won’t start a game unless we can franchise it15 July 2013
Oculus Rift guys want to give you their VR headset for free15 July 2013
F1 2013 shifts into announcement gear with new trailers15 July 2013
Steam summer sale day 5: the best deals15 July 2013
Murdered: Soul Suspect footage shows what dullards the living are over 25 minutes15 July 2013
Knights of Pen & Paper +1 review15 July 2013
Hex Preview: a brilliant new collectible card game MMO15 July 2013
Mad Max trailer is best played with the sound off15 July 2013
Wildstar trailer reveals how the game will fight MMO combat cliché15 July 2013
Phenomenot: EA close SpellForce studio15 July 2013
League of Legends developers Riot upstage Google in ‘25 Best Tech Companies to Work For’ list15 July 2013
Hands on with Splinter Cell: Blacklist15 July 2013
Valve launch Pipeline: a "direct feed of knowledge" for young industry hopefuls15 July 2013
Steam summer sale day 4: the best deals14 July 2013
Steam summer sale day 3: the best deals13 July 2013
Spotlight on Greenlight: Signal Ops13 July 2013
Survarium update reveals new locations and the Fringe Settlers12 July 2013
Batman profiled in Infinite Crisis video12 July 2013
Plan your road to victory with this interactive Rome II map12 July 2013
Amazon hosts its own summer sale; open to the US only12 July 2013
Well done on releasing Dota 2, Valve. Now can we have a single player campaign? 12 July 2013
Steam summer sale day 2: the best deals12 July 2013
Arma gerd, not again: Bohemia hacked; "It is very unlikely that anything nefarious can be done"12 July 2013
League of Legends pro players now recognised as professional athletes by US government12 July 2013
Sir, You Are Being So Hunted Right Now if these screenshots are representative12 July 2013
Elder Scrolls Online, Wolfenstein and Dishonored will lead QuakeCon from August 112 July 2013
League of Legends player jailed for 'terrorist threat' Facebook joke released on bail12 July 2013
Hearthstone board crops up in World of Warcraft files, nobody knows why12 July 2013
End of Nations is still happening, this time as a vehicular MOBA12 July 2013
Total War: Rome 2 Let’s Play sees Egyptians scattered in a manner you or I probably couldn’t recreate12 July 2013
Fedora no more: Tex Murphy gets new trailer, retitled "Tesla Effect"12 July 2013
League of Legends celebrates eSports with summoner icon sales12 July 2013
Mad Max Preview: Aussie Rules11 July 2013
Scrolls introduces crafting: pimp out your scrolls11 July 2013
Viscera Cleanup Detail gives derelict space stations a much needed FPS mop-and-bucket treatment11 July 2013
Dota 2 update brings Abaddon and Steam summer sale goodness11 July 2013
Steam summer sale day 1: the best deals11 July 2013
Steam summer sale confirmed: now with trading cards11 July 2013
SpecialEffect Charity Set items voted into Team Fortress 211 July 2013
League of Legends Season 3 finals find new venue in world-famous LA Staples Center11 July 2013
Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag trailer talks up your ship: the "second main character of the game"11 July 2013
Modding was never dead, says DayZ developer, but "buried alive"11 July 2013
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update deals with AFK bomb-holders11 July 2013
Second Life creators buy up Desura; "The service will continue uninterrupted for current customers"11 July 2013
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon never has to end thanks to new garrison reset button11 July 2013
Black Ops 2: Vengeance DLC dated for belated PC release on August 111 July 2013
Elite: Dangerous developers Frontier to be listed on London Stock Exchange10 July 2013
How to survive the Steam Summer Sale10 July 2013
For those who can't Lego of the past: RollerCoaster Tycoon in plastic bricks10 July 2013
League of Legends champion roster to be bolstered by Lucian, the Purifier10 July 2013
Minecraft AR scanner will let you import real life objects into Notch's blockdom10 July 2013
Zenimax release a few more jealously guarded Elder Scrolls Online beta invites10 July 2013
Sega sue THQ’s remains over Company of Heroes 2 Steam pre-orders10 July 2013
Steam Summer Sale evidence mounts, points to tomorrow10 July 2013
Dota 2 leaves beta behind, is officially out10 July 2013
Team Fortress 2 update to balance weapons and remove item set bonuses9 July 2013
Star Citizen raises $14m, unlocks new features; still has $2m of stretch goals9 July 2013
Putt-Putt claim Minecraft and Don Mattrick are infringing on their copyright. Are Putt-Putt trolling us?9 July 2013
League of Fighters brings League of Legends characters into a 2D beat’em’up9 July 2013
Amiga Games back catalogue bought for imminent digital release9 July 2013
1666 was meant to be “the new Assassin's Creed” claims the series’ creator Patrice Desilets9 July 2013
Payday 2 video talks through how you will take all the money9 July 2013
Civilization V: Brave New World PC review9 July 2013
Mechwarrior Tactics Founder’s Program extended; trailer shows mech-based shootery9 July 2013
Worth watching: WCS EU StarCraft Ro32 today, Wednesday9 July 2013
Spelunky post-XBLA dated for August 8 on PC9 July 2013
GTA V in-game trailer has them cars in it you like9 July 2013
Blizzard confirm new World of Warcraft in-game purchase system, headed for Asia first9 July 2013
Cube World alpha launch scuppered by DDoS attacks; "Someone is trying to systematically damage our business"9 July 2013
Calculate the damage of your Steam backlog with SteamPlayTime9 July 2013
The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot: Mage preview9 July 2013
GTA V PC release prospects become less distant with Rockstar job listing9 July 2013
Eve Online ship worth 309 billion ISK goes up in flames, comms goes wild9 July 2013
Psychonauts' Raz returns to guest in Bit.Trip Runner 29 July 2013
Manager of disbanded League of Legends team MRN responds to allegations of unscrupulous behavior9 July 2013
Starbound has musical instruments and they are awesome8 July 2013
Blake Stone: Planet Strike source code released after almost 20 years8 July 2013
March of War released free through Steam Early Access8 July 2013
Valve not entirely without management. Ex-employee says “it felt a lot like High School”8 July 2013
Dark Souls 2’s open world means players “could even start halfway through the game”; will still die a lot8 July 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts may have second screen support; whole department working on it8 July 2013
How Oculus VR is building the future we were promised8 July 2013
H-Hour is a tactical shooter from the creator of SOCOM8 July 2013
Nvidia display driver has reportedly damaged GPUs8 July 2013
Planetside 2 will plonk PlayStation 4 players on separate servers8 July 2013
Saints Row series will "probably continue in a different direction" after 48 July 2013
Ittle Dew aims to out-Zelda The Binding of Isaac, is out now8 July 2013
So is Call of Duty: Ghosts getting a Spec Ops mode or not? (Probably not)8 July 2013
Eat your marines: Aliens campaign DLC incoming8 July 2013
League of Legends pro warns against unscrupulous managers; "Managers have a tremendous amount of power"8 July 2013
Green Man Gaming say “encore!” - repeat 666 sale deals for one last day7 July 2013
Team Fortress 2 update incoming. Fixes exploits and adds two new maps7 July 2013
Star Wars: The Old Republic, now with added bounties6 July 2013
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update tweaks guns and maps6 July 2013
Project Cars trailer teases 2014 release but gets away with it because it looks fantastic6 July 2013
Mercenary Kings is bouncy, bloody, and coming to Steam’s Early Access programme6 July 2013
EA triples the launch price of games in India6 July 2013
Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013 is out now. Features two-player duel mode6 July 2013
Star Citizen video explains how economy creates missions. Also, pirates6 July 2013
The Old Republic to celebrate KOTOR 10th anniversary5 July 2013
7 Days to Die has 15 minutes to impress with gameplay footage5 July 2013
Shadowrun Returns in a half-hour let’s play5 July 2013
Project Eternity will run for eternity if Chris Avellone has his way5 July 2013
Hints suggest offline mode may be coming to a SimCity near you5 July 2013
Minecraft 1.6.2 pre-release update helps horses breathe easy again5 July 2013
Why Nvidia is Carmack’s choice 5 July 2013
Company of Heroes 2 character crops up in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed5 July 2013
Epic are working on an "unannounced competitive online action game"5 July 2013
If ArenaNet get their way, Guild Wars 2 will never have an expansion5 July 2013
Borderlands 2: Game of the Year edition outed on Steam database5 July 2013
What eSports means to Blizzard; it’s "not viewed as a primary revenue driver"5 July 2013
Why Guild Wars 2 won't see a console release after all5 July 2013
Hotline Miami 2 footage accompanied by vague hints at release window; "There will be snow falling when we are finishing"5 July 2013
Cobalt alpha update needs new installer, makes for less stuttery fits of forward-flipping5 July 2013
Take a tour of Final Fantasy 14’s realm in latest trailer4 July 2013
Dark Souls II videos are Class acts4 July 2013
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified gameplay walkthrough is all smarts and all shooty simultaneously4 July 2013
Monaco scores a free level editor, steal the best from Steam Workshop4 July 2013
Wasteland 2 scavenges a new gameplay screen, along with some lovely artwork4 July 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-order bonus is a collapsing skyscraper4 July 2013
Left 4 Dead 2 Linux version primed for full Steam release, Extended Mutation System is go4 July 2013
Blizzard "exploring the possibility" of in-game purchases for World of Warcraft4 July 2013
Ghost guns aren't ghostly and other rules for building an undead mystery from Murdered: Soul Suspect designers4 July 2013
Company of Heroes 2 review4 July 2013
ESEA served class action lawsuit over bitcoin malware scandal4 July 2013
Guild Wars 2 to introduce tangible rewards for accumulated achievement points4 July 2013
You can link your Twitch account to Steam and earn Dota 2 things4 July 2013
Final Fantasy VII arrives on Steam, finally4 July 2013
Dishonored sequel still on the cards, say Bethesda; "We try not to wade into anything as a one-off"4 July 2013
Gabe 'n' gunplay: Valve chief modded into Team Fortress 24 July 2013
Elder Scrolls Online monster showcase clip offers new glimpse of first-person camera4 July 2013
Natural Selection 2 to add female marine with sensible armour. All the huzzahs3 July 2013
Firefall trailer teases Blackwater instance ahead of open beta launch3 July 2013
Black Ops 2 video has more zombies than you can shake a shovel at3 July 2013
OZombie likely to be part-funded by publishers despite Kickstarter money3 July 2013
Saints Row 4 Independence Day trailer combines Churchill and anal probes like never before3 July 2013
Jagex launching Runescape 3 on July 22nd3 July 2013
Mad Max will have an Australian accent. Change brought about by fan petition3 July 2013
Fract OSC becomes newest game to be backed by the Indie Fund3 July 2013
Mechwarrior Online garners 1.1 million registered accounts in time for September 17 launch date3 July 2013
Planetside 2 is getting a firework gun. PLANETSIDE 2 IS GETTING A FIREWORK GUN3 July 2013
The Bazaar of the Four Winds is heading to Guild Wars 2 next week3 July 2013
Counter-Strike creator Minh Le's Tactical Intervention coming to Steam in August3 July 2013
Watch Na'Vi vs IG go at it right now3 July 2013
SimCity survey suggests EA want to double city size3 July 2013
The PC wins E3, objectively speaking3 July 2013
Outcast comes in from the cold as original creators purchase IP3 July 2013
Steam Summer Sale 2013 alluded to in latest Team Fortress 2 update3 July 2013
Double Fine and the third most funded Kickstarter game ever head to Steam Early Access for more cash3 July 2013
Interstellar Marines available through Steam Early Access. Third time’s the charm2 July 2013
Minecraft is now art and joins other games in MOMA exhibit2 July 2013
Planetside 2 video shows off battle island coming in future update2 July 2013
Cube World alpha launched then suspended following server-crashing demand2 July 2013
World of Warplanes open beta launched. Fly my pretties2 July 2013
Incognita is Klei’s turn-based espionage take on XCOM. Paid-for alpha starting soon2 July 2013
Ubisoft hacked. Time to change your passwords2 July 2013
Rogue Legacy PC review2 July 2013
Rise of the Triad release date is more commonly known as July 312 July 2013
Green Man Gaming Summer Sale channels Beelzebub himself in the name of a week of cheaper games2 July 2013
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn hits one million registrations for beta2 July 2013
Ultimate General: Gettysburg is the first original RTS from Total War modder Darth Vader2 July 2013
Eve Online spy disbands major alliance from the inside, takes up to 400 billion ISK2 July 2013
Dota 2 tutorials added; thank God2 July 2013
Former Blizzard man on World of Warcraft: "I think we killed a genre"2 July 2013
Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Preview — War and Promises2 July 2013
EA restores access to Darkspore following DRM scare2 July 2013
Hexxit is a D&D inspired Minecraft mega-mod from the makers of Technic1 July 2013
Minecraft has a new launcher; it isn't brown1 July 2013
Dust 514 to adopt faster, PC-like update schedule; Planetary Conquest will be "getting a lot of love"1 July 2013
Blizzard explain why using any third-party program is a bannable offense in Diablo 31 July 2013
Camown, everybody: new Black Ops 2 weapon personalization packs hit Steam1 July 2013
Check out Valve's incestuous family of voice actors1 July 2013
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