December 2012 Archive

Mercy Rules: what The Heart knows and the ethics of killing in Dishonored31 December 2012
2012 in eSports: the battle for momentum between League of Legends, StarCraft 2, and Dota 231 December 2012
Rob's Game of 2012 is... XCOM31 December 2012
Spend New Year's Eve with PC games and Rob, who is alone31 December 2012
The best PC games of 2013: Company of Heroes 230 December 2012
What the next-generation of consoles should learn from PC gaming30 December 2012
Tim's Game of 2012 is... Planetside 2.30 December 2012
Jeremy's game of the year is... Dishonored29 December 2012
Three reasons to worry about Card Hunter, debunked29 December 2012
Trends of 2012: The folly of lore29 December 2012
The Best PC games of 2013: Card Hunter29 December 2012
Telepath Tactics is about to lose its Kickstarter campaign; it probably shouldn't29 December 2012
The post-Christmas coverage continues, Jeremy is alone. Conspicuously so.29 December 2012
Sponsored post: Green Man Gaming’s daily deals see 50% off XCOM and other massive savings28 December 2012
Mechwarrior Online beta impressions: it deserves to be celebrated28 December 2012
The Best PC games of 2013: Maia28 December 2012
Julian's game of 2012 is... The Walking Dead28 December 2012
The post-Christmas coverage continues, Julian is alone.28 December 2012
The best PC games of 2013: World of Warplanes27 December 2012
Paul's game of 2012 is... World of Tanks!27 December 2012
The post-Christmas pickup starts here, Paul is all alone27 December 2012
Dota 2 Greeviling guide - everything you need to know26 December 2012
The Festive Fracas: a PCGamesN battle report from the XCOM frontlines24 December 2012
Sponsored post: Green Man Gaming's daily deals include Deus Ex: Human Revolution24 December 2012
My Game of the Year: Far Cry 324 December 2012
The best PC games of 2013: SimCity24 December 2012
Trends of 2012: Bows and arrows, what are they all about?24 December 2012
League of Legends Champion Review: Vi, the Piltover Enforcer24 December 2012
Grand Theft Auto V will have a sidekick dog who will ride around in your car with you solving crimes24 December 2012
The Weekly Playlist: the one where Paul tries to break his friends' minds and Jules' brain snaps after too much Super Hexagon23 December 2012
Minecraft: The Story of Mojang uploaded to The Pirate Bay by makers: "we knew the movie would end up here eventually"23 December 2012
Game the News tackles a news story every day in game form23 December 2012
Radio the Universe is a stunning looking platformer that quite possibly was torn from the 80s23 December 2012
The best Medieval 2: Total War mods22 December 2012
Potatoman Seeks the Troof in best trailer of the year22 December 2012
War for the Overworld Kickstarter is a modernisation (and moddable!) version of Dungeon Keeper22 December 2012
Far Cry 3 Hud patch is out; also improves game stability22 December 2012
Groovy Tuesday; it has an elephant, rollerskates, and will fill you with funk22 December 2012
God Mode trailer makes you wish you could punch the everlasting out of immortals22 December 2012
Spotlight on Greenlight (with fairy lights)22 December 2012
NRA executive: videogames industry is "callous, corrupt... sows violence against its own people." UPDATED21 December 2012
Sponsored post: Green Man Gaming are offering instant cashback or credit on selected titles21 December 2012
Saitek Combat Pilot Goes Live21 December 2012
The Minecraft Production Web: showing you how it all comes together21 December 2012
Battlefield 3 End Game teaser for Premium members21 December 2012
SimCity’s always-on internet connection enables cloud computing features, says Maxis boss21 December 2012
Wargaming's infographic shows off 45m World of Tanks players, claims game is played in the Vatican City21 December 2012
Deus Ex: Human Revolution fan film looks moneyed, probably isn’t21 December 2012
Riot cut price of League of Legends champions permanently, will slow champion release rate to spend more time “developing and polishing”21 December 2012
Heart of the Swarm beta expanded with pre-order access21 December 2012
New Company of Heroes 2 screenshots show spectacular battles, explosions everywhere20 December 2012
The Best X-Plane Add-Ons20 December 2012
Evil Geniuses CEO Alex Garfield on managing and marketing a fledgling eSports dynasty20 December 2012
Merry Christmas: Minecraft 1.4.6 is out now20 December 2012
Rocket on the drama around The WarZ: "I've been pretty depressed about the whole situation"20 December 2012
Battlefield 3 End Game DLC will feature dirt bikes, drop ships, CTF mode20 December 2012
Area 11 song Minecraft Christmas reaches 52 in UK singles charts20 December 2012
THQ President reassures planet everything is going to be okay: "Chapter 11 does not mean the end of the THQ story"20 December 2012
Black Isle Studios want an unspecified amount of money from you to not make a game20 December 2012
ShootMania Storm's biggest patch ever adds grappling hooks and sliding20 December 2012
Crysis 3 trailer explains what that bow and arrow shtick is all about20 December 2012
Team Fortress 2 Christmas Mann vs Machine event introduces Mecha-Engineer and new map20 December 2012
Steam for Linux beta now open to all20 December 2012
Relic developing ‘Atlas’ for release in 201420 December 2012
PCGamingWiki Kickstarter funded almost as quickly as it starts19 December 2012
Crusader Kings 2 on Steam receives massive backlog of patches19 December 2012
Godus Kickstarter reaches target19 December 2012
Dota 2 gets Bastion announcer pack, Polycount contest winners items, and a patch19 December 2012
Elite: Dangerous teaser makes game appear awesome and forces cynicism aside19 December 2012
Team Fortress 2 Adult Swim item store opening soon19 December 2012
Humble Indie Bundle 7 has great games AND a movie19 December 2012
THQ files for bankruptcy and begins sale of all its assets19 December 2012
Godus multiplayer footage shows how wars were won in the times before godlike powers19 December 2012
The War Z is no longer purchasable through Steam19 December 2012
RaiderZ Christmas event introduces Thief Santa19 December 2012
Get merry with these Minecraft Christmas mods19 December 2012
Chris Roberts urges gamers to back Elite and Godus Kickstarters19 December 2012
How big is The War Z's map?19 December 2012
Blizzard ban “several thousand” Diablo 3 botters in one fell swoop19 December 2012
Gas Powered Games are up to something; they’ve launched a countdown19 December 2012
Julian Gollop’s Chaos Reborn to have both synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer; work-in-progress screenshot revealed19 December 2012
Why Microsoft Pinball didn’t come with Windows Vista19 December 2012
Valve investigating The War Z following accusations of false advertising, Hammerpoint say players "misread" Steam store page19 December 2012
The Greeviling replaces Frostivus as Dota 2 Christmas event; prepare for a “dire tide” of Greevils19 December 2012
Valve haven’t acquired Plants vs Zombies team; “Valve hired 2 guys from Star Filled Studios, only 1 of which was part of the PvZ team”19 December 2012
1000 Amps 2.0 update sees the entire game recoded in C++18 December 2012
Hawken Christmas map teased. Fingers crossed for mech-sized Father Christmas hats18 December 2012
Planetside 2 has more than 250,000 daily players and 1.6 million registrants18 December 2012
Showdown Effect trailer is a cliché magnet18 December 2012
League of Legends Snowdown Showdown event brings new Christmas threads for some of the better behaved heroes18 December 2012
Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm Collector's Edition details revealed: Zerg mouse mat included18 December 2012
Zombie Studios developing psychological horror with Unreal Engine 418 December 2012
Guild Wars 2 demolishes bot population, 34,000 accounts terminated18 December 2012
Woodcutter Simulator 2013 trailer shows chainsaw used responsibly, screenshots include tree-grabbing colossus18 December 2012
Hawken First Impressions: robological18 December 2012
League of Legends Champion Spotlight: Vi, the Piltover Enforcer18 December 2012
Nineteen years after Race Into Space, there's another Buzz Aldrin game on the way18 December 2012
Star Wars: The Old Republic Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion announced for Spring; pre-orders bring early access18 December 2012
The War Z arrives on Steam as an unfinished 'Foundation Release', becomes top seller18 December 2012
Eve Online's Holiday Celebration Trailer is fairly barmy, as these things go18 December 2012
Total War: Rome 2 developer diary shows off multiple-objective sieges and new tactical map18 December 2012
2 Player Productions release trailer for Minecraft: The Story of Mojang18 December 2012
Planetside 2 triple station cash event on Friday; “Our master plan is to take your money the day before the world ends.”18 December 2012
Funcom's ARG is a bit like Uplink crossed with The Secret World18 December 2012
Heroes of Newerth accounts hacked, passwords breached; “I guess I’ll do LoL next”, boasts hacker18 December 2012
Far Cry 3’s apparent colonialism was critique, says its writer18 December 2012
Godus Kickstarter still short with three days to go; backers to get their face on Curiosity’s cube18 December 2012
Killing Floor Christmas update sends zombies into space17 December 2012
Dota 2 Polycount contest winners announced; the new Dota outfits will be on sale next week17 December 2012
GoD Factory: Wingmen footage shows star-spangled multiplayer spacefighting17 December 2012
Comet closes last UK stores tomorrow; everything 50% off17 December 2012
Tomb Raider Guide to Survival video shows that a key to island living is ice picking people in the head17 December 2012
War of the Roses update coming Wednesday, trailer shows slaughter in the snow17 December 2012
New Crysis 3 video shows off the first of the Seven Wonders17 December 2012
BioShock Infinite: an interview with Irrational's level designer17 December 2012
Minecraft 1.4.6 pre-release is out now, fixes fireworks, has Christmas surprise17 December 2012
New Borderlands 2 DLC on the way, features mustaches17 December 2012
Mykonos for Flight Simulator X review in pictures17 December 2012
Frontier Developments lays off 14 staff17 December 2012
Black Ops 2 patch arrives, fixes zombies, floating corpses and ghosts17 December 2012
Splinter Cell Blacklist "through the lens" art style is as though Sam Fisher is being followed by a documentary crew16 December 2012
The Weekly Playlist: the one where Paul tries to fend off a Minecraft relapse and Rob gives a tiger a sporting chance16 December 2012
THQ considering developing for Linux following success of Humble Bundle16 December 2012
Company of Heroes 2 alpha testing has begun16 December 2012
DUST 514 weapons video breaks down the classes and skills system16 December 2012
RAGE The Scorchers DLC adds Ultra Nightmare difficulty and lets you play the game FOREVER15 December 2012
Dead Space 3 co-op trailer features toy soldiers. Freakily oversized toy soldiers15 December 2012
Windows 8 store drops 18-rated restrictions15 December 2012
Little Inferno soundtrack available for free15 December 2012
Prison Architect alpha 5 adds fire trucks and lets you say no to the convicts15 December 2012
Spotlight on Greenlight, 15/12/1215 December 2012
Minecraft snapshot updated, Christmas surprises uncovered14 December 2012
Valve launch built-in Steam Game Guides, written by players14 December 2012
Red Orchestra 2 is free on Steam all weekend14 December 2012
Total War: Rome 2 adds Carthaginians, gives them big spears14 December 2012
Dirty Bomb will be free at launch. Splash Damage release new gameplay footage14 December 2012
The Best Microsoft Flight Simulator X Add-Ons14 December 2012
Valve are opening a studio in San Francisco, according to ex-Blizzard and PopCap devs14 December 2012
Dota 2 is getting a 'Frostivus' update, which could include ice-skating14 December 2012
Festive Christmas crates have just started appearing in Team Fortress 214 December 2012
Blizzard's Mike Morhaime on the future of StarCraft 2 eSports, Heart of the Swarm, and community concerns13 December 2012
Watch World of Tanks WCG winners The RED: Rush fight in the quarter-finals of the EMS winter season13 December 2012
Dota 2 patch adds Timbersaw to the roster alongside hints that Bastion's narrator will appear as announcer13 December 2012
Shootmania Beta 2 will open December 19, in the meantime: dubstep13 December 2012
DmC: Devil May Cry PC release date set for January 25, 2.7 Ghz CPU recommended13 December 2012
Indie space combat sim Enemy Starfighter boasts dynamic campaign, mission planning, lots of screen shake13 December 2012
Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer trailer starts with sombre narration, then rockets happen13 December 2012
Arma 3 delayed following detainment of Bohemia Interactive developers13 December 2012
New Minecraft snapshot renders items in 3D, adds firework noises, crushes bugs under mighty boots13 December 2012
Inside the Hawken launch: "the big thing is for us not to screw up." 13 December 2012
There's a GLaDOS cameo in Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming Pacific Rim, have a listen13 December 2012
Free to play Hawken enters open beta, is available to download right now13 December 2012
Eve Online now has 450,000 subscribers; Chinese relaunch a success13 December 2012
Code Hero Kickstarter backers organising class action suit against developer; UPDATE: Deckard not suing, Primer Labs apologise and reassure backers13 December 2012
Steam Community Market beta allows you to buy and sell items in Team Fortress 212 December 2012
Perspective will chop up and reassemble your mind. Best of all it's free12 December 2012
Black Ops 2 Nuketown Zombies trailer has a confusing central core narrative but brings it back by shooting zombies12 December 2012
Wrath of the Fallen: the latest Minecraft adventure from the creator of Herobrine's Mansion12 December 2012
Crysis 3 footage shows Prophet killing people on a stroll in the park12 December 2012
Hawken launch trailer released in preparation for the open beta that goes live today12 December 2012
See Nidalee post-visual makeover in the new League of Legends Champion Spotlight12 December 2012
Black Ops 2 PC patch “in the test cycle now”12 December 2012
Ghostcrawler on Pandaria and beyond: WoW players "shouldn't have time to get bored." 12 December 2012
bitComposer acquire video game license for Strugatsky brothers’ Stalker film; it’s not STALKER, mind12 December 2012
Metro Last Light preview: a ruinous beauty 12 December 2012
Guild Wars 2 Wintersday to introduce improved WvW, much rejoicing12 December 2012
Looking ahead: Oculus Rift creator says VR "has the potential to revolutionise"12 December 2012
Rift team hit by layoffs at Trion Worlds12 December 2012
BioShock Infinite's video and graphics options in full12 December 2012
The Secret World drops monthly subscription; “We’re not going free to play. It’s buy to play.”12 December 2012
Humble THQ Bundle set to become most successful Humble Bundle ever12 December 2012
Gamespy respond to server shutdowns: “Reports that GameSpy Technologies ‘shutdown servers without warning’ are simply inaccurate.”12 December 2012
SWTOR 1.6 Ancient Hypergate update gets launch trailer12 December 2012
Tomb Raider Survivor trailer shows a very ill-clothed Croft climbing a chilly pole11 December 2012
GAME Pad hotel suite is one of the more expensive ways to spend the night playing games11 December 2012
World of Tanks 8.2 update brings new tanks and more updated maps11 December 2012
Minecraft Battlestar Galactica is made of over 4 million blocks11 December 2012
SimCity footage shows cities working together and how your friends can save you from a meteor storm11 December 2012
Steam trade site flooded with copies of Metro 2033 after THQ giveaway11 December 2012
Tomb Raider: Everything We Know11 December 2012
Ace of Spades hits 500,000 pre-registrations11 December 2012
Aliens: Colonial Marines' multiplayer is basically Left 4 Dead with xenomorphs11 December 2012
Player-Owned Ports expansion introduces pirate recruitment program to RuneScape11 December 2012
Metro: Last Light trailer is wet, miserable, compelling11 December 2012
IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad in development at new 1C and 777 Studios outfit11 December 2012
Dishonored DLC Dunwall City Trials is out already on Steam11 December 2012
Get free Station Cash for Planetside 2 from other SOE games11 December 2012
Drinking alone, together: King of Booze out now11 December 2012
Guild Wars 2 Wintersday trailer goings-on look familiar somehow; read the full event schedule here11 December 2012
Valve tested Dota 2 on tablets. It didn't work. That might change10 December 2012
SimBin tease GTR3, the next entry in the classic GT racing series10 December 2012
Warhorse developing the prettiest looking manure covered farm around10 December 2012
Garry's Mod Kinect is out; watch and be amazed as people play football virtually with their physical hands and feet10 December 2012
Robot Unicorn Attack made into a Facebook game. Someone needs to burn the suit that birthed this beast10 December 2012
Team Liquid's HerO wins NASL Season 4 StarCraft 2 championship with miracle comeback against viOLet10 December 2012
EVE Online celebrates Christmas with gifts and snowball fights10 December 2012
DJ Space has you mix music with planets10 December 2012
SimCity screens show off new UI and crime map10 December 2012
Space Hulk brings the Warhammer 40K board game to PC, finally10 December 2012
Freelancer Star Wars mod Freeworlds: Tides of War is just like shooting Womp... 10 December 2012
World of Tanks roundup: more holiday bundles and bonuses, popular premium tank on sale, we work out what's best value10 December 2012
iOS app lets you share your favourite Minecraft seeds10 December 2012
Assassin’s Creed 3 DLC documents the Tyranny of King Washington via trailer10 December 2012
Star Citizen has now raised over $7m, reaches 100,000 backers, celebrates by showing off new ship renders10 December 2012
Bioshock Infinite VGAs trailer is skyrailin’ USA10 December 2012
Godus prototype footage emerges as Kickstarter campaign reaches half funding10 December 2012
Rebellion head on Gamespy Sniper Elite server shutdowns: “It would have been a good idea to at least pre-warn our fans that this was happening.”10 December 2012
The Sunday Driver: Catching up with Project CARS10 December 2012
Irrational's Ken Levine reveals reasoning behind Bioshock: Infinite's underwhelming cover art9 December 2012
IPL5 Interview: TotalBiscuit on Axiom, Shootmania, and the state of pro StarCraft 29 December 2012
Unity of Command Red Turn DLC listed in Steam database, release impending9 December 2012
Team Meat: "Mew-Genics will feature over 12,207,031,250,000,000,000,000 cats."9 December 2012
The Weekly Playlist: the one where Paul takes a nostalgia trip and Steve has to suffer through a five-hour tutorial9 December 2012
Gabe Newell aiming for PC to compete with next gen consoles for the living room9 December 2012
Street Fighter x Mega Man released for free to mark 25th anniversary of the blue-suited robot9 December 2012
Glu begins closing down Gamespy servers without warning8 December 2012
South Park: The Stick of Truth trailer; in which a child is humped by a dog8 December 2012
Triple Town comes to PC. Warning: the bears will destroy you8 December 2012
Portal 2 lego movie is likely to be the best thing you'll see all day8 December 2012
Far Cry 3 and Assassin's Creed 3 are in the UK Steam store (finally)8 December 2012
Dark Souls 2 announced. Coming to PC without a petition8 December 2012
Far Cry 3 patch will make UI customisable, letting you kill the popups8 December 2012
Spotlight on Greenlight, 8/12/128 December 2012
Team Liquid announce new Dota 2 team and roster, their first foray outside of StarCraft7 December 2012
Trion take control of End of Nations by moving development in-house7 December 2012
Sponsored post: Green Man Gaming deliver Christmas voucher apocalypse7 December 2012
Latest Company of Heroes 2 dev diary demonstrates new ambush tech7 December 2012
NASL Season 4 Grand Finals close out 2012's StarCraft 2's major tournament season this weekend7 December 2012
DongRaeGu at IPL5: On his slump, Zerg balance, and the future of StarCraft 27 December 2012
DayZ standalone release date might miss December; “We will slip the date rather than ship something we believe is not ready”, says Rocket7 December 2012
Wargaming launch blog documenting their dig for buried Spitfires7 December 2012
Prepare to celebrate: unexpected Minecraft snapshot adds fireworks, brings joy7 December 2012
League of Legends champion revealed: Vi, the Piltover Enforcer7 December 2012
World of Tanks players on US servers can earn triple XP this weekend7 December 2012
Titan Quest added to Humble THQ Bundle7 December 2012
Friends for Minecraft tracks your buddies, shares your pictures7 December 2012
League of Legends Champion Spotlight: Nami, the Tidecaller7 December 2012
League of Legends appears in Steam content registry: is a Steam launch on the cards? Update: No7 December 2012
Crysis 3 release date set for February7 December 2012
Planetside 2 double XP weekend begins tonight7 December 2012
Catch your first glimpse of the Dunwall City Trials: Dishonored's DLC6 December 2012
IGF finalists to receive Steam distribution agreements 6 December 2012
Air Buccaneers is out now on Steam6 December 2012
Riot's “Player Behavior and Justice Team” features neuroscientist, psychologist, will address trash-talking6 December 2012
Far Cry 3 PC patch brings better stability and improved matchmaking6 December 2012
Christmas is coming to Dota 2: new gamemode, custom HUD skins 6 December 2012
Tiny Barbarian DX: the return of the angry platformer via Robert E. Howard6 December 2012
World of Tanks players can collect chocolate, Coke, pudding in seasonal promotion6 December 2012
League of Legends pre-Season 3 patch out now6 December 2012
BioWare willing to change Old Republic’s free-to-play option, Preferred players getting four more character slots; “We want you to know that this is an ongoing dialogue.”6 December 2012
Project Eternity art attack: early character models and environments revealed6 December 2012
Warhammer: Total War now may be a thing; Creative Assembly acquire license for Warhammer series, Relic still have 40K6 December 2012
Make Something Unreal Live 2013 finalists announced6 December 2012
NCSoft and Petroglyph layoff staff5 December 2012
Planescape: Torment and the Legacy of Kain series may be coming to Steam5 December 2012
Godus prototype footage shows world ending water vortex5 December 2012
Black Ops 2 makes $1 billion in 15 days; Activision now able to compete with unemployed Irish artist5 December 2012
Primordia launches. Finally humans can see how their world will burn5 December 2012
Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded trailer; sticks with the theme of a straight remake by reusing voiceover from the Kickstarter pitch5 December 2012
Forge out on Steam; let the RPG-enthused arena fighting begin5 December 2012
Eve is art: MMO will feature in MoMA exhibition, "incredibly humbling," says producer5 December 2012
Videogame industry's tax relief will be "among the most generous in the world," says UK chancellor5 December 2012
Ace of Spades release date set for next week; promises a "hectic, destructive, intelligent and tactical form of gameplay which can’t be found anywhere else.”5 December 2012
We have 500 Firefall beta keys to give away!5 December 2012
New weapons coming to Planetside 2 tomorrow, with new anti-air promised next week5 December 2012
Hawken open beta begins December 12th; here’s a really lovely screenshot5 December 2012
Eve turns ten: CCP on Retribution and the decade ahead5 December 2012
League of Legends Season 3 changes revealed: jungling, masteries and 23 new items5 December 2012
Firefall European servers up and ready for December 7th beta weekend5 December 2012
Dignitas pro player permabanned from League of Legends by Riot on eve of Season 35 December 2012
Ron Gilbert is personally ensuring The Cave is a good PC game: “I boot up my Xbox once a month. Mostly I play PC games.”5 December 2012
Epic President Mike Capps retires to sit on the company board4 December 2012
Dikembe Mutombo's 4 1/2 Weeks to Save the World is a fantastic game plus advert4 December 2012
Hitman Absolution Facebook app pulled after just a few hours online: allowed you order hits on friends for their “small tits”4 December 2012
Richard & Alice trailer teases a story involving polar bears, isolation, and a science project gone wrong. Getting a Lost vibe4 December 2012
Assassin's Creed 3 Hidden Secrets DLC released for season pass holders; still another week for standard players4 December 2012
Eve Online: Retribution is out today; its patch notes last seen extending beyond the horizon4 December 2012
Stellar: Chris Roberts on building Star Citizen and why indies should embrace Kickstarter4 December 2012
Far Cry 3 crafting guide: bags of fun4 December 2012
SOE head John Smedley doesn’t like Planetside 2 hackers much; “We’ll hunt you down”4 December 2012
Planetside 2 in-game purchases to be unlocked for every character on an account4 December 2012
Blizzard CEO refutes Starcraft II free-to-play speculation: “The math just isn’t there” 4 December 2012
Report: Intel's next line of PC chips will be soldered to specific motherboards4 December 2012
Hands on with Tomb Raider: I fell into a wolf's house and the wolf bit me4 December 2012
Team Dignitas manager’s house ravaged by fire; eSports fans raise $14,000 to replace children’s possessions4 December 2012
Project Eternity crowdfunding ends at $4.3 million total; the long wait begins4 December 2012
Valve register two domain names for films: Free to Play and Ahead of the Game4 December 2012
Company of Heroes Movie is like Band of Brothers Lite3 December 2012
What's the difference between Starcraft 2 clans and groups? 3 December 2012
Heart of the Swarm beta update majorly re-balances many of the units3 December 2012
Steam Big Picture Mode released; sale on controller-friendly games to celebrate3 December 2012
Barkley 2 passes Kickstarter goal and a number of its stretch goals. Looks like the internet want to play with an amnesiac baller3 December 2012
As World of Warcraft's annual pass expires, Blizzard dev unconcerned at prospect of players leaving: "it was about reaching players we already had"3 December 2012
Hunt down Wargaming's tanks to earn a bounty in gold3 December 2012
Skyrim Dragonborn DLC coming to PC early next year3 December 2012
Elite: Dangerous will get “new elements, new missions” post-release; the game is “not static”, says Braben3 December 2012
A Kickstarter pitch for a Kickstarter pledge: author Drew Wagar on raising money to pay to write the next Elite novel3 December 2012
Hitman Absolution’s Deus Ex DLC: See Agent 47 break necks as Adam Jensen3 December 2012
Steam stats shows more users on Windows 8 than MacOS3 December 2012
BioShock Infinite box art looks like this; “official” Elizabeth portrayed by Moscow cosplayer3 December 2012
Crysis 3 system specs revealed; marks the return of the phrase: “Can it run Crysis?”3 December 2012
GSL Code StarCraft 2 Finals at IPL 5: HyuN and Sniper close out 2012 in seven bruising games2 December 2012
Saxxy Awards winners announced; Best Overall still to come1 December 2012
Desperate Gods brings boardgaming to the PC in a whole new, intuitive way1 December 2012
Kerbal Space Program update soundtrack and dockable space stations; all in celebration of the game's second birthday1 December 2012
Trading Doors is a stock market game that lets you invest virtual money in real companies1 December 2012
The Cave trailer shows off Double Fine's verbose subterranean cavern1 December 2012
Spotlight on Greenlight, 1/12/121 December 2012
IPL 5 Day 2: a bloodletting in StarCraft and League of Legends1 December 2012
Where the action is: IPL 5, David Ting, and the battle to be the eSports' best1 December 2012