October 2016 Archive

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is Lara Croft's next adventure, according to leak31 October 2016
These four Civilization 6 achievements haven't been unlocked by anyone in the world yet31 October 2016
Rainbow will be saying konnichiwa to Japan in Rainbow Six: Siege's next DLC31 October 2016
Hitman's Japanese finale launches alongside update that adds DX12 and multi-GPU support31 October 2016
Sega offer Chinese localisation to FM17 after backlash, death threats and bad Steam reviews31 October 2016
The Miller Rapport episode three: you're completely wrong about Overwatch, and it makes Miller angry31 October 2016
What it's like to return to Runescape after a decade apart31 October 2016
Here's how to play your Windows 10 games offline, and Microsoft's restrictions31 October 2016
Web gaming platform Kongregate publishes first game on Steam, courts indie devs with new SDK31 October 2016
Fus-ro-ssh: A guide to sneaking in Skyrim: Special Edition31 October 2016
GeIL release RGB memory modules. The bottom of the LED barrel has been scraped31 October 2016
Here’s when you can play the Hitman season finale (and what its patch does)31 October 2016
Hitman in Hokkaido: creative director Christian Elverdam on the season finale and the future of the series31 October 2016
Xen is coming to Black Mesa in summer 2017 with new and "substantially bigger" maps31 October 2016
Making it in Unreal: Jump Stars brings the party game to PC31 October 2016
EA "working to restore access" to Origin for players in Myanmar, other countries' access uncertain31 October 2016
EVGA issuing graphics card fix to stop their GTX 1080 and 1070 cards bursting into flames31 October 2016
Longer-range shotguns, faster queuing and better servers will come to Infinite Warfare before launch31 October 2016
Modern Warfare remastered system requirements reveal it won’t run on your PC from 200731 October 2016
Scarf: Walking with Souls prototype blends Journey with shapeshifting neckwear 30 October 2016
SKT become three-time LoL world champions after tense five game final30 October 2016
Irish adventure The Little Acre from Broken Sword creator points and clicks its way out November 2229 October 2016
Eve's free-to-play rebirth now has a trailer ahead of November 15 launch29 October 2016
First Gears of War 4 DLC multiplayer maps arriving with weapons balance patch29 October 2016
Twitch Prime members to get This War of Mine, Punch Club and Watch Dogs 2 outfits free28 October 2016
Dead Rising 4's Killer Combos trailer shows off some crafty new weapon creations28 October 2016
Cowen downgrade EA's shares, citing "substantially disappointing" Titanfall 2 sales28 October 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: the next-gen NVIDIA tech bolstering Titanfall 2 on PC28 October 2016
Steam's Halloween sale: Metro Redux, Darkest Dungeon, The Evil Within and more discounted28 October 2016
Titanfall 2's release date was locked in by EA - "there was no changing it," say Respawn28 October 2016
Titanfall 2 PC port review28 October 2016
Glory Kills, demon runes and weapon upgrades come to Doom 2 in the Doom (4) mod28 October 2016
Planet Coaster's guests have "almost real brains", say the developers in new video28 October 2016
David Cage is interested in making VR games, but won't do it just "for the sake of it"28 October 2016
Modded Skyrim saves won't work with the remaster28 October 2016
Chronicle: Runescape Legends giveaway! We've got 100 epic packs and 500 foundation packs up for grabs!28 October 2016
Eldar Wraithblade revealed for Dawn of War 3, offers plenty to micromanage28 October 2016
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition PC port review - how does it compare to vanilla and modded Skyrim?28 October 2016
Hello Games server hacked, posts “No Man’s Sky was a mistake” to Twitter28 October 2016
Life is tough for King Belegar Ironhammer in his Total War: Warhammer campaign video28 October 2016
The most scared we've been while playing a game28 October 2016
Automatic highlighting service Videogami picks out the best bits of game streams via magic algorithms, science28 October 2016
The First Tree, a poignant game about a fox, breaks the top 100 on Steam Greenlight28 October 2016
Here's how to exploit your way to victory in Civ 6 (until Firaxis stop you)28 October 2016
Tyranny’s player bases are ancient magical skyscrapers all over the land called Spires28 October 2016
"Weird Al" Yankovic set to perform at BlizzCon 201627 October 2016
Google Fiber pauses operations in new cities as 9% of staff are laid off27 October 2016
Valve and Sega are working to reinstate wrongfully pulled Steam Workshop mods27 October 2016
Titanfall 2 is out tonight - here’s when, so you can prepare to probably cry over a dead robot27 October 2016
Dishonored 2 lets you perform non-lethal melee attacks and block bullets with your sword27 October 2016
Ubisoft's extreme snow-sports game, Steep, gets two beta phases in November27 October 2016
Secret morse code in Battlefield 1 sends players on another Easter egg hunt27 October 2016
The future of Stellaris: planet-destroying superweapons, a space UN and more27 October 2016
Elite: Dangerous alien monoliths found by following star clusters in trailer27 October 2016
Watch us Return to Karazhan in World of Warcraft and beat up some bosses27 October 2016
Wasteland 3's Brian Fargo on ditching Kickstarter: "I’m good at knowing what the winds of change are up to"27 October 2016
BioWare's forums are now officially closed27 October 2016
Super Dungeon Bros. becomes Super Dungeon People with Broettes added for free on day one27 October 2016
Acer Predator Z301C review: a curvacious 200Hz ultrawide that's just too letterbox27 October 2016
Why Fantasy Draft mode should be part of your all-consuming FM 2017 addiction27 October 2016
Blink-kicks and the dark thoughts of your enemies revealed in Dishonored 2 streams27 October 2016
Hearthstone Heroic Brawls seemingly delayed until after BlizzCon27 October 2016
The World in Wargaming: Order of Battle gets Teutonic in the Blitzkrieg expansion27 October 2016
Zoe Quinn is making a game with the author of “Gaygent Brontosaurus: The Butt Is Not Enough”27 October 2016
The hunt for WoW: Legion’s latest secret boss and mount, Nightbane, only took two days27 October 2016
Zotac’s 10th anniversary firmware boosts their Sonix SSD speeds by over 10%27 October 2016
Cooler Master’s new MasterPulse Pro cans are all about that bass27 October 2016
COD: Infinite Warfare minimum system requirements revealed26 October 2016
Pharma kingpin Martin Shkreli livestreams reaction to Watch Dogs 2 parody of himself26 October 2016
Titanfall 2 "will never cost you extra" - all new maps and modes will be free26 October 2016
The Great Videogame Bake Off26 October 2016
Overwatch This episode five: Sombra, Season 3, PTR tweaks, and the Overwatch League26 October 2016
Blizzard "actively working on" fixing Overwatch's reporting system26 October 2016
With streaming and custom tournaments on Xbox Live, you too can be an eSports champion26 October 2016
Blizzard lay out their eSports plans for Hearthstone in 201726 October 2016
Microsoft to sell their own range of VR headsets, starting from $29926 October 2016
There's something off about the music in this Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters trailer26 October 2016
Skyrim: Special Edition release times and free upgrade eligibility terms revealed26 October 2016
On early review code policy changes: the parable of the broken 78-hour save game26 October 2016
With 25 million sold, is CS:GO the bestselling game on PC?26 October 2016
The Civilization series has a difficulty problem, and Civ 6 solves it without even trying26 October 2016
Rockstar's latest heist: raiding the accounts of GTA Online cheaters26 October 2016
Finding Black Mesa: the hunt for the real Half-Life research facility26 October 2016
Patch 1.4 aims to rebalance The Division for newer players26 October 2016
World of Warcraft patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan26 October 2016
New live action COD trailer tries to be funny, is26 October 2016
"Today is the last day that Turtle Rock Studios can work on Evolve" say founders 26 October 2016
Bethesda won't supply early review copies for Dishonored 2 or any other game25 October 2016
The closed beta for CD Projekt RED's standalone Gwent game kicks off today25 October 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: GeForce Experience 3.0 makes sharing gaming triumphs easier25 October 2016
Casting Emily as a protagonist became a "bit of an obsession" for Dishonored 2 devs25 October 2016
Can you win a game of Civ 6 with only one city? Watch us try25 October 2016
Relive Skyrim's best moments with this claymation trailer25 October 2016
Farming Simulator 17 crops up on Steam25 October 2016
Pigs explode and witches ride chickens in Minecraft's mod-style Add-Ons25 October 2016
Orcs Must Die! publisher quits mobile to focus on “interesting opportunities” in PC free-to-play25 October 2016
Tyranny's take on evil isn't just nuanced, it's disturbing25 October 2016
250 videogame actors picket EA, but publishers claim strike hinges on two-word phrase25 October 2016
Why you should play World of Warcraft with a controller, and more gems in The Miller Rapport episode two25 October 2016
Titanfall 2 launch trailer covers Nancy Sinatra, features chest lasers25 October 2016
Here's everything that's coming to Minecraft in the upcoming 1.11 Exploration Update25 October 2016
Elite Dangerous: The Guardians is out today for Horizons owners, passengers for everyone else25 October 2016
Overwatch season 2 ends on November 24, season 3 calculates your skill rating differently25 October 2016
Looping returns to the Binding of Isaac in Afterbirth †, along with throwable poo25 October 2016
Zotac’s new graphics card is looking to break records...for the longest name25 October 2016
Nvidia GTX 1050 & GTX 1050 Ti - release date, specs, rumours and prices25 October 2016
Dark Souls 3’s PvP-centric DLC Ashes of Ariandel is out now25 October 2016
Dark Souls 3’s first DLC, Ashes of Ariandel, out today after leaking on Friday for Xbox users24 October 2016
Civilization 6 mod adds an Earth map - its largest version uses 6GB of VRAM24 October 2016
Battlefield 1 patch 1.02 fixes a bunch of crashes and connection issues24 October 2016
Batman - The Telltale Series Episode 3 gets a spoilerific trailer24 October 2016
Watch Dogs 2 shows off its San Francisco Bay playground in new gameplay trailer24 October 2016
Gears of War 4's horde mode will now drop more credits and XP24 October 2016
Titanfall 2: release date, single-player, trailers, DLC & more - everything we know24 October 2016
Dishonored 2's live action trailer will make you want a movie24 October 2016
Fancy going to the Golden Joystick Awards? We've got two pairs of tickets up for grabs!24 October 2016
League of Legends Worlds 2016 finals are Korea vs. Korea once again as SKT look to form a dynasty24 October 2016
Titanfall 2 titan class guide: meet the mechs24 October 2016
Killing in Watch Dogs 2 "wouldn't be Marcus" - so what's it like to play non-lethally?24 October 2016
Battlefield 1 tops 160,000 concurrent PC players, beating Civ 624 October 2016
Overwatch invitational at MLG Vegas has $100k prize pool24 October 2016
Hearthstone team reconsidering “number of ranks, number of stars per rank” in huge changes to ladder24 October 2016
Problems running Civ 6? Here are the most common bugs and their fixes24 October 2016
Making it in Unreal: play Spyro with proper reptile physics in Snake Pass24 October 2016
Here’s where to build your Wonders and districts in Civilization VI24 October 2016
Logitech Spotlight: take control of your games with the Orion Spectrum23 October 2016
It looks like you can switch on Civilization VI’s team multiplayer with a quick file edit23 October 2016
New contracts, new taunts and classic maps bound for TF2’s Scream Fortress VIII23 October 2016
Clash of the GTX Titans: three generations of Nvidia’s top card go head-to-head...to-head23 October 2016
D.Va, Widowmaker and Mercy all buffed in Overwatch PTR patch - official patch notes released23 October 2016
Mad mini-golf, Christmas costumes and an infected Frank West all wrapped up in Dead Rising 4 DLC23 October 2016
The best play of LoL Worlds 2016 wasn't enough to beat SKT22 October 2016
Battlerite's massive Halloween update adds two new champs and spooky chests22 October 2016
Team Liquid hulks out on Civ 6, hires pro player and plans tournament22 October 2016
Dota 2's Boston Major invites reveal the rising tide of SEA teams22 October 2016
RTS? Card game? MOBA? Halo Wars 2 is a strange beast22 October 2016
Shadow Warrior 2 is getting "new missions and an ultra-hard challenge mode"21 October 2016
Dues Ex: Mankind Divided is out for Linux on November 321 October 2016
Ark: Survival Evolved patch 248 adds procedurally generated maps and more21 October 2016
Logitech Spotlight: win more with the G Pro Gaming Mouse 21 October 2016
Do not pass Fus Ro Go - Skyrim Monopoly releases March 201721 October 2016
Players claim to have been mistakenly hit with 30-year Forza Horizon 3 bans21 October 2016
The Planet Coaster beta will be available from November 9 for Thrillseeker Edition pre-orders21 October 2016
Skyrim: Special Edition's second trailer walks us through familiar land21 October 2016
Nier: Automata is getting a demo at the end of 2016, as combat specifics surface21 October 2016
ARMA 3 is getting more support - jets and tank-focused expansions detailed in dev roadmap21 October 2016
Hearthstone patch 6.2.0 adds prep for Heroic Brawls, new Quests, tweaks Murlocs and more21 October 2016
Logitech Spotlight: the gaming benefits of upgrading to the G810 mechanical keyboard21 October 2016
Battlefield 1 PC review21 October 2016
Ride 2 giveaway! Win one of 50 copies of this supercharged racing game, worth $49.99!21 October 2016
Blizzard bring voice chat to Battle.net21 October 2016
Swedish Counter-Strike celebrity dead-set on convincing his country that eSports is as legitimate as any sport21 October 2016
This near-invisible Overwatch downgrade gives a huge frame rate boost21 October 2016
You can play Star Citizen for free for the next ten days21 October 2016
How Cities: Skylines devs are using Natural Disasters to empower their creative community21 October 2016
AMD Radeon RX 465 on the way? The Polaris 10 card destined to take on the GTX 1050 Ti21 October 2016
Intel claim they now own John McAfee's second name (for cyber-security purposes)21 October 2016
Civ 6 features proper multiplayer mod support, plus hotseat mode21 October 2016
The Division patch 1.4 is out October 25, bringing a major overhaul to game balance20 October 2016
Blizzard to host official Overwatch eSports league, says ActiBlizz CEO20 October 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: four reasons to indulge in Shadow Warrior 2’s epic gore-drenched action20 October 2016
What a lovely day! Mad Max releases for Mac and Linux20 October 2016
Win card packs during the Hearthstone World Championships by guessing match winners20 October 2016
Here are the Battlefield 1 release times by region20 October 2016
Watch us go for the culture victory with Kongo in Civilization 6 - season finale!20 October 2016
Sports Interactive are "a few years away" from TV-quality matches in Football Manager20 October 2016
Countess assassinates her way into Paragon20 October 2016
Table Top Racing: World Tour DLC giveaway! Win one of 50 copies of the Tropical Ice DLC!20 October 2016
Here’s when Civilization VI unlocks in each region so you can start planning your empire20 October 2016
Civilization 6 review20 October 2016
Blinked and missed it? You can watch the Red Dead Redemption 2 debut trailer right here20 October 2016
Samsung 960 Pro 1TB review: the fastest consumer SSD in history20 October 2016
Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick says he's bigger than Netflix, predicts eSports will eclipse NFL and NBA20 October 2016
Stellaris: Leviathans DLC review - solid paid expansion overshadowed by free update20 October 2016
Battlefield 1: release date, setting, trailers - everything we know20 October 2016
Konami will patch 4K resolution and fans singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" into PES 201720 October 2016
Civilization 6: release date, system requirements, combat, research - everything we know20 October 2016
The Royal Navy gets agile and stealthy with ten new cruisers in World of Warships20 October 2016
eSports site AlphaDraft is the latest casualty of America's fantasy sport fall-off20 October 2016
Firaxis release a series of guide videos for people getting started with Civilization 619 October 2016
Overwatch's next PTR phase due "very soon" and will have "more significant hero changes"19 October 2016
Samsung invoke the Streisand Effect by pulling YT videos of a GTA 5 exploding phone mod19 October 2016
Sleeping Dogs devs United Front offer refunds for Smash+Grab regardless of playtime19 October 2016
Doom free update 4 adds Arcade mode and Classic Doom modules for SnapMap19 October 2016
Smite Tactics repurposes the MOBA series' lore for turn-based strategy19 October 2016
Overwatch This episode four: the Sombra ARG's conclusion and BlizzCon predictions19 October 2016
The Elder Scrolls Online's One Tamriel patch adds the series' signature freedom to the MMO19 October 2016
Halo Wars 2 developers "looking into" cross-platform play for future titles19 October 2016
Here's Titanfall 2's single-player stomping along at 4K, 60fps19 October 2016
Football Manager 2017 will feature "four million different permutations relating to Brexit"19 October 2016
"The wait is almost over!" Asus tease their long-awaited ROG Claymore keyboard19 October 2016
It'll cost you $99 to rent a Battlefield 1 server from EA for 90 days19 October 2016
League of Legends players can now support community news site, Surrender at 20, through Patreon19 October 2016
Theatre Simulator: does Dear Esther walk the stage successfully?19 October 2016
Michel Ancel reveals planetary exploration, space travel for Beyond Good & Evil 2, strengthens reboot rumours19 October 2016
Halo Wars 2's Blitz mode could be a game-changer for the RTS genre19 October 2016
Dan Harmon of Rick and Morty to produce eSports sitcom for YouTube Red19 October 2016
Jack Cooper didn't ask for this either in the new Titanfall 2 campaign gameplay trailer19 October 2016
Legion’s next mega-secret, Endgineer Omegaplugg, is a rocket-spewing, bomb-spawning, mech-riding gnome19 October 2016
Humble Store Rewards let you decide between 5% extra for charity or money in your wallet18 October 2016
COD: Infinite Warfare adds Formula One star Lewis Hamilton to its celebrity entourage 18 October 2016
League of Legends patch 6.2118 October 2016
StarCraft patch 3.7 introduces per-race MMR, the collection tab and more18 October 2016
Star Citizen doc shows how bugs and scope led to Squadron 42 demo being pulled from CitCon18 October 2016
Tyranny's game director on its new skill system and creating "different shades of bastard"18 October 2016
Watch Dogs 2 delayed until November 29 on PC as system requirements are revealed 18 October 2016
Bring FC Barcelona (or someone else) to your city in the European Club Pack for Cities: Skylines18 October 2016
Star Control: Origins reboots a sci-fi RPG classic18 October 2016
Football Manager 2017's beta is live now18 October 2016
Here's how to protect yourself from DDoS attacks in CS:GO18 October 2016
Battlefield 1 PC port review18 October 2016
Prey’s humanity came in contact with alien shadow-beings in 1958 - by 2035, they’re under mega-corp research18 October 2016
Civilization 6 Rome strategy guide - how to win with Trajan18 October 2016
Grid-style inventory management and manual saves return in Resident Evil 7 via video teases18 October 2016
Edit your Battlefield 1 loadout while in the club with the reworked companion app18 October 2016
Battlefield 1 class guide - new combat roles and weapons explained18 October 2016
PC absent from Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement - is it happening?18 October 2016
Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1050 both launching October 2518 October 2016
Trials of Radimus adds first solo campaign for Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, now available on Mac18 October 2016
MVR Ascend H1: wireless cross-platform VR pinning its PC hopes on Nvidia’s Gamestream18 October 2016
Valve challenge Gambling Commission to cite laws broken over skin gambling, deny wrongdoing18 October 2016
StarCraft’s Korean Proleague, the first eSports team league, is discontinued after 13 years18 October 2016
Rockstar parent company Take-Two enjoys stock spike following Red Dead tease17 October 2016
COD: Infinite Warfare's launch trailer has Kit Harington looking like a right b******17 October 2016
Civilization 6's launch trailer takes us on a tour through history with Sean Bean17 October 2016
Stellaris: Leviathans DLC features detailed17 October 2016
Stand firm: Dark Souls 3 patch improves poise ahead of the DLC17 October 2016
MadCatz release a RAT king of newly minted gaming mice out into the wild17 October 2016
Simon Miller arrives on PCGamesN with… The Miller Rapport. Yes, really.17 October 2016
Crafting debuts, and tactical nukes return, in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare17 October 2016
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 delayed until April 201717 October 2016
D.Va to be added as StarCraft II announcer, completing the circle of life17 October 2016
A new Red Dead game draws near - but what will it be called?17 October 2016
Sandbox “Practice Tool” confirmed for League of Legends17 October 2016
Rockstar Games further teases Red Dead Redemption 2 with shot of new cast17 October 2016
Tyranny lets you decide the fate of thousands in the first 10 minutes via Conquest mode17 October 2016
AMD’s efficient mobile Polaris GPUs could power a desktop refresh17 October 2016
Making it in Unreal: Warhammer turns Mad Max turn-based in Dark Future: Blood Red States17 October 2016
Maia update gives colonists free will while blighting their crops16 October 2016
Military hacking RPG NITE Team 4 blends real NSA documents with gamified espionage15 October 2016
Friday the 13th delayed to 2017 but adding single-player offline mode15 October 2016
One-man Portal 2 mod four years in the making looks spookily great15 October 2016
Titanfall 2 "is you against the world" with your robot at your side in new story trailer14 October 2016
Overwatch fans successfully bully Blizzard into changing Mercy's Halloween skin voiceline14 October 2016
Forza Horizon 3's October 14 patch improves stability14 October 2016
Final Fantasy XIV's Stormblood expansion will raise the MMO's recommended specs on PC14 October 2016
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide's free Quests and Contracts DLC adds buffs and loot14 October 2016
Roguelike FPS Polygod is free if you have certain The Binding of Isaac achievements14 October 2016
Valve are making new VR games and will announce them at Steam Dev Days 201714 October 2016
Valve's internal PhD psychologist explains how they manipulate you via psychology14 October 2016
Neverwinter giveaway! Win one of 5,000 exclusive Vanguard packs!14 October 2016
Firaxis are streaming a Civ 6 AI showdown on October 1914 October 2016
Elder Scrolls Online’s Halloween event returns the Witches Festival to Tamriel14 October 2016
Civilization 6 America strategy guide - how to win with Roosevelt14 October 2016
Forget VR and Wiimotes, the controller of the future is bananas according to this Overwatch streamer14 October 2016
What are people saying about Mafia III? This week in BetterCritic user reviews14 October 2016
Making a stand in the mainstream - AMD are cutting the price of the Radeon RX 47014 October 2016
Howling Banshees join the Dawn of War 3 fray as the Eldar melee unit14 October 2016
Zowie XL2735 review: an expensive eSports-focused TN monitor with Dumbo ears14 October 2016
Donald Trump painted as terrible Overwatch player in Nuisance Committee billboard campaign14 October 2016
Tom Chilton, game director on World of Warcraft and a senior designer since 2004, steps down14 October 2016
Twitch Prime boosts viewership 13% in first 9 days13 October 2016
Pick a side and enter the arena as Dark Souls 3 DLC goes 3v313 October 2016
Football Manager 2017 puts your face in the game to deal with social media hot takes, rumours13 October 2016
BlizzCon schedule announced, Diablo kind of absent13 October 2016
Watch us courageously step forth into the inky abyss in Endless Space 213 October 2016
LoL's next gameplay update adds a bit of horticulture to the jungle13 October 2016
Tyranny release date set for November 10 - prepare to be the bad guy13 October 2016
A late night piano jam session led to the creation of Civilization 6’s main theme Sogno di Volare13 October 2016
VR take-up is on a slow burn right now, but a third of us will be goggled-up by 202013 October 2016
Blizzard is asking Hearthstone players if they’re interested in a campaign, a 2v2 mode and more13 October 2016
How to achieve Civ 6's new religious victory, the Firaxis way13 October 2016
All Star Citizen backers can fly any ship they like for free until October 1713 October 2016
Tyler: Model-005 is 1950s mini-robot indie platforming, currently on Kickstarter13 October 2016
10 hours of Battlefield 1 with two campaign missions and multiplayer available on Origin Access without pre-ordering13 October 2016
No new Team Fortress 2 Halloween event this year as the team works on other updates13 October 2016
Eve Online takes the fight to gambling sites before going free-to-play13 October 2016
Total War: Warhammer's next Lords pack sends reinforcements for Dwarves, Greenkins 12 October 2016
Faeria enters Early Access home stretch with final update before release12 October 2016
Valve integrating Steam Link into Samsung TVs, new Vive controllers and more from Steam Dev Days12 October 2016
League of Legends' Assassin update sneaks some changes in for stealthy champs12 October 2016
Overwatch This episode three: Halloween update, Sombra leaks plus upcoming heroes, maps and modes12 October 2016
New Smite god Camazotz brings the bats in time for Halloween12 October 2016
Topic of the Week: Who will you play in Civ 6?12 October 2016
Carmack says VR devs are 'coasting on novelty' with 'poisonous' startup times12 October 2016
Mafia III giveaway! We've got merchandise from Numskull up for grabs!12 October 2016
Samsung’s ArtPC Pulse is a Mac Pro-a-like that probably won’t catch fire12 October 2016
CS:GO's new version of Inferno gets a host of bug fixes after an evening of testing12 October 2016
Details and footage from all five chapters of Battlefield 1's non-linear campaign have been revealed12 October 2016
Hitman heads to Hokkaido in episode six on October 31 - here’s a teaser12 October 2016
Mafia 3 PC review12 October 2016
Gears of War 4 PC review12 October 2016
Dota fans despair as Valve confirms no Diretide this year12 October 2016
Overwatch's Halloween Terror update brings new spooky skins and a few creepy bugs, too11 October 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: experience Gears of War 4 on PC in glorious 4K ultra HD11 October 2016
Overwatch patch - October 11, 201611 October 2016
Early Access denied: how Steam's pre-release service has become tougher for devs11 October 2016
Deus Ex gets DX12 multi GPU beta - near 50% performance uplift for Nvidia11 October 2016
Nvidia GTX 1070 benchmark showdown: Founders Edition vs Asus vs MSI vs Zotac11 October 2016
Guild of Dungeoneering’s second adventure pack Ice Cream Headaches will release on October 2711 October 2016
Come see exclusive gameplay footage from Ashes of the Singularity’s Escalation expansion, out November 311 October 2016
Miguel joins the Tekken 7 roster, bringing that Antonio Banderas swagger10 October 2016
Live-action GTA 5 short stars Trevor Phillips' actor in filthy y-fronts10 October 2016
9,000 fans tune into Twitch for COD pro Phillip “Phizzurp” Klemenov's funeral10 October 2016
Two Elite: Dangerous players use superpowered stars to reach the galactic ceiling10 October 2016
Paragon's Halloween-themed skins are live for a limited time - here's how to get them10 October 2016
Thermaltake’s slimline Engine 27 cooler brings the heavy metal to chip chilling10 October 2016
Dishonored 2's creative kill shorts are the gifs that keep on shivving10 October 2016
Prey debuts the female version of main character Morgan in new take on first gameplay trailer10 October 2016
Stellaris: Leviathans release date set for October 20, comes with free Heinlein patch10 October 2016
Ex-Team Secret players claim team took unagreed cut of prize winnings and money was spent on “drones, a porn star and models”10 October 2016
Stardock’s Brad Wardell says that there is “no way” Microsoft would turn the Windows store into a closed platform10 October 2016
Making it in Unreal: in The Long Journey Home's space, no one will stop talking10 October 2016
Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location out now on Steam with not scary 15% discount10 October 2016
Mafia 3 PC port review10 October 2016
Star Citizen's Squadron 42 won't release this year, impressive new live demo shows off procedural planets10 October 2016
Mark Cuban worried that player burnout makes eSports teams bad investments9 October 2016
You can now customise your PAYDAY 2 safehouse while John Cleese cleans up after you9 October 2016
Mafia 3 now does frame rates above 30 fps with patch 1.0.1 release9 October 2016
Sombra hero design and Halloween brawl unmasked by series of Overwatch leaks9 October 2016
S1mple's double no-scope immortalised in-game and now on his actual body8 October 2016
Homestuck game Hiveswap to finally hit home in January 2017, new trailer8 October 2016
FIFA 17 dogpiles random Twitter user after featuring his 'fake' handle in-game8 October 2016
Star Wars: The old Republic's Knights of the Eternal Throne trailer is better than Episode VII7 October 2016
Twitch partners are "quadrupling" sub counts since Twitch Prime launched7 October 2016
Double Fine show us how Psychonauts 2 is shaping up in new video - spoiler: it looks great7 October 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: see Gears of War 4's next-gen visual carnage running on a GTX 10807 October 2016
Warcraft's Samuro comes to Heroes of the Storm7 October 2016
Playdead used a human skull to record Inside's sounds7 October 2016
Anyone who pre-orders the Thrillseeker Edition of Planet Coaster can play the alpha now7 October 2016
Improved mouse support and FOV options patched into Bioshock remasters7 October 2016
Berkeley researchers have created a working 1nm transistor...10nm CPUs suddenly seem fat7 October 2016
Crossout key giveaway! Get access to the closed beta of this post-apocalyptic action MMO!7 October 2016
Mafia 3 reduces non-lethal play to a menu option7 October 2016
League of Legends gets replays and integrated highlighting, beta starts this year7 October 2016
Valve win motion to dismiss in gambling class action suit, but that doesn't mean it's over7 October 2016
The Mafia 3 PC patch that unlocks framerate will be live this weekend, say Hangar 137 October 2016
CS:GO graffiti update returns sprays to the game as a microtransaction with 50 charges7 October 2016
Facebook debut wireless VR with the Oculus Santa Cruz prototype7 October 2016
Oculus Touch controllers are $199, will release on December 6 with pre-orders open October 107 October 2016
Riot made a League of Legends magical girl anime opening for their latest skin set, the Star Guardians7 October 2016
Interstellar co-writer Jonathan Nolan thinks writing game stories is a "fascinating challenge"6 October 2016
World of Tanks patch 9.16 says hallå to the game's first Swedish tank6 October 2016
Facebook are covering Unreal 4 licensing fees for Oculus games6 October 2016
Oculus capable PCs are now just $499 thanks to some software wizardry 6 October 2016
League of Legends’ 2016 World Championship is a mess of upsets and nobody knows who is going to win6 October 2016
Watch us play Gears of War 4 and marvel at the sizes of the necks on display6 October 2016
Crazy Machines 3 giveaway! Win one of 500 keys for a preview build of this wacky puzzle simulator!6 October 2016
For Honor gives split-screen the axe6 October 2016
Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 game list released - here’s the PC highlights6 October 2016
Mafia 3: release date, setting, story, DLC - everything you need to know6 October 2016
Endless Space 2 out on Early Access today6 October 2016
Watch Dishonored 2’s Emily and Corvo escape a death trap with an immense amount of violence6 October 2016
The other Gabe: Stardock CEO Brad Wardell talks independence, feminism, and taking responsibility6 October 2016
Robocraft gets Clan Party update with new social features and a lifetime subscription option6 October 2016
Gears of War 4 PC port review6 October 2016
Mafia 3 is out tonight - here’s when you can go merrily gangstering around New Bordeaux6 October 2016
Ubisoft confirm Michel Ancel and their Montpellier Studio are working on "a new Beyond Good & Evil game"6 October 2016
The World in Wargaming: Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe combines scale and simplicity6 October 2016
Microsoft have updated us about Xbox One mouse and keyboard support… kind of6 October 2016
Riot are splitting ranked League of Legends in two: “The ranked season definitely didn't go like we wanted.”6 October 2016
Cyberpower Hyper Liquid 700 review: a sexy-looking rig without the GPU juice to back it up6 October 2016
Riders of Icarus 'Rift of the Damned' update adds new mounts and floating sky islands today6 October 2016
Former moderator speaks out about shutting down the No Man’s Sky subreddit: “I was concerned for my safety”6 October 2016
The Fall 2016 Battle Pass comes to Dota 25 October 2016
Two heroes, six maps and a new game mode are in development for Overwatch5 October 2016
Dishonored 2 trailer shows how level design marries art and story to form a believable space5 October 2016
New trailer introduces the world of Torment: Tides of Numenera5 October 2016
Overwatch This episode two: Halloween, BlizzCon, eSports and Widowmaker5 October 2016
Wasteland 3's crowd-funding campaign launches along with a chilly new trailer5 October 2016
Hands-on with West of Loathing, a slapstick RPG set in a stick figure world5 October 2016
Wrap your head around simultaneous turn-based combat in Atlas Reactor, out now5 October 2016
Grass Effect: How FIFA 17's The Journey mode sneaks an RPG into sports game clothing5 October 2016
ReCore gets a free 30-minute demo and a huge patch to fix many issues5 October 2016
Yu-Gi-Oh making it to Steam when Legacy of the Duelist releases this Fall5 October 2016
Sharp play acronym bingo showing off a 120Hz 8K HDR IGZO-IPS monitor5 October 2016
League of Legends patch 6.205 October 2016
Blizzard say World of Warcraft 10.1 million subscriber statement was a "misquote or misunderstanding"5 October 2016
Five Nights at Freddy's creator might delay next game, Sister Location, because it's too adult4 October 2016
Kerbal Space Program studio Squad suffers mass departures4 October 2016
Weekly Brawls are coming to Heroes of the Storm4 October 2016
Anno 2205's Frontiers expansion adds three new sectors, enemy invasions and cyborgs4 October 2016
Capcom release deletion tool to remove harmful patch file from Street Fighter 54 October 2016
Another violent Mafia 3 trailer shows the new mob's rise to power4 October 2016
Civilization 6: can we secure a domination victory with Germany in 100 turns?4 October 2016
Mortal Kombat XL murders its way onto Steam4 October 2016
Outlast 2 PC demo available on Steam until November 1 - happy Halloween from Red Barrells4 October 2016
Talewind giveaway! We've got 50 codes for this fantasy platformer to give away4 October 2016
Endless Legend’s Tempest expansion arrives October 14 with new faction in tow4 October 2016
Warcraft Blu-ray giveaway! Win one of 10 copies of the movie, and tickets to the launch event in London!4 October 2016
Nvidia Titan X review: a 4K gaming hero and the basis of the GTX 1080 Ti4 October 2016
Half-Life fan comic A Place In The West debuts on Steam with more issues to come early next year4 October 2016
Darkest Dungeon’s first major DLC, The Crimson Court, coming early 20174 October 2016
After four years of “trademark stealing and player suing” Taiwan Minecraft server shut down4 October 2016
The Dota 2 Boston Major announced for December 7-10 with significant format change4 October 2016
Fans are still trying to 'fix' Mass Effect's Tali sex scene, four years on3 October 2016
Hearthstone's latest patch stops the game launching for some - here's how to fix it3 October 2016
New farm types, divorces and loads more come to Stardew Valley in patch 1.13 October 2016
If you buy Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on disc, it'll need to be inserted to play Modern Warfare3 October 2016
MSI launch an Overwatch tournament - qualifiers begin tomorrow3 October 2016
See a sneaky nighttime infiltration in Ghost Recon Wildlands 3 October 2016
"We tore the game to pieces" Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw explains why Valve rebuilt the classic FPS3 October 2016
Sunless Sea and BioWare writer Alexis Kennedy unveils digital tabletop game Cultist Simulator3 October 2016
Early Access for Serious Sam VR goes live October 173 October 2016
Is Ubisoft's "indie" initiative working?3 October 2016
The Escapists 2 breaks out of hiding at TwitchCon, release date set for 20173 October 2016
History made as Neeb becomes first foreign StarCraft 2 champion on Korean soil3 October 2016
A visceral, high-octane glimpse at the first draft of the Firewatch film script3 October 2016
The weapons of Space Hulk: Deathwing incinerate, explode, shred and smash Genestealer gribblies3 October 2016
Making it in Unreal: leave your brain behind and let your fingers fly in Button Frenzy3 October 2016
DJ Steve Aoki now owns Overwatch and CS:GO eSports team Rogue2 October 2016
Dota patch 6.88e arrives to stop illusion sieges and mana leakage2 October 2016
Twitch Uploads open beta takes a step towards challenging YouTube on video2 October 2016
Epic Games doles out another $50,000 in dev grants to Unreal tutors2 October 2016
Vampyr's combat skill tree lets you mix and match to suit your playstyle2 October 2016
Skyrim Special Edition goes gold and reveals system requirements1 October 2016
John Romero walks through the secrets and references of his last DOOM level1 October 2016
EU triumphs over NA as Misfits claim first explosive Overwatch Open grand final1 October 2016
German football league files eSports trademarks including "eBundesliga"1 October 2016
Gears of War 4 keys "obtained illegitimately" being revoked after Nvidia loophole closed1 October 2016