October 2018 Archive

Someone made a Minecraft cover of Toto’s Africa30 September 2018
This Hearthstone pop-up book actually looks amazing30 September 2018
Warframe’s Railjack will have FTL-style fires30 September 2018
Soldier: 76's middle name is Francis30 September 2018
Fortnite’s floating island is on the move, and Kevin is going to grow30 September 2018
New games: Cattle Call is the chance to become a Hollywood super-agent29 September 2018
A Minecraft RPG is coming next year29 September 2018
Vivendi will complete sale of Ubisoft stock by March 201929 September 2018
Warframe’s massive open world map for Fortuna has been revealed29 September 2018
Overwatch players are increasingly playing their mains29 September 2018
Fortnite’s use of viral hip-hop dance moves has some artists grumbling29 September 2018
FIFA 19 vs PES 2019: which is the best football game?29 September 2018
FIFA 19 wonderkids: the best young players you need to sign29 September 2018
Terminally ill boy gets his wish to play Fallout 76 granted29 September 2018
Assassin's Creed Odyssey lets you climb a god's penis29 September 2018
‘Matter’ trademark points to Bungie’s next IP28 September 2018
Valve renames an Artifact card after accidental racist connotations28 September 2018
Stormworks' survival update threatens to kill you with sharks and tsunamis28 September 2018
Intel CEO's open letter admits "undoubtedly tight" 14nm supply, promising an extra $1bn for manufacturing28 September 2018
Port-a-Forts sacrificed as Shadow Stones return to Fortnite28 September 2018
Steam charts: most popular games, 22-28 September, 201828 September 2018
Ignore the esports pros, here's why you need an open-back gaming headset28 September 2018
Fortnite Capture the Flag is coming, according to leaks28 September 2018
The full Thronebreaker interview: How CDPR is expanding on The Witcher's legacy28 September 2018
Overwatch patch notes v1.29: Torbjörn rework, Pharah tuning, colourblind options28 September 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for gritty comic-book style RPG Deep Sky Derelicts!28 September 2018
Hera comes to Smite and she can turn you into a peacock28 September 2018
Streets of Rage 4 won't rely on its past to knock you out in the present28 September 2018
Football Manager 2019 features full Bundesliga28 September 2018
Total War: Warhammer 2 modders add naval battles - sort of28 September 2018
“Don’t expect a 10nm server chip from Intel for two years” as investment firm downgrades Intel28 September 2018
This Fortnite player used Loot Lake to fly at 250 mph28 September 2018
Thronebreaker won't have "bullshit" pre-order bonuses28 September 2018
3 ways the Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse conquers the competition28 September 2018
Dying Light: Bad Blood player counts haven’t started strong27 September 2018
FIFA 19 ratings: the 100 best FIFA 19 players to net you footballing glory27 September 2018
Despite Fortnite, Fallout 76 still won’t have cross-play at launch27 September 2018
Ron Perlman tells us once again that “war never changes” in the Fallout 76 intro27 September 2018
GOG will get built-in mod support - “it's just matter of how soon”27 September 2018
Sorry, Fortnite boob physics will get patched out27 September 2018
Fortnite skin leaks reveal Oktoberfest and Amelia Earhart looks27 September 2018
Sea of Thieves now has exploding volcanoes that can kill you with fire27 September 2018
WildStar players will get refunded before it shuts down27 September 2018
The Windows 10 ray tracing update could drop October 9, delivering Nvidia RTX support27 September 2018
Juggernog might be getting cut from Black Ops 4 Zombies27 September 2018
Oculus moves away from PC VR with the Quest, but "would not rule out" a Rift Pro27 September 2018
The Fallout 76 beta is out next month27 September 2018
Total War: Three Kingdoms arrives in March, Early Adopter bonus now available27 September 2018
Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is more than a card game - it's an RPG for diehard fans27 September 2018
AMD drivers - Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey faster on Vega and Polaris with 18.9.327 September 2018
Fortnite Season 6 adds music tracks to the Battle Pass27 September 2018
Oculus Quest VR headset coming Spring 2019 for $399 - but it isn't for PC gamers27 September 2018
Here are Fortnite Season 6's Hunting Party and Calamity Challenges27 September 2018
Fortnite Season 6 map changes add a swirling vortex and a haunted castle27 September 2018
Fortnite season 6 is live right now27 September 2018
AMD Arcturus might be the next-gen GPU following Navi27 September 2018
Free games: Race across America in The Crew 2 free weekend27 September 2018
Fortnite patch notes 6.0: all the latest details on the next update27 September 2018
Fortnite season 6 release date: battle pass, theme, map, and all the latest details27 September 2018
Overwatch heroes burning to death sound surprisingly horny26 September 2018
Destiny 2 Shattered Throne guide - how to beat the Forsaken dungeon26 September 2018
In the wake of full cross-play, you’ll soon be able to merge Fortnite accounts26 September 2018
World of Warcraft Classic demo comes with the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket26 September 2018
Generation Zero beta starts in October, but you have to sign up soon26 September 2018
Intel i9 release date... 8-core CPU specs and news26 September 2018
FIFA 19 The Journey endings: all endings explained for Alex, Danny, and Kim26 September 2018
Cultist Simulator uses narrative to stick out in a golden age of digital card games26 September 2018
Rogue Windows auto-update leaves one Norwegian patient bØrked for an hour26 September 2018
Fortnite pets are coming according to season 6 leak26 September 2018
Fortnite’s final season 6 teaser unleashes a toothy werewolf26 September 2018
Assassin's Creed gender choice likely here to stay - "I don't know why we would go back"26 September 2018
Grab a free Zebra mount for new MOBA battle royale game Battlerite Royale!26 September 2018
Mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One means it's one step closer to being a PC26 September 2018
China’s new 8-core KaiXian x86 CPU is capable of matching Intel's 14nm Core i526 September 2018
You can now play against Fortnite players on PS4 and Xbox at the same time26 September 2018
Intel's 16-thread Core i9 9900K listed for nearly $500 pre-order at Silicon Lottery26 September 2018
Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season has been pulled from shops26 September 2018
Rainbow Six Siege TTS patch signals end for window shield glitch26 September 2018
Dirt Rally 2 will launch with six locations and multi-car pile ups26 September 2018
Console gamepads are 36 times more popular on PC than Steam Controllers26 September 2018
Life is Strange 2 - Episode 1 review26 September 2018
Total War: Warhammer 2’s new DLC will be revealed next week25 September 2018
Telltale plans to finish The Walking Dead as a former employee files a class action lawsuit25 September 2018
World of Warcraft subscribers are at a four-year high25 September 2018
The Overwatch World Cup can be more than a stepping stone to the OWL25 September 2018
The US Army turns to esport fans after missing its recruitment goal25 September 2018
League of Legends revenue tumbles 21% in a year25 September 2018
Warframe's Chroma Prime is live now, here's how to get it25 September 2018
Forza Horizon 4 review scores - our round-up of all the critics25 September 2018
Forza Horizon 4 beginner's guide25 September 2018
AMD expected to hold 30% of the CPU market by the end of the year25 September 2018
Total War: Rome 2's female general controversy is fake25 September 2018
The HTC Vive Wireless Adapter is now on sale for $300... or $360 if you own a Vive Pro25 September 2018
Fortnite: search between a covered bridge, waterfall, and the 9th green location25 September 2018
People think halflings are Total War: Warhammer 2's next race and here's why25 September 2018
Forza Horizon 4 PC review25 September 2018
Devil May Cry 5's Red Orb upgrades will be balanced just like "all the other DMCs"25 September 2018
Telltale’s The Walking Dead was almost a Left 4 Dead game24 September 2018
Ex-Telltale dev shares that time The Walking Dead’s Lee became a giant monster24 September 2018
Rainbow Six Siege Year 1 operators are 30% off for the next five months24 September 2018
Leaked footage for Telltale’s Stranger Things surfaces24 September 2018
League of Legends’ Ezreal rework is officially revealed24 September 2018
PC gaming hardware prices rising today as Trump’s tariffs come into effect.. and it’s going to get worse24 September 2018
Managing The Culling community - "they felt they had no choice but to be toxic"24 September 2018
Dying Light 2 screenshots show how different factions use an abandoned pool24 September 2018
AMD may finally be prepping a Radeon RX 590 graphics card24 September 2018
League of Legends is getting a Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger skin24 September 2018
First loot boxes, now currency - Belgian Guild Wars 2 players can't buy Gems24 September 2018
Making it in Unreal: toy trains replace rollercoasters in Tracks24 September 2018
New games: Aquamarine revives ‘70s comic art in a sci-fi adventure23 September 2018
Here are the eight qualifying teams for BlizzCon's Overwatch World Cup Finals23 September 2018
The Culling developer: "I don’t think battle royale gets big without streamers"23 September 2018
Vampyr's story-first difficulty mode comes out this week23 September 2018
Overwatch PTR has disabled Reinhardt, but added new visual effects for shields23 September 2018
These Battlefield birds are returning to their home planet23 September 2018
Game Workers Unite blasts Telltale over surprise layoffs23 September 2018
New Death Stranding trailer features Troy Baker as a masked menace23 September 2018
New games: Parkasaurus is a googly-eyed look back in time22 September 2018
Destiny 2’s new raid includes an Easter egg from Halo 222 September 2018
The UK’s Overwatch World Cup team say 'It's coming home'22 September 2018
Phoenix Wright will debut on PC in 201922 September 2018
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice reveals new boss fight gameplay of the Corrupted Monk22 September 2018
The Culling developer: ‘They used to ask if you worked on Call of Duty, now they ask if you worked on Fortnite’22 September 2018
Telltale Games officially confirms shutdown, Netflix series will continue22 September 2018
Fortnite’s revamped audio cues will tell you if footsteps are above or below you22 September 2018
RuneScape devs say payment info is safe after an employee allegedly stole player gold21 September 2018
Overwatch’s Torbjorn rework removes salvage, armour packs, and turret upgrades21 September 2018
Ninjas in Pyjamas signs WTSG roster for PUBG21 September 2018
H1Z1 will become Z1 Battle Royale under a “re-formed dev team”21 September 2018
What happened to The Culling 2 - “Whatever chance it had to flourish, we smothered”21 September 2018
Steam charts: most popular games, 15-21 September, 201821 September 2018
Assetto Corsa Competizione is a more refined racing sim, one that's aiming for perfection21 September 2018
Planes can actually take off in Battlefield 521 September 2018
Win the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire soundtrack on vinyl - worth $40!21 September 2018
Fortnite Season 6 has been delayed21 September 2018
The second best-selling game on Steam isn't available in English21 September 2018
How to start your farm in RuneScape21 September 2018
League of Legends patch 8.19: Championship Kha'Zix and the Worlds Patch21 September 2018
Region locking is now live on PUBG's test servers21 September 2018
A Diablo cartoon is "in final talks" at Netflix21 September 2018
Shadow of the Tomb Raider ending explained, plus original and alternative post-credits scene21 September 2018
Dante’s Devil May Cry 5 battle theme has been taken down following allegations of sexual misconduct21 September 2018
Rockstar didn't rule out Red Dead Redemption 2 PC version in new interview21 September 2018
Michael B. Jordan will star in a Rainbow Six movie21 September 2018
Destiny 2's One Thousand Voices Exotic kills two PvP opponents in one shot20 September 2018
Devil May Cry 5 is selling its live action cutscenes as DLC20 September 2018
Red Dead Redemption 2’s horse testicles shrink in the cold20 September 2018
The making of Pyke - a new breed of League of Legends champion20 September 2018
Fortnite Close Encounters LTM is back with fuel-efficient jetpacks20 September 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for new SNES-style action-RPG CrossCode!20 September 2018
Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti has smashed 3DMark records with an almost 1GHz overclock20 September 2018
Fortnite: Save the World is fantastic - but everyone's playing it wrong20 September 2018
League of Legends' latest mascot is a giant, talking cabbage roll20 September 2018
The full WoW interview - winning fans over with Battle for Azeroth20 September 2018
DayZ gets server hosting, for better modding and more customisation20 September 2018
Battle for Azeroth's first Mythic raid has been cleared after nine days20 September 2018
Ranked play and map picks are coming to PUBG20 September 2018
Valve is about to moderate Steam comments20 September 2018
THQ Nordic’s path of IP necromancy continues with Alone in the Dark and Act of War20 September 2018
Rainbow Six Siege Pro League skins for Vigil and more are here19 September 2018
Minecraft is still bigger than Fortnite on YouTube19 September 2018
Fortnite’s cube made its last stop - now Loot Lake is purple and bouncy19 September 2018
“I can definitely say that Halo Infinite will not include real-money loot boxes”19 September 2018
Tick rate for the Black Ops 4 Blackout beta was a lot worse than Fortnite or PUBG19 September 2018
Iron and Grandmaster ranks head to League of Legends, "to kill a meme"19 September 2018
Fortnite's commitment to silliness is why it's the best battle royale19 September 2018
Magic: The Gathering Arena goes into open beta next week19 September 2018
Divinity: Original Sin II is finished - what comes next?19 September 2018
World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth review19 September 2018
Fortnite's cube just destroyed a building that took 4 months to rebuild19 September 2018
Vermintide 2 gets to the heart of what made the Warhammer books brilliant19 September 2018
Tomb Raider's voice actor doesn't know if she'll play Lara Croft again19 September 2018
PUBG could be coming to PS4, prompting questions about cross-play19 September 2018
BioShock's director has apologised for that naked final boss fight19 September 2018
Encased is a classic Fallout-style RPG from former Divinity developers19 September 2018
Here’s how Black Ops 4’s competitive Zombie Rush mode works18 September 2018
Looks like Rainbow Six Siege is getting a Halloween event with a ghostly House18 September 2018
Hearthstone's tournament mode is “on hold”18 September 2018
158 employees affected as Capcom shuts down Dead Rising studio18 September 2018
Scum sells a million in less than three weeks18 September 2018
Steam and Uplay are both getting fined in France for bad refund policies18 September 2018
Overwatch’s Brigitte just got even more OP with this jump trick18 September 2018
Guild Wars 2's next episode focuses on small stories over big challenges18 September 2018
Win a free League of Legends emote in our Odyssey giveaway!18 September 2018
Ducky One 2 Horizon gaming keyboard review: it'll be just this and the cockroaches left at the end...18 September 2018
Eve Online's senior vice president is now running a UK studio for World of Warships' developer18 September 2018
World of Warships gets submarines and giant sea monsters for Halloween18 September 2018
Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales will release next month18 September 2018
New Fortnite skins leaked - hideous clowns are coming to the Item Shop18 September 2018
Gigabyte and Asus can't manufacture enough AMD motherboards to meet massive Chinese demand18 September 2018
Death by basketball: the ultimate disgrace in Call of Duty's Blackout mode18 September 2018
Avenged Sevenfold channel Soundgarden on their latest COD Zombies tie-in18 September 2018
Nvidia’s RTX 2070 is "about the entry price for a good ray traced experience"18 September 2018
Fortnite's Port-a-Fortress offers bigger, better protection18 September 2018
Fortnite patch notes 5.41: new Port-a-Fortress item arriving before season 618 September 2018
Throw a portable deathtrap with Fortnite's new Spiky Stadium18 September 2018
Here's how to get Sleeper Simulant in Destiny 218 September 2018
Redfall appears in trademark listings - and Elder Scrolls fans think it's a clue to TES617 September 2018
Brian Fargo wants to bring back Interplay - if you buy The Bard’s Tale 417 September 2018
Australian committee declares loot boxes are a “way of exploiting gambling disorders”17 September 2018
Steam's first "100% uncensored" adult game won't be sold in 28 countries17 September 2018
Rainbow Six Siege gets tougher penalties for team killing this week17 September 2018
The Call of Duty Blackout PC beta is extended, and now supports 100 players17 September 2018
The “less sexualized” Dead or Alive 6 comes with boob mouse pads in Japan17 September 2018
Nvidia is binning RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti GPUs and selling the best to AIBs17 September 2018
Free games: Win access to War Thunder's Naval Battles beta, with a free decal!17 September 2018
Shadow of the Tomb Raider sales are down 70% on the reboot - in stores17 September 2018
Blue (and spiky) is in this autumn as Sonic electrifies London Fashion Week17 September 2018
The Nvidia RTX 2080's NVLink is not SLI... it’s a “bigger, badder link”17 September 2018
AMD details high-performance Ryzen 7 2800H and Ryzen 5 2600H mobile APUs17 September 2018
Making it in Unreal: inside the Italian studio flying Close to the Sun17 September 2018
Overwatch players got permanent bans last week - for using Linux17 September 2018
Nvidia's RTX 2080 Ti release date, hands-on preview, and unboxing17 September 2018
New games: Take the long way home in Shortest Trip to Earth16 September 2018
Life is Strange studio has 'lots of ideas' for what happens after Season Two16 September 2018
Let it Die launches on PC next week16 September 2018
New Vegas’ character creator now works in this Fallout 4 mod project16 September 2018
See Destiny 2’s new Unbridled Enthusiasm emote, straight from the source16 September 2018
Yugi Muto from Yu-Gi-Oh! joins the Jump Force lineup16 September 2018
New games: Executive Assault 2 blends first-person shooting and RTS at a massive scale15 September 2018
Battlefield V level designers say they're still making big maps15 September 2018
Beat Destiny 2’s new Last Wish raid this weekend to wear this real-life jacket15 September 2018
Return of the Obra Dinn is due out this fall from the creator of Papers, Please15 September 2018
Warframe’s Fortuna open world will include sprawling bases to seamlessly raid15 September 2018
Katamari Damacy remaster is coming to PC this year15 September 2018
The road to Intel’s 2020 GPU is being paved by Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards15 September 2018
Destiny 2’s new Last Wish raid completed in under 19 hours, breaking Vault of Glass's record15 September 2018
Monster Hunter: World guide15 September 2018
Free games: Get DRM-free copies of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Limbo, and more15 September 2018
Sexual harassment in Overwatch could become illegal in South Korea14 September 2018
Warframe Fortuna has hoverboard races and a new faction to give you custom deck art14 September 2018
Papa Jeff says smurfing isn't cheating in Overwatch14 September 2018
Shadow of the Tomb Raider PC performance review14 September 2018
Intel CPU shortage "worsening" as the year goes on14 September 2018
Blizzard is "brainstorming solutions" for cross-platform Overwatch profiles14 September 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for explosive cars and cards hybrid Vroom Kaboom!14 September 2018
Steam charts: most popular games, 8-14 September, 201814 September 2018
Democracy 4 is happening, as "quite a lot has happened in global politics" since 201314 September 2018
Nvidia’s RTX Founder’s Edition - “we heard the negative feedback and we’re trying to do better”14 September 2018
Until Dawn creator makes horror even more social with The Dark Pictures Anthology14 September 2018
Chicken Trooper is taking the Fortnite community by storm14 September 2018
How to adapt your Fortnite tactics for Save the World14 September 2018
Bethesda wants Fallout 76 to last "forever"14 September 2018
Immortal: Unchained is a dark sci-fi Souls-like where you shoot glowing undead14 September 2018
Nvidia's AI-powered DLSS support grows to 25 games for RTX graphics cards14 September 2018
Frostpunk's Fall of Winterhome expansion arrives next week - and it's free14 September 2018
Assassin's Creed 3's director would fix the game using pig butchery (and boats)14 September 2018
How the UK's potholes and hedgerows shake up Forza Horizon 4's open world14 September 2018
Old School RuneScape's soundtrack is coming to vinyl14 September 2018
Porn game portal Nutaku is now one of the top 500 websites in the world14 September 2018
Black Ops 4 never had a campaign “as people usually refer to it”13 September 2018
The Culling’s free-to-play relaunch starts tomorrow13 September 2018
“Absolutely we’re making a Wolfenstein 3,” Pete Hines says13 September 2018
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will have a Discovery Tour13 September 2018
The Assassin's Creed Odyssey season pass takes you to Atlantis13 September 2018
London Spitfire CEO Jack Etienne is now a WWE Champion13 September 2018
Frozen Synapse 2 strips tactical gameplay of RNG and demands you prove yourself13 September 2018
Dying Light: Bad Blood brings small-scale "brutal royale" to early access today13 September 2018
Sky Sports will broadcast next week's CS:GO London Major13 September 2018
Nutaku and the challenge of making erotic games for everyone13 September 2018
Free games: Win a Steam key for old-school bombastic SWAT game Door Kickers: Action Squad!13 September 2018
Scum's map could be set to quadruple in size13 September 2018
AMD "to be an early adopter of PCIe 4.0” boosting Navi GPUs and Zen 2 CPUs13 September 2018
Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s photo mode lets you put a creepy smile on Lara’s face13 September 2018
Shadow of the Tomb Raider tips - how to be a real jungle predator13 September 2018
Fortnite week 10 challenges - how to complete the latest Fortnite challenges13 September 2018
Nvidia releases a 16GB RTX 2080 lite to fuel the AI revolution13 September 2018
Looks like Creative Assembly's mystery FPS is set in space13 September 2018
Jurassic World Evolution gets a Challenge mode and shrinks its T-Rexes today13 September 2018
You don't need a BlizzCon ticket to get Demon Hunter Sombra - if you can wait13 September 2018
Forza Horizon 4's new location takes the series to even greater heights13 September 2018
DICE is "dialling back" Battlefield V's character customisation13 September 2018
Riot brings on a former Uber exec for its “culture strike team”13 September 2018
American Truck Simulator heads to Oregon this October12 September 2018
Forza Horizon 4 is getting a James Bond day one car pack12 September 2018
Get pro gamer calibre performance in a next-gen wireless mouse12 September 2018
The Ray Gun is back in Call of Duty Blackout - here's how to get it12 September 2018
Activision-Blizzard hand out free cribs because "the bar is so low" in US healthcare12 September 2018
Halo 5 is still not coming to PC12 September 2018
Tencent's battle royale puts 99 players against violent avalanches12 September 2018
The Forza Horizon 4 demo is out now12 September 2018
The three-time League of Legends world champions will not play at this year's tournament12 September 2018
Alan Wake is coming back... as a TV show12 September 2018
Destiny 2 Forsaken levelling guide - get raid-ready and hit 600 power12 September 2018
A volcano is (probably) about to erupt under Fortnite's Loot Lake12 September 2018
Six years on, Guild Wars 2 is still going strong - what's its secret?12 September 2018
How to deal with your gaming backlog12 September 2018
AMD confirms it’s working with Microsoft on the future of cloud gaming12 September 2018
Graphene breakthrough could push your gaming PC's clock speeds into new territory12 September 2018
PUBG's latest patch adds the MK47 Mutant, Tukshai vehicle, and training mode12 September 2018
Overwatch patch notes v1.28: new Busan map, Hero Gallery filter, Earthshatter fixes12 September 2018
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be like "Force Unleashed without the Mountain Dew qualities"12 September 2018
PUBG update 21: Training Mode, MK47 Mutant assault rifle, Tukshai vehicle12 September 2018
The Witcher showrunner is taking a break from Twitter after Ciri casting rumour12 September 2018
Fortnite Snobby Shores treasure map location revealed12 September 2018
Forza Horizon 4 doesn’t just have a Warthog, it puts Britain on a Halo12 September 2018
Blizzard’s unannounced shooter is likely an original IP11 September 2018
35% of Americans are PC gamers11 September 2018
Streamer Dr DisRespect targeted by two drive-by shootings in two days11 September 2018
Intel denies TSMC CPU outsourcing, relying on its own investment to cope with unexpected 14nm demand11 September 2018
Treyarch just raised the player count for Black Ops 4's Blackout matches11 September 2018
Endless Space 2 gets AI modding and free skins alongside a 67% discount11 September 2018
You can kill the sentry robots in Scum, here's how11 September 2018
AMD will surpass Intel on CPU performance next year, says leading tech analysts11 September 2018
AMD Ryzen 5 2500X and Ryzen 3 2300X CPUs launch without coolers or price tags11 September 2018
League of Legends "most toxic streamer" just shared the official analysts' desk11 September 2018
All Fortnite Stone Heads locations: where to visit different Stone Heads11 September 2018
Fortnite Shifty Shafts treasure map location revealed11 September 2018
Jump Force challenges Dragon Ball FighterZ with hyper-realistic anime11 September 2018
Call of Duty's Blackout won't have lean because it's "BS"11 September 2018
Scum tips: how to craft, kill, and get the best guns - our complete guide11 September 2018
The making of Total War: Warhammer's Hell Pit Abomination11 September 2018
Scum admin commands: the best console inputs and cheats11 September 2018
Cyberpunk 2077's concept art reveals hidden details about its world11 September 2018
Fortnite update 5.4: Suppressed Scar sneaks onto Battle Royale11 September 2018
Nvidia drivers - GeForce fix doubles AMD Threadripper 32-core performance11 September 2018
USA and Canada head to Overwatch World Cup finals11 September 2018
Fortnite addiction contributed to 5% of all UK divorces this year11 September 2018
You can turn off Assassin's Creed Odyssey's quest markers in Exploration mode11 September 2018
Glitched to get Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Apex Predator? You get to keep it11 September 2018
Black Ops 4’s battle royale beta is now the top game on Twitch10 September 2018
PUBG’s million player streak is over10 September 2018
Destiny 2: Forsaken review scores – our round-up of all the critics10 September 2018
EA won't stop selling loot boxes in Belgium, so regulators are going to court10 September 2018
Destiny 2: Forsaken PC review10 September 2018
RuneScape revenue crosses $1 billion as Jagex has its best year ever10 September 2018
Fortnite’s newest weapon is the Suppressed Assault Rifle10 September 2018
League of Legends patch 8.18: Odyssey event and pre-Worlds tweaks10 September 2018
Fortnite Road Trip week 9: find the secret banner near Shifty Shafts10 September 2018
Intel’s 9600K is barely 4% quicker than the 8600K… please don’t try and give us that ‘9th Gen’ bull10 September 2018
Dead or Alive 6 gets a release date, now with less flesh10 September 2018
This Shadow of the Tomb Raider outfit takes Lara back to her PS1 days10 September 2018
SCUM is getting an M16 and many other new guns10 September 2018
AMD is holding back the Ryzen 7 2800X for the 8-core Intel Coffee Lake battle royale10 September 2018
Fortnite and MOBAs clash in Battlerite Royale - and the chaos is delicious10 September 2018
Shadow of the Tomb Raider review scores – our round-up of all the critics10 September 2018
Shadow of the Tomb Raider review10 September 2018
League of Legends is getting a new PvE mode10 September 2018
Call of Duty Black Ops 4 wants to prove its PC dedication with an Asus RoG partnership10 September 2018
PUBG's snow map has been datamined - come check out Dihor Otok10 September 2018
Intel needs TSMC's help to make Coffee Lake CPUs as its 14nm chip supply crumbles10 September 2018
Halo 5 could be coming to PC10 September 2018
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has a ferocious monkey boss - here's a new trailer10 September 2018
You can drive a black cab in Forza Horizon 4 - here's the full car list10 September 2018
StarCraft II is getting a TotalBiscuit commemorative bundle10 September 2018
Making it in Unreal: Moo Moo Move and the ear of Sauron10 September 2018
Jinx stars in a mysterious new League of Legends teaser10 September 2018
New games: CrossCode set to leave Early Access9 September 2018
A new Leisure Suit Larry game is on the way9 September 2018
Disgaea 2 is free to try on Steam today, and on sale if you decide to buy9 September 2018
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw pokes fun at Star Citizen in new trailer9 September 2018
Rocksteady is hiring up for a new triple-A title9 September 2018
6 regions we’d love to visit in The Elder Scrolls Online after Summerset9 September 2018
Immortals axe Dota 2 roster9 September 2018
Method will stream WoW’s latest raid, Uldir8 September 2018
Overwatch League video erases the UK8 September 2018
Divinity: Original Sin 2 studio says they’re working on something new8 September 2018
Destiny 2: Forsaken’s level boost will lock you out of the original story missions8 September 2018
Ciri probably won’t be white in the Netflix Witcher series7 September 2018
Overkill’s The Walking Dead gets a beta next month7 September 2018
Overwatch is cheaper than ever before in the latest Humble Monthly bundle7 September 2018
Steam charts: most popular games, 1-7 September, 20187 September 2018
MSI Optix MPG27CQ review: an RGB gaming monitor that struggles to stand out7 September 2018
Get prepped for Shadow of the Tomb Raider with a 12 minute story recap7 September 2018
Battlefield 5's final War Story tackles Nazi ideology7 September 2018
Next-gen consoles won't compete with future PC graphics... which is a blessing and a curse7 September 2018
Hidden cat statues in Destiny 2: Forsaken are handing out guns7 September 2018
Dying Light: Bad Blood's violent parkour proves it's a "brutal royale"7 September 2018
Six new teams have been confirmed for the 2019 Overwatch League7 September 2018
Battlefield 5's battle royale isn't made by DICE and might not arrive at launch7 September 2018
Star Control: Origins is a brilliant story that can't get off the launch pad7 September 2018
Samsung and SK Hynix halt expansion plans to prevent SSD and memory price drop7 September 2018
You'll be able to play the FIFA 19 demo from next week7 September 2018
Tencent global community manager suspended following allegations of misconduct7 September 2018
Fortnite week 9 challenges – how to complete the latest Fortnite challenges7 September 2018
Forge of Champions concludes with Misfits win7 September 2018
Hitman 1, 2, 3, and 4 could all exist in the same client7 September 2018
Armored Warfare’s Black Sea Incursion continues, bringing along the Israeli tank line6 September 2018
MMO WildStar and developer Carbine Studios are both shutting down6 September 2018
Black Ops 4's Blackout trailer finally shows battle royale gameplay in action6 September 2018
Rainbow Six Siege gets Twitch Prime-exclusive skins6 September 2018
League of Legends gets a partner program for YouTubers and streamers6 September 2018
The Division is free to play this weekend6 September 2018
AMD finally takes on Intel's Pentium chips with a $55 APU6 September 2018
Intel Coffee Lake new CPUs, reviews, benchmarks, and prices6 September 2018
Kingdoms of Amalur finds new life after 6 years of legal drama6 September 2018
Steam now lets you filter "explicit sexual content" out of your searches6 September 2018
Gigabyte Aorus X9 review: too much gaming laptop to handle6 September 2018
Metro Exodus’s combat is transformed by the game’s new day/night cycle6 September 2018
The Surge's new Wild West-themed expansion has robots in cowboy hats6 September 2018
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