October 2021 Archive

RPGolf Legends looks like the Mario Golf game you actually want30 September 2021
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain is back thanks to GOG30 September 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh: Master Duel confirmed for a Steam release this winter30 September 2021
Asus TUF Gaming AX5400 gaming router - WiFi 6 on a budget30 September 2021
Assassin's Creed Valhalla's fall plans include a big patch and a spooky festival30 September 2021
Starfield will have more than double Skyrim's actors and dialogue lines30 September 2021
The Game Awards return in exactly ten weeks30 September 2021
Epic's next free game will let you pretend to get an RTX 309030 September 2021
China's mandated power shutdown could contribute to gaming GPU shortages30 September 2021
The best AUG Warzone setup30 September 2021
New World oil - where to find seeping stones30 September 2021
Stellaris’ next patch will drop in November30 September 2021
Monster Hunter Rise comes to Steam in January, with a demo in October30 September 2021
Here's a fresh look at American Truck Simulator's Texas DLC30 September 2021
Eximius Season 2 adds even more depth to the FPS/RTS hybrid30 September 2021
Modern war RTS game Wargame: Red Dragon is still getting DLC seven years later30 September 2021
GTA Online's weekly update brings triple Land Race, Lamar Contact Mission rewards30 September 2021
Destiny 2 will get auto-fire as part of an accessibility initiative29 September 2021
New World hits another player record as more EU servers come online29 September 2021
Cyberpunk shooter The Ascent will get a patch to fix progression-blocking bugs29 September 2021
Twitch adds phone and email verification options to combat hate raids29 September 2021
Minecraft's effects display is changing to reduce screen clutter29 September 2021
Steam Next Fest start time set on October 1, with hundreds of free game demos29 September 2021
DayZ's latest update adds contaminated zones, so get your hazmat gear ready29 September 2021
Steam Deck dev kit benchmarks suggest 60fps gameplay with strings attached29 September 2021
Hearts of Iron IV devs are going to shake up the strategy game’s stale meta29 September 2021
Valve SteamVR data mine hints at a new wireless VR headset codenamed ‘Deckard’29 September 2021
Halo Infinite dev confirms PC performance, latency, and aiming improvements for launch29 September 2021
Diablo 2: Resurrected review - a beautiful, if basic, remaster29 September 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator gets its first 'Local Legends' plane - the Junkers JU-5229 September 2021
Why New World is perfect for MMO newcomers29 September 2021
Genshin Impact's 2.2 livestream kicks off this week29 September 2021
Looks like Phasmophobia's getting a Halloween update with "nightmare difficulty"29 September 2021
Next Crusader Kings 3 DLC adds petty drama and better duels29 September 2021
PUBG update 14.1 brings a Halloween makeover to the battle royale game29 September 2021
Two semi-classic adventure games are free-to-keep on Steam for a limited time29 September 2021
Netflix buys the Oxenfree devs - they'll "keep making Oxenfree 2"28 September 2021
Total Warhammer 3 reveals Cathay's launch lords: a pair of dragon demi-gods28 September 2021
As New World players suffer queue times, Amazon promises free server transfers28 September 2021
Marvel's Avengers is coming to Game Pass this month28 September 2021
Red Dead Online adds three new hardcore assassination missions28 September 2021
The Battlefield 2042 open beta hits Steam, Origin, and Epic next week28 September 2021
Outriders' Devastator gets some needed fixes in a new patch28 September 2021
Fortnite 18.10 is here, with Season 8 XP fixes28 September 2021
Where to search a Fortnite ice machine28 September 2021
Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed review28 September 2021
New World already has over 650,000 concurrent players28 September 2021
Everyone's invited to try Halo Infinite Big Team Battle this weekend28 September 2021
Alan Wake Remastered system requirements won't frighten Gaming PCs28 September 2021
Activision Blizzard agrees $18 million fund with US watchdog to "compensate and make amends"28 September 2021
Retailer lists the upcoming AMD RX 6600 GPU at an eye-watering €59028 September 2021
The EU4 devs have been using forum suggestions to aid gaps in AI development28 September 2021
New World leveling guide - the quickest way to level up your character and trade skills28 September 2021
An end to the chip shortage is in sight, says AMD CEO Lisa Su28 September 2021
League of Legends devs tease a marksman who "brings the feeling of a shooter game"28 September 2021
F1 2021 SSD benchmark suggests NVMe speeds are a gaming PC essential28 September 2021
Fortnite Toona Fish - where to find color bottles and character styles28 September 2021
Roccat Syn Pro Air review - a weightless wireless gaming headset28 September 2021
The best Tec-9 loadout in Warzone28 September 2021
Valve is "not planning to disable downloading old builds" on Steam28 September 2021
How to play with friends in New World28 September 2021
Ubisoft gives out free Rainbow Six Siege Showdown packs after confusing players28 September 2021
Iberia gets a free update with more roads (in Euro Truck Simulator 2)27 September 2021
This Doom 2 mod replaces the guns with terrible MS Paint drawings27 September 2021
For Dying Light 2's devs, adding wall-running was the easy part27 September 2021
Beaver city builder Timberborn sells over 130k units in one week27 September 2021
Final Fantasy XIV goes down for eight hours of maintenance to help fix servers27 September 2021
The best Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon build27 September 2021
Co-op RTS game DwarfHeim has tunneled out of Early Access27 September 2021
Intel's entry-level Alchemist GPU could match Nvidia's RTX 3060 laptop specs27 September 2021
A Civilization 6 modder has brought back upgradeable throne rooms and palaces27 September 2021
Red Dead Redemption 2 mod pack adds fan-made parts of Mexico27 September 2021
New World release time - here are the MMORPG's server live times27 September 2021
Intel's i9-12900K releases with other Alder Lake CPUs in November27 September 2021
BattlEye anti-cheat will support Steam Deck, but there's a catch27 September 2021
CS:GO Operation Riptide and New World top this week's Steam top sellers27 September 2021
Here's FFXIV's Dancer job being played with an Xbox Kinect27 September 2021
More games will be playable on Steam Deck at launch, thanks to Epic Games27 September 2021
Skyrim gets Witcher as a playable race26 September 2021
IOI has "more people working" on Hitman 3 with "exciting plans" to come26 September 2021
The Witcher is getting a second anime and a "kids and family" show26 September 2021
The Witcher Season 3 gets a trailer before Season 2's even out26 September 2021
League of Legends Arcane show starts in just over a month26 September 2021
Psychonauts 2 prequel shows what happened to Ford after the first game25 September 2021
Jurassic World Evolution 2 has "what if" movie scenarios where the bad guys won25 September 2021
It looks like Suicide Squad won't have any additional playable characters25 September 2021
It looks like a Fortnite x Monopoly collab is happening25 September 2021
What if: Deathloop's devs made an Aliens vs Predator game?25 September 2021
Perfect Dark is getting help from the Tomb Raider studio25 September 2021
Diablo 2: Resurrected's launch day woes continue, Blizzard says to stay tuned24 September 2021
The best Space Marine game now has a complete tenth anniversary edition24 September 2021
Ten minutes of Dwarf Fortress gameplay highlights deserts and mushroom trees24 September 2021
Superpower - the political game in which nuclear annihilation is inevitable24 September 2021
The best Diablo 2 Resurrected classes24 September 2021
Opera GX browser gets the RGB treatment with Corsair iCUE integration24 September 2021
Your old AMD GPU now has unofficial ray tracing support, but not on Windows24 September 2021
GPU shortage could improve thanks to China's increased crypto crackdown24 September 2021
Rust is getting supply drop changes that'll make them a lot easier to spot24 September 2021
American Civil War game Grand Tactician leaves Early Access today24 September 2021
"It felt like my feedback mattered" - RTS vets share experiences with Company of Heroes 324 September 2021
Intel partners with Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI for its upcoming Alchemist GPU launch24 September 2021
Nier creator Yoko Taro's new card-based tabletop RPG gets a Steam demo today24 September 2021
New World release date and everything we know24 September 2021
CS:GO Riptide patch increases maximum griefing cooldown penalty to 14 days24 September 2021
The best Diablo 2 Resurrected Paladin build24 September 2021
An ode to Dark Souls’ mushroom lads24 September 2021
Destiny 2 gets a tweaked Trials of Osiris and Flawless pool this weekend24 September 2021
Nvidia's latest Geforce driver fixes overlay-related Cyberpunk 2077 fps issues24 September 2021
Wildermyth nails the quiet moments of DnD24 September 2021
In Stellaris' latest update, the robots are coming to eat you23 September 2021
Eve Online arrives in the Epic Games Store with a revamped new player experience23 September 2021
New Victoria 3 diary explains states and confirms dynamic US flag23 September 2021
Teamgroup's new portable gaming SSD takes aim at Call of Duty fans23 September 2021
Diablo 2: Resurrected is having some launch issues23 September 2021
Call of Duty: Vanguard dev promises fixes for sun glare, dogs, and Red Star raves23 September 2021
Dark Souls 2 is much better than you remember23 September 2021
MMO war game Foxhole gets huge update with new content and 3,000-player wars23 September 2021
Minecraft is getting more copper23 September 2021
Europa Universalis 4 is next week's free game from Epic23 September 2021
Windows 11 will come to older gaming PCs but won’t get official support from Microsoft23 September 2021
The best Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer build23 September 2021
The English are "OP": Age of Empires veterans weigh in on the AOE4 beta23 September 2021
GTA Online's weekly update boosts rewards on Deadline, Biker Sell missions23 September 2021
Sea of Thieves Season 4 release time – Rare details downtime23 September 2021
The best Valheim seeds23 September 2021
A Skyrim modder has added Final Fantasy Tactics-inspired classes to the RPG23 September 2021
Intel Core i9-12900K beats AMD’s top gaming CPUs in Cinebench R2323 September 2021
Want Ind and Nippon in Total Warhammer 3? Games Workshop just gave you hope23 September 2021
This Civilization 6 mod boosts your coastal cities with new districts and buildings23 September 2021
Titanfall 3 still isn't happening - "there's nothing there"23 September 2021
Diablo 2: Resurrected release time confirmed23 September 2021
Belts won't be removed from FFXIV - you just can't equip them anymore23 September 2021
Shopkeeping sim Potion Craft is the top-selling game on Steam22 September 2021
Diablo 2: Resurrected system requirements are unsurprisingly tame22 September 2021
Sable review - equal parts Zelda, Moebius, and itself22 September 2021
PSA: Destiny 2 is going down for five hours of maintenance this week22 September 2021
Open-world Stardew Valley-like Harvest Days now has a demo on Steam22 September 2021
War Thunder's Direct Hit update adds a fleet of new content22 September 2021
This Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord mod transforms it into a Warhammer game22 September 2021
Sims 4 is finally getting a create a world tool - thanks to a modder22 September 2021
Banished-style Settlement Survival is a city builder you can try during Steam Next Fest22 September 2021
New footage for space strategy games Terra Invicta and Falling Frontier emerges22 September 2021
AMD's crusty Linux CPU driver is getting an update ahead of Steam Deck22 September 2021
Nvidia RTX 3080 Super GPU specs leak ahead of release22 September 2021
AMD RX 6600 rumours point to an October release date for the GPU22 September 2021
This Cyberpunk 2077 mod fixes one of the RPG's most annoying features on controller22 September 2021
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is full of hard decisions22 September 2021
Hearts of Iron 4 is the Garry's Mod of strategy games: an interview with Dan Lind22 September 2021
FFXIV players are holding vigils for Heavensward voice actor Stephen Critchlow22 September 2021
Genshin Impact anniversary rewards and events22 September 2021
Miyazaki is Dark Souls' very own cruel DnD DM22 September 2021
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Operation Riptide has just dropped22 September 2021
Silicon City is a throwback city builder with a demo available now21 September 2021
You can now pay $7 USD to be a mime in Final Fantasy XIV21 September 2021
Crusader Kings 3's Royal Court has new ways to interact with your liege21 September 2021
The Sims 4 gets over 1,000 new swatches in a free update21 September 2021
Roblox is rolling out an opt-in age verification system21 September 2021
Deathloop has been patched to fix stuttering issues on PC21 September 2021
Rainbow Six Siege's Wild West game mode returns for a limited time21 September 2021
Fortnite's Season 8 XP is getting fixed21 September 2021
Halo Infinite dev clarifies how multiplayer challenges work21 September 2021
Where to find the Triple S sneakers in the Strange Times featured hub21 September 2021
Fortnite Shady Doggo graffiti location - where to emote21 September 2021
This Humankind player has beaten the 4X game in just 58 turns21 September 2021
Activision Blizzard CEO reportedly subpoenaed as part of federal investigation21 September 2021
World's first bioluminescent gaming PC is impractically beautiful21 September 2021
Far Cry 6 ray tracing and AMD FSR will be exclusive to gaming PCs21 September 2021
Age of Empires 4 is not the RTS revolution you’ve been waiting for21 September 2021
Valve wants you to play Steam games before they've downloaded21 September 2021
Intel Core i9-12900K benchmark scores handily beat AMD’s top gaming CPUs21 September 2021
Post-apocalyptic survival game Sheltered 2 challenges you to own the wasteland21 September 2021
These Civilization 6 civs are some of the most 'underrated' according to its fans21 September 2021
How to tame lox in Valheim and ride them with a saddle21 September 2021
Kena: Bridge Of Spirits reviews - our roundup of the action-adventure game's scores21 September 2021
Genshin Impact fishing locations - how to catch fish21 September 2021
League of Legends patch 11.19 notes - new champion Vex, Dawnbringer, Nightbringer skins21 September 2021
FFXIV teleports are getting more expensive21 September 2021
FFXIV's Endwalker roadmap gets one more Live Letter and another DQX event20 September 2021
FFXIV's gathering jobs are changing to reel in inventory bloat20 September 2021
Fallout 76 players feel kinda bad about killing treasure hunter mole miners20 September 2021
Minecraft's screaming goats use 50% goat screams, 50% human screams20 September 2021
Here's how Sea of Thieves' new siren shrines and treasuries work20 September 2021
Your next gaming PC GPU could cost 70% more20 September 2021
Pokémon TCG Live is free-to-play and coming to PC20 September 2021
Secretlab releases Titan Evo 2022 Monster Hunter Edition gaming chair20 September 2021
Here's a fresh look at Kena: Bridge of Spirits' combat and boss fights20 September 2021
League of Legends devs are bringing in tougher penalties for AFKers20 September 2021
Nvidia DLSS GPU update will double Alan Wake Remastered's 4K performance20 September 2021
Stardew Valley player introduces gladiatorial combat to the chill farming sim20 September 2021
This extensive Skyrim mod lets you build a band of deeply customisable followers20 September 2021
Elder Scrolls Online gets DLSS and new DLAA technology for Nvidia RTX GPUs20 September 2021
Phasmophobia gets an anniversary update with a journal overhaul20 September 2021
Deltarune comes to Steam, breaks 100k concurrent players20 September 2021
A God of War veteran is now head of Middle-Earth... studio19 September 2021
Heavy Rain studio may be working on a Star Wars game19 September 2021
Splitgate devs want to be "the next Riot Games"19 September 2021
KOTOR Remake was almost a remastered collection by Baldur's Gate EE devs19 September 2021
Steam Next Fest October will let you try No Man's Sky dev's latest game19 September 2021
How Citizen Sleeper re-examines a genre and why Cyberpunk 2077 is "dated"19 September 2021
Genshin Impact Kokomi banner release time – Drifting Luminescence starts soon19 September 2021
Crysis Remastered arrives on Steam to 'Mixed' reviews18 September 2021
Deltarune Chapter 2 is out, and Chapters 3-5 will be a paid release18 September 2021
FFXIV's new PvP mode will appear in the next Letter to the Producer18 September 2021
What if: Call of Duty: Vanguard's shotguns didn't suck?18 September 2021
THQ Nordic still has 28 unannounced games, surely one is TimeSplitters 418 September 2021
Here's how Final Fantasy XIV's new Reaper and Sage classes will play18 September 2021
Apex Legends' massive disconnection errors may not get fixed for days18 September 2021
Valheim's new food system, which came out yesterday, has been rebalanced17 September 2021
Clive Sinclair, whose ZX Spectrum helped birth the UK games industry, has died17 September 2021
Jagged Alliance 3 has been announced17 September 2021
Rust has a whole bunch of quality-of-life changes coming up17 September 2021
Secretlab celebrates Batman Day with a Magnus Dark Knight edition gaming desk17 September 2021
The new Razer Huntsman V2 is the company’s fastest gaming keyboard17 September 2021
I played the Call of Duty: Vanguard beta and couldn't see anything17 September 2021
This Hearts of Iron 4 speedrunner re-forms the Roman Empire in just nine months17 September 2021
Fallout 76's next patch is on track to arrive in October, just in time for Halloween17 September 2021
Why millions of people still play World of Tanks17 September 2021
4X game Humankind is finally getting naval sieges17 September 2021
The Call of Duty: Vanguard beta has significant server and audio issues17 September 2021
This is how upcoming strategy game Victoria 3 plans to handle slavery17 September 2021
Tales of Arise fishing guide - where to find all rods and lures17 September 2021
Tales of Arise combat tips and the best characters17 September 2021
The CS:GO Stockholm Major is going ahead, and tickets go on sale next week17 September 2021
Dota 2 gets a bunch of spectator HUD updates for the International17 September 2021
Valheim taming - how to tame and name animals in Valheim17 September 2021
One of the best Diablo-likes and a cult classic strategy game are free on Steam16 September 2021
Valheim reaches its biggest player count in five months after Hearth and Home16 September 2021
Sea of Thieves: Season 4 brings new underwater locations this month16 September 2021
Valve's Steam Deck OS leaks onto other portable gaming PCs16 September 2021
Go to jail - go directly to jail, do not collect this free game from Epic16 September 2021
Age of Empires 4 DLC will be "a balancing act" to please different strategy fans16 September 2021
How not to play World of Tanks16 September 2021
Valheim crystal - where to find crystal shards for weapons and walls16 September 2021
Valheim thunder stone - how to make an obliterator16 September 2021
Destiny 2 Tracing the Stars 3 quest guide - all Atlas Skew locations16 September 2021
Deathloop Slabs - all powers and upgrades16 September 2021
Action-JRPG Tales of Arise has already shifted one million copies16 September 2021
Microsoft enables passwordless accounts for Windows 10, Windows 11, and Xbox16 September 2021
Want to beat Civilization 6 on Deity? Try these (pretty broken) community strats16 September 2021
Valheim Hearth and Home patch notes - here's what new with the update16 September 2021
Enter The Sideways and complete a Sideways encounter in Fortnite16 September 2021
Valheim building guide - learn the basics of construction16 September 2021
A No Man's Sky fan is recreating the Colosseum, and it looks pretty darn fantastic16 September 2021
Pharaoh-like city builder Nebuchadnezzar's major new update adds crime, disease, fire16 September 2021
GTA Online's weekly update brings extra rewards, a new prize ride, and free bicycles16 September 2021
Activision Blizzard faces unfair labour practice suit alleging "worker intimidation and union busting"16 September 2021
Undertale dev's RPG Deltarune gets another chapter this week16 September 2021
Genshin Impact teapot guide - how to use the Serenitea Pot16 September 2021
Beaver city builder Timberborn is a Steam top seller15 September 2021
Gas Station Simulator is Steam's latest surprise hit15 September 2021
Valheim devs caution players to manage their expectations for Hearth and Home15 September 2021
Battlefield 2042 is delayed - details on the open beta are coming this month15 September 2021
Both Nidhogg games have been updated with new levels and some cats15 September 2021
Minecraft 1.18's first proper snapshot is here15 September 2021
Arkane is investigating Deathloop's performance issues "as a priority"15 September 2021
Deathloop glowing items – how to obtain residuum15 September 2021
You can make a Minecraft clip to save wildlife - and maybe win an Alienware PC15 September 2021
Xbox App update lets you stream games from Series X|S to your gaming PC15 September 2021
Stellaris is free to try until Monday15 September 2021
Skyrim mod arms the Dragonborn with an ROG gaming keyboard and mouse15 September 2021
Dark fantasy RTS Age of Darkness: Final Stand hits Steam next month15 September 2021
I'm quite excited for Hearts of Iron 4's upcoming bag of tricks15 September 2021
4X game Humankind is the best selling PC game for August 202115 September 2021
Valheim Hearth and Home release time confirmed15 September 2021
Deathloop cassette puzzle solution - where to find the pictograms15 September 2021
The new wave of city builders and management games tackling climate change15 September 2021
Deathloop safe codes - Colt's safe and Updaam safe15 September 2021
Deathloop delivery booth code location15 September 2021
Here's Dota 2 as a fan-made '90s anime intro15 September 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone is now full of Dredd15 September 2021
Civilization 6 is really super cheap right now - but you'll need to be quick15 September 2021
Age of Empires 4's stress test kicks off this week - and everyone's invited15 September 2021
There are "no plans" to bring Halo 5 to PC14 September 2021
The Halo Infinite XP boosters are already here14 September 2021
Tatooine and Coruscant took a year to build in Minecraft, and the whole Star Wars galaxy is next14 September 2021
Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead ditches cargo drones14 September 2021
Doom Eternal update adds a pirate Mancubus named Le Manc14 September 2021
Assassin's Creed Valhalla's standalone version of Discovery Tour is a timed PC exclusive14 September 2021
This massive Star Trek mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is now complete14 September 2021
Xbox Game Pass PC gets some of the biggest indie games of the year in September14 September 2021
The Final Fantasy XIV roulette experience, in rhythm game form14 September 2021
How long is Deathloop?14 September 2021
Fortnite crafting - cube monster parts crafting recipes14 September 2021
Stellaris’ 3.1 ‘Lem’ patch is available now14 September 2021
Nvidia Geforce Now server hints at Bioshock RTX remaster14 September 2021
Apex Legends' tap-strafing nerf delayed due to "unexpected side effects"14 September 2021
Where to find the Fortnite IO guards14 September 2021
Total Warhammer 3’s Grand Cathay is here to defend the world with cannons, giant golems, and dragons14 September 2021
Dying Light 2: Stay Human delayed into early 202214 September 2021
New Cyberpunk 2077 patch brings more quest fixes14 September 2021
Darkest Dungeon 2 arrives in Early Access on Epic in October13 September 2021
Fallout 76's new Collectron dog has already been modded into Dogmeat13 September 2021
Dap is an eerie Pikmin and Princess Mononoke mashup, out on Steam this month13 September 2021
Best Deathloop PC settings for performance13 September 2021
Nvidia's RTX 2060 revamp could plug gaming GPU availability gaps13 September 2021
New Paradox CEO regrets “inappropriate behaviour” during 2018 company meeting13 September 2021
Far Cry 6 release date: everything we know about the new Far Cry13 September 2021
This popular CSGO map brings hostage rescue to the spooky, snowy wilds13 September 2021
Total War: Warhammer 3 has been delayed until “early 2022"13 September 2021
Deathloop reviews - our roundup of the action-adventure game's scores13 September 2021
Genshin Impact wiki returns despite pressure from Mihoyo13 September 2021
Deathloop review - time warp tour de force13 September 2021
You can explore upcoming space 4X game Distant Worlds 2's immersive galaxy up close13 September 2021
League of Legends dev notes Fizz, Qiyana, Renekton changes following 11.1813 September 2021
Fortnite's Season 8 Battle Pass trailer is wild and full of Carnage13 September 2021
Guild Wars 2 is finally getting fishing, and here's how it works12 September 2021
Fall Guys might get a Horizon Zero Dawn crossover12 September 2021
This Cyberpunk 2077 Easter egg congratulates players for finding it12 September 2021
Here's the Spider-Man 4 game we should've got alongside a movie12 September 2021
Oxenfree 2's villains have started appearing in the original Oxenfree12 September 2021
KOTOR Remake doesn't seem to be involving EA or original devs BioWare12 September 2021
Life is Strange: True Colors is getting review-bombed thanks to a flag11 September 2021
Destiny 2's revamped Trials of Osiris is the most popular the game's ever had11 September 2021
Far Cry 6 is getting free Stranger Things, Rambo, and Danny Trejo DLC11 September 2021
Destiny 2's troublesome Telesto exotic has been pulled yet again11 September 2021
Leaked Redfall images show first and third-person modes and a lot of loot11 September 2021
Don't expect more Dead Space news until next year11 September 2021
What if: instead of more KOTOR, we got Knights of the High Republic?11 September 2021
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has sold 250k, proving there's life in D&D 3.510 September 2021
With this massive Star Destroyer build, Fallout 76 might be the best Star Wars game10 September 2021
Two major Team Fortress 2 mods are temporarily down "due to an arrangement with Valve"10 September 2021
Despite the end of Epic vs. Apple, Fortnite isn't coming back to iOS yet10 September 2021
Big Steam update makes managing your PC game downloads a breeze10 September 2021
The best Ram 7 Warzone loadout10 September 2021
4X game Humankind has some amazingly overpowered world wonders right now10 September 2021
Become the monster with Galactic Civilizations IV’s new Festron race10 September 2021
Skyrim fan creates a gorgeously spooky 'Champion of Namira' armour concept10 September 2021
Alan Wake Remastered launches on the Epic Games Store next month10 September 2021
Phasmophobia update hotfixes photo bugs and makes temperature change10 September 2021
Tales of Arise has already topped Zestiria and Berseria’s Steam player records10 September 2021
New World’s open beta has already hit 141k peak players on Steam10 September 2021
Halo Infinite's next beta starts this month, but you only have four days to sign up9 September 2021
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands release date confirmed for March9 September 2021
Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection comes to Steam in 20229 September 2021
The KOTOR remake is coming to PC, too9 September 2021
SpongeBob's taunt in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is the meme you want it to be9 September 2021
Apex Legends' next event brings a massive rework to Rampart's ult9 September 2021
Warzone red door locations and where they lead to9 September 2021
Civilization modder Sukritact updates Iceland mod with new art and abilities9 September 2021
Come watch a Eurovision icon sing about Psychonauts 2 for 27 minutes9 September 2021
Nvidia RTX 4000 GPU rumour hints at 2022 release date9 September 2021
One of the best Souls-likes is now free on Epic9 September 2021
Football Manager 2022 release date set for November9 September 2021
Genshin Impact's next event is all about fishing9 September 2021
GTA Online's weekly update brings Los Santos Tuners race bonuses9 September 2021
Nier’s Yoko Taro is making a tabletop RPG "built of cards"9 September 2021
Warhammer fan creates and 3D prints terrain inspired by RTS game Dawn of War9 September 2021
Titanfall 2 exploit may crash your game, but there probably aren't "more serious risks"9 September 2021
Retro Star Trek games return for modern PCs, including working multiplayer8 September 2021
Stardew Valley has sold 15 million copies, including five million in the past two years8 September 2021
Minecraft's final Experimental Snapshot (for now) makes caves noodlier8 September 2021
Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Orlog tabletop edition is now available for pre-order8 September 2021
Fallout 76 gets its Worlds update today, adding custom servers and more8 September 2021
New AEW game footage shows Darby Allin and Jungle Boy in action8 September 2021
Aliens: Fireteam Elite starts its first season today with a new class kit8 September 2021
BenQ's Mobiuz gaming monitors come with TV's secret weapon8 September 2021
Deathloop release time, pre-load, and install size details confirmed8 September 2021
Total War: Warhammer 2 developers are testing a fix for cavalry charges8 September 2021
Life is Strange: True Colors review - search your feelings8 September 2021
It's 2021, and a new Little Big Adventure is in development8 September 2021
Hearts of Iron 4’s new trains have guns now8 September 2021
How to spoil the mole’s sabotage attempt in Fortnite8 September 2021
Early Intel gaming GPU benchmark places doubt on RTX 3070 comparisons8 September 2021
Roblox gets a virtual Twenty One Pilots gig next week8 September 2021
PUBG patch adds a new vehicle, gun, and casual mode8 September 2021
Tales of Arise review - a glorious JRPG anime romp8 September 2021
The popular Afterlife Skyrim mod is back to send NPCs to Sovngarde and Soul Cairn8 September 2021
Warn characters of impending doom in Fortnite8 September 2021
Where to place warning signs in Fortnite8 September 2021
Where to confront the mole in Fortnite8 September 2021
4X game Humankind’s latest patch stops the AI from being omniscient8 September 2021
CS:GO Stockholm Major looking more likely with coming restrictions lift8 September 2021
Diablo 2: Resurrected's ultrawide support breaks the game, so it's been removed8 September 2021
League of Legends patch 11.18 notes - Rengar, Qiyana, Lillia changes, Pentakill skins8 September 2021
American Truck Simulator: Wyoming is currently the best-selling thing on Steam7 September 2021
Sci-fi city builder Surviving Mars is free-to-keep on Steam for a very limited time7 September 2021
Flight Simulator's big Germany, Austria, and Switzerland update has arrived7 September 2021
Cookie Clicker patch increases compatibility with cheats7 September 2021
Call of Duty: Vanguard's open beta hits PC Sept. 187 September 2021
PGA Tour 2K21 headlines September's Humble Choice bundle7 September 2021
Rainbow Six Siege gets a free weekend for Crystal Guard's launch7 September 2021
The best Far Cry game is now free-to-keep7 September 2021
Five years after launch, No Man's Sky has swung to 'mostly positive' on Steam7 September 2021
Here’s a deeper look at Crusader Kings 3’s new throne room mechanics7 September 2021
Red Dead Online's weekly update adds its next content pass7 September 2021
The next Europa Universalis IV DLC will focus on sub-saharan Africa7 September 2021
The Onexplayer 1S gets an upgraded Intel gaming CPU to rival Steam Deck7 September 2021
12 cool indie PC games you can't miss in September7 September 2021
Here are new League of Legends champion Vex's abilities7 September 2021
Sandbox MMORPG Mortal Online 2's final stress test is live - here's how to dive in7 September 2021
Alan Wake Remastered is official, and it's headed to the Epic Games Store in fall7 September 2021
The best Type 63 Warzone loadout7 September 2021
The best Fennec Warzone setup7 September 2021
The best 357 Warzone Snake Shot setup7 September 2021
Maneater studio CEO steps down following support for Texas anti-abortion law7 September 2021
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 release date - everything we know7 September 2021
Diablo-like Last Epoch is making waves after its latest Early Access update7 September 2021
Destiny 2's new hand cannon holster mod gives Hawkmoon infinite one-taps6 September 2021
You can now use the Infinity Gauntlet in Minecraft6 September 2021
Rainbow Six Siege's Indigenous operator gets a new skin to support an Indigenous charity6 September 2021
This Cyberpunk 2077 mod frees up your camera in Photo Mode6 September 2021
Cookie Clicker is currently ruining the lives of over 60,000 people on Steam6 September 2021
Get a bison truck for playing American Truck Simulator's Wyoming DLC at launch6 September 2021
Assassin's Creed Valhalla gets three new River Raids maps tomorrow6 September 2021
FFXIV's Regalia mount returns next week6 September 2021
Over two thirds of women at Paradox report gender mistreatment in staff survey6 September 2021
Valheim's Hearth and Home update reworks axes and bows6 September 2021
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