July 2020 Archive

Halo Infinite multiplayer is free-to-play31 July 2020
Grounded hits one million players in its first 48 hours31 July 2020
DwarfHeim will head into Steam Early Access this fall31 July 2020
Final Fantasy XI is getting a new storyline next month31 July 2020
After a US sale, the Razer Blade 15 (2019) is now £550 off in the UK, too31 July 2020
Why The Witcher 3 makes me nervous for Cyberpunk 207731 July 2020
World of Warcraft Shadowlands is getting PvP World Quests31 July 2020
The Sims 4 has racked up 30 million players since launch31 July 2020
Double Fine's best games are going cheap in new Humble Bundle31 July 2020
Win an Alienware gaming PC by playing LoL, Fortnite, Valorant, or CS:GO31 July 2020
New Bright Memory: Infinite trailer shows off more high-octane gameplay31 July 2020
Football Manager 2021 release date delayed due to COVID-1931 July 2020
Riot cancels LoL esports deal with Saudi Arabian city project following backlash31 July 2020
Take one part Overwatch and two parts Rocket League and get Super Buckyball Tournament30 July 2020
Hyper Scape release date set for August30 July 2020
This Diablo 2 mod will keep it up to date like Blizzard never stopped developing it30 July 2020
Apparent AMD Ryzen 5 4650G benchmarks put it close to the 360030 July 2020
Save over $30 on this Dell docking station for extra laptop connectivity30 July 2020
This week's free Epic Store games are live to grab - and there are three30 July 2020
GTA Online's best anti-troll gun is on sale30 July 2020
Grounded axe: how to craft a tier 1 and 2 axe30 July 2020
This Fallout 4 mod makes The Commonwealth look like Red Dead Redemption 230 July 2020
Project CARS 3 hands-on - a swing to accessibility at the cost of identity30 July 2020
This Witcher 3 mod lets Yennefer barge her way into Geralt's sex scenes30 July 2020
Fortnite: find balls of yarn at Catty Corner30 July 2020
Let's rank every raid in Destiny history30 July 2020
Star Citizen fans ask for a Squadron 42 update, get a roadmap for when they'll get a roadmap30 July 2020
Microsoft Flight Simulator will launch on Steam, after all30 July 2020
The Epic Games Store's rolling out "early version" Achievements30 July 2020
Is rebuilding planet Earth just the start for Microsoft Flight Simulator?30 July 2020
Three reasons why "the time is right" for Microsoft Flight Simulator's comeback30 July 2020
Eiyuden Chronicle is coming to Steam and "will not enter into an exclusive agreement"29 July 2020
Some Dota 2 and CS:GO servers are down because a cable got cut29 July 2020
Steam payment changes will make it harder to use a VPN for cheaper games29 July 2020
After a wildly successful beta, Fall Guys is holding another one29 July 2020
Total War: Warhammer 2's next DLC is a Wood Elves-focused Lord Pack29 July 2020
Hawkeye is coming to the Avengers game post-launch, for free29 July 2020
This SnowRunner mod adds a classic 1983 Ford Bronco29 July 2020
Here are the Final Fantasy XIV quests you need to complete before patch 5.329 July 2020
This high-end, 2TB Western Digital NVMe SSD is almost a third off29 July 2020
The Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare playlist updates are live29 July 2020
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has shipped over five million copies29 July 2020
Sea of Thieves Ashen Winds patch notes include big fixes for hit registration29 July 2020
Dead by Daylight's new Tome is here, with new unlockable killer and survivor memories29 July 2020
Leaked Valorant agent Killjoy is real - check out her abilities29 July 2020
Big Sekiro update adds a new boss rush mode and more this fall29 July 2020
Overwatch's controversial Moira change has been scrapped29 July 2020
Frostpunk's final expansion On The Edge launches next month29 July 2020
Konami is now making ridiculously expensive gaming PCs29 July 2020
Final Fantasy XIV's Moonfire Faire returns to the MMORPG next month29 July 2020
Rainbow Six Siege update 2.3's new release time confirmed following delay29 July 2020
GTA Online's most popular money cheats have been patched29 July 2020
LoL's Spirit Blossom Champions aren't "good or evil, just different shades of grey"29 July 2020
Roblox reaches 150 million monthly active users (that's more than Minecraft)29 July 2020
Grounded tops the Steam best-sellers list and hits big on Twitch28 July 2020
Here's what to do in GTA Online if a hacker turns you into a giant ball28 July 2020
30 arcade classics are free-to-keep on Twitch Prime28 July 2020
Your free League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics Twitch loot is here28 July 2020
After five years, players finally unlocked Metal Gear Solid V's secret ending28 July 2020
Phantasy Star Online 2 is finally coming to Steam28 July 2020
Gabe Newell has chosen a side in the next-gen console war28 July 2020
This high quality, open-back Sennheiser headset is 27% off in the US28 July 2020
I installed 230 Skyrim mods and now 10% of its population is naked28 July 2020
Othercide review scores - our roundup of the critics28 July 2020
How to get the GTA 5 Grotti Furia supercar28 July 2020
Guild Wars 2's new episode lets you pinch a car and harpoon a colossal tank to bits28 July 2020
Red Dead Online patch notes are here, so thank a clown28 July 2020
The Minecraft players using 3D modelling to bring their building ideas to life28 July 2020
Intel launches the Core i9 10850K - essentially a cheaper 10900K28 July 2020
Who is League of Legends' Samira? PBE leaks mysterious new name28 July 2020
The Outer Worlds' new DLC is as long as the game's biggest planet27 July 2020
This Doom 2 mod adds rats holding guns, so it's basically homemade Vermintide27 July 2020
Here's how Valorant's new Act Ranks work27 July 2020
Here's when you'll be able to play Grounded tomorrow27 July 2020
Magic: Legends reveals its next Planeswalker, the Sanctifier27 July 2020
PC Suikoden revival funded in two hours on Kickstarter27 July 2020
WoW Classic Phase 5 release time - the path to Ahn'Qiraj starts July 2827 July 2020
Square Enix's next RPG is open world and supports ray tracing27 July 2020
The best Warzone Uzi loadout27 July 2020
No gameplay? No problem - Fable's teaser trailer tells us plenty27 July 2020
In case you missed it, the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 is on sale at an all-time low27 July 2020
A new Fable is "like the challenge of making a new Star Wars movie"27 July 2020
WoW Classic raid team defeats Onyxia's lair without clothes or world buffs27 July 2020
The Witcher is getting a live-action, six-part "spin-off" Netflix show27 July 2020
Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Banjo-Kazooie come together in this free fan-made game27 July 2020
Watch the AMD Ryzen 7 4700G run GTA 5 and Death Stranding on high settings27 July 2020
GTA: San Andreas' fan-made Unreal Engine 4 trailer taken down after copyright claim27 July 2020
Red Dead Online players have invented their own sport, pigby26 July 2020
Apex Legends cross-play won't put console players in PC lobbies26 July 2020
Tell Me Why will tell a "different, more multi-dimensional" transgender story26 July 2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is Treyarch's new Call of Duty - as revealed by Doritos26 July 2020
Kojima and Junji Ito might be making a horror game together26 July 2020
Civilization VI is having a free weekend on Steam25 July 2020
Cheating in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone "will not be tolerated"25 July 2020
This Minecraft mod lets you play Minecraft on a PC in Minecraft25 July 2020
State of Decay 3 devs "committed to supporting" State of Decay 225 July 2020
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will let you play Horrific Visions, Island Expeditions, and Warfronts25 July 2020
Suikoden creators announce a spiritual successor that looks like Octopath Traveler25 July 2020
Apex Legends adds free headcrab and GLaDOS charms for its Steam release24 July 2020
Phantasy Star Online 2's system requirements will increase alongside New Genesis24 July 2020
Iron Harvest will run a free open beta as a "pre-season"24 July 2020
Rainbow Six Siege is buffing Fuze, Gridlock, and Oryx in the next patch24 July 2020
Rumours that Halo Infinite will ship without multiplayer are "not true"24 July 2020
Microsoft Flight Simulator beta invites are going out ahead of the closed beta launch24 July 2020
Drake Hollow might fill that Fortnite: Save the World shaped hole24 July 2020
STALKER 2 will support mods "on day one"24 July 2020
This high-end 64GB RGB Corsair memory kit is over 20% off in the US24 July 2020
GTA Online's "biggest ever update" is coming this year24 July 2020
Yone is the next LoL Champion - here are his abilities24 July 2020
League of Legends' new Champion is Yone - here are his abilities, lore, and more24 July 2020
World of Warcraft Shadowlands has a Witcher 3 easter egg24 July 2020
Vermintide 2's player count is now the same size as NZ's population24 July 2020
AMD Ryzen 4000 APU pricing leak shows potential Ryzen 5 3600 killer24 July 2020
Halo Infinite is coming to Steam24 July 2020
Humble's Paradox Bundle has Stellaris, Imperator: Rome, and more for cheap24 July 2020
Halo Infinite lore: "You don't need to read 100 books" to understand it24 July 2020
Halo Infinite campaign gameplay ran on a PC "representative of Xbox Series X"23 July 2020
Sea of Thieves Ashen Winds release delayed a week23 July 2020
The Outer Worlds is getting a mysterious new DLC called Peril on Gorgon23 July 2020
Halo Infinite is "somewhere in between" an open world and traditional Halo23 July 2020
Carrion review scores – our roundup of the critics23 July 2020
Darktide is the Warhammer 40K version of Vermintide23 July 2020
Psychonauts 2 gets a new trailer with a song from Jack Black23 July 2020
Xbox Games Showcase - our round-up of all the Fable, Halo Infinite, and PC news23 July 2020
Here's our first real real look at STALKER 223 July 2020
Fable 4 announced for PC during Xbox Game Showcase23 July 2020
Fallout: New Vegas, Outer Worlds dev unveils new RPG Avowed - yes, it looks like Skyrim23 July 2020
Everwild asks you to coexist with an absolutely gorgeous natural world23 July 2020
State of Decay 3 is on the way, and it looks colder than before23 July 2020
New Forza Motorsport teased for PC at Xbox Games Showcase23 July 2020
Halo Infinite gameplay looks a lot like... Skyrim?23 July 2020
The Intel Core i9 9900K is up to 20% off now that Comet Lake is here23 July 2020
Dragon Quest 11 S is coming to PC, and it'll be on Game Pass23 July 2020
This week's free Epic Store games are now live to grab23 July 2020
Warcraft III: Reforged updates will change Ranked play - here's how23 July 2020
The Epic Games Store Summer Sale starts today, with some big-name titles for cheap23 July 2020
How to watch Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase - start time and date confirmed23 July 2020
Could Nvidia RTX 30-series graphics cards arrive next month? (Hint: probably not)23 July 2020
Valve head Gabe Newell is helping to throw a thank you concert for NZ23 July 2020
Here's our first look at Total War Saga: Troy's Amazons faction23 July 2020
Latest Sims 4 sale lets you get all the DLC for only $352.9722 July 2020
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to bar the military from recruiting on Twitch22 July 2020
Your PC is not powerful enough to handle an FFXIV butt slider22 July 2020
League of Legends' Spirit Blossom event includes TFT and Legends of Runeterra22 July 2020
Yes, Dragon Age 4 is still happening22 July 2020
Ubisoft will tie leaders' bonuses to their ability to create a "positive and inclusive" environment22 July 2020
Ubisoft will have another E3-style press conference in September22 July 2020
This 144Hz Acer laptop is 25% off, and it's perfect for esports gaming (US only)22 July 2020
World War Z now has full cross-play and a new drone class22 July 2020
Mafia: Definitive Edition - why "it's going to draw you in"22 July 2020
Here's how Mafia: Definitive Edition differs from the original22 July 2020
Final Fantasy XIV is going free-to-play up through level 6022 July 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone players are trapping each other in a glitched truck22 July 2020
Nvidia is building a supercomputer to address society's biggest problems22 July 2020
Hearthstone Scholomance expansion card reveal: Cycle of Hatred22 July 2020
Hell Let Loose's Carentan gave me the best Band of Brothers moment22 July 2020
How Hearthstone's Scholomance expansion channels Harry Potter22 July 2020
Wacky aliens and 20 local players combine in Yogscast's new game22 July 2020
Ubisoft devs say they fought playable torture scenes and were told to minimise female protaganists21 July 2020
Star Wars: The Old Republic is on Steam, and a whole lot of people are playing21 July 2020
Hearthstone's Scholomance expansion has a release date21 July 2020
Valorant patch 1.04 notes - Viper buffs, Raze nerf, and a better Classic pistol21 July 2020
Risk of Rain 2 will blast out of early access with a new final boss21 July 2020
Rocket League will leave the Steam store once it's free-to-play on the Epic Game Store21 July 2020
This Dell IPS monitor's massive discount makes it a great option for budget gaming21 July 2020
Ten great PC games you shouldn't miss in July21 July 2020
League of Legends patch 10.15 notes - Lillia, Spirit Blossom skins, Swain changes, Yone?21 July 2020
A Total War Saga: Troy might have the best campaign gameplay yet21 July 2020
Griefhelm looks like medieval Nidhogg - check out the reveal trailer21 July 2020
AMD announces Ryzen 4000-series desktop APUs - new budget build heroes?21 July 2020
Here's what Valorant's Ascent map looked like four years ago21 July 2020
Dual Gear looks like Mechs-Com, and is coming to early access this month21 July 2020
The next RPG Maker hits Steam in August21 July 2020
Here are 17 blood-drenched minutes of Shadow Warrior 3 gameplay21 July 2020
Teamfight Tactics patch 10.15 notes - Jinx, Lucian, Graves buffs; Jhin nerf21 July 2020
Valorant's leaked Shatter and Crusader agents are "super old cancelled characters"20 July 2020
GOG Galaxy 2.0 now has official Epic Games Store integration20 July 2020
Temtem Kisiwa update release time - a new island, new Temtem, and chat land July 2120 July 2020
"Find the Sanhok Four": PUBG Season 8 is about tracking down rogue contestants20 July 2020
Warframe's TennoCon 2020 schedule revealed - here's what to expect20 July 2020
This mod makes Minecraft look too good20 July 2020
Sea of Thieves sells a million on Steam, has its biggest month ever20 July 2020
Mundaun is a spooky, hand-drawn mystery horror game set in the Alps20 July 2020
Our favourite high-end Samsung NVMe SSD is now 20% off20 July 2020
Monument Valley dev reveals new game Alba, and it looks beautiful20 July 2020
We might be shooting fools at a Russian radar array in CoD: Black Ops 202020 July 2020
Warframe's next expansion Heart of Deimos is debuting at TennoCon20 July 2020
Morrowind Rebirth's 5.2 update adds "plenty of cool additions" - including grumpy NPCs20 July 2020
It doesn't cost a fortune to have an elegant silver-white desktop setup like this20 July 2020
Making it in Unreal: Warfare Realm is a bold attempt to make a VR MOBA20 July 2020
Division 2 update 10.1 adds a stack of loot and Hive skill changes20 July 2020
Here's the League of Legends season 10 patch schedule20 July 2020
Bloodborne's been remade as a 16-bit Legend of Zelda-like19 July 2020
The Playability Initiative is a gaming accessibility group from Numinous Games19 July 2020
Dynasty Warriors publisher Koei Tecmo wants to know what you want from the series19 July 2020
Less than half of Mortal Shell's beta players pet the cat19 July 2020
Caves of Qud adds massive new dungeon in Tomb of the Eaters update19 July 2020
Deathground is Dino Crisis and Alien: Isolation-inspired co-op survival horror18 July 2020
Prey will lose Denuvo DRM in a future update18 July 2020
Free games: Warhammer 40,000: Rites of War is free in GOG's weekend Warhammer sale18 July 2020
Madden NFL 21 day one update will change Washington's team name18 July 2020
Dead By Daylight is getting cross-progression on certain platforms in September18 July 2020
Valorant won't be letting you select maps, but it might be getting in-game replays18 July 2020
Here's a Metal Gear Solid 5 mod that makes shadows much nicer17 July 2020
Dying Light's Hellraid DLC has been pushed back to August17 July 2020
Finally, a GTA 5 mod that lets you visit Bahama Mamas17 July 2020
Worms Rumble doesn’t feel much like a Worms game, but that’s ok17 July 2020
Remnant: From the Ashes shows off more of Subject 2923's Ward Prime17 July 2020
Two decades on, Worms Armageddon has a jam-packed new update17 July 2020
You can pick up an 8GB AMD RX 570 graphics card for only $14017 July 2020
Tsardoms: Total War will finally get its campaign after 13 years17 July 2020
This Skyrim mod makes your dreams of being Superman a reality17 July 2020
Halo 3 players are getting inventive with the new acrophobia skull17 July 2020
It looks like the AMD Ryzen 7 4700G will be great at overclocking memory, too17 July 2020
This fan-made Sea of Thieves trailer makes us want a SoT movie17 July 2020
Here's a full playthrough of a Stronghold: Warlords campaign mission16 July 2020
Rogue Legacy 2 early access has been pushed back to August16 July 2020
Destiny 2's Beyond Light expansion has been delayed16 July 2020
Surgeon Simulator 2 has a release date and an off-the-wall co-op level editor16 July 2020
Meet Menelik II, Civilization 6's new Ethiopia Leader16 July 2020
Save over $100 on AMD's ultra-high-end Ryzen 9 3900X CPU16 July 2020
Soviet Jump Game meshes Mario's platforming with Fortnite's teamfights16 July 2020
GTA Casino Heist payout: diamonds and cash16 July 2020
Watch The Witcher's Henry Cavill build his new gaming PC16 July 2020
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will include Project xCloud from September16 July 2020
No Man's Sky's new update adds spooky "'70s/'80s sci-fi" inspired ships to explore16 July 2020
Red Dead Online hacker says "there's nothing Rockstar can do to stop" KKK mods16 July 2020
Hellbound is a Doom and Quake throwback that's out next month16 July 2020
Next-gen AMD Ryzen processors might run 20% faster than current-gen16 July 2020
MapleStory's new update brings Burning World, rise events, and Yum Yum Island16 July 2020
The Talos Principle was Serious Sam 4, but there's no Talos Principle in Serious Sam 416 July 2020
Serious Sam 4 has three shotguns because "if it's fun, we're going to include it"15 July 2020
Neon Abyss is a colourful mix of Isaac and Gungeon, out now on Game Pass15 July 2020
Escape from Tarkov's new scav boss and Customs expansion are in the next update15 July 2020
Here's how Star Wars Squadrons' old-school power management works15 July 2020
Anime wizard battle royale Spellbreak will be free to play at launch15 July 2020
League of Legends' next Champion teased as Yone in new trailer15 July 2020
This Kinesis gaming keyboard is perfect for LAN events, and it's on sale!15 July 2020
QuakeCon will be streamed this year, but you can still get involved15 July 2020
The Avengers PC open beta starts in August15 July 2020
Rainway launches its free cross-play game streaming app for Android TV15 July 2020
PSA: This is your last chance to claim Watch Dogs 2 free15 July 2020
DLSS 2.0 makes Death Stranding look and run way better15 July 2020
Ooblets's early access release date has arrived, with a launch discount15 July 2020
This Fallout 4 mod turns the game into Westworld15 July 2020
One of World of Warcraft's best memes is now canon15 July 2020
Get these free games with an AMD RX graphics card, desktop, or laptop15 July 2020
Terraria happiness: how to unlock a pylon in Terraria15 July 2020
Get Vermintide, Blood Bowl 2, and Dawn of War in Humble's Warhammer bundle15 July 2020
How to play custom maps in Halo Forge15 July 2020
The best Harvest Moon game is now on Steam15 July 2020
Here's what Diablo 2 would look like running at 4K and 60fps14 July 2020
The Sims 4's next stuff pack is all about knitting14 July 2020
Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Halo 3 review14 July 2020
Orcs Must Die 3 is out now and free with Stadia Pro14 July 2020
Outcasters is a zany multiplayer shooter that lets you curve bullets14 July 2020
Hearthstone heads to Scholomance for its next expansion14 July 2020
Shadow Warrior 3 has a dedicated katana button14 July 2020
Ghost Recon Breakpoint's AI teammates have zero personality, but kill bad guys for you14 July 2020
Donald Trump's Twitch ban has now ended14 July 2020
PUBG has now sold over 70 million copies in three years14 July 2020
Buy this today: a small pixel art speaker with smart functionality14 July 2020
This documentary aims to reveal the untold story behind Myst14 July 2020
WW2 shooter Hell Let Loose gets new urban map, animation overhaul, Foy, Omaha reworks14 July 2020
How long is Death Stranding?14 July 2020
PUBG Season 8 "remasters" Sanhok and adds a truck full of loot14 July 2020
Death Stranding PC review - hiking the post-apocalypse14 July 2020
Dual Universe's ship-to-ship PvP looks ponderous and terrifying14 July 2020
World of Warcraft's Horrific Visions are about to get easier14 July 2020
Halo 3 MCC patch notes - Forge is back with new features, audio tweaks, more14 July 2020
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reaches Silver III in League of Legends14 July 2020
Death Stranding endings explained14 July 2020
How to unlock the Grau 5.56 and Striker 45 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare14 July 2020
Microsoft Flight Simulator lands in August but a "hand-crafted" Heathrow costs $12014 July 2020
How to unlock vehicles in Death Stranding14 July 2020
How many episodes are in Death Stranding?14 July 2020
Death Stranding MULEs: How to deal with MULE camps14 July 2020
How to trade with Porters in Death Stranding14 July 2020
Death Stranding BTs: how to kill, avoid, and escape Beached Things14 July 2020
How to beat Higgs in Death Stranding14 July 2020
Death Stranding Cliff boss fight walkthrough: how to defeat Cliff in WW1, WW2, and Vietnam14 July 2020
How to beat the giant BT in Death Stranding14 July 2020
Death Stranding whale BT boss fight guide14 July 2020
Death Stranding BB: how to get a 5-star connection with BB14 July 2020
How to fast travel in Death Stranding14 July 2020
Microsoft Flight Simulator won't launch on Steam, but aims for "as many platforms as possible"14 July 2020
This Dark Souls 3 mod lets you play as Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 313 July 2020
Halo 3 PC release time revealed - here's when it unlocks in your time zone13 July 2020
Steam adds Community Recommendations, promises better browsing and news13 July 2020
Red Dead Online players are teasing Rockstar by dressing up as clowns13 July 2020
Death Stranding was designed for 60 fps, which it can finally do on PC13 July 2020
Civilization 6's Ethiopia Pack adds a Secret Societies mode with vampire units13 July 2020
Death Stranding Vog: how to deal with Vog craters and get the oxygen mask13 July 2020
Rocket Arena reviews roundup - in a league of its own?13 July 2020
Researchers are using Minecraft to teach kids about diabetes13 July 2020
Buy this today: magnets that turn your refrigerator into a Game Boy13 July 2020
Death Stranding review scores – our roundup of the critics13 July 2020
Rocket Arena review - keeping it simple13 July 2020
Assassin's Creed Valhalla lets you freely swap between female and male Eivor13 July 2020
World of Warcraft's Corruption system will be removed in a Shadowlands pre-patch13 July 2020
Making it in Unreal: dredging up a classic in Aquanox Deep Descent13 July 2020
Humble Bundle's Choice Premium is 40% off for newbies - but be quick13 July 2020
Half-Life: Alyx modders are remaking Goldeneye 007 level by level13 July 2020
Far Cry 6's main character can be either male or female12 July 2020
Assassin's Creed Valhalla gameplay footage includes gameplay this time12 July 2020
This Watch Dogs: Legion cinematic trailer was directed by a Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse animator12 July 2020
Ubisoft Forward - our round-up of all the news12 July 2020
Hyper Scape, Ubisoft's new battle royale, gets a surprise open beta launch12 July 2020
Assassin's Creed Valhalla will come out in November12 July 2020
It's official - Far Cry 6 has been announced and launches February 202112 July 2020
Assassin's Creed Valhalla hands-on: raiding, drinking, fighting, and flyting12 July 2020
Watch Dogs Legion's dystopian London is eerily familiar yet full of laughs12 July 2020
Watch Dogs: Legion is coming in October, and there's a new gameplay trailer12 July 2020
Ghost Recon Breakpoint's AI squadmates arrive this week, and they're customisable12 July 2020
Madcap party game Fall Guys is coming to Steam in August12 July 2020
Buy this today: a smart mug warmer to keep your coffee warm12 July 2020
Devolverland Expo is a free FPS from Devolver Digital set in the E3 from hell12 July 2020
Several Ubisoft executives resign amid allegations of sexual misconduct12 July 2020
Turn Dark Souls 3 into a first-person shooter with these mods11 July 2020
Sam Fisher killed a lot of people in Splinter Cell: Conviction, it turns out11 July 2020
Counter UAVs were accidentally added to Call of Duty: Warzone's loot boxes11 July 2020
Buy this today: keep your cables looking tidy with these velcro ties11 July 2020
See the aurora borealis in SnowRunner's new map, coming July 1511 July 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 isn't coming to Xbox Game Pass11 July 2020
The Minecraft dance festival Rave Family Block Fest has been postponed10 July 2020
New World has been delayed to 202110 July 2020
A new Superhot game is coming and it's free if you own the original10 July 2020
Fallout 3 - bringing families together, one nuke at a time10 July 2020
F1 2020 PC review - exemplary racing10 July 2020
Buy this today: an iPhone case that's also a retro handheld game console10 July 2020
Twin Mirror gameplay reveals "mind palace" - and mystery figure, "The Double"10 July 2020
Huge leak reveals Far Cry 6's release date, setting, villain, and more10 July 2020
Next-gen Intel Core i7 CPUs might have eight cores and 12 threads10 July 2020
This Witcher 3 mod turns back the clock on Geralt's face - and it's a bit alarming10 July 2020
Tropico 6 is free to try and cheap to buy this weekend10 July 2020
Three free games are live on the Epic Games Store9 July 2020
Valve was working on an RPG inspired by Dark Souls and The Elder Scrolls9 July 2020
Valve reveals what happened to the real Half-Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 39 July 2020
The next free game from Epic will scratch your Diablo itch9 July 2020
Get a free gun for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare by watching Twitch streams9 July 2020
Buy this today: a multi-tool that puts the Swiss Army Knife to shame9 July 2020
Play Assassin's Creed Odyssey free with a week-long trial of Uplay+9 July 2020
Get Death Stranding for free when you buy one of these Nvidia RTX graphics cards!9 July 2020
With Exile's Reach, World of Warcraft has never been easier to get into9 July 2020
PUBG Season 8 will focus on Sanhok, and here's when it begins9 July 2020
Become a PUBG hall monitor and report cheaters - all through Discord9 July 2020
Yogscast is holding an indie festival for the best small Steam games around9 July 2020
The best Rytec AMR Warzone class setup9 July 2020
The Sims 4 is getting a "first-of-its-kind" reality competition show9 July 2020
Thunderbolt 4 offers "universal cable connectivity"... as long as it uses Intel?9 July 2020
Today's your last chance to grab some cheap games in the Steam Summer Sale 20209 July 2020
World of Tanks update adds 7v7 battles, new missions, and rewards you missed9 July 2020
This Skyrim mod adds health-leeching vampiric shock spells that look awesome8 July 2020
Valorant turns its guns into dragons with the first Ultra Edition skins8 July 2020
Destiny 2 has removed the weekly reward cap from five raids8 July 2020
New Cyberpunk 2077 district revealed, and it looks gorgeous8 July 2020
Buy this today: a headphone splitter for better co-op gaming8 July 2020
Orcs Must Die 3 devs "don't want to fix what isn't broken"8 July 2020
Here's how to watch the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands livestream8 July 2020
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare nearly had a Zombies mode - here's what it looked like8 July 2020
Dual Universe is like Minecraft meets Eve Online, and now it's getting a beta8 July 2020
A new AMD 'Threadripper Pro' CPU series is expected, but who would it be for?8 July 2020
Fortnite players launch "save Save the World" campaign8 July 2020
Sure looks like Ninja's moving to YouTube7 July 2020
Destiny 2 director receives a real-life Lord of Wolves as a 20th anniversary gift7 July 2020
Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning launches this fall, with an expansion coming in 20217 July 2020
Steelrising re-imagines Louis XVI as the tyrannical leader of a robot army7 July 2020
Test Drive Unlimited is back with Solar Crown7 July 2020
Mafia: Definitive Edition release date delayed a month, but here's ten seconds of gameplay7 July 2020
League of Legends' first Spirit Blossom skins have been revealed7 July 2020
A temperature check of diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry7 July 2020
League of Legends' new Jungler Champion is Lillia - here are the details7 July 2020
Buy this today: save up to 30% on an AMD Ryzen 7 3800X CPU7 July 2020
How SFO's lead modder turns "the Warhammer up to 11" in Total War7 July 2020
Valorant patch 1.03 notes - Guardian buffs, surrender changes, map tweaks7 July 2020
Halo 3 comes to the Master Chief Collection, and Steam, next week7 July 2020
Shovel Knight developer Yacht Club is cooking up a "new 3D project"7 July 2020
League of Legends patch 10.14 notes - Nexus Blitz! Arcanist, Infernal skins, Pyke changes7 July 2020
The upcoming AMD Ryzen 7 4700G desktop APU has hit a staggering 4.7GHz7 July 2020
Battlefield 6: when is the next Battlefield game coming out?7 July 2020
F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition launches today, with "iconic cars"7 July 2020
Gunfight Tournaments is back - the mode returns to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare7 July 2020
Hyper Scape hacks: every hack and the best abilities to use7 July 2020
Orcs Must Die 3 runs at 60fps and 4K with dynamic resolution on Stadia7 July 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone may be adding a purchasable counter UAV at buy stations6 July 2020
Here's when Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's Title Update 4 releases6 July 2020
Manor Lords combines detailed city building with Total War's massive battles6 July 2020
Get Watch Dogs 2 free for watching Ubisoft's E3 event Sunday6 July 2020
Shadow Warrior 3 has wall-running, a grappling hook, and a middle finger6 July 2020
Buy this today: a wireless number pad for compact keyboards6 July 2020
Horizon Zero Dawn's PC pre-order prices have been hiked on Steam6 July 2020
When is Ubisoft Forward's start time?6 July 2020
Rockstar Games has a "triple-A open-world title in VR" in the works6 July 2020
We're hiring! Work for Network N as one of six new staff writers6 July 2020
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