October 2013 Archive

Football Manager 2014 release blighted by code activation and region lock issues31 October 2013
RimWorld Kickstarter enters its final hours31 October 2013
Steam Halloween Sale: The PCGamesN Survival Guide31 October 2013
Counter Strike: Global Offensive chickens are less bwark, more boo31 October 2013
Pack two space suits, it’s time to take off in Kerbal Space Program Multiplayer31 October 2013
Rome 2 DLC spills gallons of blood and severs a legion of heads for Halloween 31 October 2013
Nazi Zombie Army 2 now stumbling about Steam31 October 2013
Fjord focus: Ragnar Tørnquist is making a first-person survival horror game31 October 2013
League of Legends champion Nasus' voice to be switched after death of original actor31 October 2013
Command & Conquer “wasn't there yet”, but EA Victory's developer roadmap was “much more promising”31 October 2013
Scream Fortress is alive; “These updates will kill you - GUARANTEED!”31 October 2013
Starbound beta will run in three stages; “it’s really not very far off now”30 October 2013
Oculus Rift coupled with multiple motion capture suits to bring us one step closer to a holodeck30 October 2013
Hawken patch 0.9.6 adds co-op boss mode and a new heat-seeking mech30 October 2013
World of Tanks 8.9 released. Brings 7v7 tank battles to the table30 October 2013
Steam passes 65 million users. That's when the problems began30 October 2013
Prison Architect Halloween Egg is thrilling30 October 2013
Quite a lot of people have decided to play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn30 October 2013
Carbine to reveal mystery Wildstar classes ahead of Winter beta30 October 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts perk system offers "an incredible amount of variety", also sonar30 October 2013
Gone Home will have Oculus Rift support only "if it makes sense"30 October 2013
Typing of the Dead: Overkill PC review30 October 2013
Deadly Premonition PC port locked at 720p, leaves creator "embarrassed"30 October 2013
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 is out tomorrow, reliably pulpy30 October 2013
Neverwinter loosens its belt in preparation for another expansion: Shadowmantle30 October 2013
Runescape gold farming reduced by 81% in a month29 October 2013
The Mandate footage shows tsarist starships start sparring among the stars29 October 2013
The Walking Dead Season 2 teaser trailer reveals little but Steam preorders are now open29 October 2013
Valve Greenlight 100 more games, including GoD Factory and Luminesca29 October 2013
World of Warcraft Battle Chest becomes standard version for new players29 October 2013
Introducing KerbalEdu: a space program for schools29 October 2013
Command & Conquer cancelled and Victory Studios closed: “We are not making the game you want to play"29 October 2013
Steam Halloween sale sees prices slashed to ribbons29 October 2013
Battlefield 4 trailer commemorates release today in places that aren't Europe, Japan, New Zealand, India, etc29 October 2013
Deadly Premonition is out on PC today, and we have ten copies from GOG to give out29 October 2013
Dreaming big at EVE Vegas: Talking space travel with NASA's Les Johnson29 October 2013
Warcraft RTS: Alliance and Horde mod hits 1.0; "I prefer to call it WAH"29 October 2013
Benign Humour: How Surgeon Simulator 2013 accidentally launched a Half-Life 3 ARG29 October 2013
Valve tease Team Fortress 2 Halloween event with big comic, corpse wars and spookiness29 October 2013
Deus Ex: Human Revolution voice actor lost Far Cry 3 lead because “Jensen is so popular”28 October 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts has sprung lots of leaks. Maps, weapons, and game modes revealed28 October 2013
Bundle Stars’ latest has all the simulators you could ever want28 October 2013
Reset footage shows robots solving puzzles in the rain28 October 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Extinction mode video could do with acknowledging its silliness28 October 2013
Democracy 3 PC review28 October 2013
Hearthstone rip-off already in the works. It even steals the game’s music28 October 2013
Chris Roberts and co. hire a fan after witnessing "just gorgeous" Star Citizen video28 October 2013
Battlefield 4 Origin pre-loads now possible in the US and Europe28 October 2013
Trion this for size: Rift is now on Steam28 October 2013
Oculus are "applying insights" from Valve’s new VR prototype to the Rift28 October 2013
So it looks like Call of Duty: Ghosts has one-upped Black Ops' zombies with aliens28 October 2013
Eve Valkyrie corps, market and chat will be shared with Eve Online and Dust 51428 October 2013
Arma 3 ballistics video shows the detail of the bullet physics simulation27 October 2013
Samorost 3 teaser makes the wait till 2015 even harder to bear27 October 2013
Blizzard publish list of World of Warcraft’s connected realms and the next ones due to be joined27 October 2013
Path of Shadows is a stealth game which lets you teleport between shadows to stab guards in the neck27 October 2013
Paradise Lost: First Contact has a plant for a protagonist. An alien plant that eats people. Stealthily27 October 2013
Deep Silver’s approach to piracy: “In a business plan, we typically ignore it.”27 October 2013
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players can now design their own weapon skins for the workshop27 October 2013
Internet Archive brings historic games to your browser27 October 2013
Spotlight on Greenlight: Out of the Park Baseball 1427 October 2013
How to Survive trailer shows that common household items can be turned into a sten gun26 October 2013
Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten brings new empires this November26 October 2013
Minecrafting 1.7: the update that changed the world26 October 2013
Sponsored post: Get Games has got four hefty sales on including 75% off Tomb Raider and XCOM26 October 2013
Worlds of play — How CCP are trying to open more doors into the EVE universe26 October 2013
Alienware accepting trade-ins of old consoles for a new PC25 October 2013
Night in the Woods has a cat with a bat. Fancy that, a cat with a bat.25 October 2013
Super Roman Conquest asks you to command Rome in the face of destruction25 October 2013
F1 2013 DLC brings new ‘90s cars and tracks to the game25 October 2013
Dead Rising 3 trailer gives hope game may be silly after all25 October 2013
Battlefield 4 footage shows what happens when the levee breaks in Flood Zone25 October 2013
Galactic Cafe to remove images in The Stanley Parable that caused offence 25 October 2013
BioShock Infinite DLC ‘Burial at Sea’ Episode 1 available on November 12th25 October 2013
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut launches at a discount for owners of the original25 October 2013
Good for Geralt: sales of The Witcher series reach 6 million25 October 2013
Double XP Event for Battlefield 3, new multiplayer footage of Battlefield 4 surfaces25 October 2013
A first look at Diablo III: Reaper of Souls' new artisan, Myriam the Mystic25 October 2013
7 Days to Die Greenlight page removed from Steam over Killing Floor kerfuffle25 October 2013
Don't Starve: The Screecher has all the scares25 October 2013
Terraria Halloween update gives you invincible mice. And a Pumpkin Moon.25 October 2013
SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow comes with more maps for everyone25 October 2013
Enslaved is now monkeying around on Steam25 October 2013
Project Spark Beta Begins November, Requires Windows 8.125 October 2013
Counter Strike: Global Offensive patch looks out for your eyes25 October 2013
League of Legends preseason 4 changes: making vision more dynamic25 October 2013
The Girl and the Robot offers protective detail in Ico-inspired world24 October 2013
Insane TrackMania map spins in loops, not a crash in sight24 October 2013
Ex Firaxis and Microsoft staff create new studio and 64-bit engine24 October 2013
Star Wars The Old Republic characters could lose their names next month24 October 2013
Candy Box has 1,430,350 unique saves to date, sequel code is free to use by anyone24 October 2013
EVE: The Second Decade box set available for collectors now24 October 2013
F1 2013 PC review — A slight tune-up, not a rebuild24 October 2013
Rift is getting into the Halloween spirit24 October 2013
Ubisoft will keep you waiting for Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs DLC24 October 2013
HBO's Real Sports takes a look at League of Legends24 October 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts system requirements revealed24 October 2013
The finer details of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments24 October 2013
Get your spaceship welder out: Space Engineers launches on Steam Early Access24 October 2013
It's so close I can taste it: start pre-loading Battlefield 4 a day early24 October 2013
Snatch up Path of Exile on Steam24 October 2013
Saints Row 4: Enter the Dominatrix trailer is completely fitting in tone of the game. Has a slow-wanking gimp23 October 2013
DayZ Early Access appears in Steam directory. Dean Hall amazed “how quickly the internet picks up on things”23 October 2013
Alone is a horror game within a horror game within an Oculus Rift23 October 2013
Candy Box 2 launches tomorrow. World scheduled to down tools by tea time23 October 2013
Star Citizen hits $24m adds public transport. Monorail! Monorail! Monorail!23 October 2013
InSomnia is a diesel-punk MMO but you wouldn’t know it from this trailer23 October 2013
Door Kickers alpha 5 brings inventories and infinite missions23 October 2013
Batman Arkham Origins trailer introduces the crook who stole Christmas (from Bruce Wayne)23 October 2013
McDonalds Sweden unveils its new Counter-Strike eSports burger: the McNiP23 October 2013
Scream hello to the shoutcasters of StarCraft II's WCS Global Finals23 October 2013
There are at least 15 Frostbite games in development at EA23 October 2013
Gone Home fills empty house with developers' voices in commentary mode, is 50% off23 October 2013
Total War: Rome II reinforced by three (temporarily) free new playable factions23 October 2013
Dress as your favourite empress-killer in Team Fortress 223 October 2013
Guild Wars 2's Tower of Nightmares will arrive just in time for Halloween22 October 2013
Crusader Kings II: Sons of Abraham expansion brings Holy Orders and the Kingdom of Israel to the party22 October 2013
Star Citizen trailer shows off the Hornet and the power of 4k resolutions. Bloomin’ gorgeous22 October 2013
Titanfall footage shows off vertical combat in Angel City. 14 March release date announced22 October 2013
Minecraft 1.7 release set for this Friday. The game’s world will never be the same again22 October 2013
Octodad: Dadliest Catch footage shows how pre-wedding jitters are worse for cephalopods22 October 2013
Red Baron returns as creator Damon Slye Kickstarts legendary WWI dogfighter22 October 2013
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag launch trailer has broody pirates not yo ho ho pirates22 October 2013
The 10 coolest new features in Windows 8.122 October 2013
Cube World isn't bust, but DDoS attacks were "a very discouraging experience"22 October 2013
King of the Road: Oculus Rift meets its destiny in Euro Truck Simulator 222 October 2013
World of Warcraft glitch exposes ability to scale friends to your level22 October 2013
Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation is a BioShock-inspired FPS, apparently22 October 2013
What the last Driver game can teach us about the next-generation of driving games22 October 2013
EA's next Battlefield: a "high performance" mobile game with possible PC connectivity22 October 2013
Minecraft snapshot 13w43a arrives early, fights fire with cauldrons22 October 2013
Circle of strife: Elder Scrolls Online PvP campaigns bring "a great sense of persistence"22 October 2013
Wasteland 2 beta soon to be “distributed through Steam”21 October 2013
Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut set for Halloween release. It'll be a free update, too21 October 2013
Dark Matter publisher admits it's "not of the standard we would expect" but selling it on Steam anyway21 October 2013
The Stanley Parable sells over 100,000 copies in first week21 October 2013
StarCraft II balances see Terran explosives made less explodey21 October 2013
GTA Online hasn't killed APB Reloaded21 October 2013
X Rebirth: the most ambitious interstellar shenanigans available this side of Christmas21 October 2013
How the Dota 2 community rescued players from arachnophobia21 October 2013
Planetary Annihilation: Early Access review21 October 2013
Google and MinecraftEdu teach quantum physics in qCraft modpack21 October 2013
Blood in the cheeks: Warface lives21 October 2013
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls to be demoed on PC at BlizzCon 201321 October 2013
DICE's Patrick Bach on SteamOS: "If PC wants to be bigger then they need to look at ease of use"21 October 2013
EVE Online comic to be based on player-created stories20 October 2013
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 rising from the grave this Halloween20 October 2013
Oculus Rift retail could be a self-contained Android device20 October 2013
Battlefield 4’s changes are mostly “under the hood” as not to not alienate the fans20 October 2013
Nvidia announces Gamestream, play PC games on TV via Wi-Fi and Shield20 October 2013
Guild Wars 2 bonanza sale slices 40% off asking price20 October 2013
John Carmack on SteamOS “if it were some other random company I would be pseudo-scornful”19 October 2013
Sir, You Are Being Hunted goes all industrial with latest update19 October 2013
John Carmack: “any API, even if you magically made all the API overhead vanish, it doesn’t make that much of a difference”19 October 2013
F1 2013 patch released to Steam. Fixes multiplayer matchmaking and framerate race time advantage19 October 2013
Blizzard wins lawsuit against World of Warcraft bot creator19 October 2013
Explore Reddit in virtual reality with Oculus Rift18 October 2013
Square Enix assembles Final Fantasy Quality Assurance Committee18 October 2013
Rome 2: Total War patch brings new faction, a fix list as long as your spear and Steam Workshop support18 October 2013
GeForce ShadowPlay offers console DVR on PC18 October 2013
Nvidia G-Sync monitors to banish screen tearing18 October 2013
Spacebase DF-9: Early Access review18 October 2013
Batman: Arkham Asylum and City unshackled from GFWL - but you'll lose your saves18 October 2013
GeForce Holiday Bundle looks like a better deal than a new console18 October 2013
Door Kickers alpha review18 October 2013
ArenaNet to introduce floating islands to Guild Wars 2 World vs World via new map18 October 2013
BlizzCon 2013: a schedule and some predictions18 October 2013
Batman: Arkham City players finished the game without fully understanding the combat system18 October 2013
Windows 8.1 mouse lag reportedly renders some PC games "close-to unplayable"18 October 2013
Chubby chars: Elder Scrolls Online character creation system unveiled18 October 2013
Lord of the Rings Online offers 100% XP boost for a month ahead of Helm's Deep18 October 2013
Bioshock 2 and The Bureau studio 2K Marin suffering major layoffs17 October 2013
Dota 2 6.79 patch notes reveal massive game changes17 October 2013
Blizzard’s All-Stars is now Heroes of the Storm17 October 2013
Football Manager 2014 beta now open for pre-orderers17 October 2013
War Thunder strapped microphones to tanks in the name of authenticity 17 October 2013
War of the Vikings introduces new angry classes, also hunts beards17 October 2013
Sci-fi running/building indie Eden Star now available to back on Kickstarter17 October 2013
Oculus Rift powered Private Eye is basically Rear Window: The Game17 October 2013
Creative Assembly on patching Rome II: "We’re achieving in weeks what, on previous projects, took months"17 October 2013
League of Legends e-commerce team: "We don't have our skins priced to maximize profits"17 October 2013
A reminder: Windows 8.1 rolls out today17 October 2013
Hearthstone, then: what do you make of it?17 October 2013
Kerbal Space Program career mode arrives in "one of, if not the largest update we've ever done"17 October 2013
State of Decay about to get keyboard and mouse support, a bit like a PC game might17 October 2013
Thief leaves XP system on the mantelpiece17 October 2013
37 more games Greenlit, including The Fall and Fran Bow16 October 2013
The Mandate puts you in command of a ship, a crew, and an isometric view16 October 2013
Battlefield 4 elevators no longer act as man cannon. Thanks for that, beta testers16 October 2013
Extraction goes into closed beta. I’m semantically confused16 October 2013
Rocksmith 2014 tracklist announced. 55 songs to pluck away at16 October 2013
Contrast trailer shows off sultry jazz soundtrack16 October 2013
Demonstration of power: Lego Marvel Super Heroes demo graces PC16 October 2013
World of Warcraft basic edition now includes Cataclysm16 October 2013
Football Manager 2014 match engine looks a bit like the telly16 October 2013
Why Ubisoft's investor call this morning was heartening16 October 2013
Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Rayman Legends didn't sell as well as Ubisoft would've liked16 October 2013
The Crew delayed till mid-2014, is a racer you should care about16 October 2013
DICE aren't "cocky" about Star Wars: Battlefront; "You can only screw up, right?"16 October 2013
The Long Dark gains the voice of Solid Snake: David Hayter15 October 2013
League of Legends’ Team Builder lets you select a role and be matched with other players15 October 2013
Double Fine let you build your own space station in Spacebase DF-915 October 2013
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut video shows new takedowns and better graphics15 October 2013
Galactic Civilizations III announced by way of a birthday present15 October 2013
Watch Dogs delayed till 2014 so as to “not compromise on quality”15 October 2013
The secret dice rolls of XCOM: Enemy Within. How Firaxis fudge the numbers15 October 2013
Atomic Green Lantern joins Infinite Crisis closed beta line-up15 October 2013
Magicka: Wizard Wars lights up Steam Early Access15 October 2013
Dishonored co-creative director "hopeful" for future of complex, PC-like multiplatform games15 October 2013
Guild Wars 2's Blood and Madness patch skill changes explained15 October 2013
Dragon's Prophet: Everything We Know15 October 2013
Don your murdermug: Crytek’s Warface goes live in Europe on October 2115 October 2013
Steam in-home streaming trappings added in beta15 October 2013
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag trailer makes the case for its boozy new protagonist15 October 2013
Quick, go pro: League of Legends' 2014 Spring Promotion Qualifiers in sight15 October 2013
Strider trailer shows ninjas doing what ninjas do best: fight robots14 October 2013
Project CARS’ latest trailer is achingly good looking14 October 2013
Black Gold Online beta on course for early 2014. Fly steampunk airships and shoot your friends14 October 2013
Waves: Arena Tactics promises more twin-stick shootery for the masses14 October 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts’ new ad shows some of the real life griefing to expect from your loved ones14 October 2013
League of Legends Champion Review: Jinx, the Loose Cannon14 October 2013
castAR aims to bring holo-games to your living room14 October 2013
Minecraft snapshot 13w41b turns carpet flammable14 October 2013
Guild Wars 2 Halloween update trailered ahead of tomorrow's Blood and Madness14 October 2013
The Wolf Among Us: Faith PC review14 October 2013
Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC owners to get Director's Cut discount14 October 2013
League of Legends: Supremacy - is this Riot's prototype Hearthstone competitor?14 October 2013
The Long Dark hits Kickstarter targets, finds new horizons14 October 2013
The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 briefly delayed on Mac14 October 2013
Raindrop is Stalker, Dear Esther, and despair rolled into one13 October 2013
Assassin’s Creed 4 game director sets sights on Ancient Egypt13 October 2013
Activision Blizzard become independent as they complete $8.2bn buyback13 October 2013
DICE “strongly want to get into Linux”13 October 2013
Star Citizen video shows off ship modification13 October 2013
Natural Selection 2 World Championship calls on community to fund competitors’ travel13 October 2013
Teleglitch Guns and Tunes DLC provides more guns to fight off the evil12 October 2013
Towerfall release slips to 2014 but now coming with level editor12 October 2013
Steam Controller video shows how it can manage Civilization V easily12 October 2013
Star Citizen offers $30,000 to modders who can create The Next Great Starship12 October 2013
Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior arms you with mop and bucket to take on bloody stains with a vengeance12 October 2013
Arma 3 campaign will report for duty October 31st12 October 2013
SOMA is a proper Amnesia follow-up: no cutscenes, no combat, just cold-blooded terror12 October 2013
StarCraft II legend Lee ‘MarineKing’ Jung leaves for League of Legends12 October 2013
Total War: Rome II is patched for a fourth time, starts to look like a lecturer’s jacket12 October 2013
Business as GPUsual: Steam Machines won’t be Nvidia-exclusive12 October 2013
Dogs of war: Space Wolves come to Space Hulk in space expansion12 October 2013
Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers remake landing 201412 October 2013
Elite: Dangerous will beam into your eyes via Oculus Rift12 October 2013
Saints Row 4 pilfers expansion DLC from Saints Row 312 October 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts now accepting clan registrations12 October 2013
Changing lanes: Infinite Crisis has finite buildings and environmental destruction11 October 2013
Riot confirm duplicate champion mode for League of Legends11 October 2013
We've got a load of Hearthstone beta keys and PLEASE NO RUNNING - UPDATE: they're all gone10 October 2013
The PC market isn't declining quite as badly as everyone expected10 October 2013
Oculus to host conference on the future of VR10 October 2013
Tomb Raider to crash-land on Mac by Christmas10 October 2013
Farming Simulator 2013: Titanium launch trailer lens flares a sheep9 October 2013
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West looks to be coming to PC9 October 2013
The Wolf Among Us launch trailer marks start of a whole new moral quandary9 October 2013
XCOM: Enemy Within trailer shows off smartly dressed terrorists getting all up in XCOM’s nethers9 October 2013
Far Cry 4 name dropped by Drive’s composer9 October 2013
Why do publishers delay the PC version of their games?9 October 2013
League of Legends Jinx Champion Spotlight reveals Riot's new deranged marksman9 October 2013
Heroes of Newerth has a new motherflipping announcer. It’s motherflipping Samuel L motherflipping Jackson, motherflipper9 October 2013
Thief trailer is clock towers and tumbler locks and tumbling scenery9 October 2013
Vote in the Golden Joysticks and get a free PC game courtesy of Green Man Gaming9 October 2013
Creative Assembly "confident" that Total War: Rome II SteamOS port is possible9 October 2013
Hands on with Thief, also Garrett lives in a clock now9 October 2013
Hands on with XCOM: Enemy Within, an expansion with nice trousers9 October 2013
The 6 Types of eSports Fans9 October 2013
Battlefield 4 beta now boasts "frantic and high paced" Obliteration mode9 October 2013
Carmack: AMD's claims for the Mantle API are "credible"9 October 2013
Guild Wars 2 Halloween update brings Blood and Madness to Tyria from Tuesday9 October 2013
Star Wars: The Old Republic Galactic Starfighter expansion removes rails from space combat9 October 2013
Spy Party video shows new art style. Shoot sims with a sniper rifle8 October 2013
Wizard Wars preorders begin. The madness of free-to-play Magicka draws near8 October 2013
Warface has female models but they’re wearing far from adequate battlefield attire8 October 2013
Dungeon Defenders II no longer a MOBA. You’ll be defending dungeons instead8 October 2013
Square Enix Collective is a cross between Steam Greenlight and Indiegogo8 October 2013
Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag: Freedom Cry DLC trailered before game’s been released8 October 2013
Watch Dogs PC system requirements reappear in more intimidating form8 October 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts to provide "best online performance possible", regardless of location8 October 2013
BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea's first five minutes are here to watch, if you like8 October 2013
Here are three static images of Wargame: Red Dragon's hypothetical '80s Korean conflict8 October 2013
Tamriel-time strategy: Elder Scrolls Online PvP mysteries unravelled8 October 2013
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut trailered and dated8 October 2013
Battlefield 4 single player campaign will let players "feel smart" in their approach8 October 2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts system requirements8 October 2013
Soundodger+ is glorious minimalist music-based bullet hell7 October 2013
SOMA teaser has a machine suffering from existential angst7 October 2013
Quadrilateral Cowboy trailer has more multilinear subspace coprocessors than you can shake a stick at7 October 2013
Shovel Knight trailer breaks new ground for 8-bit platforming7 October 2013
The Stanley Parable is “content complete”7 October 2013
The Long Dark footage shows wolves and fire don’t mix. In a good way7 October 2013
Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition trailer tempts a return to Dunwall7 October 2013
Valve bring Saxxy back for third year of TF2 video contest7 October 2013
Titanfall demoed for over 10 minutes, still not nearly enough7 October 2013
Space Hulk bulks up with free single player campaign for Windows and Mac7 October 2013
PS4 controller's "basic functions" will be PC-friendly by default7 October 2013
Homefront 2 resurfaces in murky screenshots7 October 2013
SimCity Central Train Station is a "proof-of-concept" mod designed to herald a wave of custom buildings7 October 2013
We cocked up: the Half-Life 3 trademark was a hoax7 October 2013
Path of Exile returns to the mainland for October 23 release7 October 2013
Battlefield 4: Everything We Know6 October 2013
I saw the future of eSports this weekend: it was the League of Legends World Championship6 October 2013
Why SKT Telecom T1 is the best League of Legends team in the world6 October 2013
Planetside 2 optimisations bring up to “30% increase in framerate.” Aiming for 23 October release5 October 2013
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community map packs “having a real impact on our lives,” says designer5 October 2013
Survarium video shows it’s the prettiest game at the apocalyptic wasteland ball5 October 2013
Godus Alpha updated so there’s “much less meaningless clicking”5 October 2013
Creative Assembly GM Tim Heaton ran Relic following SEGA takeover5 October 2013
Terraria 2 is in development and we’ve not seen the end of Terraria 1 updates. Oh, happy day5 October 2013
One year of Greenlight: toward a better future5 October 2013
Credit where it is due: the WCS5 October 2013
Hawken’s devs on consequential level design and pushing the limitations of technology for Last Eco4 October 2013
Valve announce Steam Machine prototype specs4 October 2013
Knock Knock arrives to ruin your sanity4 October 2013
Hands on with How To Survive, a zombie game that is about killing zombies4 October 2013
Farming Simulator 2013 seizes the American Dream in hard-core Titanium expansion4 October 2013
Light is stuck in the shadows of Kickstarter4 October 2013
Maxis "exploring the possibility" of a SimCity offline mode, but "will not be providing bigger city sizes"4 October 2013
Eliza-myth: Irrational tease BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea DLC4 October 2013
Total War: Rome II "not difficult at all" to adapt for Steam Controller; "We could get something within an hour"4 October 2013
Battlefield 4 PC beta now open to everyone and their mums4 October 2013
BioShock 2 leaps from burning GFWL to safety on Steam, gains Big Picture mode support4 October 2013
Assassin's Creed: Heritage Collection is all of them in one place4 October 2013
DICE "should be slapped" for Battlefield 3's unlock system, says creative director4 October 2013
One year of Greenlight: the problems3 October 2013
Take On Mars upgrades with new Deimos content3 October 2013
Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition emerging from the dungeon November 15th3 October 2013
Middle of Nowhere wants to take you to a nostalgic place via Kickstarter3 October 2013
Smite is blessed with new god Mercury, the speediest of the deities3 October 2013
Warlock 2: The Exiled will be summoning some spelltacular battles next year3 October 2013
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Review: a redemption3 October 2013
Assassin's Creed IV PC system requirements3 October 2013
World of Warplanes tutorial trailer aids in fancy-pants aerobatics3 October 2013
Why I'm returning to The Secret World3 October 2013
Watch Dogs PC system requirements3 October 2013
Sniper Elite 3 unveiled: Rebellion's "sandbox" sequel trailered with jeep murder3 October 2013
Silent Hunter Online PC review3 October 2013
Riot big up League of Legends Season 3 final with appropriate anime pomp3 October 2013
Gun Monkeys — limitless jet packs, nukes, armless chimps, and other reasons you need to play3 October 2013
PlayStation want to poach PC indies for PS4 development3 October 2013
There will be another Bad Company game3 October 2013
Mojang has a new vice president with a familiar face3 October 2013
City of Titans kickstarter hopes to build successor to City of Heroes2 October 2013
Defense Grid 2 eyes-on: it will consume you2 October 2013
MLG announce plans for another North American Dota 2 league2 October 2013
Double Fine entered its very own “dark ages” after Brutal Legend sequel was cancelled2 October 2013
Ace of Spades update adds map editor and Steam Workshop integration2 October 2013
Race the Sun Greenlit along with 31 others. Spells joy for struggling developers.2 October 2013
Tom Clancy passes away at age 66. Ubisoft “humbled by the opportunity to carry on part of his legacy”2 October 2013
Prison Architect update brings dogs that can sniff out drugs, dig up tunnels, and maul escapees2 October 2013
One year of Steam Greenlight: the success stories2 October 2013
Deus Ex: Universe announced: Eidos Montreal are working on a proper PC sequel2 October 2013
ARTS and StarCrafts: Universum: War Front does strategy from the ground up2 October 2013
Football Manager 2014 Steam Workshop functionality allows for custom league trades2 October 2013
Battlefield 4 PC beta scuppered by freezes and crashes for some2 October 2013
Call of Duty "not a representation of what the military do"; "We're just trying to make a fun movie"2 October 2013
Star Wars: The Old Republic's new Operation boss is currently unbeatable2 October 2013
Riot focus their Champion Spotlight on Garen, the Might of Demacia2 October 2013
Warcraft movie dated for a Christmas in the not too distant future2 October 2013
Terraria 1.2 update released and, girl, it’s a big one1 October 2013
Star Wars: The Old Republic patch 2.4 brings The Dread War to the galaxy1 October 2013
EverQuest 2 Heroic Characters let you start the game at level 85... for a price1 October 2013
Cosmic Star Heroine Kickstarter is a go. Get your finely crated 16-bit RPG here1 October 2013
Space Engineers’ video knows what its audience wants: big spaceships smashing into one another1 October 2013
One year of Steam Greenlight: the story so far1 October 2013
Half-Life 3 trademarked by Valve1 October 2013
Hearthstone’s first major patch revamps crafting and gold rewards have gone right up1 October 2013
Frictional's Amnesia follow-up is called SOMA - and that's about all we know1 October 2013
Total War: Rome II patch 3 improves the business of conquest in 140 small ways1 October 2013
Mighty Tactical Shooter is a turn-based shmup1 October 2013
War of the Vikings hits Steam Early Access for a spot of light pillaging1 October 2013
League of Legends patch 3.12 fiddles with skillshots, breaks third party apps1 October 2013
Maxis want to talk SimCity mods; "It's difficult to determine what mods cross the line"1 October 2013
Battlefield 4 beta and Battlelog now live for the lucky ones1 October 2013
Snow big deal: Minecraft makes it onto South Park1 October 2013