July 2018 Archive

Mobile MOBA Vainglory makes the jump to PC with cross-platform support31 July 2018
You can get all of Destiny 2 in a single package with the Legendary Collection31 July 2018
Fortnite’s guided missiles are back, but a glitch is turning them invisible31 July 2018
Rockstar debuts music video shot exclusively in GTA31 July 2018
Ninja reveals his favourite Fortnite weapon31 July 2018
Medieval combat MMO Conqueror's Blade is heading to Early Access31 July 2018
An open source SimCity 2000 remake has been taken down for using EA's assets31 July 2018
Everything you should do before World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth arrives31 July 2018
Logitech buys itself a slice of the streaming pie through mic manufacturer Blue31 July 2018
CA is making "a new IP in the Total War universe", but it sounds... weird31 July 2018
Fortnite's "ghost-peeking" has been fixed, but now there's a new issue to contend with31 July 2018
Items are being returned to people caught up in Steam trading scams31 July 2018
Spawn creator to make "sweet" Fortnite figurines, featuring Cuddle Team Leader31 July 2018
Fortnite 5.1 patch notes: guided missile returns to Battle Royale31 July 2018
Monster Hunter: World will seriously test your CPU - here’s why30 July 2018
Former Batman, Mass Effect devs join team rumoured to be working on Fable 430 July 2018
Fly Explosives LTM poised to bring jetpacks and rockets to Fortnite tomorrow30 July 2018
GTX 1180 news August 20? Nvidia promises ‘spectacular surprises’ at Gamescom pre-show30 July 2018
Three companies removed from Steam alongside alleged crypto mining scam30 July 2018
Nerfed guided missiles return to Fortnite tomorrow (probably)30 July 2018
Here’s your first look at Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 battle royale gameplay30 July 2018
Origin Access Premier is live, will let you play Battlefield 5 before release for $1530 July 2018
The making of Overwatch's Wrecking Ball: "it was funny to see his face cheeks jiggle"30 July 2018
Hearthstone The Boomsday Project card reveal: Meteorologist30 July 2018
Jump Force Bleach trailer showcases Ichigo, Rukia, and Aizen in action30 July 2018
Star Wars: The Old Republic's director wishes it was less like World of Warcraft30 July 2018
Z370 motherboards axed - Asus accidentally lets slip details on 19 Intel Z390 motherboards30 July 2018
C'Thun returns in mecha form in Hearthstone's Boomsday expansion30 July 2018
Intel's 8-core Coffee Lake i9 9900K is 18% faster than the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X30 July 2018
A Way Out "outperforms" expectations to sell 2 million in 3 months30 July 2018
Cyberpunk 2077 is "inherently political", says CD Projekt Red30 July 2018
Spots in the Overwatch League Season 2 could cost up to $60 million30 July 2018
Monster Hunter: World’s PC port uses your Steam Groups as squads29 July 2018
Portal 2 writer Jay Pinkerton is back at Valve29 July 2018
La-Mulana 2 whips up a brand new trailer for tomorrow’s launch29 July 2018
Crusader Kings 3 is 'probably' happening, says outgoing Paradox CEO29 July 2018
London Spitfire are the first Overwatch League champions29 July 2018
Shadow of the Tomb Raider adds to Lara Croft’s acrobatic moveset28 July 2018
Here's when and where to watch the Overwatch League final28 July 2018
Ni no Kuni 2’s first DLC is coming in August, and it's free28 July 2018
Halo Infinite is getting development help from SkyBox Labs28 July 2018
Sunless Skies release pushed back to January 201928 July 2018
Battlefield 5’s Grand Operations mode will be playable at launch, EA says28 July 2018
Destiny 2’s skill-based matchmaking in PvP is broken, and some players are loving it28 July 2018
Newton Siddis is back in Fractured Space Episode 3, and he wants to recruit you27 July 2018
Fortnite porn comes onto the scene with Fortnut parody27 July 2018
Rainbow Six Siege cheaters will soon have their rank and rewards removed27 July 2018
Overwatch League season two will feature new teams from France and China27 July 2018
Steam charts: most popular games, 21-27 July, 201827 July 2018
Sega: “We've seen the growth of Japanese IP on Steam; that never existed before”27 July 2018
EA is "interested in experimenting" with a free-to-play battle royale27 July 2018
Rainbow Six Siege’s controversial gadget names are getting rolled back27 July 2018
Come watch Geralt's mocap actor slice fruit in half27 July 2018
A choir absolutely crushed Civ 4's 'Baba Yetu' on America's Got Talent27 July 2018
For Honor season 7 adds a new map with a moist fortress next week27 July 2018
Nothing says VR is dead more than an HTC Vive blog post telling you it isn't27 July 2018
No Man’s Sky NEXT is confusing, frustrating - and wonderful27 July 2018
Destiny's lore (which is good) is getting its own series of books27 July 2018
We'll have six months of AMD's 7nm CPUs by the time Intel's 10nm processors launch27 July 2018
EA is "interested in experimenting" with a free-to-play battle royale27 July 2018
Eve Online developer CCP is working on a new “action-MMO”26 July 2018
Endless Legend: Inferno will let you terraform the world into a volcanic paradise26 July 2018
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance has been removed from sale without warning26 July 2018
Forza Horizon 4 ditches 'paid token' microtransactions26 July 2018
Sea of Thieves: Cursed Sails adds a three-player Brigantine ship26 July 2018
No Man’s Sky’s corrupt save bug is already fixed26 July 2018
Fortnite season 5 week 3 challenges - how to complete the latest Fortnite challenges26 July 2018
The Banner Saga 3 review scores - our round-up of all the critics26 July 2018
Ryze's lore is explored in the latest League of Legends cinematic26 July 2018
Fortnite's stupidly powerful new SMG has already been nerfed26 July 2018
PUBG’s new map adds Brendan Greene’s “favourite feature” (it’s probably footprints)26 July 2018
The Culling peaked at 224 players yesterday after its Day One rollback26 July 2018
Steel Division 2 heads to Russia, but Paradox has nothing to do with it26 July 2018
Forget about TIM... Intel to solder i9 9900K and i7 9700K octacore CPUs26 July 2018
PUBG's creator says there aren't many hackers in the game26 July 2018
The Culling peaked at 224 players yesterday after its Day One rollback26 July 2018
Vermintide 2 brings the first batch of user mods into its Official Realm26 July 2018
PUBG’s creator on custom mod paywall: “we can’t provide people with free servers”26 July 2018
Fortnite: Flush Factory treasure map location revealed26 July 2018
DRAM prices should drop in 2019 as Micron and Chinese fabs boost memory production26 July 2018
Fortnite Clay Pigeons - where to shoot a Clay Pigeon in different locations26 July 2018
Ryzen and EPYC sales propel AMD to highest net income in 7 years. It’s all coming up AMD...26 July 2018
Discord pulls partnered status from servers hosting porn25 July 2018
Fortnite Playground mode is back, with ten times more ammo25 July 2018
Here’s when Fortnite season 5 week 3 challenges go live25 July 2018
Denuvo takes legal action against cracker Voksi - “I won't be able to do what I did anymore”25 July 2018
Dota 2 now shows Dutch players exactly what’s in a loot box before they buy it25 July 2018
Hyperthreading be damned. Intel's i7 9700K will be the first i7 without its signature feature25 July 2018
The next Xbox could be a streaming device launching in 202025 July 2018
PUBG Sanhok's launch "wasn't perfect, but many stood by us"25 July 2018
PUBG creator says "we're not esports ready" at PUBG Global Invitational25 July 2018
Nvidia refuses to budge on Pascal graphics cards pricing - bundles free SSD instead25 July 2018
Fortnite's next weapon is a heavy sniper that can shoot though walls25 July 2018
League of Legends' creator asks: do you want a LoL MMO?25 July 2018
Asus hit with €63 million fine for price fixing and breaching antitrust laws in Europe25 July 2018
Earn money in GTA Online just by watching livestreams... on Facebook25 July 2018
Hell Gate, heavy haul, and the S-Bahn: a Train Sim World travel diary25 July 2018
Fortnite season 5 week 3 challenges - how to complete the latest Fortnite challenges25 July 2018
Fortnite’s Remote Explosives and buffed Slurp Juice have been temporarily removed24 July 2018
Steam Chat update is live24 July 2018
Guacamelee 2 dropkicks onto Steam in August24 July 2018
Wrecking Ball is live in Overwatch, and he looks like a fuzzy badass in the new trailer24 July 2018
Fan-made Day of the Tentacle sequel released for free24 July 2018
Amazon offers interest-free financing for gaming PC parts24 July 2018
Fortnite’s ridiculous rescue attempt video gets an in-game memorial24 July 2018
Elgato Stream Deck Mini review: a Twitch streamer's new best friend24 July 2018
Why a visit to Monster Hunter: World should be your videogame summer vacation24 July 2018
Men and women compete together in PUBG's five-year esports plan24 July 2018
AMD's 12nm Picasso APUs to launch in 2019... so 7nm Zen 2 APUs will be 2020 at the earliest24 July 2018
Shadow of the Tomb Raider's puzzle and combat difficulty can be set separately24 July 2018
Fortnite's latest cosmetics include a shark with a laser on its head24 July 2018
Microsoft is sponsoring a year-long Age of Empires 2 competitive league24 July 2018
Layoffs hit Onrush studio, Codemasters suggests it’s the “normal course of business”23 July 2018
GOG could bring classic console games to PC - “We would be able to make them work”23 July 2018
A new game is in the works at Firaxis, and it’s not Civ or XCOM23 July 2018
Rocket League discloses loot box odds23 July 2018
Red Alert: A Path Beyond is a first-person mod that lets you drive Mammoth Tanks23 July 2018
Gigabyte changing Aorus AM4 motherboard marketing after misleading customers23 July 2018
Fortnite Founder’s skins launch for “past and future” Save the World owners23 July 2018
PUBG's event pass needs to stop encouraging negative play23 July 2018
A new mace in Battle for Azeroth is a fish, with stink clouds and floppy physics23 July 2018
HDR causes a 10% bottleneck on Nvidia graphics cards - but not with AMD GPUs23 July 2018
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies has a factions system with quests23 July 2018
London Spitfire could become the first Overwatch League champions23 July 2018
Making it in Unreal: how the vehicular MOBA came to be in Switchblade23 July 2018
Nintendo sues emulator sites, taking LoveRETRO offline23 July 2018
This Witcher 3 retexture mod has been updated to look even better, again22 July 2018
Xenonauts 2 Kickstarter fully funded four times over, and it'll be coming out this year22 July 2018
Pathfinder: Kingmaker launches in September, and pre-orders are open now22 July 2018
Watch the first 15 minutes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season22 July 2018
Overwatch will be free to play on PC next weekend22 July 2018
Middle-earth: Shadow of War now has a free demo21 July 2018
Here’s a peek at the critters you can track in Warframe’s upcoming Fortuna expansion21 July 2018
Black Spindle returns with a new name in Destiny 2 - here's how to get it 21 July 2018
Twitch announces free games with Prime for August21 July 2018
Egress, the Lovecraftian Souls-like battle royale, is holding a closed beta next month21 July 2018
Raiders of the Broken Planet changing to Spacelords because it was wrongly labelled 'free-to-play' on Steam21 July 2018
Reaper’s shotguns from Overwatch are getting literally Nerfed21 July 2018
Intel and AMD stock cooler performance - can you make do with a free cooler?21 July 2018
Spacelords is a stress-filled shooter, but that's what makes it special21 July 2018
Raiders of the Broken Planet is dead, long live Spacelords21 July 2018
Civilization VI drops ad tracker Red Shell after a month of controversy21 July 2018
No Man’s Sky was the game the developers “wanted it to be” at launch20 July 2018
Move over, Street Fighter 5 - Dragon Ball FighterZ is now the top game at Evo20 July 2018
Spec Ops: The Line devs have a new FPS called The Cycle, and an alpha is coming soon20 July 2018
Rainbow Six Siege crosses over with Ghost Recon Wildlands in new PVE missions20 July 2018
Skyrim isn’t just a ‘dragon-killing power fantasy’ - it’s political20 July 2018
Fortnite’s birthday challenges let you earn a tasty backpack cake20 July 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for Train Sim World ahead of its release on July 24!20 July 2018
PUBG Corp apologises for offensive Rising Sun mask20 July 2018
Steam charts: most popular games, 14-20 July, 201820 July 2018
Goodbye HDDs. Gamers will be able to buy QLC SSDs for mass storage by the end of 201820 July 2018
Todd Howard wants you to stop calling Fallout 76 a 'survival' game20 July 2018
An incredibly suspicious Nvidia GTX 1170 leak surfaces online20 July 2018
Valve bans over 60,000 Steam accounts to smash its previous record20 July 2018
Call of Cthulhu will be out in time for Halloween20 July 2018
Badly implemented DRM reportedly causes slowdown in Sonic Mania DLC19 July 2018
Epic details what went wrong in the Fortnite Summer Skirmish ahead of $1m week two19 July 2018
Sea of Thieves will let you form alliances with other crews this month19 July 2018
THQ Nordic will announce two new titles at Gamescom (one might be Jagged Alliance)19 July 2018
This new Hearthstone card has "18 decks in a single card"19 July 2018
Gay Tony returns in GTA Online: After Hours, out next week19 July 2018
SSD prices to drop as Samsung plans $2.6 billion spending increase in 201919 July 2018
Don’t expect another Fallout: New Vegas - Bethesda wants to keep development internal19 July 2018
Watch esports to get sprays of Overwatch characters watching esports19 July 2018
Asus ROG Strix Fusion Wireless review - decent wireless gaming audio, but little more19 July 2018
Fortnite Road Trip week 2: find a secret Battle Pass tier on Lazy Links golf course19 July 2018
MSI's B450 motherboards support mythical AMD AM4 CPUs with more than eight cores19 July 2018
Total War: Rome 2 - Rise of the Republic is a new prequel expansion19 July 2018
Fortnite: score a basket on different hoops – all Fortnite basketball court locations detailed19 July 2018
Fortnite: search between an oasis, rock archway, and dinosaurs19 July 2018
Next-gen Nvidia graphics cards are going to make TSMC a lot of money in Q419 July 2018
The first Intel Z390 board has leaked onto the SiSoft database ahead of launch19 July 2018
Fortnite season 5 week 2 challenges - how to complete the latest Fortnite challenges19 July 2018
Nvidia Shield review - the ultimate living room companion for your GeForce GPU19 July 2018
Overwatch support rebalance sees Mercy nerfed and buffs for nearly everyone else19 July 2018
This game is about the real homeless dogs that commute to survive on the Moscow metro18 July 2018
You’ll see more Devil May Cry 5 gameplay next month18 July 2018
District 9 director Neill Blomkamp wants to make a mech game, so he’s asking how18 July 2018
Wolfenstein devs hiring more networking and “live operations” roles18 July 2018
Intel Optane SSD 905P review - the future of solid state storage... but only for the rich kids18 July 2018
The Culling 2's launch was so bad it rolled The Culling back to day one18 July 2018
Intel and Micron have one more generation of 3D XPoint memory in them before they split18 July 2018
Two Point Hospital is out in August and what's next is up to you, say the devs18 July 2018
Meet the man funding Ashes of Creation, the bravest MMO in development right now 18 July 2018
Two Point Hospital gets a release date and a man turns into a Picasso18 July 2018
Resident Evil 2 will use Denuvo DRM18 July 2018
You can now wear two sets of headphones in PUBG18 July 2018
A Two Point Hospital disease makes patients get naked and do "horrendous" things18 July 2018
PUBG's custom mode is free - for now18 July 2018
EWin Flash XL chair review - gaming luxury, but only when you've nothing left to spend $450 on18 July 2018
Nvidia and AMD next-gen GPUs might come with USB-C for the virtual reality one percent18 July 2018
Fallout: New California mod makers rushing to finish ahead of board game release18 July 2018
Z370 support for Intel's Core i9 Coffee Lake 8-core now confirmed18 July 2018
The Boomsday Project brings Menacing Nimbus to Hearthstone18 July 2018
PC becomes Ubisoft’s #2 platform in record financial quarter17 July 2018
World of Warcraft is now subscription only - no purchase required17 July 2018
Hollow Knight’s biggest free update yet launches next month17 July 2018
Total War: Warhammer 3 is in pre-production and "it's absolute Chaos"17 July 2018
No Man’s Sky finally gets multiplayer with NEXT update17 July 2018
Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion tips - how to survive Finn and Jake's wet journey17 July 2018
Middle-earth: Shadow of War replaces the in-game market17 July 2018
Why Fortnite accounts are selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay17 July 2018
Samsung edges one step closer to DDR5 memory but gamers still have a while to wait17 July 2018
AOC might have just announced the best budget gaming monitor ever17 July 2018
Aliens: Colonial Marines developer has a job opening to fix typos in its code17 July 2018
How to master Monster Hunter: World’s deep combat system17 July 2018
Cosmetics could soon be coming to Fortnite's All Terrain Karts17 July 2018
PUBG update 18: QBU assault rifle, Rony vehicle, and custom matches17 July 2018
Crackdown 3 is definitely out in February, for better or worse17 July 2018
Saudi Arabia bans 47 games after two children commit suicide17 July 2018
Battalion 1944's latest update is revitalising the playerbase17 July 2018
Nathan Fillion doesn't think Cayde-6 is really dead in Destiny 217 July 2018
Fortnite patch 5.0: new submachine gun blasts its way on to Battle Royale17 July 2018
Halo Wars 2 still has 30,000 players a week17 July 2018
Overwatch toxicity has gone way down since endorsements were added16 July 2018
Green Man Gaming will host its “biggest sale ever” this week16 July 2018
Remedy couldn’t make Alan Wake 2 - “we didn't want to face that again” with Control16 July 2018
The Metal Gear Solid movie has a script, and it’s the “most Kojima thing”16 July 2018
League of Legends' Akali rework has been revealed16 July 2018
Realm Royale is picking up the bad habits of World of Warcraft's PvP16 July 2018
Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars DLC lets you turn aliens into exploding cows16 July 2018
Nathan Fillion stars in a nearly perfect Uncharted fan film16 July 2018
AMD Radeon GPUs outperform Nvidia cards over 288 hours of stability stress testing16 July 2018
LoL Patch 8.14: Hextech Poppy & Samsung Galaxy skins16 July 2018
Mavericks will be the first game to "fully represent what battle royale is"16 July 2018
We have another 5000 Elite Dangerous Cobra Mk III PCGN paint jobs up for grabs!16 July 2018
Chrome’s latest update eats up to 13% more RAM, but will save you from Spectre16 July 2018
Hitman's Summer Pack releases tomorrow, offering episode 3 for free16 July 2018
Adult games are being withheld from Steam16 July 2018
Making it in Unreal: how Marmara became a fifth the size of Planet Earth16 July 2018
Vague pre-order release dates are now illegal in Germany16 July 2018
The Warcraft director is working on a Rogue Trooper movie16 July 2018
Massive Fallout 4 mod Northern Springs introduces a snowy new haunted land15 July 2018
French player does Fortnite’s ‘Take the L’ dance after World Cup goal15 July 2018
Fortnite’s first Summer Skirmish halted after four matches due to lag15 July 2018
Wolfenstein 2’s PC sales have been sluggish, according to Steam user data15 July 2018
PUBG will soon add a Sanhok-exclusive pickup truck15 July 2018
Realm Royale’s first Battle Pass is the dinosaur-themed Primal Awakening15 July 2018
Enter the Gungeon set for a massive, free update Thursday14 July 2018
Pirates sold stolen copies of Frostpunk and Surviving Mars on Amazon14 July 2018
Some monster figured out you can headshot Overwatch’s adorable hamster while he’s celebrating14 July 2018
Modern Air Combat will add 14 historic aircraft to DCS World this fall14 July 2018
The Council’s third episode is called ‘Ripples,’ and it’s coming out this month14 July 2018
Fortnite’s sky crack is leaking sand14 July 2018
The Fortnite PC build - how to avoid being 24/7 friends and family tech support14 July 2018
Aliens: Colonial Marines has terrible AI because of one typo, which you can fix14 July 2018
Things are looking mighty grim for The Culling 213 July 2018
Disruption is the name of the game for Overwatch’s Wrecking Ball13 July 2018
Dead Space 4 would have been open world, former creative director says13 July 2018
YouTuber finishes no-kill Fallout: New Vegas run on max difficulty, somehow13 July 2018
Blade Shadow streaming review: how to turn a Dell XPS 13 into a mighty gaming machine13 July 2018
Despite first Q2 growth since 2012, outside of gaming, global PC sales aren't looking good13 July 2018
Streamers cry foul after YouTube terminates accounts linking to Twitch13 July 2018
Best games like Anthem13 July 2018
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 multiplayer and Blackout betas announced13 July 2018
Steam charts: most popular games, 7-13 July, 201813 July 2018
We're giving away 10,000 codes for a new PCGN Elite Dangerous ship skin!13 July 2018
The Silent Hills PT remake has been taken down, but won its creator an internship13 July 2018
Assassin's Creed co-creator Jade Raymond "didn't see the movie"13 July 2018
Battle for Azeroth's pre-patch goes live next week13 July 2018
Netgear XR500 review: do you need to spend $300 on a gaming router?13 July 2018
Thanks to Fortnite, Unreal Engine Marketplace developers are getting a pay rise13 July 2018
Samsung Q9F review: create your own Nvidia Big Format Gaming Display... just add Shield TV13 July 2018
AMD drivers 18.7.1 - Fortnite season 5 bugs squashed and Earthfall prepped for launch13 July 2018
Total War: Rome 2 finally gets its Family Tree in free update13 July 2018
Ben Brode’s new studio is Second Dinner - it’s “up and running,” ready to make new games13 July 2018
More free DLC is coming for Pillars of Eternity 212 July 2018
Wrecking Ball is what Hammond would “want to call himself,” according to Blizzard12 July 2018
Rainbow Six Siege’s TTS patch doesn’t buff Finka after all12 July 2018
Valve disables CS:GO loot boxes in Belgium and the Netherlands12 July 2018
4 ways the Beast of Winter DLC subverts Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire12 July 2018
The world’s first porno esports tournament is coming, courtesy of Nutaku and YouPorn12 July 2018
“Indie is dead” but that’s a good thing, says Rami Ismail12 July 2018
Cyberpunk 2077’s warning for the world is more important than ever12 July 2018
Next year's first CS:GO major will be held in Poland12 July 2018
Dark Souls level design and tactical drunkenness meet in The Bard's Tale IV12 July 2018
Hearthstone's latest Legendary card is Stargazer Luna12 July 2018
Old School Runescape pulled offline after destroying its own economy12 July 2018
5 reasons PC players should be excited about Monster Hunter: World12 July 2018
Nvidia’s GTX 2080 Ti has leaked in the most totally believable way, honest12 July 2018
Cyberpunk 2077 could have a full, canon, TV schedule12 July 2018
Jade Raymond is designing EA's next big IP to be "handed off to fans"12 July 2018
Here's how the Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass works12 July 2018
Fortnite Road Trip week 1: find a secret Battle Pass tier near Lazy Links12 July 2018
The elusive Magic Leap AR headset is powered by Nvidia's Tegra X212 July 2018
Two days after launch, The Culling 2 has two players12 July 2018
Fortnite season 5 week 1 challenges - search floating Lightning Bolts, Risky Reels treasure map, Snobby Shores chests12 July 2018
Here's your first look at the Fortnite Season 5 map12 July 2018
Check out all the Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass skins12 July 2018
We're getting a new Commandos game and a remaster12 July 2018
Assassin's Creed's creator wanted movies from the start, is "surprised" at its success12 July 2018
Here are all the changes coming to Fortnite Season 512 July 2018
Fortnite season 5 release date - all the latest details on the new battle pass, theme, and map12 July 2018
Skyrim Realistic Overhaul update adds more fancy visuals for the 10GB texture mod12 July 2018
Valve revamps Steam’s Upcoming Releases page11 July 2018
CD Projekt got the Cyberpunk license because “they were fans,” says tabletop creator11 July 2018
Fortnite offers $8 million prize pool in 8-week Summer Skirmish series11 July 2018
Epic’s still tracking your time played in Fortnite11 July 2018
Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild is a 3D animated special coming next year11 July 2018
Nvidia has trained an AI to fix your shoddy photography11 July 2018
Overwatch League will be broadcast on ESPN and ABC11 July 2018
Trump's trade war could be the worst thing to happen to GPU pricing since mining11 July 2018
Fortnite Season 5: what 'Worlds Collide' could mean11 July 2018
Rend brings its persistent Norse war to Early Access this month11 July 2018
'Worlds Collide' confirmed as Fortnite season 5's theme11 July 2018
Rainbow Six Siege Pro League changes make it as fun to watch as it is to play11 July 2018
Blackbeard and IQ nerfs feature in the latest Rainbow Six Siege TTS patch11 July 2018
The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Kickstarter breaks $1 million11 July 2018
There will be another Witcher game, says CD Projekt's CEO11 July 2018
Anthem's E3 demo was powered by twin GTX 1080 Ti GPUs, hitting 4K at 60fps11 July 2018
Capcom shares drop 13% one day after Monster Hunter: World gets PC release date11 July 2018
Vampyr sells almost half a million in a month11 July 2018
Code Vein delayed into 2019 because playtesters liked it so much11 July 2018
Fortnite will launch on Tencent's WeGame service11 July 2018
Dead Cells leaves Early Access in less than a month11 July 2018
Ironic - Battlefront 2 removes the Emperor because he’s too powerful10 July 2018
Hundreds of West Virginian Fallout fans meet up at Camden Park10 July 2018
Hearthstone's next expansion is The Boomsday Project and it's out in August10 July 2018
DICE is giving away loads of free Battlefield 1 DLC in the lead up to Battlefield 510 July 2018
Far Cry 5’s second DLC will have you fight Martian spiders next week10 July 2018
You can now be paid £1,500 a year to play esports titles at university10 July 2018
Samsung's next-gen V-NAND tech will be 40% faster than current SSDs10 July 2018
Overwatch players lose skill points in DDOS attack on Blizzard10 July 2018
The Culling 2 hits Steam today, here's when it will release10 July 2018
The Fortnite agent's messages got decoded and there's a llama in London10 July 2018
Sick of Skyrim re-releases? Then stop buying them, says Todd Howard10 July 2018
EA acquires Halo co-creator's studio to make "new game concepts"10 July 2018
Digital Extremes’ The Amazing Eternals was cancelled partly because of LawBreakers9 July 2018
3TB of assets from Visceral’s Star Wars game may still be used9 July 2018
Overwatch's Pink Mercy event raises nearly $13 million for charity9 July 2018
Don’t expect Monster Hunter: World mod support at launch9 July 2018
Darksiders 3 release date officially set for November9 July 2018
Monster Hunter: World will use Denuvo on PC9 July 2018
Yes, you’ll be able to play Monster Hunter: World on PC at 60fps9 July 2018
With no new Nvidia GPUs and zero mining demand Gigabyte's card sales are down $6m9 July 2018
Monster Hunter: World PC release date - all the latest details on the new Monster Hunter on PC9 July 2018
Monster Hunter: World comes to PC in a month - here are its system requirements9 July 2018
Anchors and stagecoaches randomly appear in Fortnite, confusing everyone9 July 2018
Warframe's next expansions make it "the dream game we never thought we could make"9 July 2018
Unreleased, low-power, AMD Ryzen 2 CPUs leak out of ASRock9 July 2018
Tencent is taking on Steam with a global version of WeGame9 July 2018
Warframe's devs tried to license its engine, but couldn't afford the support team9 July 2018
AMD Zen x86 CPU architecture appears in China under a different name9 July 2018
Making it in Unreal: Ashes of Creation finds a new shape for the MMORPG9 July 2018
Warframe Railjack is not open world8 July 2018
Kill la Kill The Game is coming to PC next year8 July 2018
Warframe’s Railjack will include multiple customisable warship classes8 July 2018
Warzone mode arrives in Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr8 July 2018
Destiny 2’s first Moments of Triumph kicks off with unique rewards8 July 2018
Build your own pet and track animals by their poop in Warframe's Fortuna update8 July 2018
Warframe’s massive Railjack update due to release this year8 July 2018
Warframe's Fortuna expansion gives you a hoverboard and takes you to Venus8 July 2018
Still no sequel planned for Rocket League, which you can play free this weekend7 July 2018
Two new Warframes unveiled at TennoCon7 July 2018
Darksiders III is harnessing the power of cosplay to excite fans and newcomers7 July 2018
Monster Hunter: World’s PC release date will be revealed Monday7 July 2018
For Honor team reverses plan to remove older cosmetics after fan backlash7 July 2018
Warframe's Ash Prime will be free for TennoLive viewers, tune in here7 July 2018
Fortnite’s disappearing objects are showing up in a real-life desert7 July 2018
Destiny 2’s free weekend is now underway6 July 2018
Steam’s 1,000 most-played games have been revealed6 July 2018
Rainbow Six Siege anti-cheat efforts begin with bans for 600 boosted accounts6 July 2018
Realm Royale skills - ranked from worst to best6 July 2018
Bethesda's Todd Howard expects VR to take off with its next generation6 July 2018
Castlevania returns to Netflix in time for Halloween6 July 2018
SteamSpy's creator says Valve's 'anything goes' policy is fine - if we can filter it6 July 2018
Old School Runescape Mobile enters beta, and all subscribers can get in6 July 2018
China's technology ban is retaliation for Micron efforts to "aggressively protect" trade secrets6 July 2018
Why hasn't The Purge been turned into a videogame yet?6 July 2018
Wooting's innovative mechanical keyboard is going cheap on Kickstarter... for four more days6 July 2018
Anthem's characters are voiced and you can choose their gender6 July 2018
You can turn off Anthem's floating damage numbers6 July 2018
A player has been permanently banned from Roblox after a simulated sexual assault6 July 2018
Sea of Thieves devs would "want to put a unique spin" on battle royale6 July 2018
Future Assassin's Creed games could feature multiple timelines6 July 2018
Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass cosmetics have leaked6 July 2018
Google trained AI for four years to beat the best Quake 3 players6 July 2018
PUBG’s War Mode returns, this time on Sanhok6 July 2018
Dead Island 2 is still in development5 July 2018
Hollow Knight sales top 1 million on PC5 July 2018
Mavericks: Proving Grounds devs plan to update just as fast as Fortnite5 July 2018
Valve reveals Steam's best sellers of 20185 July 2018
Conan Exiles has sold 1.5 million units, will now have pets5 July 2018
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France says loot boxes aren't gambling5 July 2018
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What Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice can learn from Dark Souls5 July 2018
Nvidia GPUs could use AI to power next-gen HairWorks models in future games5 July 2018
Fear the Wolves enters Steam Early Access this month5 July 2018
The Shenmue 1 & 2 remasters will be locked to 30fps5 July 2018
Asus ROG Strix X470-I Gaming review: a serious little AMD Ryzen 2 gaming board5 July 2018
The official Sonic the Hedgehog curry turns your poop blue5 July 2018
Cyberpunk 2077 will have stealth5 July 2018
Banjo-Kazooie makes a 20th anniversary return - as a Sea of Thieves cosmetic4 July 2018
Fortnite’s Red Knight skin returns to the item shop tomorrow4 July 2018
Resident Evil 2 remake “won’t be faithful one to one”4 July 2018
Valve shuts down another way to estimate Steam sales, and indie devs aren’t happy4 July 2018
Far Cry 5 photo mode lands tomorrow4 July 2018
Devs share wisdom for Fallout 76: "I can’t imagine they’ll do a worse job than us"4 July 2018
Fallout 76’s version of ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ is now on iTunes for charity4 July 2018
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Microsoft couldn't top the Intellimouse design and so re-used the original CAD files from 20024 July 2018
A Way Out dev's next game will be published by EA - "nobody f***s with the vision"4 July 2018
Intel confirms, and then hides, 8 new 9000-series Coffee Lake CPUs for release this year4 July 2018
Nvidia and AMD GPU cryptocurrency demand to rise again... and you can thank mother nature4 July 2018
Fortnite's rifts have swallowed up the Tomato Town mascot4 July 2018
78,000 Fortnite cheaters infected by adware4 July 2018
Bethesda hasn’t decided how much Fallout 76 servers will synchronize3 July 2018
South Korea gets its own version of Destiny 2 with a new Eververse proprietor3 July 2018
Phoenix Point's new early access build is out now, and you can get 15% off3 July 2018
Private WoW server Light’s Hope accuses rival project in user data breach3 July 2018
Battlefield 5 may be an Nvidia GeForce game now, but AMD ruled the closed alpha3 July 2018
Rainbow Six Siege Sunsplash packs - stay cool with these summer skins3 July 2018
League of Legends' Clash mode is delayed until further notice3 July 2018
Thanks to Fortnite, it's coming home3 July 2018
Assassin's Creed Odyssey's history is too good to let lore get in the way3 July 2018
Intel claims the i7 8700K doesn't work in Z270 boards... an overclocker hits 7.3GHz anyway3 July 2018
Cyberpunk 2077 is better as first-person than third-person3 July 2018
Battle for Azeroth's first quests hit the beta this week3 July 2018
Neymar celebrates World Cup goal with CS:GO flashbang dance3 July 2018
The HTC Vive Pro's resprayed blue controller bundle costs nearly 3x that of the original Vive3 July 2018
Pillars of Eternity, Tacoma, and 19 more games are free with Amazon Prime this month3 July 2018
Fortnite update: blast away your foes WW2-style with the Drum Gun3 July 2018
Left 4 Dead creators hiring for "globally known game franchise"3 July 2018
The Shenmue 1 & 2 remaster release date has been confirmed3 July 2018
Craft a superhero Epic in the Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge3 July 2018
You’ll be able to earn Fallout 76’s microtransaction currency in-game2 July 2018
Fallout 76 will have radiant quests2 July 2018
Grand Theft Auto 6 announced - but yeah, it’s a hoax2 July 2018
Take-Two is “running scared” from Red Dead Redemption 2, just like everyone else2 July 2018
Resident Evil 2 was the best game of E3 2018, according to the Game Critic Awards2 July 2018
Mark Wahlberg is in an Overwatch movie, but it’s not an Overwatch movie2 July 2018
Fortnite player wrecks rocket launch viewing party and sets a new solo kill record2 July 2018
Fortnite week 10 challenges leaked2 July 2018
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Call of Duty 2019 may have a campaign2 July 2018
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PUBG's Sanhok map has an exploit that lets you hide underground2 July 2018
Nvidia’s GTX 1180 is already on pre-order. In Vietnam. Until the dodgy page is taken down2 July 2018
The emotional Ankkoro "smartband that will definitely change your gamer life" really won't2 July 2018
Ex-neo Nazi explains how white supremacists use Fortnite, Minecraft, and COD to recruit2 July 2018
Making it in Unreal: how Cities: Skylines helped build Bus Simulator 182 July 2018
Fortnite's latest weapon is the high-capacity Drum Gun2 July 2018
State of Decay 2 celebrates 3 million players with Independence Day DLC1 July 2018
Destiny 2’s Armsweek will be your only shot at certain Exotic Masterworks1 July 2018
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is steeped in Japanese history, but with a supernatural twist1 July 2018
SGDQ 2018 wraps up after raising $2.1 million for charity1 July 2018
StarCraft arose out of fierce competitive pressure inside Blizzard1 July 2018
Fortnite’s rocket launched, and it cracked space-time1 July 2018