August 2017 Archive

Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s Orc Tales trailer hears from orcs on the front line31 August 2017
Pathologic is now called Pathologic 2 and it’s set to release in 201831 August 2017
Nvidia Showcase: the next-gen tech powering Bungie's Destiny 231 August 2017
Destiny 2’s live-action trailer has Guardians fighting “for the puppies”31 August 2017
Sonic Forces dashes onto PC this November31 August 2017
Guild Wars 2 shows off rideable velociraptors and giant bunnies31 August 2017
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds surpasses Overwatch in South Korea’s PC bangs31 August 2017
Meet The Evil Within 2's latest heart-throb - a cackling multi-headed monster with sawblade arms31 August 2017
Here's what's in Destiny 2's revamped mobile app31 August 2017
Cache co-creator shows off his new, Half-Life 3-inspired map for CS:GO31 August 2017
Careers in Dual Universe range from space pirate to indie game developer31 August 2017
Free Steam keys: We have 50 codes for Ark: Survival Evolved up for grabs!31 August 2017
Ready the wagons as Wild West Online’s closed alpha begins next month31 August 2017
The Divinity: Original Sin 2 collector's edition features a shapeshifting undead figurine31 August 2017
Total War: Warhammer 2 system requirements revealed31 August 2017
AMD’s new 8-core Threadripper is slower than the much cheaper Ryzen 7 1800X in games31 August 2017
Ripping off faces and chatting to dead cows as Divinity: Original Sin 2's new Undead race31 August 2017
Conan Exiles’ The Frozen North expansion keeps you warm with busywork 31 August 2017
Dishonored's Harvey Smith expects an explosion of indie-made immersive sims31 August 2017
Fortnite is set to be Epic's most successful ever game31 August 2017
Crusader Kings 2 director: "We're starting to look at when to end"31 August 2017
Crusader Kings 2: Jade Dragon adds China, an off-map empire that you don't want to piss off31 August 2017
Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn lets you play like Skynet, The Borg, or even Wall-E31 August 2017
Super Meat Boy is getting a sequel next year31 August 2017
Absolver is Devolver Digital's biggest ever launch31 August 2017
Battlefield 1's In The Name of the Tsar DLC gets an exact release date31 August 2017
AMD Vega is back in stock, but you’re costing team Radeon over $100 on each card you buy31 August 2017
The Destiny 2 datamining has begun - click here for massive story spoilers31 August 2017
Is dabbing ok? Videogame Twitter accounts have extremely serious debate31 August 2017
Life is Strange: Before the Storm is out today, so here’s a video about people being friends31 August 2017
PlayerUnknown wants to take “baby steps” towards making PUBG an esport31 August 2017
Shovel Knight’s final expansion features its own card game30 August 2017
PC users can now play Sonic Mania offline30 August 2017
Why Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is coming to PC30 August 2017
The Division’s 1.8 patch has its enemy factions teaming up against the player30 August 2017
Meet the Mayweather and McGregor of Quake Champions30 August 2017
Sunless Skies is now out on Steam Early Access30 August 2017
Sonic Mania is a blast, until you reach the bosses30 August 2017
The new Wolfenstein II trailer asks: what if Batman, but a Nazi?30 August 2017
Overwatch This episode 45: massive reworks for Mercy and D.Va30 August 2017
Acer, if your Orion 9000 gaming PC needs wheels you’re doing it wrong30 August 2017
Free Steam keys: Win a copy of open-world Zelda-like game Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles30 August 2017
The Epistle 3 game jam has fans making their own versions of Half-Life 330 August 2017
The H1Z1: King of the Kill combat update makes it feel a lot more like PUBG30 August 2017
World of Tanks' Grand Battle is a new 30 vs 30 game mode30 August 2017
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is getting official Chinese servers next month30 August 2017
Surprise! Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is happening30 August 2017
A wireless gaming mouse that lasts a year and a half on two AAs? That'll be Logitech's HERO...30 August 2017
Surviving Mars' colonies can be invaded by the horrors of '60s sci-fi30 August 2017
Obsidian turned down Game of Thrones because it "feels more like an RTS"30 August 2017
Dawn of War III gets Steam Workshop support and better modding in its latest patch30 August 2017
A Destiny 2 PTR isn't planned, but private matches are30 August 2017
Sea of Thieves has a 540p, 15fps graphics option so you can run it on a PC from the 1700s30 August 2017
Here's when you can visit Destiny 2's Farm in the PC beta 30 August 2017
A “hidden gimmick” will make Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet accessible for non-anime fans29 August 2017
Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s Marauder Tribe are orcs with a love for bling29 August 2017
Dishonored 3 would focus on a brand new set of characters29 August 2017
Paragon’s latest hero is Drongo, a boomerang-wielding metal head 29 August 2017
Overwatch's new reporting system will "completely ban" repeat offenders29 August 2017
Fallout 4 fans are divided over Creation Club versions of free mods29 August 2017
GTA Online’s Smuggler’s Run update adds a Battle Royale mode29 August 2017
Real life quest scroll given out to winners of World of Warcraft European Championship29 August 2017
Dishonored: Death of the Outsider delivers on the social stealth we were promised a decade ago29 August 2017
Friday the 13th: The Game’s latest patch tries to curb team-killers29 August 2017
You won't be able to play the new Fortnite update for "at least 24 hours"29 August 2017
Free Steam keys: We have 100 codes for tactical classic-style RPG Tower of Time!29 August 2017
How a riot in Anno 1800 can spread out of control29 August 2017
Target debunks the mystery Bethesda Game of Thrones listing29 August 2017
Dishonored: Death of the Outsider's contracts can only be attempted once29 August 2017
The Amazing Eternals' character trailer shows off an enormous ent and a demonic skeleton29 August 2017
Fallout 4 Creation Club brings paid mods to the Commonwealth again29 August 2017
Ark: Survival Evolved PC review29 August 2017
World of Warcraft patch 7.3: Shadows of Argus29 August 2017
Telltale can still make Game of Thrones season 2, but it's currently on hold29 August 2017
You can play Absolver right now29 August 2017
Ark: Survival Evolved launches today, with a proper story and a final boss29 August 2017
Absolver PC review29 August 2017
Could you love an alien like your XCOM squad? Firaxis say it'd be "very, very difficult"29 August 2017
A 19-year-old won the team and solo tournaments at the Quake World Championships29 August 2017
Delayed AMD launch and chip yield issues prompt a $30m settlement offer to investors29 August 2017
Overwatch patch 1.14: Deathmatch, new map, buffs for Junkrat, Orisa, Roadhog, Widowmaker29 August 2017
Destiny 2's raid is called Leviathan, and might involve being eaten by a giant space fish29 August 2017
XCOM 2: War of the Chosen PC review29 August 2017
Divinity: Original Sin 2 lets you play as a skeleton28 August 2017
Kel’Thuzad is playable on the Heroes of the Storm PTR until September 428 August 2017
Half-Life 2: Aftermath hopes to piece together what remains of Episode 328 August 2017
Destiny 2's PC beta is grappling with some oddly named login errors 28 August 2017
Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid - weapon skins, bug fixes, balance changes28 August 2017
Rune: Ragnarok, an open-world action RPG, announced by Human Head Studios28 August 2017
Valve confirm Steam support for Windows VR headsets28 August 2017
Destiny 2's PC beta begins today - includes campaign, crucible, and strike activities28 August 2017
See the future with Menat, Street Fighter V’s latest character28 August 2017
Guild Wars 2 is five years old! To celebrate, we have 3,000 mini eggs up for grabs28 August 2017
Say goodbye to poop and hello to floaters in Cities: Skylines - Green Cities28 August 2017
Making it in Unreal: the cheats and dev secrets of Battlegrounds28 August 2017
Codemasters are "considering" VR for F1 2017 but worried it might compromise the game27 August 2017
The creator of Sunless Sea's next game has you defile a person's mind and summon up old gods27 August 2017
Faith in humanity restored! This man helpfully reminds his Overwatch team to attack the objective27 August 2017
XCOM 2: War of the Chosen's bug fixes won't be added to the base game27 August 2017
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord will "definitely" support multiplayer mods27 August 2017
Darkwood torrent is put online by its own developers26 August 2017
Palmer Luckey is asking Reddit if he should buy Vive from HTC26 August 2017
Dota 2 is getting review-bombed because people think it "killed” Half-Life 3 26 August 2017
Hello Games roll out their third No Man’s Sky patch in just eight days26 August 2017
Guess how many games G2A have sold in North Korea26 August 2017
Rainbow Six Siege's Season 3 will hit Technical Test Servers from August 2926 August 2017
One Piece: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition has “over 40 pieces of DLC”26 August 2017
Machine Games "don't censor" in their creative process for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus26 August 2017
Star Citizen is getting facial tracking so your character's face will talk and move with you25 August 2017
Industries of Titan is the new space city builder from the Crypt of the NecroDancer developers25 August 2017
Logitech Spotlight: 10 best god modes in gaming25 August 2017
The videogame adaptation of Steve Jackson's Ogre is coming later this year - here's its trailer25 August 2017
Try out Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony for free in a special demo chapter, available now25 August 2017
KFC have made a VR training tool, and it looks terrifying25 August 2017
The Star Citizen Gamescom presentation has now started - watch it here25 August 2017
Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light, a drama about an MMO-playing family, is coming to Netflix25 August 2017
First-person swashbuckling roguelike City of Brass opens for beta registration25 August 2017
Meet the Ninjago - Lego Worlds' new free DLC is coming soon25 August 2017
Sorry everyone but "campaign DLC for Doom isn't on the table right now"25 August 2017
Destiny 2 clan registration is now open - and you can join ours25 August 2017
Divinity: Original Sin 2 has full voice acting for its 1000+ NPCs25 August 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: Free Rainbow Six Siege, pre-load the Destiny 2 PC beta, capture your best PUBG moments, and more!25 August 2017
Medieval Tinder-like Reigns announces a Queenly sequel in Reigns: Her Majesty25 August 2017
Assassin’s Creed X Final Fantasy 15 makes me wish Ubisoft would really embrace stupidity25 August 2017
Call of Duty: World War 2 has a play of the game-style replay system25 August 2017
Hydras and Moon Dragons go at it in this Total War: Warhammer 2 Dark Elf battle25 August 2017
Grab one of 10,000 codes for newly launched robot builder and battler, Robocraft25 August 2017
Blood Orchid will slow Rainbow Six Siege’s meta, and that’s a good thing25 August 2017
Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation just got a huge update and some free DLC to celebrate25 August 2017
Microsoft say they announced Crackdown 3 "too early"25 August 2017
Heroes never die: a Mercy main assesses the Overwatch medic's huge rework25 August 2017
Play XCOM 2 for free this weekend, or buy for 60% off25 August 2017
GTA Online's new update comes with a lot of new planes, and brings back a GTAV character25 August 2017
Dark Souls fans: a foot-tall Oscar of Astora statue could be yours for $33525 August 2017
A mysterious QR code in an Ark: Survival Evolved trailer leads to a countdown page25 August 2017
5 times I turned around in The Evil Within 2 and something awful happened25 August 2017
Blade’s upcoming Shadow PC streaming service is trying to put me out of a job25 August 2017
You'd need to buy $17,000 worth of loot boxes to get every League of Legends skin25 August 2017
This World of Warcraft music video aims to prove it's still a beautiful game25 August 2017
Destiny 2 will have nine subclasses at launch 25 August 2017
You can pre-load the Destiny 2 PC beta tonight25 August 2017
Secret of Mana remake coming to Steam in February25 August 2017
Here's what would have happened in Half-Life 2: Episode 3, from the lead writer himself25 August 2017
Would Shinji Mikami direct Resident Evil 8 if he had total freedom? "I might"25 August 2017
Goodbye Plane and House, Rainbow Six Siege is lowering the ranked map pool to just nine maps24 August 2017
The free-to-play Ghost in the Shell FPS is shutting down later this year24 August 2017
Sonic Forces has special Tag Stages for your custom characters - here's what they look like24 August 2017
Dishonored 2's technical launch issues won't show up in Death of the Outsider24 August 2017
All of Rocket League's competitive and casual maps will be standardised as of season 624 August 2017
Fortnite is getting new time-limited events and weapons next week, see them in a new trailer24 August 2017
At the PUBG Gamescom Invitational, one player won $15,000 by running and hiding24 August 2017
The Quakecon sale has officially started - Prey is 50% off, classics are cheaper than a coffee24 August 2017
You'll be visiting a post-apocalyptic Pripyat in the next Warface special operation24 August 2017
Have a gander at what Star Citizen looks like when you can land on a planet24 August 2017
China is coming for the West in the Crusader Kings 2 Jade Dragon expansion24 August 2017
Epic's giving out $5,000,000 in Unreal grants - meet the latest 15 recipients24 August 2017
Parts of Final Fantasy 15 had to be entirely rebuilt for first-person mode24 August 2017
I've tried the HyperX Cloud Alpha and it's the new king of gaming headsets24 August 2017
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds cross-play could happen, but it won't be unfair24 August 2017
Mixed reactions to Final Fantasy XV were "a genuine surprise" to the dev team24 August 2017
In Destiny 2, a posh British sniper is your guide to the European Dead Zone24 August 2017
Monster Hunter: World is the series’ most cohesive and accessible entry yet24 August 2017
Middle-earth: Shadow of War: release date, story, mechanics, system requirements - everything we know24 August 2017
Narrative games aren’t oversaturated, but they’re in danger of stagnating24 August 2017
Attaching Vive Trackers to wine bottles, cups of tea, and doggos. All in the name of VR24 August 2017
H1Z1: King of the Kill and PUBG can "grow together," say Daybreak24 August 2017
H3H3 Productions win fair use lawsuit and call it "huge victory" for YouTubers24 August 2017
The PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds community is a mess, and it's getting worse24 August 2017
Battlefield 1 Incursions matches have MOBA-style character progression24 August 2017
You can drop out of all Overwatch skill tiers in Season 6 (except Bronze)24 August 2017
DICE "need much, much better systems" to deal with cheating in Battlefield 1 Incursions24 August 2017
The Battlefield 1 Incursions alpha is PC-only, and you won't need to own the game to play24 August 2017
AOC's AMD FreeSync 2 HDR screen is faster than lightning with a 0.5ms response time24 August 2017
Dishonored: Death of the Outsider's new abilities turn it into a violent strategy game24 August 2017
War Thunder has had to introduce a whole new classification for its newest tanks23 August 2017
A new gameplay trailer for Need for Speed Payback shows the game in full 4K, 60fps action23 August 2017
Fallout 4 VR is great, but its exclusive release is bad for anyone who cares about VR gaming23 August 2017
Breakaway, Amazon's mix of Overwatch and football, blows up the Earth in a new trailer23 August 2017
See the Vortex campaign map from Total War: Warhammer 2 in this new flyover23 August 2017
Crossout's next faction is the Dawn Children - they're bringing lasers and hovercars23 August 2017
Ark: Survival Evolved's endgame content is going to "set you up for the expansion packs"23 August 2017
EA's EVP thinks Mass Effect: Andromeda "got criticised a little bit more than it deserved"23 August 2017
Divinity: Original Sin 2's co-op lets you backstab your mates with poisoned potions23 August 2017
Rainbow Six Siege's final Blood Orchid operator is Ela Bosak, watch her trailer now23 August 2017
See the first trailer for the "hardcore" Norse RPG Immortal: Unchained23 August 2017
Cry for Mei's robot Snowball in Overwatch's latest animated short23 August 2017
Hearth and Home is the delightful new Hearthstone animated short23 August 2017
Free Steam keys: We have 70 copies of new co-op racer Team Racing League to give away!23 August 2017
Biomutant's last-ever meat eater is a recurring enemy who knows who you are23 August 2017
Monster Hunter World is going to have a "nice, meaty story"23 August 2017
Death Stranding isn't like other war games, it's about "protecting life"23 August 2017
Brink's still ahead of its time, but that doesn't fix the fundamentals23 August 2017
Assassin's Creed: Origins has forgotten what it means to be an assassin23 August 2017
Tyranny expansion Bastard’s Wound comes out next month23 August 2017
Chloe can't rewind time, but Life is Strange's prequel still has "supernatural elements"23 August 2017
Steam could be profitable with an 8% cut rather than 30%, says Tim Sweeney23 August 2017
All of Bethesda’s VR games are coming out this year23 August 2017
Warhammer 2 is the first Total War campaign "with a game over screen"23 August 2017
You'll be able to see through walls in Rocket League's autumn update23 August 2017
Practice with a fighter plane in COD: WW2's Headquarters23 August 2017
The strange facial animations in Shenmue 3's trailer have already been fixed23 August 2017
Psychological horror game Inmates leaves you wondering how you ended up in prison23 August 2017
Gwent wasn't needed in The Witcher 3, but standalone is perfect23 August 2017
Forza 7 will be playable on mouse and keyboard, or any other peripheral23 August 2017
Telltale are “humbled” that DC let them create their own Batman canon23 August 2017
Dictatorship has never looked prettier in Tropico 6's samba-scored gameplay trailer23 August 2017
The next Dontnod game will be a brand new "investigation" IP23 August 2017
PES PC ports have been poor because console sales have "kept us alive"23 August 2017
The Wolf Among Us’s ending is “absolutely not a cliffhanger”23 August 2017
Final Fantasy 15 is a terrible choice for mods23 August 2017
Amazon’s Breakaway is Dungeonbowl played at the pace of Overwatch23 August 2017
Javelin is Dirty Bomb’s new “tactical-minded Norwegian girl with a guided rocket launcher”22 August 2017
ELEX 2 looks to have been confirmed before the first ELEX game is even out22 August 2017
The Surge DLC pits you against a theme park cat-robot gone mad22 August 2017
WoW’s Netherlight Crucible will “likely” go to live servers in its current state22 August 2017
Meet one of Rainbow Six Siege's newest operators: Lesion22 August 2017
Try out 2011's diamond in the rough Brink - it has just gone free-to-play22 August 2017
Jeff Kaplan offers "a direct apology to the entire country of Australia" for a sign in Overwatch22 August 2017
“It’s early days” on the new Hearthstone metagame, no nerfs planned yet22 August 2017
FF14's new raid is secret because "literally everything could potentially be a spoiler"22 August 2017
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown got a brand new choir-backed trailer at Gamescom22 August 2017
WoW patch 7.3 will be the "last major patch" of Legion, but not the end of the story22 August 2017
League of Legends patch 7.17: Ornn and the Star Guardians22 August 2017
No-one's releasing G-Sync HDR monitors this year because the panels aren't being made22 August 2017
Your loadout will not be locked for Destiny 2's Hard Mode Raid22 August 2017
Shadow Warrior (the modern remake) is free to own on Steam for a limited time22 August 2017
See what one of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite's Infinity Stones does in a brand new trailer22 August 2017
Get a free taste of 4v1 shooter Raiders of the Broken Planet next month22 August 2017
Overwatch's principal designer says Junkertown was originally a crazy "killing field"22 August 2017
Rainbow Six Siege is getting a free weekend ahead of Operation Blood Orchid22 August 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda wasn't alien enough, and now we'll never get to see its galaxy's real potential22 August 2017
Watch the trailer for SWERY's cat person murder mystery game The Good Life22 August 2017
We have 500 free codes for War Thunder up for grabs - get yours right here!22 August 2017
You can switch between mouse and controller on the fly in Destiny 222 August 2017
Have a gander at PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' brand new terrain22 August 2017
The Wolf Among Us was nearly cancelled in early 201322 August 2017
Overwatch's in-game cinematic tools won't be made public - yet22 August 2017
AMD RX Vega’s pricing was “not just for launch, but ongoing”22 August 2017
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord devs are planning "at least" four multiplayer modes22 August 2017
Go vegan with the Cities: Skylines Green Cities expansion22 August 2017
There's something wrong with Ryo in Shenmue 3, and we think we've figured it out22 August 2017
It would be "extremely hard" for Gwent to get "anywhere near" Hearthstone's playercount22 August 2017
Phantom Doctrine is like XCOM for spies22 August 2017
Everything you do in The Crew 2 drives your multiplayer progression22 August 2017
Gwent's campaign is 15 hours long, and features as much dialogue as Hearts of Stone22 August 2017
Writers on Life is Strange: Before the Storm are as young as 2022 August 2017
Narrative games aren't over-saturated, says Life is Strange: Before the Storm's lead writer22 August 2017
It's Caesar vs. Jackal in the new Assassin's Creed Origins trailer - also, chariots22 August 2017
The PES 2018 demo, available next week, will feature a dozen teams22 August 2017
Gwent Masters is the esports series Geralt has been waiting for, giving away $850k a year22 August 2017
Shoot down a cultist's plane and go fishing in eight minutes of Far Cry 5 gameplay22 August 2017
Techland are publishing a co-op Hotline Miami where you fight the Four Horsemen22 August 2017
Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming out early next year22 August 2017
Victorian-era city-building arrives in Anno 1800, announced via Twitter photo22 August 2017
HP are pulling an Acer, dropping mech-switches and overclocked chips into their new Omen X22 August 2017
Shenmue 3 has a brand new trailer, simply titled 'The 1st Teaser'21 August 2017
See all of the comic worlds mashed together for Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 in a new trailer21 August 2017
These are the teams that have qualified for the 2017 League of Legends World Championships21 August 2017
Age of Empires 2 and 3 are both getting definitive editions21 August 2017
Age of Empires 4 is a real thing, made by Dawn of War devs Relic Entertainment21 August 2017
League of Legends' new champion is Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain, here's what he can do21 August 2017
Watch the Destiny 2 launch trailer and try to forget the PC version is still two months away21 August 2017
Here are all of the announcements made during EA's show at Gamescom21 August 2017
The Russian Revolution comes to Battlefield 1 in new Tsaritsyn gameplay21 August 2017
Explore Nordic forests in Fe, coming next year and now with a fancy trailer for Gamescom21 August 2017
The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs expansion brings furry friends to your digi-home in November21 August 2017
Watch people get chased by cops in the Need for Speed Payback Gamescom 2017 trailer21 August 2017
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gamescom trailer shows off the new Starfighter Assault mode21 August 2017
FIFA 18 got a brand new trailer at Gamescom, check it out here21 August 2017
StarCraft 2 introduces Dehaka, a new primal pack leader, at this year's Gamescom21 August 2017
Free Steam keys: Win a copy of new and improved shoot-'em-up classic Sine Mora EX21 August 2017
Ruiner looks like a cyberpunk Hotline Miami, coming out next month21 August 2017
Minerva’s Den is the best way to experience BioShock’s iconic Rapture21 August 2017
Battle a Balrog in the new Middle-earth: Shadow of War trailer21 August 2017
Awaken The Flood in Halo Wars 2's new expansion, coming September 2621 August 2017
Biomutant's new trailer shows off a gorgeous open world, and a few surprises21 August 2017
Agents of Mayhem guide: 11 things you need to know before playing21 August 2017
BioShock's body horror still shines bright ten years later21 August 2017
Fear Effect Reinvented, a “true-to-the-original remake”, will release in 201821 August 2017
Making it in Unreal: inside the six-legged machine of Infinitesimals21 August 2017
Capture every PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds kill automatically with ShadowPlay Highlights21 August 2017
Jordan Weisman is talking to Microsoft about a new Crimson Skies21 August 2017
Destiny 2 text chat on PC enables you to explain why you're screwing up this Raid21 August 2017
Ahead of next week's release, check out the new Life is Strange: Before the Storm trailer21 August 2017
The HTC Vive gets a permanent $200 price cut - $599 for the full room-scale VR kit21 August 2017
Nvidia have cancelled their Gamescom livestream21 August 2017
The first Intel 8th Gen CPUs are a Kaby Lake refresh to take on AMD’s Raven Ridge21 August 2017
Valve have trademarked Artifact as a physical card game20 August 2017
Cuphead is going to be replayable with a New Game+ mode20 August 2017
You can weaponise your own puke in Sea of Thieves20 August 2017
Paradox's new space-based city builder Surviving Mars gets a new trailer at Gamescom20 August 2017
Five things we'd like to see in Jurassic World Evolution20 August 2017
Shadow of War shows off its green dragon at Gamescom20 August 2017
You can play Forza 7 with a Guitar Hero guitar, drumset, and dance pad20 August 2017
Create your own dinosaur park in Jurassic World Evolution20 August 2017
Check out Cleopatra and Caesar in a new CGI trailer for Assassin's Creed Origins20 August 2017
Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is going to be an Xbox Play Anywhere title20 August 2017
Microsoft’s Gamescom 2017 stream starts soon - here’s what we expect to see20 August 2017
Ni No Kuni 2 has a 48-year-old character to help older players connect with the story20 August 2017
F1 2017’s coming to Windows and Mac next week20 August 2017
The Kickstarter success board game Scythe is now coming to Steam20 August 2017
Here's when Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 3 comes out20 August 2017
Square Enix hint they might officially reveal Shadow of the Tomb Raider at Gamescom20 August 2017
David 'Golden Balls' Beckham is coming to PES 201820 August 2017
BioWare say they will no longer update Mass Effect: Andromeda's single player20 August 2017
Yes, Yoda’s really flying a Starfighter in this new Battlefront 2 teaser19 August 2017
The Halo mod that adds new weapons and enemies now has lovely, smooth animations19 August 2017
After four years in development, top-down horror game Darkwood is finally out19 August 2017
At last, an RPG where you can kill demons monsters and manage guild finances19 August 2017
Gamer finally prepared to remember who Sean Murray is, then forgive him19 August 2017
Friday the 13th: The Game is getting a new playable Jason, map, and, er, swimsuit19 August 2017
Scared of clowns? Then this free game of Stephen King’s IT isn’t for you19 August 2017
Arma 3's Laws of War DLC is Bohemia's take on Hurt Locker19 August 2017
Bandai Namco’s mysterious #Projekt1514 is a new Sword Art Online game19 August 2017
Dead Cells' new Early Access update adds daily runs and leaderboards 18 August 2017
Project CARS 2's Gamescom trailer shows off the game's many, many cars18 August 2017
Assassin's Creed Origins' game director breaks down combat changes18 August 2017
Spintires: MudRunner is absolutely filthy and due out in October18 August 2017
Dauntless founder's alpha is live now, with closed beta coming in September18 August 2017
Fortnite's getting a survival mode on August 2918 August 2017
Meet Ying, Rainbow Six Siege: Blood Orchid's short-range specialist18 August 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: free World of Tanks prizes, make XCOM 2 propaganda, play Prey's free trial, and more!18 August 2017
The Rainbow Six Siege team are "getting used" to leaks18 August 2017
Total War: Warhammer 2 race guide - who's in, who might be coming18 August 2017
StarCraft 2's huge multiplayer update is available for testing18 August 2017
Why do we care about Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier?18 August 2017
Skaven army roster: Hell Pit Abominations and Doomwheels come to Total War: Warhammer 218 August 2017
Free Steam keys: We're giving away ten copies of cute sandbox-shooter Slime Rancher!18 August 2017
CS:GO is free in China if you verify your identity18 August 2017
Intel Coffee Lake gaming chips to be nearly 20% faster than Kaby Lake18 August 2017
Valve clarify that "It's completely ok for partners to sell their games on other sites"18 August 2017
Minecraft meets Jurassic Park in the new marketplace maps18 August 2017
Two new Monster Hunter World trailers show brute wyverns are here to stay18 August 2017
We speak to Ubisoft about the impact of Operation Health and Rainbow Six Siege's remarkable community18 August 2017
Rainbow Six Siege brand director: “We have a problem with team killing”18 August 2017
After Norsca, expect more minor races in the Total War: Warhammer trilogy18 August 2017
You can now search for your favourite Overwatch and Hearthstone heroes on Twitch18 August 2017
Rainbow Six Siege's new Theme Park map is deliberately "misleading"18 August 2017
Grant the right to party in Cities: Skylines Concerts expansion18 August 2017
Subsurface Circular is a text adventure from Bithell Games and is out now17 August 2017
Why Failbetter founder Alexis Kennedy left his studio17 August 2017
Liquipedia is finally expanding into League of Legends17 August 2017
Kingdom Come: Deliverance's story trailer showcases dodgy voice acting and poo painting17 August 2017
Hellblade's first patch squashes bugs and is live now17 August 2017
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite's story trailer is delightfully ridiculous17 August 2017
Absolver will let you open schools and train students17 August 2017
PlayerUnknown on Battlegrounds' development: "I could leave the team now and the game would still be complete"17 August 2017
TaleWorlds explain why Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord doesn't have a release date17 August 2017
A new Overwatch animated short will debut at Gamescom17 August 2017
Win a new Sabaton-voiced tank for World of Tanks, a signed metal album, and a t-shirt!17 August 2017
Play Doomguy in Quake Champions when it hits Early Access next week17 August 2017
Nvidia reckon they can “rock and roll” the cryptocurrency market better than AMD17 August 2017
Skull & Bones will weave its single-player and multiplayer narratives together17 August 2017
Robocraft leaves Early Access next week, and you get free stuff to celebrate17 August 2017
4% of all PC playtime in July was spent in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds17 August 2017
A Planet of the Apes game is releasing before the end of the year17 August 2017
Five brilliant game crossovers we'd like to see17 August 2017
Player feedback made Harebrained redesign Battletech's 35-year-old evasion mechanic17 August 2017
Total War aims for new heights with Warhammer 2's Vortex campaign17 August 2017
The American collegiate esports model would “fail dramatically” if applied globally17 August 2017
Changes to Gunslinger, Harrier, and Wraith make up the first LawBreakers patch17 August 2017
There’s never been a worse time to buy a new graphics card17 August 2017
The company that governs TV ratings just started an esports organisation17 August 2017
Crackdown 3 has been delayed to spring 201817 August 2017
Deep Silver will publish Shenmue 317 August 2017
Prey free trial now available on Steam16 August 2017
Killing Floor: Incursion for the Oculus Rift is out now16 August 2017
The Trail: Frontier Challenge rambles onto PC16 August 2017
Assassin's Creed Origins places more importance on exploration and discovery16 August 2017
Collegiate esports organisation Tespa open membership to all US students for 2017-1816 August 2017
Diablo 3 patch 2.6.1 makes big changes to Necromancers16 August 2017
Swery's new game is The Good Life, a werecat RPG16 August 2017
Overwatch This episode 44: Deathmatch finally arrives, plus new hero changes on the PTR16 August 2017
The people have spoken - Divinity: Original Sin is better than Baldur's Gate16 August 2017
Free Steam keys: Win a copy of new mecha space-action game War Tech Fighters!16 August 2017
Origin 'Player Appreciation Sale' kicks off with 80% discounts16 August 2017
LawBreakers PC review16 August 2017
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is breaking its promise of weekly patches16 August 2017
Share The Matrix with a pyscho photographer in The Evil Within 2's new trailer16 August 2017
Warframe devs' new game, The Amazing Eternals, is a hero shooter crossed with a CCG16 August 2017
Rainbow Six Siege update - the latest changes and bug fixes to Tom Clancy's finest16 August 2017
Agents of Mayhem PC review16 August 2017
Intel CEO to turn "tragedy into action" after protest-quitting Trump’s US jobs team16 August 2017
Bungie sold Destiny 1 currency on Steam by accident... but they did put it there16 August 2017
The For Honor exploit that won a recent tournament has been fixed16 August 2017
CS:GO's Five-Seven tweaked to stop you running and gunning16 August 2017
No, Tencent didn't invest in the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds studio16 August 2017
"Respect" is at the heart of Mike Wilson's Good Shepherd, the newly rebranded Gambitious Entertainment16 August 2017
Watch the Destiny 2 4K PC beta trailer16 August 2017
Make snazzy posters with XCOM 2: War of the Chosen's Propaganda Center demo 15 August 2017
Nier: Automata saved PlatinumGames, says Hideki Kamiya15 August 2017
Meet Middle-earth: Shadow of War's Terror tribe15 August 2017
The Division 1.7 is live along with the first global event: Outbreak15 August 2017
Eve: Valkyrie's Warzone update will remove the need for VR headsets15 August 2017
Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation v2.4 comes with Vulkan support and a free map pack15 August 2017
H1Z1: Just Survive's latest update is "the most comprehensive update in the history of the game"15 August 2017
The Escapists 2 trailer reveals new timed transport prisons15 August 2017
Tekken 7 sold more than 1.6 million copies during Bandai Namco's Q115 August 2017
Johnny Depp is making a TV series based on conspiracy-theory RPG, The Secret World15 August 2017
Football Manager 2018 kicks off on November 1015 August 2017
Planet Coaster sells a million in less than a year15 August 2017
Agents of Mayhem would be a much better game if it had nothing to do with Saints Row15 August 2017
Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire's elite specialisations will make you "feel excited, even overwhelmed"15 August 2017
Tokyo 41 is a charming demake of Tokyo 42 - not a 30-year-old, ripped-off Spectrum game15 August 2017
Last week, people watched 16.9 million hours of PUBG15 August 2017
As AMD withdraws RX Vega launch rebates “do not be shocked if the price jumps nearly £100”15 August 2017
We're looking for freelance news writers for evening and weekend shifts15 August 2017
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players have eaten 10,000 tons of chicken15 August 2017
Discord show white supremacists the door14 August 2017
Goodbye Blizzard App, is back14 August 2017
Here's when Agents of Mayhem launches in your timezone 14 August 2017
Bandai Namco tease the gloomy world of #Projekt1514 14 August 2017
Tomb King and Arabyan territory is in Total War: Warhammer 2 14 August 2017
Middle-earth: Shadow of War's endgame turns the table on Talion14 August 2017
Win a Steam key for frantic, world-domination strategy game Rapture - World Conquest!14 August 2017
GOG's Piñata Madness sale includes Deadlight: Director's Cut for free14 August 2017
Next-gen Nvidia Volta GPUs are getting crafted at the end of the year14 August 2017
Vaulting in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is getting closer14 August 2017
For Honor's first major tournament won via exploits and bugs14 August 2017
Destiny 2 had more content than progression at one point in development14 August 2017
Team Liquid are crowned winners at Dota 2's The International14 August 2017
Making it in Unreal: how MMA fighters mo-capped the action-stealth of Past Cure14 August 2017
Korean PC bangs accuse Blizzard of anti-trust breach over StarCraft: Remastered14 August 2017
Riot Games is sued because League Of Legends' Striker Lucian Skin looks like a real footballer13 August 2017
Here's what you'll get in the UK Ni no Kuni 2 PC special edition13 August 2017
Super Mega Baseball 2’s been delayed, but at least we’ll get a beta now13 August 2017
Build a base inside a Vertibird with this new Fallout 4 mod13 August 2017
Here’s what’s changing for Destiny 2's PC beta13 August 2017
Funding for the ambitious MMO Dual Universe tops $7 million13 August 2017
"Kill some people that maybe don’t deserve it" with this new free Western point and click13 August 2017
EA announce the announcement of new Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay footage13 August 2017
Kragg now turns into a burrito because Burrito Esports won Rivals of Aether's rep contest12 August 2017
Euro Truck Simulator 2’s next DLC takes you on an Italian Job12 August 2017
Watch us unbox our very own shiny new AMD Radeon RX Vega 6412 August 2017
Pro League CS:GO Season Six Finals - and an all-new games expo - will be held in Denmark12 August 2017
Sauron overwhelms Middle-earth after spending big on in-game gold12 August 2017
The Witcher, Far Cry 5, and Final Fantasy are just some of the panels confirmed for PAX West12 August 2017
Robotic revolt Machine Uprisings is coming to Stellaris' Synthetic Dawn expansion12 August 2017
This CS:GO player has set up a new tournament to raise mental health awareness12 August 2017
This AI bot just beat some of the best Dota 2 players in the world12 August 2017
Dota 2 adds two new characters via the Duelling Fates and one looks like a French cat12 August 2017
Forza Horizon 3 is $35.99 on PC, but only if you have Xbox Live Gold11 August 2017
No Man's Sky enters the top 50 games on Steam by player count11 August 2017
Here’s an in-depth look at Star Citizen’s intergalactic smartwatch, the mobiGlas11 August 2017
Replace Doom’s hellbeasts with something worse: a whoa-ing Crash Bandicoot11 August 2017
Twitch Prime members can now get five free Overwatch loot boxes11 August 2017
Danganronpa V3 trailer reveals more characters: four students and one sentient evil bear11 August 2017
Not so fast: Sonic Mania's PC release has been pushed to the end of August11 August 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: sample Guild Wars 2's expansion, jump back into Lucioball, play For Honor for free, and more!11 August 2017
Blizzard just set Overwatch datamining back a year and a half11 August 2017
See For Honor's Highlander and Gladiator in action in their new Season 3 trailers11 August 2017
Action games could put you at risk of Alzheimer's, schizophrenia and PTSD11 August 2017
Get a free Paladins skin! We have 200 to give away11 August 2017
A new Fallout board game project is being teased11 August 2017
MSI X299 Gaming M7 ACK review: a high-priced, gaming-focused X-series board11 August 2017
Craft a polygonal martial arts expert in Absolver's character customisation trailer11 August 2017
Sonic Mania's intro taps into our Saturday morning cartoon nostalgia11 August 2017
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds now optimised for today's mega-core CPUs11 August 2017
All the Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne cards11 August 2017
Warcraft 3 has its own PTR with huge map changes in testing now11 August 2017
Why PC players should care about Rez Infinite11 August 2017
Here are the system requirements for South Park: The Fractured But Whole11 August 2017
Aussie FPS pro qualifies for QuakeCon while landing lightning gun shots at 200+ ping11 August 2017
Blizzard wants to hire more women and encourage them to stick around11 August 2017
"Joint exploration" coming in No Man's Sky's next update11 August 2017
Here’s what time Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne unlocks10 August 2017
A PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds streamer was banned because houses didn’t load10 August 2017
Friendly-fire is being removed from Friday the 13th because of terrible people 10 August 2017
Don’t play the objective in Overwatch’s new free-for-all and team deathmatch modes10 August 2017
Sega are "actively pursuing" Shenmue HD remasters 10 August 2017
Rainbow Six Siege's first Polish operator revealed10 August 2017
Discord are rolling out group video chat and screen sharing10 August 2017
Lucioball doesn't base its matchmaking on your competitive Overwatch SR anymore10 August 2017
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds launches first-person servers in Asia and for all modes10 August 2017
Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition will release next month10 August 2017
You can get rewards for watching people open loot boxes in Call of Duty: WW210 August 2017
I accidentally pitched Fullbright a truly terrible Gone Home sequel10 August 2017
Steal people's faces and wear them like a mask in Dishonored 2's expansion trailer10 August 2017
How much has the Overwatch League suffered thanks to Blizzard's silence and policies?10 August 2017
Despite threatening him with legal action, Atari is making Tempest 4000 with Jeff Minter10 August 2017
PlayerUnknown has plans for a survival game10 August 2017
Fortnite's creative director lets slip the game's upcoming dynamic firestorms10 August 2017
Revisit the saber-swinging noughties in Jedi Outcast's VR port10 August 2017
Get Even installs files in Bulletstorm's folders for no reason, breaking it10 August 2017
Conan Exiles gets frost giants in giant new expansion, The Frozen North10 August 2017
Intel's Coffee Lake rebranding means one of the best gaming CPUs will cost you $100 less10 August 2017
Save the world from anime tentacles in Invasion, League of Legends' new game mode10 August 2017
Hasten our doom by teaching machines to think with StarCraft 2's new AI tools10 August 2017
PSA: Battlefield 1 is now available through Origin Access10 August 2017
Cloud9 will be London’s Overwatch League team but no local stadium until after 201810 August 2017
COD: WW2’s community hub will come under attack in multiplayer events9 August 2017
Raid: World War II brings four-player co-op from the PayDay team to PC next month9 August 2017
Total War: Warhammer refreshes launch races to address power creep of DLC9 August 2017
Artifact, a Dota card game, is Valve's next game9 August 2017
PSP JRPG Ys Seven gets an enhanced PC version this month9 August 2017
Life is Strange: Before the Storm's soundtrack features UK folk band Daughter9 August 2017
Overwatch This episode 43: what's in the 2017 Summer Games?9 August 2017
Esports is being considered for the 2024 Olympics9 August 2017
The BioShock games were pre-production for Gone Home9 August 2017
Tear up Novigrad in The Witcher 3's skateboarding mod9 August 2017
The 135 new cards from Hearthstone's next expansion unlock tomorrow9 August 2017
You can play Guild Wars 2's next expansion in this weekend's free preview9 August 2017
One of the greatest console games ever conceived is finally available on PC9 August 2017
Rez is out now on PC, and it's VR-compatible9 August 2017
Don't expect another Tales from the Borderlands game: sales "weren't great"9 August 2017
Win a copy of papercraft action-RPG Upside-Down Dimensions on Steam Early Access!9 August 2017
Fire-headed vengeance spirit Ghost Rider joins Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite9 August 2017
Capcom annoy world's biggest fighting game tournament with own-goal leak9 August 2017
200% more Steam games were launched after Greenlight shut down9 August 2017
World of Warcraft's new mount is made of dead kids9 August 2017
Project 1v1 is Gearbox's next game, and it's a shooter with a card game in it9 August 2017
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3: release date, gameplay, multiplayer - everything we know9 August 2017
You can’t go to MineCon this year8 August 2017
Fan video unearths the lore of Guild Wars 2's Crystal Desert8 August 2017
Devolver are publishing a documentary about Call of Duty8 August 2017
See eight heavily-armed superheroes battle it out in Destiny 2’s Crucible trailer8 August 2017
Garrosh Hellscream is live in Heroes of the Storm: here are his abilities and talents8 August 2017
Overwatch's Summer Games 2017 event is live - here are all the skins and victory poses8 August 2017
League of Legends patch 7.16: Pentakill Kayle and the Battle Bosses8 August 2017
Ubisoft open a new studio in Stockholm to work on their Avatar game8 August 2017
GTA Online’s new vehicle is a beefy truck with front-facing cannons8 August 2017
Win a Steam key for new, mysterious, story-driven puzzle game Peregrin!8 August 2017
Crytek explain the crisis that led to Hunt: Showdown8 August 2017
Hellblade’s permadeath is a bluff8 August 2017
Make fake news in Orwell: Ignorance is strength8 August 2017
Spilling the beans... Do the fresh Intel Coffee Lake leaks make for a Ryzen rival?8 August 2017
Capcom are cracking down on the Street Fighter V modding scene8 August 2017
No games do dialogue like Tacoma, but they really should8 August 2017
"What an MMO should be" - World of Warcraft role-players welcome sharding changes8 August 2017
Assassin's Creed Origins won't have insta-fail stealth or eavesdrop missions8 August 2017
One of PUBG's most expensive cosmetics - a purple miniskirt - is selling for nearly $5008 August 2017
Why LawBreakers is the first post-Overwatch shooter8 August 2017
Hellblade is frustrating, confusing, and uncomfortable, but that's the point8 August 2017
Hellblade is out tomorrow - here's when you can play it8 August 2017
Ever thought The Sims would be good in Skyrim? This mod has you covered7 August 2017
Blizzard are giving away free ice cream to people in Europe throughout August7 August 2017
Creators of Spelunky, Downwell, and more are coming together for a 50-game complilation7 August 2017
Neither South Korea nor China have lost a single game in the Overwatch World Cup so far7 August 2017
Quake modders just built the most intricate map in the game's 21-year history7 August 2017
Some energy drinks could win you a Destiny 2 motorcycle7 August 2017
Intel's $2,000 Core i9 CPU will launch on September 25, with the 14 and 16-core chips7 August 2017
Catch your first glimpse of Ben Mendelsohn’s Star Citizen character in this new video7 August 2017
Win a Steam key for point-and-click horror-comedy The Darkside Detective!7 August 2017
Specialisations come to Battlefield 1 and can drop smoke grenades when you get shot7 August 2017
Shadow of War's multiplayer is like Metal Gear Solid 5's online base mode, but with more orcs7 August 2017
You can't jump your eyes over your head in CS:GO anymore7 August 2017
Call of Duty: WW2 should be more like the original Medal of Honor7 August 2017
Here's why Rainbow Six: Siege's upcoming patch is 42GB7 August 2017
"I have no idea why they did it," says former Hitman dev on Square's split with Io7 August 2017
Former Hitman devs' debut turns grapes into a deadly weapon7 August 2017
Here’s exactly when you can play Lawbreakers tonight7 August 2017
Nvidia's G-Sync HDR monitors are still on track for this year despite Acer Predator delays7 August 2017
Dota 2's next hero is named Sylph7 August 2017
Making it in Unreal: the magic behind Spellsworn's casting7 August 2017
For Honor release date, system requirements, beta and everything else we know7 August 2017
Fortnite Save the World guide - an introduction to heroes, squads, quests, skills, and llamas7 August 2017
Killhouse tease new side-scrolling Door Kickers spin-off, Door Kickers: Action Squad6 August 2017
Here's what's new in Hollow Knight's latest free update6 August 2017
Square Enix confirm Dragon Quest Rivals will be coming to PC6 August 2017
Beat up irritating Skyrim NPCs with honour thanks to a new duel mod6 August 2017
For Honor’s Season Three update shows that the innovative fighter is continuing to struggle6 August 2017
Red Dead Redemption 2 publisher still won't confirm if it's coming to PC6 August 2017
The Long Dark developers double down to address bugs and issues6 August 2017
Explore all new caverns and meet new NPCs in The Witcher 3 with The Devil’s Pit Mod6 August 2017
WTF is coming to Steam Early Access6 August 2017
Get bloody and brawlin' with Bloody Zombies in VR6 August 2017
Middle-earth: Shadow of War will have microtransactions but content will not be gated5 August 2017
Konami announce "exclusive" PES 2017 partnership with Fulham FC5 August 2017
Rocket League new ban system is automatic and multilingual, say Psyonix5 August 2017
33m of us play via Steam every single day, say Valve - and that number's still growing5 August 2017
PS Vita classic Trails of Cold Steel out now on PC with "5000 additional voiced lines"5 August 2017
Valve hope to improve Dota 2 experience for new players by removing mandatory face-kicking5 August 2017
Grimoire dev thinks his own game is the “greatest roleplaying game of them all”5 August 2017
It's taken four years, but bloody RTS brawler Aztez is finally here5 August 2017
Slime Rancher oozes out of Early Access into a full release5 August 2017
Blood and Lines: The Witcher 3 is getting an adult colouring book4 August 2017
Call of Duty: WW2's Valor Collection comes with a big ol' statue. Obviously.4 August 2017
The new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch makes scopes usable for colourblind people4 August 2017
Public stoning is the latest fad in World of Warcraft4 August 2017
Far Cry 5 has no political message4 August 2017
Will you fistbump your step-dad in Life is Strange: Before the Storm?4 August 2017
Assassin’s Creed Origins has Far Cry’s animal taming mechanic4 August 2017
Say hello to the Weekend Esc, our new weekly video series about the last 7 days of PC gaming4 August 2017
Your PC gaming weekend: win a new Steam game, listen to LoL metal, watch the biggest Dota 2 tournament, and more!4 August 2017
League of Legends has made more money than any other game in 20174 August 2017
Obsidian are attempting to build one of the great RPG cities in Pillars of Eternity II4 August 2017
Titanfall 2 going head-to-head with Battlefield 1 hurt sales4 August 2017
Win a copy of new, impressive online RTS game Foxhole on Steam!4 August 2017
Oh crap... the AMD Vega is “insanely good” at cryptocurrency mining4 August 2017
Acer Predator Helios 300 review: a £1,300 laptop with a bargain bin GPU4 August 2017
Don't believe the hype, Intel can't release an eight-threaded Ryzen 3 rival4 August 2017
Fortnite players just lost their bases on three of its maps4 August 2017
ELeague’s Road to the International sets the bar for esports documentaries4 August 2017
Hipsters rejoice! You can now fit 330TB of data on a cassette. Pre-orders at Urban Outfitters4 August 2017
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds bans racism and sexual harassment in new rules of conduct4 August 2017
Destiny 2 PC won’t work with Fraps or streaming software in Game Capture mode4 August 2017
Valnir Rok is a new Norse multiplayer survival RPG, and you can sign up for the alpha now3 August 2017
Logitech Spotlight: the G433 and G233 - a new breed of gaming headsets3 August 2017
More people have pre-ordered Destiny 2 than the original with months left before release3 August 2017
Overwatch and Hearthstone just had their best months ever and both are still growing3 August 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda: release date, setting, combat, story, system requirements3 August 2017
Check out F1 2017’s “massively expanded career” in a brand new trailer3 August 2017
Over 50,000 cheaters have now been banned from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds3 August 2017
Some tombs in Assassin’s Creed Origins are "built off of the actual true tombs” in Egypt3 August 2017
The choices in Batman: The Enemy Within will culminate in you creating your very own Joker3 August 2017
Path of Exile's sixth expansion lets you battle the gods as part of its ten-act playthrough3 August 2017
EA representative says Trump's "short-sighted" presidency is bad for games3 August 2017
Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is opening up, but it's not going open world3 August 2017
The second album from League of Legends metal band Pentakill is free to download now3 August 2017
GTA Online just had its biggest month ever, four years after release3 August 2017
Logitech G PowerPlay review: perfecting the wireless gaming mouse3 August 2017
Hitman now has over five million players and counting3 August 2017
Friday the 13th has already sold over 1.8m copies despite server problems3 August 2017
Room-scale VR is all very well, but my room apparently isn't to scale3 August 2017
You'll soon be able to dominate Stellaris' galaxy with a machine empire3 August 2017
Valve is changing the way Steam groups work in an attempt to hinder spammers3 August 2017
Ubisoft are upgrading the Rainbow Six Siege servers, starting today3 August 2017
Nvidia and HP want you to design a virtual Mars colony... go easy on them, eh?3 August 2017
Destiny 2 could become an esport if you want it to3 August 2017
The first Endless Space 2 comic series just ended, so now you can read it all for free2 August 2017
Meet the first five characters of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony in a new trailer2 August 2017
League of Legends’ official metal band has an animated music video for its newest song2 August 2017
There’s a free multiplayer demo for the official prequel to classic shooter Descent2 August 2017
The $23 million Dota 2 tournament The International has started, here’s where to watch2 August 2017
The biggest obstacle to League of Legends’ ongoing success? Its fans2 August 2017
Want your own pocket-sized chibi Rainbow Six Siege operator? Pre-orders are now live2 August 2017
The new Humble GameMaker Bundle makes the software to create your own games cheap2 August 2017
Overwatch This episode 42: can Lucioball save Overwatch?2 August 2017
A new Battlestar Galactica game is coming out this month, and it actually looks good2 August 2017
Win a Steam key for top sports management sim Out of the Park Baseball 18!2 August 2017
European colonialism inspired the turf war in Pillars of Eternity 2's capital city2 August 2017
Friends and family of late BioWare designer Corey Gaspur set up a fund for his son2 August 2017
Hitman's August update lets players choose the Featured Contracts2 August 2017
Rockstar sued yet again over psychic in 2002's Vice City2 August 2017
Assassin's Creed Origins has spontaneous gang fights2 August 2017
The world's largest games company just invested in a tiny UK developer2 August 2017
Get 30 elite Regiments of Renown for free in Total War: Warhammer this month2 August 2017
Mistborn game canceled as devs take over Final Fantasy Tactics successor2 August 2017
Crossout beginner's guide: builds, items, weapons and combat2 August 2017
Riot teases more "niche" League of Legends champions coming in 20172 August 2017
A Battlegrounds/Hunger Games crossover? PlayerUnknown is "open to anything"2 August 2017
Microsoft’s new wireless pad adapter no longer looks like some '90s wi-fi dongle nightmare2 August 2017
FIFA 18's ICON stories lets you play as history's best at the peaks of their careers2 August 2017
You're guaranteed a Legendary within ten card packs of a new set in Hearthstone2 August 2017
Sunless Skies launches into Early Access at the end of August1 August 2017
LawBreakers is the modern arena shooter that Quake Champions wants to be1 August 2017
Blizzard hiring four artists for their unannounced first-person game1 August 2017
Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire gives you a teleporting dog and a leaping super-rabbit1 August 2017
Titanfall 2 is now on Origin Access - this is your chance to save it from obscurity1 August 2017
Hob, the new game from the team behind Torchlight, will be released next month1 August 2017
Split-screen co-op and controller support are coming to Divinity: Original Sin 21 August 2017
Worried about crypto-miners buying up all AMD’s Vega cards? So were they…1 August 2017
Duelyst has blocked all accounts in Russia and Venezuela, other regions likely to follow1 August 2017
The final journey: how Last Day of June uses tragedy to bring games to a wider audience1 August 2017
Twitch chat came third in a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds match1 August 2017
The International 2017 commentator denied entry to the US for having the wrong visa1 August 2017
Dark and Light is an Ark-style survival game with magic missiles and unicorns1 August 2017
The Long Dark passes one million sales and lands a movie deal1 August 2017
Blizzard accidentally gave everyone in Heroes of the Storm a moustache1 August 2017
Wolfenstein: The New Order's success allowed Nazis to invade America in the sequel1 August 2017
Nvidia are starting to ship Volta GPUs, but they don't need to rush the next-gen GeForce cards1 August 2017
This man lived for 20 years by selling hacked MMO goods1 August 2017
The Thargoid bases in Elite: Dangerous are growing1 August 2017
The owner of Steam's billionth uploaded item has taken it down1 August 2017
Tacoma releases this evening in the US, early tomorrow for the rest of the world1 August 2017
Prey: everything we know - release date, setting, story and more1 August 2017
Minecraft's Better Together beta test brings cross-platform unity and new features1 August 2017
Sex game House Party is back on Steam with censor bars, but the harassment scenes remain1 August 2017