October 2013 Archive

Watch Dogs’ city is “open right at the start”30 September 2013
SavyGamer bundle is grab bag of greatness for less than a tenner30 September 2013
Marvel Heroes update adds legendary quests and an end game Prestige mode30 September 2013
Understanding Steam's next decade: astonishing ambition, many challenges30 September 2013
Titanfall developer has "to break people in” to their shooter’s verticality30 September 2013
Minecon 2013 needs panelists. Mojang ask community to step up30 September 2013
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Pirate Heist trailer disappointingly not about stealing a pirate. 22 November release date announced30 September 2013
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag hands on: encouraging piracy30 September 2013
2K just put money into Twitch30 September 2013
Montague's Mount preview: an bhfuil cead agam dul go dtí an leithreas?30 September 2013
Fallout averted: trademark worry sees Vlambeer's roguelike-like become Nuclear Throne30 September 2013
Batman: Arkham Origins has a permadeath mode named 'I Am the Night'30 September 2013
Minecrafting 117: Some sort of egg30 September 2013
Warhammer: Total War mod finally reaches End Times after half a decade's work30 September 2013
Heroes of the Storm trademarked by Blizzard30 September 2013
You can preload the Battlefield 4 beta now if you're special30 September 2013
Heroic Garrosh defeated in World of Warcraft's Siege of Orgrimmar30 September 2013
Starbound grapple hook makes you like Spiderman in a Worms game29 September 2013
Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora hits Kickstarter goal29 September 2013
Binding of Isaac documentary released to commemorate game’s two-year anniversary29 September 2013
Battlefield 4 map names revealed. Zavod 311 centers around an unexploded bomb in an abandoned tank factory29 September 2013
Mark Rubin: “we cut a lot” for Call of Duty: Ghosts’ multiplayer. “There are going to be people very upset”29 September 2013
Xi3 Piston reveal coming 30 September following Valve’s announcements29 September 2013
Battlefield 4 multiplayer modes outlined. Obliteration is tug of war with a bomb28 September 2013
Frictional tease their next game. Looks to be a space horror28 September 2013
Super Meat Boy creator talks about playing his game on the Steam controller28 September 2013
Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord screens show a world spanning Europe to the Middle East28 September 2013
Final Fantasy VII music quality improved after fan criticism28 September 2013
Arma 3 patch removes magic helicopters. Sorcerers reportedly dismayed28 September 2013
Blizzard “getting ready to release a pretty major beta patch to Hearthstone.” Accounts to be wiped28 September 2013
League of Legends Season 3 semifinals preview27 September 2013
Epic’s Rod Fergusson is opening a new studio at 2K27 September 2013
Talking through The Long Dark with Hinterland founder Raphael van Lierop27 September 2013
League of Legends new champion is Jinx the loose cannon27 September 2013
Scribblenauts Unmasked trailer launch revels in the DC Universe27 September 2013
The Evil Within grisly extended trailer takes you into the asylum’s depths27 September 2013
Thief ‘Master Thief’ edition available to pre-order27 September 2013
Valve reveal Steam Controller27 September 2013
Gun Monkeys is Steam free for the weekend, really very cheap to keep forever27 September 2013
The Old Republic update 2.4 kicks off the Dread War27 September 2013
League of Legends voice chat "not off the table"27 September 2013
Divinity: Original Sin delayed until 2014; more gardening required27 September 2013
South Park: The Stick of Truth to poke its way into your life by Christmas27 September 2013
World of Warcraft Trivial Pursuit is now a thing you can buy27 September 2013
Minecraft snapshot 13w39a darkens skies, safens sailing, kills crashes27 September 2013
Battlefield 4's new Obliteration mode will be better on PC27 September 2013
EVE Rubicon coming November 19th26 September 2013
Scrolls update teases forty new scrolls, new Judgement mode26 September 2013
Shadow Warrior trailer spills blood by the gallon to power rock anthem26 September 2013
Star Citizen hangar video reveals unseen ships, mind-boggling detail26 September 2013
WildStar’s reactive combat makes you feel like a spider monkey ninja26 September 2013
X-Rebirth economy will be affected by every trade and every exploding ship26 September 2013
Tell us your best EverQuest story and have your character immortalised in (internet) print26 September 2013
Lichdom is a first-person RPG from an Oblivion designer in which "you will feel everything"26 September 2013
For fans of God of War, Ninety-Nine Nights and hundreds of enemies at once: Unbreakable: Scorched Earth26 September 2013
Star Citizen steals AMD's show, defies eyes, fulfills dreams 26 September 2013
AMD newsbomb: Mantle API to bypass DirectX11 in Battlefield 4, ‘Hawaii’ GPUs unveiled26 September 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts first in series since World at War to be rated less than 18 in Europe26 September 2013
Free membership, plex: Runescape follows Eve and Wildstar with 'pay-through-play' bonds system26 September 2013
Nvidia: “It's no longer possible for a console to be a better or more capable graphics platform than the PC”25 September 2013
Steam Family Sharing beta begins. First 1,000 players invited25 September 2013
Planetary Annihilation is getting lore-ified. Backers can lend a hand telling the story, too25 September 2013
Blizzard: Diablo III’s health is “a challenging problem”25 September 2013
South Park: The Stick of Truth trailer looks surprisingly like an episode of South Park25 September 2013
Thief preorders secure you an exclusive mission, The Bank Heist25 September 2013
Steam Box prototype announced. Valve giving them away to 300 testers25 September 2013
Exploring one of the biggest Minecraft maps ever made: a full recreation of Great Britain25 September 2013
Nosgoth is a multiplayer human-vampire combat game set in Legacy of Kain land25 September 2013
Catwoman coming to Infinite Crisis to fight indefinitely25 September 2013
How the new consoles will help DICE keep Battlefield 4 updated as an "ongoing service"25 September 2013
Winter is coming into station: Sean Bean heralds Train Simulator 2014 release tomorrow25 September 2013
Blizzard have "resolved" Diablo III auction house delivery delays25 September 2013
Nvidia extend olive branch to Linux developers25 September 2013
How SOE are going about fixing Planetside 2's frame-rate25 September 2013
League of Legends "suffering from the Marvel effect", Riot "trying to reframe" their lore25 September 2013
Steam Universe community group created by Valve24 September 2013
Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut trailer shows the horrors that are sloping towards PC24 September 2013
Hyper Gauntlet has stolen my evening already. Save yourself24 September 2013
Truck Stop is a game all about Burnout’s Crash Mode from one of Burnout’s original creators24 September 2013
Company of Heroes 2 Theater of War gets new campaign and two new multiplayer maps24 September 2013
Guild Wars 2 Twilight Assault is like a teddy bears picnic... of evil24 September 2013
Panzer General Online enters closed beta. Want in? We’ve 200 codes to giveaway24 September 2013
Halfway has you fight off an alien boarding party Xcom-style24 September 2013
Watch the Watch Dogs footage, fresh from Tokyo24 September 2013
Guild Wars 2 free for a week from Friday24 September 2013
WoW succeeded "because it was a good game, not because it was Warcraft" - Wildstar producer24 September 2013
Watch this: an hour's traffic through Eve's busiest system24 September 2013
VR2D2: Death Star trench run adapted for Oculus Rift24 September 2013
Hello! Here's a little word about the latest update to our site24 September 2013
Guild Wars 2 Twilight Assault update promises "dark glamour" and "restless evil"24 September 2013
Elder Scrolls Online lore titbits revealed: of orcs and mobs24 September 2013
Ordnance Survey recreate Great Britain in "largest Minecraft world ever built based on real-world data"24 September 2013
Sir, You Are Being Hunted update adds rusty trombone and toy train set distractions23 September 2013
Bethesda merchandise now includes snowboards23 September 2013
Everquest Next won’t restrict classes to certain races23 September 2013
Castle Story enters Steam Early Access. Build castles, explore, kill the invaders!23 September 2013
Aer sees you fly through a beautiful world stalked by a mammoth diamond-headed monster23 September 2013
Valve announce SteamOS, a linux-based operating system built specifically for living room machines23 September 2013
Here are the three things Valve are announcing this week23 September 2013
First of three Minecraft collector's handbooks to be shelved (in a good way) next month23 September 2013
Baby, it's cold inside: beware Ice-Pick Lodge's Knock-Knock23 September 2013
StarCraft II Back to School week packs seven-day XP gain boost in its lunchbox23 September 2013
Magicka: Wizard Wars hands-on: death is on your side23 September 2013
Rise of Venice first-impressions: the fruit king rises23 September 2013
We're giving away 100 closed beta keys for Gunz 2: The Second Duel - would you like one? UPDATE: Aaaaand they're gone23 September 2013
Wildstar producer on the exaggerated death of subbed MMOs: "free-to-play's not a magic bullet"23 September 2013
Prepare for d'aww: Cloud 9 talk what makes the best League of Legends team in North America tick23 September 2013
Infinity Ward "really underestimated" Call of Duty: Ghosts; "Everything took way longer than expected"23 September 2013
Total Casting Call: Farrell reportedly in talks for Warcraft movie23 September 2013
Betrayer preview - Lost in the New World22 September 2013
Chaos Reborn multiplayer demo available “Soon”22 September 2013
Total War: Rome II patch 3 fixes more things than a corrupt bookie22 September 2013
Project Reality 2 announced. This time it’s a standalone CryEngine mod22 September 2013
Takedown: Red Sabre launches with broken multiplayer and a host of bugs22 September 2013
Star Wars 1313 engine turned into post-production movie technology22 September 2013
The Long Dark sees strong-willed players survive longer22 September 2013
Maia coming to Steam Early Access on 3 December21 September 2013
Battlefield 4 Battlelog creates localised leaderboards and mini leagues21 September 2013
Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior trailer features beheading and, er, hopping21 September 2013
Battlefield 4 multiplayer missions let you set challenges for your friends21 September 2013
Campo Santo is a game design supergroup21 September 2013
Towns patch adds events and day night cycle. Prepare for night time raids21 September 2013
Spotlight on Greenlight: Lost Marbles21 September 2013
World of Warplanes not due out the hangar until November20 September 2013
State of Decay now available for Early Access20 September 2013
Mount Your Friends in Soho at the UK Championships20 September 2013
Monaco gets stealable physical collector’s edition20 September 2013
"The Steam Universe is Expanding in 2014" - Steam Box cometh?20 September 2013
How Blizzard hope to free Diablo III players from their top-level characters20 September 2013
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag makes mariner's murder a multiplayer matter20 September 2013
NOWHERE is the most ambitious pitch we've heard since Star Citizen20 September 2013
Arma 3 Launch Impressions20 September 2013
Wargaming.net very Pacific about their next lot of tanks20 September 2013
Foul Play PC Review20 September 2013
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's second community map pack is go20 September 2013
CLANG development halted by funding drought, but "isn't dead in dead-parrot sense"20 September 2013
Minecraft snapshot 13w38a improves scalability, repaints world in upside-down and psychedelic varieties20 September 2013
Dota 2 First Blood update brings LAN play, Captain’s Draft mode and nifty new armory tricks19 September 2013
Nether is a DayZ/STALKER mashup from the makers of Project Awakened19 September 2013
Activision’s Vivendi independence deal put on stop19 September 2013
Uplay 4.0 hits PC this October19 September 2013
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter appears in new screenshots19 September 2013
SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow expansion summons commercialist dystopia19 September 2013
You must never ever play Cookie Clicker19 September 2013
EA Games exec "not going to give up" until Battlefield topples Call of Duty19 September 2013
Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion Rise of the Hutt Cartel now free to subscribers19 September 2013
SuperHotCakes: time-ambivalent FPS is fastest Greenlit game on Steam19 September 2013
We've had 150 Steam keys for FPS space-sport Epigenesis, but we've run out. Sorry19 September 2013
Competition time: win one of five Guild Wars 2 "Tequatl Rising" posters19 September 2013
SOE ban players for extreme behaviour outside their games19 September 2013
Oh: Riddick sequel is an isometric iOS thingummy19 September 2013
Valve spook Team Fortress 2 Workshop creators into getting prepped for Halloween19 September 2013
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning will close down this December18 September 2013
Take on Mars update will add dynamic mission generator, zero-G probe, and more18 September 2013
Arma Tactics appears on Steam, launches next month18 September 2013
AMD say that “there should be a performance advantage” for this generation’s PC ports18 September 2013
Race The Sun developer struggling severely without Steam distribution18 September 2013
Star Citizen adds salvage career stretch goal18 September 2013
Team Fortress 2 robot figurines are quite the thing18 September 2013
Hands on with Rocksmith 201418 September 2013
XP gain: Valve make Team Fortress 2 friendlier for ageing Windows OS18 September 2013
UN Global Peace Day spawns 24-hour games fundraiser18 September 2013
Diablo III auction house closure won't mean offline mode, "was never the driving factor"18 September 2013
SC2VN is an interactive novel about a fictional StarCraft 2 pro18 September 2013
How EA are teaching SimCity players about the work of the Red Cross18 September 2013
This tabloid vendetta against games has got to stop18 September 2013
World of Warcraft PvP "more convenient and competitive than ever before" in Season 1418 September 2013
Sporting chance: FIFA man Andrew Wilson given the keys to EA18 September 2013
Takedown: Red Sabre preview - Show no mercy18 September 2013
Oculus Rift fitted with cameras to turn it into an augmented reality headset17 September 2013
Mechwarrior Online launches. Disables 3rd person view in competition games17 September 2013
Red 5 layoff 10% of their staff. Firefall’s development apparently unaffected17 September 2013
Democracy 3 beta lets you start enacting the policies you’ve been shouting at politicians for years17 September 2013
Diablo 3 auction house scrapped. It will be shut down in March17 September 2013
The Evil Within trailer shows nasty things doing nasty things to the police17 September 2013
Battlefield 4 multiplayer trailer shows how taking a jet ski to the chest can be painful17 September 2013
Held at (new) pricepoint: half-price Gunpoint marks Steam Trading Card update and edition upgrades17 September 2013
The Fall meets Kickstarter goal dead early, has stretch goals to last it the rest of the month17 September 2013
Guild Wars 2 Tequatl Rising update live today, makes Looking for Groups as easy as it ought to be17 September 2013
EA didn't shrink Criterion; Criterion did: "It was never the long term plan for us to stay doing Need for Speed"17 September 2013
How to prevent this week's iOS update resetting your battle.net authenticator17 September 2013
Counter-Strike DreamHack Championship bolstered by $250k crowdfunding-enabled prize pool17 September 2013
Saints Row IV GAT V Pack free today on Steam: dress as Johnny, fire a combat knife launcher17 September 2013
Planetside 2 World Domination Series preseason challenge pits Empires against each other for points and prizes17 September 2013
Dota 2 accounts for 3% of the world’s internet usage every time an update is pushed out16 September 2013
Xcom: Enemy Within has flying squid assassins16 September 2013
Valve's masterplan for Linux: the Steambox, Big Picture and the future of PC gaming16 September 2013
Terraria 1.2 trailer shows giant bee. Fear it. Fear the bee16 September 2013
Gabe Newell: “PC gaming is where innovation is occurring”16 September 2013
Have EA fixed SimCity?16 September 2013
id Software hiring for their "next big thing"16 September 2013
The Elder Scrolls Anthology is a cross-section of PC gaming history, now available in Europe16 September 2013
Aarklash: Legacy sees Cyanide embark on some kinda Baldur's Gate trip16 September 2013
Battlefield 4 open beta bound for October 1: Viva la levelución16 September 2013
Warframe celebrates six months of open beta with necromancers in ginormous update16 September 2013
Holy tessellation: ogle Arkham Origins as enhanced by Nvidia's PhysX16 September 2013
League of Legends minion XP bug fix coming today; "We understand that this problem is a potentially significant issue"16 September 2013
This generation: buy your cross-platform games on PC15 September 2013
Borderlands 2 DLC winding down. Pitchford says “It’s not fair for me to say there’s another season.”15 September 2013
Battlefield 4 vehicles can be temporarily shut down with critical hits. Greater customisation, too15 September 2013
Payday 2 update ups difficulty and cash rewards significantly15 September 2013
Firefall PvP to be taken offline while Red 5 “regroup, rethink, and deliver the best PvP system we can”15 September 2013
Paypal “overhauling” crowdfunding polices15 September 2013
Planetside 2 updates will bring “a serious, noticeable increase in frame rate”15 September 2013
Criterion staff reduced to 17 with most the team moving to Ghost Games14 September 2013
Legend of Dungeon releases on Steam. New trailer shows there ain’t no party like a roguelike party14 September 2013
Next Car Game damage trailer shows a car going through a mangle14 September 2013
Planetary Annihilation beta begins 26 September14 September 2013
Hyper Light Drifter looks like Diablo took a dip in Swords and Sworcery14 September 2013
Lord of the Rings Online: Helm’s Deep trailer has horses, catapults, and drama14 September 2013
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive patch lets you trade piles of guns for like-styled weaponry14 September 2013
Spotlight on Greenlight: SUPERHOT14 September 2013
Shadowrun Returns Berlin campaign to feature hub-worlds13 September 2013
Total War: Rome 2 would have hit No.1 if digital counted13 September 2013
Eden Star puts the power of Minecraft in a glove13 September 2013
Company of Heroes 2 map editor due soon, new maps plotted13 September 2013
Payday/Left 4 Dead crossover might be in the works again13 September 2013
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn patch halves repair costs and nerfs speed runs13 September 2013
Infinite Crisis: Everything We Know13 September 2013
Football Manager 2014 release date / metaphorical kick-off set for October 3113 September 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts was briefly Modern Warfare 413 September 2013
Lauda fun: F1 2013 to feature the 1976 Ferrari 312 T213 September 2013
Elite: Dangerous trailer sees two capital ships trade fire, not goods13 September 2013
Payday 2 nearly equals Payday lifetime sales in a month - and 80% of them were digital13 September 2013
Arkane "ramping up" for "next-gen development" post-Dishonored13 September 2013
Minecraft snapshot 13w37a means now's the best time to check out new amplified terrain13 September 2013
F1 2013 preview — It's the little things12 September 2013
Valve will bring all IGF 2014 nominees to Steam12 September 2013
Diablo III novel will bridge the gap between the game’s end and the Reaper of Souls expansion12 September 2013
Blizzcon 2013 Virtual tickets on sale. Watch all of Blizzcon at home in your underwear12 September 2013
Warface scheduled for another round of closed beta testing12 September 2013
Lord of the Rings Online: Helm’s Deep expansion dated and detailed12 September 2013
Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag trailer shows how game accurately models drizzle12 September 2013
Hotline Miami short film looks like the bees knees. Bloodspattered knees12 September 2013
Terraria 1.2 patch finally has a release date. It’s coming 1 October12 September 2013
WCS Season 3 schedule revealed from now until Blizzcon 2013 finals12 September 2013
Dishonored: Game of the Year edition is aptly named, due in October12 September 2013
Ten reasons why we need a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V12 September 2013
Democracy 3 now in beta, already more functional than the real thing12 September 2013
Arma 3 launch trailer takes us to a glorious recreation of the Mediterranean where nobody smiles12 September 2013
The Stanley Parable trailered, (oh God there's no way) out in October12 September 2013
Blitz Games topples after 23 years in the UK games business12 September 2013
Card Hunter PC review12 September 2013
If you'd like to know who World of Warcraft's new Horde warchief is, step this way12 September 2013
Riot talk LoL matchmaking and 'ELO Hell': most players guess their rating at "about 150 points higher" than reality12 September 2013
Planetary Annihilation targeting beta release this month11 September 2013
8-bit Game of Thrones platformer takes you north of the wall11 September 2013
Humble Indie Bundle 9 headlined by FEZ and FTL11 September 2013
King of Fighters Online sheds genre shackles, becomes MOBA11 September 2013
Family Sharing is coming to Steam 11 September 2013
Elder Scrolls Online faction PvP: some questions answered11 September 2013
Incognita breaks cover for alpha release11 September 2013
Ubisoft showed off fifteen games in Paris yesterday. Here is every single one of them11 September 2013
Mirror's Edge producer moves to Newcastle to oversee Eve: Valkyrie11 September 2013
Dragon Age: Inquisition isn't open-world in the way you might think it is11 September 2013
Gigabyte's new PC is smaller than an Xbox controller and much prettier11 September 2013
Gulp: tattoo copyright now officially videogames' problem11 September 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts' lightning rods from space: nonsense or prescience?11 September 2013
Why World of Warcraft is leaving daily quests behind: they "really caused a lot of burnout."11 September 2013
SuperHot’s a shooter which only moves when you do. Cue awesome bullet time10 September 2013
Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online will turn your browser into one big, endless tower defence game10 September 2013
World of Tanks 8.8 update released. Fancy trailer says so10 September 2013
Kerbal Space Program 0.22 video shows how you can expose animals to deep space for science10 September 2013
EA appoint Matthew Bromberg as new head of Bioware10 September 2013
Chronicles of Riddick sequel in the works. “More of an MMO,” says Vin Diesel10 September 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer shows singleplayer space shooting and dog vs helicopter action10 September 2013
GameCity8 to feature big screen experimentation and a "disgustingly excited" Mike Bithell10 September 2013
Guild Wars 2 Tequatl Rising update to deploy improved Looking For Group tool on September 1710 September 2013
Next from the talent and tech behind Rayman: Valiant Hearts: The Great War10 September 2013
Competition time: win an adorable Guild Wars 2 Lego Infantile Cloud 10 September 2013
Be the AI in an unconscious spaceman's suit in Monkey Island-influenced platformer The Fall10 September 2013
Heroes and Generals: Everything we know10 September 2013
CCP crack down on player impersonation in Eve Online Terms of Service10 September 2013
Julian Gollop's Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD features the series' only lady protagonist, is coming to PC10 September 2013
Battlefield 4 PC system requirements go like this10 September 2013
GOG celebrates birthday with a pick 5 bundle sale9 September 2013
World of Warcraft patch 5.4 video shows off the Siege of Orgrimmar and other content9 September 2013
Space Engineers because in space no one can hear you secure a hull breach9 September 2013
Infinite Crisis video shows off Arcane Green Lantern9 September 2013
League of Legends streamer raises over $100,000 for charity in just 13 hours9 September 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-orders coupled with Eminem album discount9 September 2013
The Long Dark is a post-disaster survival sim from Far Cry 3's narrative director (with no zombies)9 September 2013
Creative Assembly will patch Total War: Rome II weekly "till the problems are gone"9 September 2013
Star Wars: The Old Republic's "super secret space project" yields ten super secret spaceships9 September 2013
A first look at Train Simulator 2014: these are some lovely trains indeed9 September 2013
League of Legends' new dragon champion previewed9 September 2013
How Space Hulk got lost in translation (from the warp)8 September 2013
Guild Wars 2 to have its first World vs World season start next month8 September 2013
Mr. President has you dive in front of a sniper’s bullet. Or into a chair. Or off the stage. Being a bodyguard is hard8 September 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts’ snipers are more powerful but have had “quick-scoping” knocked down a notch8 September 2013
Homeworld: Shipbreakers no longer free-to-play8 September 2013
Spotlight on Greenlight: Futuridum EP8 September 2013
Elite: Dangerous stations will be constructed of randomised components7 September 2013
Star Citizen $20m stretch goal sees first-person combat added to select planets7 September 2013
Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale sold more than 300,000 copies. Trails in the Sky SC announced7 September 2013
DayZ zombie AI to be completely reworked. Not going to affect alpha launch7 September 2013
World of Warcraft Trivial Pursuit to be released this month7 September 2013
Eve Online lead designer leaves to work on League of Legends7 September 2013
Battlefield 4 demonstrates weapon customisation in quietest trailer ever6 September 2013
Total War: Rome 2 patch ready to march in6 September 2013
Hotline Miami 2 sexual violence removed from demo, dev considering inclusion in final game6 September 2013
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 shuffling onto PC later this year6 September 2013
League of Legends' newest skin transforms champion into a weather forecaster6 September 2013
Grand Theft Auto V starts the satire with energy bar ad6 September 2013
World of Tanks 8.9 will roll out seven new German tank destroyers6 September 2013
Minecraft snapshot 13w36a introduces something new, but sssshh, it's a secret6 September 2013
Infinite Crisis trailer sees Turbine talk the possibilities of the DC Multiverse (there are lots, obvs)6 September 2013
Runescape 3 is doing quite well6 September 2013
American Express to sponsor LCS Season 3 and Staples Center final: "We're stepping up and saying this is no longer niche"6 September 2013
Blizzard on why Diablo 3 PC will always be always-online; "Co-op is not a value added feature. It is the ideal"6 September 2013
Day[9] joins HTML5 real-time strategy developer as design lead6 September 2013
Ex-BioWare writer Jennifer Hepler to work on new Kickstarter sci-fi RPG Ambrov X5 September 2013
Mirror’s Edge brought to life in parkour short5 September 2013
SimCity Mac installation problems are resolved5 September 2013
StarCraft 2 Project Blackstone files released for public eyes5 September 2013
Gun Monkeys competitive events start Saturday5 September 2013
Titanfall developers warn against beta scammers5 September 2013
Stanley who? Watch Lego Marvel Super Heroes' playable Spider-Man co-creator test his strength5 September 2013
Sugar rush: GSTL StarCraft 2 pros play on ludicrous strawberry-strewn map5 September 2013
Come get some more: Duke Nukem 3D updated with Steam Linux support5 September 2013
Activision's Hirshberg thinks Black Ops 2 patch threats went "way too far"5 September 2013
Steam Trading just got a tad more convenient with Trade Offers5 September 2013
Hawken: Ascension update is "the beginning of a new age" and a "monumental piece of work", now live5 September 2013
Treyarch schedule Apocalypse for September 26; also Black Ops 2 DLC out that day5 September 2013
Goat Petting Simulator is the best goat petting simulator you’ll play today4 September 2013
Aztez trailer shows a brutal monochromatic fighting game4 September 2013
MirrorMoon EP launches. Let the surreal co-operative space exploration begin4 September 2013
Project Eternity’s strongholds detailed. Take named NPCs prisoner and tax peasants4 September 2013
Door Kickers breaches its way onto Steam Early Access4 September 2013
Watch Dogs video shows 15 minutes of straight up open world fun4 September 2013
Total War: Rome II weekly updates will tackle balance and AI; crash and performance fix due Friday4 September 2013
Battlefield 4 will have helicopter and jet training facilities4 September 2013
Tale of Tales' An Empty World looks pretty busy with ideas, actually4 September 2013
Sepulchre impressions: train of thoughts4 September 2013
XCOM: Enemy Within hands-on: a glorious invitation to replay XCom4 September 2013
Football Manager 2014 UI improvements flaunted at length via videos4 September 2013
Professor Orc: new pet battle tournament coming to WoW patch 5.4's Timeless Isle4 September 2013
Better living through chemistry sets: Team Fortress 2 updated4 September 2013
Crypt of the NecroDancer trailer reminds us we still aren’t playing this excellent looking game3 September 2013
Total War: Rome II trumps Shogun II’s peak number of players three times over3 September 2013
Eve’s marauders to be turned into deployable weapons platforms3 September 2013
Space Hulk: Deathwing is not that other Space Hulk. This one’s a shooter3 September 2013
Prison Architect devs see “pirates as marketing ‘leads’”3 September 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts dog to act as "an early warning system"3 September 2013
Romances in Dragon Age: Inquisition will be "more fluid and natural"3 September 2013
Monster rigs get more monstrous as PC market shrinks3 September 2013
Wolfenstein: The New Order looked exactly like this at Gamescom3 September 2013
Guild Wars 2's Super Adventure Box: Back to School preview3 September 2013
Riot talk their most controversial LoL champion update ever: "We learned a ton from Trundle's relaunch"3 September 2013
Phoenix Downtime: Final Fantasy XIV emergency server maintenance incoming, free play extended3 September 2013
Minecraft has been sold 12 million times on PC, Mac and Linux3 September 2013
How many League of Legends champions is too many? "I don't think we’re close yet"3 September 2013
Total War: Rome II is out, means to conquer your heart3 September 2013
Godus takes place on a single Jupiter-sized world2 September 2013
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn producer on server issues “I must accept complete responsibility for this misstep”2 September 2013
Vlambeer birthday celebrated with free games. Play Wasteland Kings and GUN GODZ2 September 2013
FlatOut creator crowdfunding their Next Car Game. Footage looks smashing2 September 2013
Nvidia offering £50 of in-game content for Warframe, Neverwinter, and Marvel Heroes2 September 2013
The Settlers video charts its 20 year history2 September 2013
XCOM: Enemy Within trailer promises metal men or GM soldiers, but not both2 September 2013
A first look at Dragon Age: Inquisition2 September 2013
How developing Guild Wars 2's living stories is like writing for TV2 September 2013
The Abitrary Gamejam enters its second month under Udell Games2 September 2013
Total War: Rome II PC Review2 September 2013
Jack Black's magic lips return to Double Fine's voiceover booth in Broken Age2 September 2013
Infinity Ward's "thank you" multiplayer map for mega-fans is a Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-order bonus2 September 2013
BioWare tease "super secret space project" for Star Wars: The Old Republic2 September 2013
Gearbox grant Homeworld name and "many millions of dollars" to spiritual sequel from ex-Relic staff2 September 2013
Blizzard open up Heart of the Swarm art tools in beta; "The full capability of the StarCraft II engine is at your disposal"2 September 2013
Sir, You Are Being Hunted hands-on1 September 2013
Sunless Sea has cannibals and Lovecraftian horror. From the makers of Fallen London1 September 2013
Mighty No. 9 is a platformer from the original Mega Man creators1 September 2013
Dragon Age Inquisition footage shows dragons and Frostbite engine prettiness1 September 2013
Battlefield 4 commander mode gives a load of powers to the player in the hot seat1 September 2013
Cosmic Star Heroine cinematic shows 90s-style JRPG goodness1 September 2013