October 2020 Archive

I paid a witch to make me better at Apex Legends31 October 2020
P.T.'s been remade in Doom, still absolutely terrifying31 October 2020
Someone's built the Stranger Things shopping mall in Minecraft31 October 2020
BuzzFeed's making a comedy film about esports with Ellen Page31 October 2020
Ruined King, the League of Legends single-player RPG, will arrive early 202131 October 2020
The Sims 4 has a free weekend on Steam, sale on DLC31 October 2020
Terra Invicta, from the modders behind XCOM Long War, raises $216k on Kickstarter30 October 2020
Godzilla meets Streets of Rage in Dawn of the Monsters30 October 2020
WoW: Shadowlands pre-sales are "well ahead of any prior expansion"30 October 2020
Our favourite gaming mouse with adjustable weights is currently 17% cheaper30 October 2020
Black Mesa: Definitive Edition is a major revamp of the Half-Life remake, already in beta30 October 2020
The best creepypasta games that will haunt your nightmares30 October 2020
Dota 2 Diretide guide30 October 2020
Teardown is a game about breaking stuff, and it's a hit on Steam Early Access30 October 2020
You can fight Genshin Impact's president in its 1.1 update30 October 2020
Genshin Impact 1.1 release date - everything we know30 October 2020
Skyrim might actually have good combat now with this Sekiro overhaul mod30 October 2020
World of Horror gets more horror in its Halloween update30 October 2020
Which Blade & Soul Astromancer build is right for you?30 October 2020
You can’t run people over with the new Apex Legends vehicle30 October 2020
Clubs are coming to Apex Legends, but they’re capped at 30 members30 October 2020
The LGBT+ characters devs are getting right30 October 2020
Clear your vault - Destiny 2 transmog will pull from Collections30 October 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 boss says crunch is "not that bad", immediately apologises to employees29 October 2020
Sea of Thieves beacons locations - Wild Lights of Plenty challenge29 October 2020
Give your PC a splash of RGB with up to 25% off 32GB Corsair Vengeance Pro RAM29 October 2020
Dota 2's Diretide event returns for the first time in seven years29 October 2020
The Steam Halloween sale is live, with savings on Phasmophobia, GTFO, more29 October 2020
Call of Duty Cold War: "We want the PC version to be the best possible"29 October 2020
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is out in November29 October 2020
Stellaris guide: tips and tricks for beginners29 October 2020
WoW Shadowlands release date and everything we know29 October 2020
Far Cry 6 and Rainbow Six Quarantine delayed29 October 2020
Check out Borderlands 3's new Vault Hunter models and Arms Race gameplay29 October 2020
You can shrink COD: Cold War's install size by uninstalling specific modes at launch29 October 2020
This week's free games from Epic are based on two modern Halloween classics29 October 2020
Next week's free game from Epic is a hard as nails Cold War RTS29 October 2020
Prime Gaming's free games for November are here29 October 2020
EVE Online's World War Bee 2 and the terrifying power of bullshit29 October 2020
Elder Scrolls 6 being an Xbox exclusive is "hard to imagine", says Todd Howard29 October 2020
EVE Online space battle breaks two Guinness world records29 October 2020
This C&C Generals mod brings the action to WW2 - and it’s just got a major update29 October 2020
GTA Online's weekly update introduces a new alien-themed Business Battle29 October 2020
Final Fantasy 16 character details emerge as teaser website launches29 October 2020
"We are appealing this decision," EA says on FUT loot box ruling29 October 2020
Microsoft made a real Xbox Series X fridge (Snoop Dogg for scale)28 October 2020
Path of Exile 3.13 release date delayed due to Cyberpunk 207728 October 2020
Latest Call of Duty patch nerfs Jak-1228 October 2020
Corsair's multiplatform gaming headset is on sale with up to 29% off28 October 2020
The Anthem relaunch may feature all new ways to build your Javelin28 October 2020
AMD's Radeon RX 6000 series offers up an RTX 3090 competitor28 October 2020
Haven is a sci-fi JRPG romance story, and it hits Steam in December28 October 2020
Apex Legends' Season 7 launch trailer shows off new Olympus map28 October 2020
Silent Hill veterans collaborate on World of Tanks' Halloween mode28 October 2020
Sea of Thieves: Fate of the Damned is here, and it looks pretty familiar28 October 2020
Red Bull launches "simplified" League of Legends Worlds stream for newbies28 October 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 is ready for PC but CDPR is still working on current-gen versions28 October 2020
The Sims 4: Snowy Escape is a gooey drop of winter warming goodness28 October 2020
Watch Dogs Legion reviews - our roundup of the critics28 October 2020
Apex Legends Steam release date set for November28 October 2020
Minecraft Steam: how to get the game on Windows 10 PCs28 October 2020
League of Legends group K/DA debuts new music clip - 'More'28 October 2020
No Man's Sky is getting a free graphics update on PC28 October 2020
Riot rolls back Valorant's patch 1.11, calls it a "technical nightmare"28 October 2020
Watch Dogs Legion review - freedom at a cost28 October 2020
Assassin's Creed Valhalla release date and gameplay details28 October 2020
Lockdown magic - how to introduce your household to Magic: The Gathering28 October 2020
98.63% of Baldur's Gate 3 players have had sex27 October 2020
Uplay Plus is now Ubisoft Plus, will add free access to AC Valhalla and more on Stadia27 October 2020
The rivers will run red with blood in Total War Saga: Troy's upcoming Blood Pack27 October 2020
Samsung SSDs are currently up to 34% cheaper27 October 2020
Magic: The Gathering gifting guide - the perfect gifts for you or loved ones27 October 2020
League of Legends patch 10.22 notes - Seraphine! K/DA skins! Preseason changes! Oh my!27 October 2020
Hearthstone's principal narrative designer leaves Blizzard27 October 2020
Watch Dogs Legion release date and all the latest details27 October 2020
Uldren is back as Crow in Destiny 2's Season of the Hunt27 October 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 gets delayed again, now due out December27 October 2020
With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound, Godzilla is coming to Fall Guys27 October 2020
Futwiz now has an official FIFA 21 kit for wear in-game - or around the house27 October 2020
Assassin's Creed is getting live-action, animated, and anime Netflix series27 October 2020
Elite Dangerous: Horizons goes free for all players today27 October 2020
Xbox chief wants to meet demand for first-party games on Steam27 October 2020
Rust's Halloween update is here, with a Trick or Treat event and spooky new items27 October 2020
Age of Empires II: DE gets a battle royale mode and "massive" update next month27 October 2020
Devil May Cry 5's Vergil DLC is out in December27 October 2020
The Sims 4's Snowy Escape DLC has been modified "to respect" Korean players27 October 2020
Vermintide 2 is free to play for a full week, starting now26 October 2020
Paradox is running a paranormal Halloween sale, perfect for strategy ghouls26 October 2020
Get up to $100 off the Gigabyte Aorus FI27Q-P gaming monitor26 October 2020
Grounded saves probably won't get wiped - but you might want to start over anyway26 October 2020
Grounded is trying to kill us with underwater spiders now26 October 2020
Miss the Steam Tabletop Fest? Don't worry, you can still catch all the big talks26 October 2020
America is its own worst enemy in new Advance Wars-style tactics game Möbius Front ‘8326 October 2020
How a Half-Life 2 cyberpunk mod became its own game after 13 years26 October 2020
Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension confirms new map, vehicles, character26 October 2020
Call of Duty Warzone Trick or Treat locations: where to find all 16 Trick or Treat boxes26 October 2020
Play as your favourite Elder Scrolls races with this Baldur's Gate 3 mod26 October 2020
Someone is remaking Zelda: Ocarina of Time in Minecraft26 October 2020
Making it in Unreal: mutilating cursed unicorns in Gori: Cuddly Carnage26 October 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 developer defends "hard decisions" around cutting content26 October 2020
Guillermo Del Toro's Halo movie might have given Master Chief a twin25 October 2020
Phasmophobia outsells Baldur's Gate 3, Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam25 October 2020
Doom's being remade in Minecraft25 October 2020
Fallout: New Vegas director celebrating tenth anniversary with charity livestreams25 October 2020
Among Us devs are fixing those Trump 2020 hacks, but you'll need to be patient25 October 2020
Minecraft meets Halo in free shooter Sector's Edge, coming end of October24 October 2020
Deleting Facebook will delete your Oculus library, unless you have an Oculus ID24 October 2020
Gears 5 tags in Dave Bautista for New Game+, story DLC coming December24 October 2020
Among Us hide-and-seek is the perfect Halloween survival game24 October 2020
Free Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice GOTY update brings gauntlet mode next week24 October 2020
An Assassin's Creed Valhalla manga is on the way, from the creator of Vinland Saga23 October 2020
Deep Rock Galactic's first post-launch content drop arrives with two new missions23 October 2020
Looks like the Ghostbusters are coming to Fortnite23 October 2020
Dwarf Fortress looks like it's going to be a very playable game on Steam23 October 2020
Here's the Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War mode you won't get to play for a year23 October 2020
Vermintide 2's dwarf hero is getting a new career DLC23 October 2020
Our favourite MMO mouse is up to 34% cheaper today23 October 2020
Humble Halloween sale offers spooky discounts on big games23 October 2020
How Dungeons & Dragons helped people keep friendships alive during pandemic lockdowns23 October 2020
This Skyrim thane mod lets you tax your citizens and send them to jail23 October 2020
Urban Strife looks to channel the spirit of Jagged Alliance 2, with zombies23 October 2020
Where to find Witch Shacks in the Fortnite Fortnitemares event23 October 2020
Where is Shadow Midas in Fortnite? Eliminate Shadow Midas at this location23 October 2020
New Microsoft Flight Simulator clip shows us North America in glorious 4K23 October 2020
We know you love PC games - now tell us how much you love esports, too23 October 2020
Teamfight Tactics patch 10.22 notes - Trait reworks; Divine nerfs23 October 2020
Destiny 2: Beyond Light weapon changes include the death of lightweight hand cannons22 October 2020
I created an unbeatable deck in Hearthstone's new Duels mode22 October 2020
Surviving the Aftermath arrives on Steam with a big new update22 October 2020
Epic's having a Halloween sale, here are some of the best deals22 October 2020
Rainbow Six Siege and AC Odyssey rewards are "temporarily unavailable" - for a full week22 October 2020
Improve your microphone quality with up to 45% off the Audio-Technica AT2020USB+22 October 2020
Crusader Kings 3 is getting character customisation soon, it seems22 October 2020
Immortals Fenyx Rising free demo is live - for seven days, and only on Stadia22 October 2020
Apex Legends Fight or Fright: release time, skins, everything we know so far22 October 2020
The Civilization 6 October 2020 patch is now live22 October 2020
Apex Legends Season 7 brings buffs for Mirage22 October 2020
Mortal Shell is really going all-out for Halloween22 October 2020
Immortals Fenyx Rising lets you punch the Minotaur in the chops22 October 2020
This week's free games from the Epic Store go full Halloween22 October 2020
"Anything's possible" as the Old Gods crash Darkmoon in Hearthstone22 October 2020
Hearthstone's new Duels mode is a PvP dungeon run22 October 2020
COD: Modern Warfare dev "was waiting for someone to find" exploding scarecrows22 October 2020
GTA Online's weekly update brings Halloween content, extra Adversary Mode rewards, more22 October 2020
Stellaris 2.8 ‘Butler’ patch notes - everything you need to know!22 October 2020
Safe in Our World launches 1st Anniversary Bundle with RiME, GRIS, and more22 October 2020
This spooky, snowy CS:GO map is ideal for Wingman mode22 October 2020
Fantasy co-op RTS DwarfHeim is now in Steam Early Access22 October 2020
Dungeons & Dragons gifting guide - the perfect gifts for you or loved ones22 October 2020
Nvidia's RTX 3080 20GB has been cancelled, apparently22 October 2020
GTFO now has matchmaking and "layered difficulty"22 October 2020
Call of Duty – Cold War streamer hits a jumpshot no-scope using a ruddy drum kit22 October 2020
The Legion Games announces #PauseYourGame22 October 2020
Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is getting Nvidia DLSS21 October 2020
Minecraft Java Edition will soon require a Microsoft account21 October 2020
Darkest Dungeon 2 early access coming to Epic in 202121 October 2020
Uplay is dead, as of Watch Dogs Legion - replaced by Ubisoft Connect21 October 2020
The Razer Blade Stealth 13 gaming laptop is at its lowest price ever with 22% off21 October 2020
Master Arena should please Quake 3 fans21 October 2020
Just in time for Halloween, Stellaris is adding a new zombie species21 October 2020
Warhammer: Vermintide's anniversary brings five days of rat-smashing fun21 October 2020
Dead by Daylight's Archive Tome V has arrived, along with a Halloween event21 October 2020
This Among Us Minecraft totem is very sus21 October 2020
Borderlands 3 FL4K skill tree: every upgrade path to unleash the Beastmaster21 October 2020
Rainbow Six Siege's Halloween map and TDM mode leaked21 October 2020
Per Aspera has you tame Mars with cute little robots21 October 2020
Borderlands 3's new skill trees offer gravity snares and killer energy orbs21 October 2020
Borderlands 3 Amara skill tree: all the mystical Siren's abilities revealed21 October 2020
Virtual music festival Stratosfest "pushes Minecraft to its visual limits"21 October 2020
Diablo 3 Season 22 PTR gets extended another week21 October 2020
How to get a Golden Pumpkin in Rocket League21 October 2020
Fallout 76 goes free-to-play for a full week21 October 2020
You only have one more day to play GTFO's third Rundown before 004 arrives21 October 2020
Apex Legends: A Wee Experiment quest guide21 October 2020
Fortnitemares release time - Halloween event lands and Fortnite install size drops 60GB21 October 2020
AOC starts a Twitch account to play Among Us with Pokimane and HasanAbi20 October 2020
Halo 4 PC beta is live - with crossplay and input-based matchmaking20 October 2020
Here's everything you need to know about Civilization 6's Pirates20 October 2020
Europa Universalis 2 is free from GOG for the series' 20th anniversary20 October 2020
Assassin's Creed Valhalla DLC includes "the most ambitious battle in Viking history"20 October 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 has "better quality lip-sync than The Witcher 3"20 October 2020
Sims 4: Snowy Escape adds skiing, lifestyles and sentiments, and centipede attacks20 October 2020
Red Dead Online kicks off its new Halloween Pass this week with a zombies mode20 October 2020
Final Fantasy 14 gets free login campaign offering "up to 96 hours of free game time"20 October 2020
Rainbow Six Siege's new update buffs Glaz, adds major shield nerf20 October 2020
Keanu Reeves knows why you really want Cyberpunk 207720 October 2020
Microsoft has "nothing to share" on Rainbow Six Siege coming to Game Pass PC20 October 2020
Fallout 4: New Vegas fan project gets a glorious gameplay trailer20 October 2020
Gabe applies for NZ residency but isn't taking Valve with him20 October 2020
Humble Strategy Sale offers Tropico, Darkest Dungeon, TABS, and more dirt-cheap19 October 2020
Call of Duty Haunting of Verdansk start time brings horror crossovers and Zombie Royale19 October 2020
Mars Horizon is basically Kerbal Space Program Tycoon, and it hits Steam in November19 October 2020
Genshin Impact reveals Sparkling Steps start time, shows Klee's path of destruction19 October 2020
Amnesia: Rebirth review scores - our roundup of the critics19 October 2020
Now you can get military jets for Microsoft Flight Simulator19 October 2020
This Fallout 4 mod makes us suspect it's a portal to the Meat Dimension19 October 2020
The best Warzone Jak-12 loadout19 October 2020
Horizon Zero Dawn's photo contest has a bunch of Corsair prizes up for grabs19 October 2020
When is The Outer Worlds coming to Steam?19 October 2020
The Outer Worlds companions: locations and how to get them in your party19 October 2020
How long is The Outer Worlds?19 October 2020
The Outer Worlds console commands19 October 2020
Apex Legends datamine uncovers a potential Arena Mode19 October 2020
The Outer Worlds flaws: all the negative attributes you can inherit19 October 2020
Fortnite Halloween datamines point to a mysterious broom19 October 2020
The Outer Worlds perks: all the buffs for your character19 October 2020
Dota 2 is getting an "Overwatch-style system" similar to CS:GO's19 October 2020
Making it in Unreal: how Remothered: Broken Porcelain brings Giallo horror to life19 October 2020
The Outer Worlds weapons: the best guns and science weapons19 October 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 fan makes Johnny Silverhand's Porsche Turbo in Forza Horizon 419 October 2020
Fall Guys devs want your input on the best and worst rounds18 October 2020
Here's Disco Elysium as a Game Boy game18 October 2020
If Rainbow Six Siege isn't coming to Game Pass, Microsoft is very bad at hints18 October 2020
Total War: Troy is getting a photo mode this week18 October 2020
Bungie shuts down Destiny 2 cheats seller18 October 2020
The F.E.A.R series should be renamed K.I.L.L, for all the killing that happens17 October 2020
Steam Digital Tabletop Fest is a celebration of games that cross digital and physical, happening next week17 October 2020
Half-Life 2 meets Cyberpunk 2077 in this full conversion mod17 October 2020
Stardew Valley is getting splitscreen co-op for up to four players17 October 2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War streamer sets 145-kill world record in open beta17 October 2020
Here's a Minecraft modder playing Doom on some sheep16 October 2020
Here's what's coming to Game Pass PC in October16 October 2020
This Skyrim mod gives you a fox companion that can dragon-shout16 October 2020
Xbox chief knows you want Banjo-Kazooie, Crimson Skies, and Blinx sequels16 October 2020
Avengers is already the seventh best-selling game of 2020 in the US16 October 2020
Football Manager 21 will let you hurl a water bottle in the locker room16 October 2020
CD Projekt reveals GOG-exclusive Cyberpunk 2077 bonuses16 October 2020
MSI's MAG CORELIQUID 360R CPU watercooler is up to 18% cheaper16 October 2020
Final Fantasy 14's red chocobo returns, murders everyone16 October 2020
Avengers devs apologise for launch, offer free stuff, and detail "sweeping additions"16 October 2020
Crucible gets custom games and unlocked cosmetics ahead of its shutdown16 October 2020
Humble's new Bundle is packed with Worms! Worms! Worms!16 October 2020
Blizzard is winding down StarCraft 2 development to focus on "what's next"16 October 2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War PC beta start date and details16 October 2020
Assassin's Creed Valhalla is about "the harsh reality" of the Dark Ages16 October 2020
Warframe Halloween event Nights of Naberus brings limited-time goodies16 October 2020
Total Warhammer 2's Wood Elves DLC is out in December16 October 2020
Dota 2 update brings hefty Dota Plus and Guilds changes for the Fall Season16 October 2020
New project aims to save source code for classic games, starting with Monkey Island15 October 2020
FIFA 21's Competitor Mode AI just got better at defending15 October 2020
You can visit Asgard and Jotunheim in Assassin's Creed Valhalla15 October 2020
Minecraft 1.16.4 lets you mute chat from specific players15 October 2020
Keanu Reeves' motorcycle company has a custom bike in Cyberpunk 207715 October 2020
Save up to 17% on the NZXT H510i PC gaming case15 October 2020
Making Lego Dark Souls - "Lego isn't great at going around bends"15 October 2020
In Assassin's Creed Valhalla you can distract guards by not getting the beers in15 October 2020
Devs behind Sega's revived Golden Axe prototype didn't know it was coming back15 October 2020
The Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition changelog is 75 pages long15 October 2020
This week's free games from Epic include a perfect spooky game for October15 October 2020
Naraka: Bladepoint is running a closed beta next month, and we'll have keys15 October 2020
The new Hearts of Iron 4 DLC is out now15 October 2020
PUBG now has an official lore site15 October 2020
Borderlands 3 is getting a Season Pass 2 with a bunch of new content15 October 2020
Resident Evil Village art book scenes reportedly not playable, but are in the game15 October 2020
GTA Online's weekly update ups the rewards on its most lucrative missions15 October 2020
Blizzard is testing WoW Classic's Naxxramas raid on the PTR later today15 October 2020
Raft's Steam player count shoots up 1300% after chapter 2 update14 October 2020
Don't worry, this Baldur's Gate 3 patch won't break your saves, probably14 October 2020
Arma 3 2.0 has arrived, and it's brought treats14 October 2020
Amazon Prime Day CPU and GPU deals in the US14 October 2020
Assassin's Creed Valhalla's system requirements may leave your wallet feeling Thor14 October 2020
Sega launches four new free games, including a Yakuza meets Streets of Rage crossover14 October 2020
Here's Among Us in Unreal Engine 4 with ray tracing14 October 2020
You can go to America in Assassin's Creed Valhalla14 October 2020
Help! I can't stop playing Orlog in Assassin's Creed Valhalla14 October 2020
Partisans 1941 is out now, bringing real-time Commandos tactics to the Eastern Front14 October 2020
CoD: Warzone dataminers have found Halloween-themed operator packs14 October 2020
You can now read PCGamesN on Steam's News Hub14 October 2020
Get 20% off this ViewSonic 165Hz gaming monitor with a Prime Day Lightning Deal14 October 2020
Eight years later, Total War: Shogun 2 is getting a new map14 October 2020
Korean ratings site has listed Mass Effect Legendary Edition14 October 2020
Pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War from Gamesplanet for early beta access, plus a discount14 October 2020
PUBG's new Paramo map is now on the test server14 October 2020
Give PC gaming a classic flavour with these retro controller Prime Day Lightning Deals14 October 2020
Phasmophobia smudge sticks - how to use them14 October 2020
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands' pre-patch is out now14 October 2020
COD: Modern Warfare players can now uninstall specific modes on PC14 October 2020
Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition review - definitely definitive14 October 2020
Fortnite Halloween skins leak ahead of Fortnitemares 202013 October 2020
Dark Souls modders have teamed up to create their own sequel mod, Nightfall13 October 2020
Fortnite removes Washington logo from NFL skins, offers refunds after the change13 October 2020
Fortnite patch 14.30 buffs the combat shotgun13 October 2020
Flight Simulator's latest patch leaves players with questions13 October 2020
Sid Meier's Civilization 6 becomes Sid Meier's Pirates! in the October update13 October 2020
Where are Red Dead Online's private lobbies?13 October 2020
League of Legends patch 10.21 notes - Preseason 2021 changes, Odyssey, Harrowing skins13 October 2020
This Fallout 4 mod lets you spring clean baddies to death13 October 2020
Nearly every piece of Elder Scrolls Online DLC is free to try for one week13 October 2020
Coronavirus lockdowns have made every day the weekend on Steam13 October 2020
Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons stuff goes cheap in a Prime Day Lightning Deal13 October 2020
The best game randomizer mods and modes on PC13 October 2020
This Witcher 3 mod makes Dandelion "younger and cuter"13 October 2020
Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition is coming to Xbox Game Pass this week13 October 2020
CS:GO, Valorant, and LoL get new collegiate esports tournaments this year13 October 2020
Torchlight 3 launches out of Steam Early Access this very day13 October 2020
XCOM meets a nightmarish Arthurian legend in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale13 October 2020
Space Crew review - boldly going where plenty have gone before13 October 2020
Skyrim modders are bringing The Elder Scrolls: Valenwood to life13 October 2020
Red Dead Online's next legendary animal is a Ruddy Moose13 October 2020
Grab the finest LEGO games for up to 85% off on Humble Bundle13 October 2020
Apex Legends' new Nvidia Reflex feature will help you reduce input lag13 October 2020
Mortal Kombat 11 dev "hit pause on Mileena just to create an appreciation"13 October 2020
Total War: Troy mods are coming this month13 October 2020
Apex Legends’ Pathfinder no longer blinds himself when he grapples13 October 2020
League of Legends' 2020 Ranked rewards have been announced13 October 2020
Terraria: Journey's Actual End update launches today13 October 2020
Make your PSO2 character look like Nier's 2B for only $3512 October 2020
Free demo for Party Animals tops 135k concurrent players on Steam12 October 2020
Noita, the rogue-lite RPG where every pixel is simulated, is leaving Early Access12 October 2020
League of Legends' next Champion is Seraphine - here are her abilities12 October 2020
Sonic the Hedgehog is in Fall Guys now, God help us12 October 2020
Hell Let Loose is getting a public test server12 October 2020
PUBG reveals Season 9 release date and a map that changes every time you drop12 October 2020
Phasmophobia hit Steam's top five most-played games this weekend12 October 2020
Get Fortnite's Daredevil skin free and early in a Marvel Knockout tournament12 October 2020
New Among Us update lets you hide who's voted for who12 October 2020
Spellbreak's first seasonal update will add team deathmatch12 October 2020
Why I'm prepared to sacrifice almost anything for my Skyrim dog12 October 2020
Nvidia's RTX 3080 20GB refresh is rumoured for a December release12 October 2020
Destiny 2's stasis powers were inspired by Destiny 112 October 2020
Hunt a "bone devil" with acid spew in Neverwinter: Avernus's next update12 October 2020
This Skyrim mod adds an immersive NPC revive system12 October 2020
A CS:GO fan has created a map inspired by the scariest Halloween movies12 October 2020
Yakuza: Like a Dragon might be "the silliest" it's ever been12 October 2020
Larian won't tell us what Baldur's Gate 3's Guild of Great Genius is all about12 October 2020
Among Us settings guide: the best settings for a fair game12 October 2020
Phasmophobia dirty sink guide - how to get dirty water12 October 2020
Making it in Unreal: Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff, co-developed by Twitch12 October 2020
Star Renegades review - Resist. Die. Repeat12 October 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone's Stim glitch has been fixed12 October 2020
Geralt from The Witcher 3 and Zelda from Breath of the Wild join Trials of Mana with these mods11 October 2020
Monster Hunter movie will have Palicoes and Meowscular Chef11 October 2020
Watch Baldur's Gate 3, Hades, and Divinity: Original Sin 2 soundtracks performed live next weekend11 October 2020
Turn an Xbox gamepad into a Microsoft Flight Simulator HOTAS controller using this schematic11 October 2020
"If you like D&D, you'll be happy" - why Baldur's Gate 3 will be the adaptation you want11 October 2020
Torchlight 3 shows off alpaca headbutt ahead of release from Early Access11 October 2020
The Razer Seiren Mini puts the micro in microphone10 October 2020
The Razer gaming chair wants competition to sit down10 October 2020
RazerCon 2020 rundown - the best new PC gaming products from Razer10 October 2020
Star Citizen's Squadron 42 "will be done when it is done"10 October 2020
Left 4 Dead 3: the complete story so far10 October 2020
Genshin Impact will update every six weeks, first new content coming November10 October 2020
Doom Guy's name is Doom Guy, says Doom guy10 October 2020
The Outer Worlds is coming to Steam this month10 October 2020
Amazon's Crucible is being shut down in November10 October 2020
Valorant Skye abilities: all you need to know about the new healer10 October 2020
Free games: Total War: Warhammer 2 gets a free weekend and goes 66% off10 October 2020
Serious Sam 4's France level now has lots more goofy monsters in it9 October 2020
Larian knows what you did in the Baldur's Gate 3 character creator, and it's extremely boring9 October 2020
Final Fantasy 14's 6.0 expansion will probably be revealed in February9 October 2020
You can try the next Hades patch in the new test branch now9 October 2020
Wasteland 3 should waste a lot less of your time in loading screens now9 October 2020
Rogue - as in the game that created roguelikes - is coming to Steam9 October 2020
Heroes of the Storm's defensive structures are deadlier now9 October 2020
Valorant Act 3 adds a frosty new map, ranked changes, and new healer9 October 2020
Destiny 2: Beyond Light is getting a better new player experience9 October 2020
Fourteen great PC games not to miss in October9 October 2020
Six reasons the Razer Ornata V2 obliterates other gaming keyboards9 October 2020
Minecraft has gone all Dark Souls in this amazing fan creation9 October 2020
A Kingdom Come: Deliverance adaptation is on the way from Yakuza movie's production company9 October 2020
Microsoft Flight Simulator gets UI, activity, world updates, bug fixes in October patch9 October 2020
Avengers dev confident PC players will "return to the game" for new content9 October 2020
Fallout 76 update brings a new Treasure Hunter event next week9 October 2020
Destiny 2's Cipher Decoders are now easier to come by9 October 2020
The best Star Wars Squadrons settings: keybinds and graphics options for hitting 60fps9 October 2020
Minecraft, "thicc" Steve, and mobs hit Tamriel with this Skyrim mod9 October 2020
It's Star Citizen's eighth birthday, and there's a new alpha build to celebrate8 October 2020
AMD teases its Big Navi graphics card at 4K ultra8 October 2020
Borderlands 3's free Halloween event starts today8 October 2020
AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs have landed, including specs, pricing, and release date8 October 2020
Outriders has been delayed to February 20218 October 2020
The stylish Roccat Vulcan 100 gaming keyboard is on sale now8 October 2020
The best XCOM mods8 October 2020
This week's free games from Epic include the best Vietnam War FPS8 October 2020
Final Fantasy 16's "basic development and scenario production" are finished8 October 2020
Anno 1800's jaw-dropping Land of Lions will ripple across the game8 October 2020
Jeff Kaplan says Blizzard “wants to do a better job” in making Overwatch League more accessible8 October 2020
Fortnite: where is Tony Stark’s hidden lake house laboratory?8 October 2020
PlayerLands lets creators sell in-game wares in their Minecraft servers8 October 2020
Warzone players have found a way to glitch into private lobbies8 October 2020
League of Legends is getting a "new Enchanter Mythic for enabling ally aggression"8 October 2020
Here's how to watch the AMD Zen 3 announcement8 October 2020
Fall Guys' new skins let your chivalrous bean be a princess, jester, or horse8 October 2020
GTA Online's weekly update ups the rewards for contact missions8 October 2020
Fan casts Mark Hamill as Uther alongside Cavill as Arthas in WoW movie concept8 October 2020
John Wick Hex is coming to Steam in December8 October 2020
Teamfight Tactics patch 10.21 notes - Divine, Moonlight reworks; trait balance changes8 October 2020
The first Baldur's Gate 3 patch fixes some crashes and multiplayer issues7 October 2020
Add some extremely red and mad daemons to Total War: Warhammer 27 October 2020
The Sims 4 is celebrating Hispanic heritage month with free content7 October 2020
Jeff Kaplan: “One of the best things for the game is the Overwatch League”7 October 2020
John Wick: Hex creator’s new game is cyberpunk Solitaire with FMV and Greg Miller7 October 2020
Make sure you're heard with up to 30% off these Razer microphones7 October 2020
The Steam Game Festival returns with hundreds of free game demos7 October 2020
The making of Rocket League7 October 2020
Prison Architect is five years old, so celebrate by playing the original version7 October 2020
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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will be free-to-keep on Steam this Friday7 October 2020
Steam's latest feature borrows Destiny 2, CS:GO, and Dota 2's chat filtering7 October 2020
The Minecraft movie loses its 2022 release date6 October 2020
Rainbow Six Siege should no longer have that weird map ban glitch6 October 2020
Resident Evil movies get rebooted and recast, actually based on the games this time6 October 2020
Baldur's Gate 3 doesn't look like DOS2 - it's the other way round6 October 2020
Valorant Act 3 brings a new map called Icebox, months ahead of schedule6 October 2020
Dark Fallen, No Time To Explain teased for tomorrow's Destiny 2: Beyond Light reveal6 October 2020
Here's when you can play the Call of Duty: Cold War open beta on PC6 October 2020
Watch Dogs Legion DLC has a playable, modern day Assassin's Creed assassin6 October 2020
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Star Trek Online's new season House Shattered launches on PC today6 October 2020
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League of Legends' Pantheon is "shifting away from support and back into solo lanes"6 October 2020
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RTX 3080 shortages are "not a supply issue", Nvidia just couldn't supply enough5 October 2020
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Torchlight 3 will leave Early Access October 13, and that means more pets5 October 2020
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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered confirmed for Steam, cheaper than on consoles5 October 2020
Henry Cavill offers first look of The Witcher Season 2's Geralt, and a potential plot clue5 October 2020
PlanetSide 2's massive new update Shattered Warpgate is out now5 October 2020
Baldur's Gate 3 is now the size of 75 Baldur's Gate 2s5 October 2020
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This Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord mod will turn it into Lord of The Rings5 October 2020
Making it in Unreal: a Lynchian trip to the fall of the Berlin Wall in Industria5 October 2020
You can now play Diablo 2 as a PvP roguelike thanks to a new mod5 October 2020
AMD has not pulled the plug on the Radeon RX 5700 just yet5 October 2020
Twin Peaks meets Gravity Falls and Life Is Strange in Scarlet Hollow, Episode 1 free on Steam4 October 2020
AbleGamers #Unlocktober 2020 gaming accessibility fundraiser underway4 October 2020
Godfall needs always-on internet, but not a "service game"4 October 2020
Elder Scrolls Online devs working on new IP with new engine4 October 2020
Payday 3 is using the Unreal Engine, still in design phase4 October 2020
Everyone relax, the Monster Hunter movie is here to save Hollywood4 October 2020
Minecraft Caves and Cliffs is Minecraft's next major update, coming 20213 October 2020
EA reveals Need For Speed countdown, probably for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered3 October 2020
Resident Evil 3 quietly removes Denuvo anti-tamper software3 October 2020
25% of Ubisoft employees witnessed or experienced misconduct first-hand, survey finds3 October 2020
Doom Eternal's got some new master levels, courtesy of this modder3 October 2020
Facebook briefly bans members of Free States Militia, a Fallout 76 roleplay group3 October 2020
Amnesia: Rebirth gameplay trailer shows there's more to worry about than the monsters3 October 2020
Bannerlord is now DRM-free on GOG, with a free copy of the first Mount & Blade2 October 2020
Activision, what the hell is this?2 October 2020
Windows 10 can now warn you before your NVMe SSD fails2 October 2020
Surgeon Simulator 2 is free-to-keep for NHS workers right now2 October 2020
Valorant teaser hints at snow for Act 32 October 2020
Save some serious money with up to 41% off HyperX DDR4 RAM2 October 2020
K/DA's upcoming EP is called 'All/Out', and it's out next month2 October 2020
Team Fortress 2's Scream Fortress XII update overhauls Mannpower2 October 2020
Fall Guys season 2 release date2 October 2020
No Man's Sky: Origins "hints at new beginnings" for the game2 October 2020
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Nvidia’s RTX 3070 has been delayed2 October 2020
Get Monster Hunter World and the Resident Evil series at a monster discount from Humble1 October 2020
The Destiny 2 Pumpkin Festival arrives a month early this year1 October 2020
Nexus Mods bans every US political mod until the election is over1 October 2020
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands delayed to "later this year"1 October 2020
Bannerlord's modding tools have arrived1 October 2020
Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting a US world update and a VR beta1 October 2020
You can already port your Crusader Kings 3 saves into Europa Universalis 41 October 2020
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Overwatch League's free Overwatch giveaway will return in "limited quantities"1 October 2020
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AMD Ryzen 9 5900X leak could reveal how much faster it is than the 3900X1 October 2020
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