August 2012 Archive

The Dota International Quarter Finals: Zenith vs CoL31 August 2012
SOE studio head John Smedley says that while PS2 is unfinished, it is “the ONLY true MMOFPS outside of the original Planetside. All others are posers.”31 August 2012
Battlefield 3 Night time mod looks phenomenal 31 August 2012
Gotham City Imposters goes free-to-play with new version on Steam31 August 2012
The Dota International Quarter Finals: LGD vs Orange31 August 2012
NCsoft close Paragon Studios; City of Heroes switching off before the end of the year31 August 2012
BioWare Austin’s new boss isn’t sure whether The Old Republic’s move to free-to-play will work31 August 2012
Sleeping Dogs patch makes game friendly to mice31 August 2012
ArenaNet explain zero tolerance approach to cheats31 August 2012
Super Meat Boy creator Ed McMillen releases The Basement Collection31 August 2012
Team Fortress 2: meet the female team31 August 2012
Scribblenauts Unlimited coming to PC with Steam Workshop integration31 August 2012
Battlefield 3 producer leaves DICE for Angry Birds' Rovio31 August 2012
DayZ designer demonstrates dogs31 August 2012
First Xbox LIVE games for Windows 8 revealed31 August 2012
Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection contains 17 years of C&C and access to Generals 231 August 2012
ArenaNet turn off sales of Guild Wars 2 to preserve “game experience"31 August 2012
Diablo 3 Starter Edition is free up to level 13 and the end of Act 131 August 2012
Another End of Nations beta event set for September 7th31 August 2012
Torchlight 2 release date set for September 20th31 August 2012
Guild Wars 2 exploit leads to wave of 3,000 permanent bans: “intentionally exploiting the game is unacceptable”31 August 2012
Star Wars: The Old Republic 1.4 update introduces harrowing monstrosities from the edge of space31 August 2012
Battlefield 3 tournament held entirely in 3D will “help shape future stereoscopic 3D titles” for competitive gaming30 August 2012
Borderlands 2 Season Pass apes Battlefield Premium30 August 2012
GlitchHiker: the game that was programmed to die30 August 2012
Starcraft and Brood War singleplayer remade in Starcraft 2; five sixths of the way there30 August 2012
Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer mode Escape looks Left 4 Dead-ish30 August 2012
Modern Warfare 3 Final Assault’s new maps look like this30 August 2012
Elder Scrolls Online concept art shows we're going to be travelling further afield than ever before30 August 2012
Steam Greenlight launches: begin your upvoting now30 August 2012
WoW Guild Mentoring program now active, with chosen guilds named30 August 2012
Battlefield 3: Armored Kill trailer takes a fly through the Alborz Mountain map30 August 2012
Hawken aiming to expand on PvE soon after release with 'a bunch of players fighting to destroy a giant beast.'30 August 2012
Treyarch dev reveals new Black Ops 2 multiplayer features, plus swearing from beyond the grave30 August 2012
A peek at the secrets of The Dota 2 International Secret Shop30 August 2012
Stamp duty: The making of Hawken30 August 2012
Planetary Annihilation's Jon Mavor on marshalling robots, micromanagement hell, and using "asteroids as a mobile base"30 August 2012
Mind-bending indie horror Home launches on Steam tomorrow30 August 2012
Cinematic action is a terrible goal for games, claims Dishonored dev30 August 2012
Unreal 3 runs on Windows 8 for tablets without concessions30 August 2012
Here's Borderlands 2 running on maximum settings, with PhysX enabled30 August 2012
Cyborgmatt smuggles pictures out of Valve HQ of Dota 2 Trading Cards, Axe Action Figure30 August 2012
Dignitas release a statement apologising for the LoL MLG Summer Championship debacle30 August 2012
Black Mesa is "pretty close to completion"; new screenshots29 August 2012
Square Enix’s Core Online goes live, will run Hitman: Blood Money in your browser for small change29 August 2012
SpaceChem designer's new game: Ironclad Tactics announcement trailer29 August 2012
Battlefield 3: Armored Kill vehicles named and gameplay modes detailed by EA's support team29 August 2012
Dishonored’s Harvey Smith: “Minecraft is The Beatles to the current generation of kids”29 August 2012
Carrier Command: Gaea Mission release date confirmed29 August 2012
“We are still a PC house and will continue to be so”, say Maxis; the “true experience” of SimCity is on the PC29 August 2012
Darksiders 2 patch comes to Steam29 August 2012
Gaslamp Games announce Clockwork Empires29 August 2012
Warren Spector on today’s games: “People are building games of choice and consequence and I couldn’t be happier”29 August 2012
Far Cry 3 trailer shows off Rook Island; more animals than you can shake a stick at29 August 2012
Total War Battles: Shogun arrives on Steam29 August 2012
World of Warcraft patch 5.0.4 launches, pets and mounts now shared across accounts29 August 2012
The International Day 3 Standings: The Dust Settles29 August 2012
David Bateson returns to voice Agent 47 in Hitman: Absolution29 August 2012
DUST 514 beta: how it links to Eve Online and why you should try it29 August 2012
Lego Star Wars: The Old Republic is here, Imperial Interceptor rendered in plastic29 August 2012
Blizzard deny access to World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 for Iranian players citing US trade sanctions, they're offering no refunds28 August 2012
American team raises money to fly to i46 in the UK, beat everyone else at TF228 August 2012
Chris Hecker's SpyParty gets a new look28 August 2012
DOTA 2 pirate translation, yar'll like this28 August 2012
Blizzard launch World Championship site28 August 2012
Firefall Founders packs will fund the free-to-play fun28 August 2012
Crusader Kings II: Legacy of Rome announced, features “cranky and disgruntled vassals” and new faction system28 August 2012
Black Ops 2 Collector's Edition contents revealed; PC gets a little left out28 August 2012
Battlefield 3 support will continue after planned DLC if player numbers justify it; “We will support the players wherever they will go”, say DICE28 August 2012
Natural Selection 2 trailer reveals exosuit28 August 2012
Hyrule: Total War is everything you could want from a mod28 August 2012
New Skyrim DLC Hearthfire lets you build your own home and, erm, adopt children28 August 2012
Why the Oculus Rift could herald a new generation of sim games, if the community embraces it28 August 2012
How Surfeuze got to Guild Wars 2's level cap in 32 hours28 August 2012
Mojang show off even more Minecraft decoration... and suggest pig piloting possibilities28 August 2012
Hotline Miami Preview28 August 2012
Guild Wars 2 opening numbers revealed: over one million pre-orders taken28 August 2012
Steam Community beta now available to all. Beware: boobs28 August 2012
World of Warcraft patch 5.0.4 goes live this week28 August 2012
How to beat the Overflow and play with your friends in Guild Wars 228 August 2012
The International Day Three: What to watch28 August 2012
International Day 2 Standings: Global Upset28 August 2012
French player 'Sufeuze' surges to Guild Wars 2's level cap of 80 before the game is even released28 August 2012
The Walking Dead: Episode Three launches tomorrow28 August 2012
Diablo 3's 1.0.4 patch causing Escrow Error 317402 in the real money auction house; players claim to be losing items and money27 August 2012
Hawken to launch with Oculus Rift support; first free-to-play title for the VR headset27 August 2012
Development of Prey 2 halted27 August 2012
Secret World Issue #2 is delayed due to staff layoffs27 August 2012
New GeForce beta drivers buff up Guild Wars 2, CS:GO, Diablo 3, SWTOR, Battlefield 3, Shogun 227 August 2012
Counter-Strike's de_dust2 knock-off in Arctic Combat27 August 2012
Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall on DayZ’s bugs: “It's totally at the point now where people are just getting sick of a lot of the problems. I'm sick of the problems.”27 August 2012
Obsidian would "love" to make a KOTOR 327 August 2012
Battlefield 3 Armored Kill release date announced, but it’s complicated27 August 2012
Round two of preliminaries for Dota 2 Internationals kick off with CLG, LGD and iG on top27 August 2012
Leenock wins second Starcraft 2 MLG title at Summer Championship27 August 2012
League of Legends’ Curse NA and Team Dignitas disqualified from MLG Summer Championship, no first or second place awarded27 August 2012
CCP is a backer of VR headset Oculus Rift, CEO Hilmar Veiger is looking forward to seeing “what our teams come up with”27 August 2012
Join the PCGamesN guild in Guild Wars 225 August 2012
Medal of Honor Warfighter Home Run mode apes Counter-Strike24 August 2012
Mechwarrior Online River City trailer sets it apart from the claustrophobic Hawken24 August 2012
Star Wars 1313 "The Vegas Strip" of the Star Wars games24 August 2012
Indie Underrail gets an alpha demo showing off its Fallout heritage24 August 2012
Hitman Contracts trailer, footage, and further details24 August 2012
How to access your Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments rewards24 August 2012
World of Warcraft mobile armory app now free24 August 2012
XCOM: Enemy Unknown trailer shows casualties of war, men being shot with lasers24 August 2012
Dark Souls mod unlocks new resolutions for the PC port24 August 2012
Four more Grand Theft Auto V screenshots24 August 2012
ArenaNet's resident economist analyses the money in a single Beta Weekend24 August 2012
Creepy new monster coming to Minecraft: the Wither Boss24 August 2012
Prominent BF3 YouTuber calls on DICE to implement Privacy options in Battlelog24 August 2012
Guild Wars 2 Gangnam style23 August 2012
Clan Wars to come to World of Warplanes, will “combine the world of tanks and planes on the global map”23 August 2012
Modding “demonstrates that the PC is about creating things”, says Bohemia head23 August 2012
Starcraft 2 patch 1.5.2 is now live23 August 2012
How's Wasteland 2 going Brian Fargo? "We're Kicking ass"23 August 2012
Morrowind was the ninth most Googled new term on the internet in 2002, followed by Warcraft 323 August 2012
Rooting around: Minecraft gets carrots and potatoes23 August 2012
KOTOR 2 finally comes to Steam23 August 2012
I Am Alive to receive a PC release23 August 2012
DICE say Bad Company 3 "probably would have gotten a better reaction" from parts of their community23 August 2012
Football Manager 13 announcement delayed, says Miles Jacobson23 August 2012
Latest Dishonored trailer is all about sneaky deaky stealthy stealth23 August 2012
Valve add Team Pennants to Dota 2 so you can show your support23 August 2012
Charles Cecil launches Kickstarter for Broken Sword 523 August 2012
Oculus creator discusses his personal VR projects, including omnidirectional treadmills and ultra-wide FOV headsets23 August 2012
Last night's Guild Wars 2 stress test was likely the release build23 August 2012
Guild Wars 2 Collectors Edition hands on23 August 2012
Jay Wilson apologises to David Brevik and details the future of Diablo 323 August 2012
Fifty Shades of Grey: Max Payne 3 Disorganized Crime Pack DLC out next week, brings with it black-and-white Noir Mode22 August 2012
Seven minutes of Battlefield 3: Armored Kill footage avec translation22 August 2012
Crytek are making Crysis 3’s “primary design choices” for PCs first, consoles second22 August 2012
Peter Moore gives BioWare vote of confidence despite SWTOR sub drop offs22 August 2012
Blizzard on why Heart of the Swarm won't have LAN22 August 2012
Sleeping Dogs PC demo supposed to be out now, but may have missed its alarm22 August 2012
Dancing in the street: Guild Wars 2 synchronised dancing22 August 2012
Blizzard knock 75% off the price of all released World of Warcraft content; pick up the game and all expansions for $2022 August 2012
Neigh: Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan delayed22 August 2012
Interplay resurrects classic RPG studio: “Black Isle Studios is back”22 August 2012
Steam offline mode's getting fixed22 August 2012
Rocket wants your ideas for DayZ features22 August 2012
Valve remove Alpine Ursa community item from Dota 2 store: what's going on?22 August 2012
Three more Grand Theft Auto V screenshots22 August 2012
Cactus on Hotline Miami: "I'm pretty tired of crappy games that don't really want to do anything special"22 August 2012
How long will it take you to reach Diablo 3's new Paragon level cap? Well...22 August 2012
30 Flights of Loving is 10 minutes of breakneck style22 August 2012
Why The Secret World and Funcom Deserve Better22 August 2012
PopCap to layoff staff, unconfirmed reports suggest original Plants vs Zombies designer is to go22 August 2012
League of Legends Champion Review: Rengar the Pridestalker22 August 2012
Diablo 3 patch 1.0.4 is out, adds Paragon levels and buffs Legendary items21 August 2012
Planetside 2 beta is a “true beta”, say SOE, so we can expect bugs in it21 August 2012
Valve wrap up CS:GO beta with an infographic21 August 2012
Firefall eSports to be supported with $1 million in prize money from developer Red 5 in 201321 August 2012
War of the Roses pre-orders are now open; announcement trailer is uninformative21 August 2012
Starcraft 2 progamer Stephano declines Millennium contract; likely signing with Evil Geniuses21 August 2012
Black Ops 2 multiplayer changes mean Call of Duty “can be a team game again”, say Treyarch21 August 2012
Bethesda register new trademark; is the next Skyrim expansion going to be called Hearthfire?21 August 2012
Champion Spotlight on League of Legends’ Rengar, “melee assassin, fighter, and jungler”21 August 2012
Command & Conquer Generals 2 won't launch with single player21 August 2012
Eight reasons why Guild Wars 2 is going to be 2012's best MMO21 August 2012
Why I’m uninstalling Windows 821 August 2012
Dishonored preview: GamesCom's best game21 August 2012
Dust 514 and EVE Online servers linked from today, PS3 shooter and PC MMO share one universe21 August 2012
Diablo 3 patch 1.0.4 launches tomorrow, patch notes available now21 August 2012
Two more GTA V screens bring us to the titular five screenshots20 August 2012
Minecraft closed map experiment leaves players to fight over a 350x350 grid, exposes the very worst of the human condition20 August 2012
Frozen Synapse is getting physical: boxed collector's edition announced20 August 2012
Graves Spring Anew: Plants vs Zombies 2 announced for early 201320 August 2012
DICE won't be releasing mod tools for Battlefield 3 any time soon due to consoles and hackers20 August 2012
Shadowrun Returns concept art depicts the painted look sought for the final game20 August 2012
Firefall cash shop to open at the end of the month “hopefully”, but Red 5 are “not going to sell you power”20 August 2012
Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm beta is almost ready to hatch20 August 2012
Thank God for DRM: meet classic arena shooter Death Ray Manta20 August 2012
Here come the tanks: World of Tanks 8.0's new tank destroyers20 August 2012
Blizzard adds Paragon Levels to Diablo 3, effectively raising level cap to 16020 August 2012
Guild Wars 2 sponsors games industry bike ride from Cologne to Brighton20 August 2012
Three new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots20 August 2012
Leaked BioWare player survey reveals Dragon Age 3 plot, co-op features and companions20 August 2012
Mvp wins SC2 Intel Extreme Masters at Gamescom20 August 2012
Drama bomb: war of words erupts between Diablo 3 designer and original creator20 August 2012
Moscow 5 wins League of Legends Intel Extreme Masters at Gamescom20 August 2012
Guild Wars 2's servers let you play with your friends all over the world, for no pennies17 August 2012
Valve release Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cinematic17 August 2012
Vigil Games are “doing everything we can” to address Darksiders 2 PC port problems17 August 2012
Action! Valve start the run up to the second Saxxy awards17 August 2012
Dota 2 spectator client activated for every steam account, all 40 million of them17 August 2012
[Update: OnLive service to continue with "no expected interruption"] Cloud gaming service OnLive shuts down “today”, claims Brian Fargo17 August 2012
Firefall team nearly doubled by influx of 38 Studios and The Old Republic devs17 August 2012
Elohell knocked out in first round of League of Legends regional finals after playing without banned teammate17 August 2012
You’ll never launch alone: Zombie Mod to launch alongside Counter-Strike: Global Offensive next week17 August 2012
Black Ops 2 will feature “oddball, slightly silly” Party Games modes17 August 2012
Medal of Honor Warfighter Fireteam footage emphasises the importance of friendship17 August 2012
Dye, dye my darling: Mojang want you to look "fabulous"17 August 2012
Blizzard: not afraid to cut new units from Heart of the Swarm if they can't be balanced17 August 2012
Crytek CEO wants to bring back the phrase: "can it run Crysis?"17 August 2012
Valve making a pro-Dota 2 documentary17 August 2012
A gaming headset by the guys who make headsets for astronauts: the Plantronics GameCom Commander17 August 2012
Blizzard reveals upcoming patch 1.0.4 changes to the Witch Doctor17 August 2012
Portal 2 level editor can now build co-op levels17 August 2012
A Valley Without Wind patch 1.206 “Watery Warp” released16 August 2012
World of Warcraft 5.04 will open up all races to all players regardless of expansion packs16 August 2012
New operation, planet and playable race coming to SWTOR in preparation for free-to-play16 August 2012
Hawken Gamescom footage shows mechs being shooty, stampy, and jumpy to the sound of 90s techno16 August 2012
The latest Minecraft update is small, while even more is teased for 1.416 August 2012
Primordia teaser stars a familiar voice, a bastion of talent you might say16 August 2012
Ubisoft launches its own distribution service, Uplay PC; games going for £1 to celebrate16 August 2012
Xenonauts beta set to release before XCOM: Enemy Unknown on 9th October16 August 2012
Steam Community Update update: closed beta invites for first 50,000 ‘Pillar of the Steam Community’ badge owners, new Friends tab16 August 2012
Borderlands 2 trailer reintroduces weapons manufacturer and thumbless father16 August 2012
Neverwinter returns as a free-to-play MMO with a new trailer16 August 2012
Castle Crashers is smashing its way towards a Steam release16 August 2012
Lords of Shadow 2 is getting a PC release16 August 2012
Mists of Pandaria opening cinematic revealed, shows ass-kicking Pandaren, naturally16 August 2012
Mann vs Machine: First Impressions16 August 2012
Blizzard details upcoming changes to Diablo 3's Wizard class in patch 1.0.416 August 2012
Mann vs Machine is live! All new premium robotic hats revealed!16 August 2012
New Kickstarter Planetary Annihilation is looking smashing; spiritual successor to Supreme Commander15 August 2012
Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC PC release date set for August 2815 August 2012
Steam Community Update update: personal content pages, favouriting and screenshot "works of art"15 August 2012
Ghost Recon Online open beta launched today, with trailer attached15 August 2012
New Planetside 2 trailer from Gamescom, christened “POWER”15 August 2012
WoT Generals? Why, World of Tanks Generals of course, the collectible card game15 August 2012
Humble Bundle for Android 3 is for PC too, features Spacechem and Uplink15 August 2012
Blizzard details upcoming changes to Diablo 3's Barbarian class in patch 1.0.415 August 2012
Ubisoft announce free to play Silent Hunter, Anno and Heroes games15 August 2012
Europa Universalis IV announced, but is it big enough?15 August 2012
TF2's Mann vs Machine update is imminent, upgrade system revealed15 August 2012
Heroes Online Preview15 August 2012
Silent Hunter Online Preview15 August 2012
Anno Online Preview15 August 2012
Guild Wars 2 servers finalised ahead of Head Start next week15 August 2012
Hands-on with Planetside 2 at Gamescom: it just works15 August 2012
Rocket talks DayZ Standalone: Chernarus Plus, underground construction and ragdoll physics15 August 2012
New Rome 2 screenshots show off Carthage, siege engines and close quarters scrapping15 August 2012
Legendary items in Diablo 3 to become way more powerful, adding new custom effects15 August 2012
Far Lands or Bust: One man and his wolf walk across Minecraft for charity15 August 2012
Blizzard takes aim at Guild Wars, begins Mists of Pandaria pre-launch events on Guild Wars 2 release date15 August 2012
Black Ops 2 multiplayer will change things: kill streaks are dead; long live score streaks and eSports14 August 2012
Remember Me gameplay footage shows off Memory Remix mechanic14 August 2012
Crysis 3's Hunted mode brings Predator to the CryEngine14 August 2012
Cloud gaming: Final Fantasy 7 re-release hits the virtual shelves14 August 2012
Dead Space 3 trailer shows how peoples' insides are yucky; also, February 8th release date confirmed14 August 2012
Madcatz make keyboards modular with the S.T.R.I.K.E 714 August 2012
Steam Community Update update: changes coming to Groups14 August 2012
Star Wars 1313 trailer enters Uncharted depths14 August 2012
Remember Me trailer splices Blade Runner with Total Recall 14 August 2012
Rovio open new studio in Stockholm, headed up by former GM of EA Easy Studios14 August 2012
Shadowrun Online reaches Kickstarter target with three hours on the clock14 August 2012
EA at Gamescom 2012: seven things we learned14 August 2012
EA confirm Battlefield 3 Premium Edition, includes all DLC and Premium access14 August 2012
Sim City coming to Mac, beta registration available now14 August 2012
Bethesda reveal Dishonored system specs14 August 2012
Hitman: Absolution debuts Contracts mode - set in-game targets for other players with creative kills14 August 2012
Routine's Gamescom teaser shows off roguelike space horror14 August 2012
Half-Life 3 to be revealed at Gamescom? Errr... [UPDATE ANSWER: No, it isn't.]14 August 2012
Hitman: Absolution to include full Steamworks integration and Steam Cloud saves. Io on the PC: “games should look as awesome as possible.”14 August 2012
World of Warplanes to receive Japanese carrier fighters in new update14 August 2012
League of Legends teases Rengar, a scraggly lion man14 August 2012
Team Fortress 2‘s Mann vs Machine release date set for August 15th, brings co-op robot warfare 14 August 2012
Forge: a new Kickstarter project that melds MMO arena combat with the immediacy of FPS multiplayer13 August 2012
Runescape player faces 15 year prison sentence for robbing another player in real-word transaction13 August 2012
Double Fine to forego “console work-for-hire” to work on independent projects from now on13 August 2012
Epic Games buy Bulletstorm dev People Can Fly13 August 2012
Minecraft 1.4, the Pretty Scary Update: everything we know13 August 2012
Redesign coming to Steam community: meet hubs13 August 2012
Lego The Lord of the Rings trailer features a passable, parodic Ian McKellan-alike13 August 2012
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament coming to DreamHack Winter 201213 August 2012
Relentlessly sarcastic Borderlands 2 trailer delivers class details13 August 2012
Mists of Pandaria pre-launch patch now available to download13 August 2012
Hotline Miami heading to Steam; announces news through gaudy, yet violent, trailer13 August 2012
Battlefield 4 will be set in "modern day", dog bites man13 August 2012
More evidence of item duplication in Diablo 3: six wizards spotted with the same item13 August 2012
Sleeping Dogs launch trailer features reckless driving, unlicensed fisty cuffs, and irresponsible use of an oven13 August 2012
Battlefield 3's Battlelog now lets you copy players' loadouts13 August 2012
Complexity Gaming beats Mousesports to win Dota 2's The Defense13 August 2012
Jet Set Radio PC release date set for 19th September13 August 2012
Mann vs Machine approaches! Valve ARG reveals third Team Fortress 2 brother13 August 2012
San Andreas via Karkand - GTA V trailer remade in Battlefield 313 August 2012
Rift: Storm Legion will feature robots, big monsters, and two vast new continents 13 August 2012
Codemasters respond to complaints about lack of cockpit view in Grid 213 August 2012
Diablo 3 patch 1.0.4 release date revealed13 August 2012
XCOM: Enemy Unknown to have competitive multiplayer13 August 2012
Battlefield 3 Premium Edition shows up on Amazon Canada13 August 2012
CryEngine 3 makes toads kissable13 August 2012
Submissions for IGF 2013 now open; $60,000 up for grabs13 August 2012
Firefall eSports toolkit to make matches easier to watch and to shoutcast10 August 2012
DayZ Hotfix tackles an ammunition loading problem, graphical glitches and a respawn issue10 August 2012
Ubisoft Montpellier reveal Barbara, the new playable character for Rayman Legends10 August 2012
Firaxis are “completely altruistic PC champions”; prove it with PC-only battlefield grid and greater camera zoom for XCOM: Enemy Unknown10 August 2012
Planetside 2’s free-to-play “modelled after League of Legends”, says SOE head10 August 2012
Deal Post: Green Man Gaming are offering 20% off any and all PC games10 August 2012
The Witcher 2 mod tools to be on show at Gamescom 10 August 2012
Two key Bioshock Infinite developers leave Irrational10 August 2012
Assassin's Creed 3 confirmed for PC release on November 2310 August 2012
Changes being made to Black Mesa following leaked footage10 August 2012
Warframe gameplay trailer marks preparation for closed beta10 August 2012
Epic's new studio staffed by ex-Big Huge Games developers 10 August 2012
Witcher developer sees DLC as a service "which shouldn’t be priced"10 August 2012
Dota 2 deals with copyright infringement after player submits an item from Aion to the workshop10 August 2012
Dota 2 update adds swapping10 August 2012
Blizzard servers hacked: passwords, email addresses and secret answers accessed10 August 2012
New Dishonored gameplay trailer shows off creative killing, and "death by rat"10 August 2012
Zynga is working on a “hardcore” game9 August 2012
AI War: Ancient Shadows expansion adds modular champion units9 August 2012
Minecraft: The Walls 2 brings crafting to PvP Survival9 August 2012
Dark Souls PC port capped at 30FPS and limited resolution9 August 2012
Free Magicka DLC definitely has nothing to do with the London 2012 Olympic Games9 August 2012
When software breaks your PC, who takes responsibility? 9 August 2012
Blizzard detail Diablo 3 patch 1.0.4 update9 August 2012
Zynga COO resigns, effective immediately8 August 2012
Hero Academy PC release delayed due to “last minute issues”8 August 2012
Another Guild Wars 2 stress test coming tomorrow, August 9th8 August 2012
Battlefield 3 lead designer now at Starbreeze working on Payday 28 August 2012
World of Tanks 8.0 to bring complete engine overhaul and map overhauls8 August 2012
Crytek working with high-end PC setups to test their games for next-gen consoles8 August 2012
New screenshots and facts from Turbine on Lord of the Rings: Online expansion Riders of Rohan8 August 2012
Heart of the Swarm Collector's Edition owners to receive Baneling pet in World of Warcraft8 August 2012
Sleeping Dogs to be better on PC, with high-res textures and TF2 freebies8 August 2012
Steam to start stocking software in September8 August 2012
GRID 2 announced; we've the screenshots and trailer to prove it8 August 2012
Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 2 leak hints at eSports-friendly Live Streaming feature8 August 2012
Sir, You are Being Hunted trailer shows gentrified robots hunting8 August 2012
Firefall's biggest patch ever "changes everything, creates fun"8 August 2012
Heavy Gear reboot on the cards, classic 90s mech shooter to return8 August 2012
Giant Counter-Strike: Global Offensive patch incoming, adds Mac support and cheering8 August 2012
Accidental early purchases of Final Fantasy VII re-release refunded with free game7 August 2012
The Matrix remade in Source Film Maker7 August 2012
Minecraft Tekkit Mod Pack removes Crafting Table III for new build7 August 2012
Payday: The Heist to get Wolfpack DLC; first trailer7 August 2012
Exposed: the unsexy truth behind Shag a Gamer7 August 2012
Neverwinter MMO on show at Gamescom7 August 2012
ArenaNet to release API to Guild Wars 2 community for mobile tie-in app development7 August 2012
Wargaming buys BigWorld for $45m7 August 2012
First Black Ops 2 multiplayer trailer features drones, tomahawks and shoutcasting7 August 2012
Zyra getting major nerfs7 August 2012
Black Mesa Source video a leak, but devs say it's ok7 August 2012
THQ cancels Del Toro's Insane, starts work on four new games7 August 2012
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pre-orders available from today7 August 2012
Free to play robo-smasher AirMech is coming to Steam7 August 2012
DayZ to be developed as a stand alone game by Bohemia Interactive7 August 2012
The best mods for Napoleon: Total War7 August 2012
Double Fine's Iron Brigade coming to Steam on August 137 August 2012
Champion Spotlight on Diana, League of Legend's newest addition7 August 2012
Blizzard launch Diablo 3 online character profiles7 August 2012
All hail cloud saving... when it works7 August 2012
New Black Mesa Source video shows off 'On Rails'7 August 2012
Notch will add Oculus Rift support for 0x10c “if we get it to work with Java”; support for Minecraft is Jeb’s call6 August 2012
Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod copes with 1,300 players6 August 2012
Arcen Games plan to update A Valley Without Wind for another three years; perpetual development “can get quite addictive”6 August 2012
DayZ has one million unique players6 August 2012
John Carmack: Oculus Rift VR "Fully-supported" in Doom 46 August 2012
Killing villagers to have consequences in Minecraft6 August 2012
Riot reveal pro-league League of Legends Championship Series, aim to make LoL a “sustainable career choice” for professionals6 August 2012
Clever man builds fully functioning Diablo 3 arcade cabinet6 August 2012
Next CS:GO update full of changes ahead of August 21st release6 August 2012
Newly rich man makes $10,000 in the Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House6 August 2012
Green Man Gaming cuts Mists of Pandaria pre-order price to £21.996 August 2012
Leaked screenshot rumoured to reveal new Prince of Persia reboot6 August 2012
Planetside 2 will be on Steam6 August 2012
Azubu Blaze tears through favourites Team Solo Mid to win MLG Summer League of Legends Arena6 August 2012
Source Engine 2 is confirmed in development, Source Filmmaker code reveals6 August 2012
John Carmack on Windows 8: “There’s nothing I’m looking forward to”3 August 2012
Call of Duty DLC sales are slowing down, Activision looking for “the best return on our investment”3 August 2012
Diablo 3 has sold 10 million copies; “We want people to play and enjoy Diablo 3 for a long time”3 August 2012
EA files lawsuit against Zynga for copyright infringement on behalf of Maxis, in a “case of principle”3 August 2012
Warcraft movie to be written by Blood Diamond scribe3 August 2012
Dishonored voice cast is star studded, and the studs are many3 August 2012
CLOP, from the creator of QWOP and GIRP3 August 2012
Last night's Guild Wars 2 Stress Test brought changes to the Engineer3 August 2012
Dota 2 updates with more spectator features3 August 2012
Diablo 3 auction house improvements coming: better filters and auction cancellations3 August 2012
Team Fortress 2 teams up with Sleeping Dogs to bring you The Triad Pack3 August 2012
Planetside 2 Beta imminent3 August 2012
Skyrim: Dawnguard is out now on PC3 August 2012
World of Warcraft loses 1.1 million subscribers; dips to 9.1 million worldwide2 August 2012
Modern Warfare 3 final DLC revealed: The Chaos Pack and Final Assault2 August 2012
Rise of the Triad remake in Unreal Engine 3 coming to Steam later this year2 August 2012
Assassin’s Creed 3 trailer shows off engine AnvilNext, to the tune of 2,000 NPCs in one battle sequence2 August 2012
Mists of Pandaria raids to be released in stages; first lands one week following launch2 August 2012
World of Battleships adores alliteration, alters alias to World of Warships2 August 2012
Minecon 2012 headed to Disneyland Paris with an announcement trailer2 August 2012
Valve competing amongst themselves in 'The Internal', focusing heavily on Esports in Dota 2 going forward2 August 2012
EA doesn’t expect Star Wars: The Old Republic’s conversion to free-to-play to bring in more cash2 August 2012
Planetside 2 beta could launch tomorrow, priority access given to active subscribers2 August 2012
Riot: “eSports is the most important aspect of the success of League of Legends.” 2 August 2012
Fan made Dota 2 Android app now available2 August 2012
Grand Theft Auto IV: San Andreas total conversion ports San Andreas into GTA IV2 August 2012
Project Zomboid to get new crafting system, backpacks, and moddable, extendable, customisable and macroable UI in next update. 2 August 2012
Project Zomboid devs on the pressures of alpha funding: “the toll it takes on you personally is a lot greater.” 2 August 2012
Last Dota 2 Competitive Tiering before the second International released2 August 2012
Faster zombies! Valve say that Left 4 Dead 2 runs better on Linux than on Windows2 August 2012
Riot streamline LoL tournaments with a new system developed with ESL2 August 2012
Guild Wars 2 stress test announced today, August 2nd2 August 2012
Far Cry 3 co-op campaign will be a prequel1 August 2012
Oculus Rift to make virtual reality gaming an affordable reality1 August 2012
Minecraft 1.3 update is now live1 August 2012
Starcraft II patch 1.5 is out now1 August 2012
PCGamesN update: our first month was quite nice1 August 2012
World of Tanks update 7.5 is now live1 August 2012
Notch AMA: Hints at more updates to competitive Minecraft1 August 2012
Battlefield Premium has 1.3 million subscribers1 August 2012
Starcraft II Pro-file: Ilyles 'Stephano' Satouri1 August 2012
Diablo 3 Armory teaser image contains hidden easter egg1 August 2012
Steam Summer Sale resurrects to bring you indie games1 August 2012
Star Wars The Old Republic Free-to-play restrictions detailed1 August 2012
New Steam terms of service prevents class action lawsuits against Valve1 August 2012
Early August League of Legends Patch detailed1 August 2012