July 2015 Archive

Get to know Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces' new units31 July 2015
Rising Thunder's technical alpha is live; go kick some robots 31 July 2015
The Long Dark's July update changes just about everything31 July 2015
Klei and Capy team up for Don't Starve: Shipwrecked31 July 2015
Ominous, cut-up stealth game Tangiers is hitting beta soon31 July 2015
The Swindle PC review31 July 2015
Nvidia are recalling the Nvidia Shield tablet. It's a bit explodey31 July 2015
1997 PC classic Constructor is getting an HD rerelease next year31 July 2015
Star Wars Battlefront is getting an all new game mode: team deathmatch31 July 2015
Guild Wars 2's Heart of Thorns expansion will be playable on August 731 July 2015
Introducing Worms: WMD - the reboot that says tanks for the memories31 July 2015
Blizzard teases new Overwatch character reveal for Gamescom, roller-blading musician Lúcio30 July 2015
There will be another Ben There, Dan That game if The Swindle does well (and it is)30 July 2015
Get solar-powered infinite flyer Race The Sun for free on Steam today30 July 2015
After three years in alpha, Prison Architect will launch version 1.0 in October30 July 2015
Upcoming Skyforge 'Crucible of the Gods' update is huge, adds godlike power, raids, sexy robots30 July 2015
Yooka-Laylee to be published by Team17, retail version in the works30 July 2015
Permadeath FPS Zombi challenges you to survive infested London as long as possible30 July 2015
Space strategy sequel Endless Space 2 announced with mysterious trailer and mini-ARG30 July 2015
Nvidia Showcase: Why Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is going to rule on PC30 July 2015
Worms: WMD gives your spineless murderers tanks and a brand new look30 July 2015
Steam refunds: what developers think, two months on30 July 2015
Corpse of Discovery is a survival game about work, family and exploring alien worlds30 July 2015
Total War: Warhammer footage features player-flown kamikaze goblins30 July 2015
RuneScape players raise tens of thousands for big cat conservation30 July 2015
ESL and Plays.tv to capture point-of-view pro videos at Intel Extreme Masters and beyond30 July 2015
Minecraft 1.9 snapshot 15w31a ushers in off-hand items and levitation30 July 2015
Diablo III Kanai's Cube doubles as tribute to Blizzard artist who died of cancer30 July 2015
Ubisoft shows off more very, very serious Rainbow Six Siege Terrorist Hunt gameplay29 July 2015
In Bonded, one girl and her robot face the post-apocalypse29 July 2015
Techland announces The Following, an expansion for Dying Light29 July 2015
Firaxis' second annual Firaxicon kicks off in October29 July 2015
King's Quest Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember PC review29 July 2015
World of Warcraft's next expansion will be revealed during Gamescom29 July 2015
Sega teams up with Game Sessions to offer new play-before-you-buy trials29 July 2015
Making it in Unreal: ride a horse in VR with Emmerholt29 July 2015
Crookz is a top-down, disco-themed heist simulator with afros and grooving29 July 2015
Microsoft is looking at PC-to-Xbox One streaming 29 July 2015
Starcraft 2 mod Aqua League brings Rocket League to the RTS29 July 2015
Hello Games are “thinking about” VR support for No Man’s Sky29 July 2015
Zeratul has been banned during Heroes of the Storm EU Qualifiers29 July 2015
I’ve found the absolute worst thing about Windows 1029 July 2015
The Witcher 3 is getting New Game+ mode in the final free DLC29 July 2015
Titanfall is going free-to-play in Asia29 July 2015
Fallout 4 won’t have modding tools at launch29 July 2015
War Thunder adds British tanks28 July 2015
Mobile all-star King Of Dragon Pass launches on Steam28 July 2015
Blizzard details Kanai's Cube arriving in Diablo III Patch 2.3.028 July 2015
First chapter of new King's Quest, A Knight To Remember, is out now28 July 2015
ESL launches 24/7 CS:GO streaming service, content to be community controlled28 July 2015
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PC release date set for August 18th28 July 2015
Windows 10 rollout begins, you might be downloading it right now28 July 2015
Windows 10 review: it isn’t terrible. Don’t be afraid to upgrade, but don’t expect miracles.28 July 2015
Topic of the Week: Are ESL's new anti-doping measures needed and will they be effective?28 July 2015
The Chryssalid returns for XCOM 228 July 2015
Rust adds support for custom t-shirt skins in Steam Workshop28 July 2015
Kyn, a Viking indie action-RPG, is out now on Steam28 July 2015
Trove’s creative world will keep growing thanks to player mods28 July 2015
Skyforge’s peer-to-peer installer now asks for user permission after player backlash28 July 2015
Heat Signature is a stealth game in which you can knock yourself out with your own wrench28 July 2015
Mafia 3 announced, first trailer will be shown at Gamescom in August28 July 2015
Doom won’t have a co-op campaign, but players can make one28 July 2015
Twitch introduces Language gates to tackle foreign chat trolls28 July 2015
We’ve got 500 Premium codes for Skyforge to give away. Want to join the elite of this new MMO?28 July 2015
Square Enix knew Xbox exclusivity “would disappoint fans” with Rise of the Tomb Raider28 July 2015
Nvidia are helping punch Batman: Arkham Knight into shape28 July 2015
Fallout 4: Pip-Boy edition is completely sold out and Bethesda can’t make any more28 July 2015
Rocket League updates and DLC are on the way28 July 2015
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gets its final DLC pack next month27 July 2015
Armello has a release date and the woodland critters are preparing for war27 July 2015
The Dota 2 International group stage begins; here's four ways to watch it27 July 2015
Poly Bridge Early Access review27 July 2015
In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, you can choose how to deal with bosses27 July 2015
Razer buy Ouya; CEO Julie Uhrman moves on27 July 2015
Five Nights at Freddy's 4 review27 July 2015
Total War: Arena hands-on: it is unexpectedly excellent27 July 2015
Council of Glades: Blizzard file mystery trademark27 July 2015
Drive Any Track turns your music collection into a bunch of psychedelic racing circuits27 July 2015
Chris Avellone has played Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear and is "pretty jealous" of its writing27 July 2015
Dwarf Fortress citizens now write books to spread values and push agendas27 July 2015
StarCraft giveaway! Win a Collector's Edition of Wings of Liberty + Heart of the Swarm27 July 2015
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow studio tease Alien-esque sci-fi project, “strange creatures”27 July 2015
Doom is a chance for id to "prove themselves" with a contemporary FPS27 July 2015
Boaty exploration-'em-up Submerged arrives on Steam next week26 July 2015
Watch the Doom panel from QuakeCon: "Bruce Lee with a shotgun on a skateboard"26 July 2015
ARK: Survival Evolved gets tournament Hunger Games mode because why not26 July 2015
Annual speedrunning marathon Summer Games Done Quick starts today26 July 2015
Trove Commands - full list26 July 2015
Steam exploit costs some streamers their accounts26 July 2015
Del Toro and Kojima will still be working together, just not on Silent Hills25 July 2015
Bethesda launch Bethesda.net, provide new Doom screenshots25 July 2015
Saturday afternoon horror show: Google's deep dreams vs. video game art25 July 2015
Todd Harris, co-founder of Smite studio Hi-Rez, confirms new game25 July 2015
Fallout 4's Codsworth will say your name, even if it's a bit rude24 July 2015
Weekend Deal Dump: QuakeCon isn't just for Quake24 July 2015
Hairbrained Schemes announce Shadowrun: Hong Kong release date; it's coming soon24 July 2015
ESL knew that they'd have to tackle doping eventually24 July 2015
Legions of Steel PC review24 July 2015
Smite hits 10 million players; Hi-Rez celebrates by putting Kevin Sorbo in the game24 July 2015
Fallout 4 is going to have changing weather; pack plenty of Rad-X for the radiation storms24 July 2015
Total War: Arena marches on Germania for latest alpha map24 July 2015
Bombshell footage throws Duke-alike protagonist into Diablo-esque boss battles24 July 2015
Five Nights at Freddy's 4 will launch on, oh God, it's right on top of us24 July 2015
Fallout Anthology unites Black Isle and Bethesda in mini-nuke container24 July 2015
Doom multiplayer alpha coming soon; Wolfenstein: The New Pre-Orderers get to go first24 July 2015
Reacquaint yourself with Overlord: Fellowship of Evil's minions23 July 2015
Nvidia Showcase: A Quick Guide to Brawl on NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV23 July 2015
ESL will conduct random drug tests at tournaments, starting with ESL One Cologne23 July 2015
The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna will fill your brain with puzzles soon23 July 2015
Nom Nom Galaxy is a soup sandbox launching next month23 July 2015
Rise of the Tomb Raider release date on PC "early 2016"23 July 2015
Take a look inside Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide in a new dev diary23 July 2015
StarCraft 2: Whispers Of Oblivion is the perfect reminder of why Blizzard rule the RTS23 July 2015
Ex-Witcher 3 devs form Fool's Theory, partner with Spintires publisher IMGN.PRO23 July 2015
Endless Legend expansion 'Shadows' announced23 July 2015
Let's try that again: the Steam rebirth of Card Hunter23 July 2015
Life Is Strange Episode 4 launches July 28th, new trailer is spooky23 July 2015
Dying Light celebrates 6 months of DLC by announcing more DLC23 July 2015
New tactical RPG The Dwarves, based on the best-selling novel, announced23 July 2015
Diablo III Patch 2.3.0 preview shows off new zone, lethal traps, dead barbarians23 July 2015
Daybreak president John Smedley, of Planetside and H1Z1, steps down23 July 2015
Latest Witcher 3 DLC gives nice outfits, nicer decapitations23 July 2015
New No Man's Sky trailer explains infinite universe23 July 2015
The Grand Tournament, Hearthstone's next expansion, is due out next month23 July 2015
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3's massive demo shows off the open world22 July 2015
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta kicks off in August22 July 2015
Hearthstone's Heart of the Sunwell Tavern Brawl will fill your pockets with mana22 July 2015
Interstellaria review22 July 2015
This unofficial Star Wars VR tech demo is all I want to play today22 July 2015
Skeleton King Leoric now available in Heroes Of The Storm22 July 2015
E-sports documentary 'All Work, All Play' to be shown in cinemas22 July 2015
The growth of Chaos Reborn: X-Com's Julian Gollop on Early Access and defecting to the aliens22 July 2015
Low-fi space strategy XO goes live on Kickstarter22 July 2015
MechWarrior Online's European servers go live, studio head Russ Bullock talks future plans22 July 2015
New League of Legends patch has pirates 'n' big changes22 July 2015
Best Trove mods22 July 2015
The Surge is a "visceral hardcore RPG" from Lords of the Fallen devs22 July 2015
Minecraft movie gets (a new) director22 July 2015
Warhammer End Times: Vermintide shows off melee combat, begins beta giveaway22 July 2015
Final Fantasy XIV 3.05 adds a new Savage raid, more PvP and more currency to spend21 July 2015
Firebrand League of Legends pro FORG1VEN suspended by Riot, Gambit screwed again21 July 2015
KOTOR 2 gets a massive new update, Mac and Linux support, Steam workshop support21 July 2015
A different look at war, violence, and the games that portray them21 July 2015
Topic of the Week: Does a game's length determine its value?21 July 2015
Rising Thunder is a F2P fighting game for PC from the founders of EVO21 July 2015
Breach and Clear: Deadline out today, think Frozen Synapse vs. Zombies21 July 2015
DiRT Rally mods difficult to implement, say developers21 July 2015
Making it in Unreal: braving the musical maze of Synthesis Universe21 July 2015
Skyblivion is Oblivion in the Skyrim engine and it looks amazing21 July 2015
Assassin's Creed creator's Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is an episodic open-world action/adventure21 July 2015
Rockstar patch dodgy GTA 5 framerates, reiterate position on mods21 July 2015
Dota 2 Reborn updated, includes ranked matchmaking and bonus coins21 July 2015
Devil's Third Online, the multiplayer portion of Nintendo's new hack-n-slash, is coming to PC21 July 2015
No Man's Sky is still dangerous, beautiful, has space ships being rad21 July 2015
Tembo The Badass Elephant is out today, runs into things at dangerous speeds21 July 2015
Tremor will shake up Mortal Kombat X next week21 July 2015
ESL is changing its policies in light of Counter-Strike doping claim20 July 2015
King Leoric hits Heroes of the Storm soon, very soon20 July 2015
Cloud9 - TSM renew their rivalry via CS:GO final at DreamHack Valencia20 July 2015
Relic have given the British Forces Company of Heroes 2 expansion serious thought20 July 2015
Nvidia Showcase: Why the NVIDIA SHIELD is the ultimate cloud gaming and streaming tech20 July 2015
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward review20 July 2015
Rocket League will continue to be a power-up free zone20 July 2015
Project Zomboid Creative Mode takes its cues (and lampshades) from The Sims20 July 2015
Skyforge launcher seeds game to other players by default; devs looking at solutions20 July 2015
IDception: somebody has modded Doom to run Doom and Wolfenstein 3D20 July 2015
We've made a few changes to PCGamesN.com. Did you notice?20 July 2015
Street Fighter V will be a platform, all DLC 'earnable', new character revealed20 July 2015
Star Citizen FPS module will be playable in "probably weeks" despite delays20 July 2015
With Windows 10 around the corner, Xbox One streaming goes live19 July 2015
Watch the finals of the world championships of fighting games, Evolution 2015, tonight19 July 2015
Combo post: Witcher 3 patch 1.07 coming in next 24 hours, Arkham Knight in August18 July 2015
All the details on Dota 2's International 2015 and Valve's new streaming service18 July 2015
Dream leaves Early Access on July 31st18 July 2015
V.A.T.S. and exploration in Fallout 4 trailers from E318 July 2015
Derek Smart is refusing to take his refunded $250 Star Citizen pledge lying down18 July 2015
Universe Sandbox 2 attempts to build a credible planetary model for the Game of Thrones planet17 July 2015
What Elite is doing with the New Horizon Pluto-flyby info17 July 2015
The Town of Light is a horror adventure exploring the dark history of mental illness17 July 2015
The British are coming in Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces, and they're tough17 July 2015
We’ve got 1,000 guns for Hounds: The Last Hope to give away. Up for some spray and pray?17 July 2015
Here's the first in-engine trailer for Total War: Warhammer17 July 2015
Furious 4 is dead and what's left of it became Battleborn, says Pitchford17 July 2015
This card is letting Hearthstone players skip an opponent's turn17 July 2015
The worse you are at games, the more likely you are to be hostile to women, says one study17 July 2015
HoloLens won't initially focus on games16 July 2015
Rust gets Steam Inventory integration, new armour sets and female models16 July 2015
The Flock is a fleeting multiplayer game that will cease to exist when enough lives are lost16 July 2015
Never Alone's expansion, Foxtales, is an Arctic boat trip16 July 2015
There weren't enough Warhammer games, so GOG released some more16 July 2015
It's quite nice here, in the future: Pebbles Interfaces join Oculus16 July 2015
Buying a new PC has made me a better and more attractive person16 July 2015
We'd have asked for this: watch the original Deus Ex developers play it for an hour16 July 2015
Darkest Dungeon early access patch arrives, brings dog16 July 2015
Crossout’s post apocalyptic future revealed in new screenshots and back-story16 July 2015
Latest League of Legends patch introduces instant recall bug16 July 2015
World of Tanks version 9.9 deploys new armaments to the battlefield16 July 2015
World of Warcraft to introduce ‘Mercenary Mode’: fight as your opposite faction to reduce PvP queuing16 July 2015
Deadpool is back on Steam16 July 2015
Batman: Arkham Knight PC fix is still months away according to leaked emails16 July 2015
Hearthstone's new Tavern Brawl asks if you're feeling lucky15 July 2015
Dead Island 2 is down a developer after Yager and Deep Silver split up15 July 2015
StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void can be pre-purchased; Heart of the Swarm goes standalone 15 July 2015
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr is an action-RPG due out next year15 July 2015
The Elder Scrolls Online's Imperial City opens its doors next month15 July 2015
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada puts cannons on the Vatican and sends it to space15 July 2015
Making it in Unreal: band together with strangers to survive the sun-free land of Ashen15 July 2015
Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm anti-hacking defences may be a bit overzealous 15 July 2015
Just Cause 3 ‘Choose your own chaos’ trailer lets you decide how things blow up 15 July 2015
We’ve got 100 copies of BIOS to give away. Want to shoot things really, really fast?15 July 2015
Hearthstone's next expansion: everything we know15 July 2015
New AMD Catalyst drivers unlock cross-generation CrossFire support between R300 and R200 GPUs15 July 2015
Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer is now free for a limited time, plus six hours of single player15 July 2015
Smite World Championship tournament is happening, it’s an international gods vs gods smackdown15 July 2015
Heroes of the Storm's boney King Leoric gets his own spotlight15 July 2015
AR-K: The Great Escape, an adventure written by Gotham Central author Greg Rucka, hits Steam14 July 2015
Blizzard hosting a not-so-secret StarCraft 2 summit meeting14 July 2015
Paradox launches Horse Lords expansion for Crusader Kings 214 July 2015
Nvidia Showcase: Never Alone: Folklore, Other Cultures and Cooperative Play14 July 2015
Topic of the Week: What great games were largely ignored by the press or gamers?14 July 2015
Nova-111 is PixelJunk developer’s cute new turn-based strategy14 July 2015
Guild of Dungeoneering review14 July 2015
Warcraft interactive trailer takes you on a gryphon ride across Stormwind 14 July 2015
Rainbow Six Siege rounds up the French GIGN special forces14 July 2015
North American professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player admits "we were all on adderall" at ESL14 July 2015
Runescape finally gets raids, 10-player groups will travel to a new world 14 July 2015
Star Wars: Battlefront will not support split-screen co-op14 July 2015
Oculus Rift is not a closed platform says Palmer Luckey14 July 2015
Five Nights at Freddy's 4 launches on the anniversary of the original14 July 2015
Satellite Reign hits beta and gets a release date13 July 2015
Creative Assembly releasing video series to show off Total War: Warhammer's coolest units13 July 2015
North American women win ESWC CS:GO trophy while C9 make Na'Vi sweat13 July 2015
Reliving Britain's Normandy nightmare with Close Combat: Gateway to Caen13 July 2015
Rocket League PC review13 July 2015
Jade Raymond joins EA to work on Amy Hennig's Star Wars game13 July 2015
Hearthstone fan designs system for randomly generating cards; results surprisingly good13 July 2015
We've got 400 early access keys worth £12 for Obsidian-assisted sci-fi MMO Skyforge. Want one?13 July 2015
World of Warships gets its "Godzilla" in the Tier X Yamato battleship13 July 2015
GTA V Ill-Gotten Gains update introduces PC performance problems - Rockstar investigate13 July 2015
Assassin's Creed: Syndicate will tighten up Unity's navigation and self-defenestrations13 July 2015
RaiderZ MMO to shutdown as developers mysteriously cease to exist12 July 2015
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 zombie Der Riese map returning with "The Giant"12 July 2015
Oculus VR is funding around two dozen games exclusive to the Oculus Rift11 July 2015
Warner Bros. delay Batman: Arkham Knight DLC on PC to prioritise fixes11 July 2015
Weekend Deal Dump: Dog days11 July 2015
Firaxis has "doubled down" on XCOM 2's character customisation10 July 2015
Transformers: Devastation trailer shows off more Autobot and Decepticon brawling10 July 2015
1979 Revolution is an adventure game that puts you right in the middle of the Iranian Revolution 10 July 2015
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies actually looks a bit brilliant 10 July 2015
Nvidia Showcase: What Makes Q.U.B.E.: Director's Cut Different From The Original?10 July 2015
Path of Exile's giant expansion The Awakening launches today10 July 2015
Blood Bowl 2 will be available to pre-order on Steam later today10 July 2015
"My ship isn’t flyable yet!" — Star Citizen dev responds to a dozen community concerns10 July 2015
The PCGamesN Massive Giveaway Week: Day Five - We’ve got 100 copies of Slinki. Want to play as an angry bunny rabbit?10 July 2015
The new Hitman isn't early access or episodic, says IO Interactive10 July 2015
Introducing Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear - Beamdog's 25-hour addendum to BioWare's classic10 July 2015
Galactic Civilizations 3 now has Steam Workshop support and some map DLC10 July 2015
Watch a game of Overwatch from Soldier: 76's perspective9 July 2015
Bierzerkers is a multiplayer arena game full of drunk, dead Vikings9 July 2015
Ark: Survival Evolved is opening the doors to Unreal Engine 4 modders9 July 2015
Blocky MMO Trove launches today9 July 2015
Darkest Dungeon update unleashes the Houndmaster and more9 July 2015
The PCGamesN Massive Giveaway Week: Day Four - We’ve got 50 copies of Square Heroes. Want to smash multiplayer deathmatch mayhem?9 July 2015
The 100 Best Mods on PC9 July 2015
Just Cause 3 collector's edition comes with Rico's grappling hook9 July 2015
Relic to roll out Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces this September9 July 2015
Valve will give you a real-life Dota 2 Aegis, but only if you give them lots of money9 July 2015
Blizzard perma-ban Heroes of the Storm map-hackers; "cheating will not be tolerated"9 July 2015
Just 2% of League of Legends games witness abuse claims Riot9 July 2015
In the latest Hearthstone Tavern Brawl, even spells are drunk8 July 2015
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward review in progress8 July 2015
Don't worry: Overwatch no longer has a fixed FOV8 July 2015
Kyn is an indie Viking-themed RPG launching this month8 July 2015
Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns' new guild features won't leave smaller guilds behind8 July 2015
Grand Theft Auto V Ill-Gotten Gains part 2 update is now live, $8M worth of new vehicles available 8 July 2015
The PCGamesN Massive Giveaway Week: Day Three - We’ve got 200 copies of Overture. Want to smash some monsters?8 July 2015
Zuma’s Revenge is free from Origin right now8 July 2015
XCOM 2 will ignore your progression in XCOM: Enemy Within8 July 2015
The Bard’s Tale IV goes behind the scenes with the art team8 July 2015
Metal Gear Solid V does the same mission again and again, and it’s different every time8 July 2015
The Escapists is crossing over with The Walking Dead8 July 2015
Overwatch recruits Soldier: 76, a super soldier with real aim8 July 2015
Riot updates League of Legends' pirate duo, Gangplank and Miss Fortune7 July 2015
The Endless Cylinder is a gorgeous, bizarre game from ACE Team co-founder Carlos Bordeu7 July 2015
How Magic Duels: Origins is adapting to the evolution of the digital CCG7 July 2015
Topic of the Week: Have you been hooked on a game that's made you unhappy?7 July 2015
Open world games are becoming too bloated to be fun7 July 2015
League of Legends' Jeffrey Lin: pairing up toxic players only creates a "downward spiral"7 July 2015
Nvidia Showcase: Half-Life 2: Episode 2 hits NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV7 July 2015
The PCGamesN Massive Giveaway Week: Day Two - We’ve got 300 copies of Luna's Wandering Stars. Fancy messing with the planets? 7 July 2015
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided won't make players feel like they have to choose stealth7 July 2015
The Witcher 3 patch 1.07 will be "very large" and lighten Geralt's load7 July 2015
Final Fantasy XIV Mac sales suspended after minimum requirements mix-up7 July 2015
Chaos Reborn goes single player with otherworldly new trailer7 July 2015
Star Citizen's executive producer has left Cloud Imperium6 July 2015
Hai's return to Cloud9 can't stop team's slide as League of Legends team falls to 3-96 July 2015
Smite's World Championship prize pool has been capped at $1 million6 July 2015
Watch Consortium: The Tower Prophecy's striking gameplay teaser6 July 2015
Making it in Unreal: play as a self-delivering parcel in Unbox6 July 2015
Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot: “we learned from the Watch Dogs experience”6 July 2015
Cloud Imperium Games opens new Frankfurt office for further Star Citizen development6 July 2015
The PCGamesN Massive Giveaway Week: Day One - We’ve got 100 copies of Tuk Ruk. Fancy a jungle cruise? 6 July 2015
Dean Hall’s Ion is EVE Online meets Minecraft, has a “solid road map”6 July 2015
New EVE Online characters could start with 1-2 months worth of skills already learnt6 July 2015
The Fallout 4 modding scene has already started6 July 2015
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide burns fur with its mage class6 July 2015
Flying Cafe for Semianimals finally has a release date for Cradle; launches July 24th5 July 2015
Dawn of War 3 website domain registered by Sega; Relic seemingly involved5 July 2015
Microsoft announce Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition; free to all existing PC owners4 July 2015
Telltale preview Minecraft: Story Mode with creeper filled trailer4 July 2015
Weekend Deal Dump: American Freedom Fireworks Day Edition4 July 2015
Sword Coast Legends gameplay: watch a deadly dungeon get built and played through3 July 2015
Find out what The Division's Dark Zone is all about in this story trailer3 July 2015
Dying Light's getting lots of summer events to take your mind off the heat3 July 2015
Slain! is a gothic action platformer that looks like a heavy metal album cover3 July 2015
Card Hunter is on its way to Steam, along with a new expansion and co-op3 July 2015
Here's a bunch of things that happened when I went to visit Wargaming in Saint Petersburg3 July 2015
How Colossal Order touched the clouds: the making and success of Cities: Skylines3 July 2015
Broforce is getting a Freedom Update, because America3 July 2015
Blizzard is teasing a massive Hearthstone announcement on July 223 July 2015
Team Fortress 2 is about to get its competitive matchmaking update3 July 2015
Block N Load PC review3 July 2015
Splat Fortress is a Splatoon mod for Team Fortress 2, complete with squids2 July 2015
The Sims 4 Spa Day is a sweaty game pack due out this month2 July 2015
Stick a cat on a unicorn in Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max this month2 July 2015
Catching up with Slitherine: what a difference a year makes2 July 2015
The Battlefield of Eternity is one of Heroes of the Storm's greatest maps2 July 2015
Hands on with World of Warships2 July 2015
E3 preview: Star Wars Battlefront’s Hoth leaves us cold2 July 2015
World of Warships proudly sails into global open beta2 July 2015
The Town of Light is a first-person psychological thriller that occurs in a real insane asylum2 July 2015
Interview: Unity boss John Riccitiello talks a swamped Steam and the future of PC2 July 2015
Team Fortress 2's Gun Mettle update adds CS:GO like weapon skins and campaigns2 July 2015
Star Wars Battlefront alpha game client details leaked2 July 2015
Dota 2 International 2015 prize pool achieves $15 million dollars; Axe immortal and comic unlocked2 July 2015
War Thunder's Cold Steel update turns down the thermostat and adds 20 new vehicles1 July 2015
Renowned Explorers gets a new trailer and a release date1 July 2015
Smite expands its Hindu pantheon with Ravana, The Demon King of Lanka1 July 2015
Report: Warner Bros. knew about the Arkham Knight PC problems months ago, sources claim1 July 2015
Diablo's Eternal Conflict comes to Heroes of the Storm1 July 2015
Wargame publisher Slitherine and BAE Systems, the defence contractor, join forces1 July 2015
V.Next is an episodic stealth adventure that will release weekly1 July 2015
Why Starcraft 2 doesn't get balanced like a MOBA1 July 2015
Final Fantasy XIV new player guide1 July 2015
Lorne Lanning on VR: a lot of developers “are in lala land”1 July 2015
Here’s what happens when Apple bans your game on the App store1 July 2015
Kerbal Space Program launches new official Asteroid Day mod1 July 2015
Orcs Must Die! Unchained closed beta updates PvE 1 July 2015
Minecraft has now sold over 20 million copies on PC1 July 2015
Dirt Rally picks up 12 new stages in Tarmac Terror update1 July 2015