December 2016 Archive

ModDB and IndieDB reveal their top ten mods and indie games of the year31 December 2016
From Minecraft porn to the CSGOLotto scandal: the craziest news stories of 201631 December 2016
Grab GRID for $3 on GOG before it's gone forever31 December 2016
A Carrie Fisher tribute is coming to Elite: Dangerous in update 2.331 December 2016
Hired Ops giveaway! Win one of 100 keys for this military shooter!30 December 2016
Valve invite the developer of military VR shooter Onward to work at their offices30 December 2016
World of Warcraft to be the only game featured in Californian exhibit on world-changing tech30 December 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: See Watch Dogs 2’s best hacks, tech and upgrades29 December 2016
Are triple-A games really failing?29 December 2016
Harassment in VR stops when avatars get “human emotional reactions", says Tim Sweeney29 December 2016
Watch us compete for the PCGN football cup in episode two of our Football Manager 2017 Let's Play29 December 2016
Running With Scissors make Postal open source29 December 2016
Turning the tables and setting them on fire in Divinity: Original Sin 2 multiplayer - a battle report29 December 2016
Topic of the Week: what did you get for Christmas?28 December 2016
See us peel back our poker faces and show you some PCGamesN video bloopers from 201628 December 2016
Resident Evil 7 is a sequel and not a reboot because "story and narrative" justify it28 December 2016
Life isn't fair, but at least videogames are28 December 2016
"Where do you see the fraud here?" say G2A in response to Trion Worlds CEO27 December 2016
G2A: How they say they're cleaning up their act27 December 2016
Pixelmage Games shutting down, work on upcoming RPG Hero's Song ceased27 December 2016
Is vanilla Minecraft still a fun game to play, underneath the pop culture phenomenon?27 December 2016
The two-year hunt for Frog Fractions 2 is at an end: here's how to play it27 December 2016
The cancelled videogame sequels that time forgot27 December 2016
Simon Miller corrects our games of the year list in the festive Miller Rapport26 December 2016
Halo Wars 2 unit models and music leak: see how the Spartans will look26 December 2016
Win snowball fights in Heroes of the Storm's Snow Brawl for 1,000G and a snowman portrait26 December 2016
Forza Horizon 3 is a shameless thief, and that's the best thing a racing game can be26 December 2016
Dice won't add conquest mode to Battlefront 2, but there's "things to learn" from Battlefield26 December 2016
Restricting players can be a good thing, as 2016's best shooters have proved26 December 2016
Making it in Unreal: how a phone call from Capcom stopped Resident Evil 2 Reborn and started Daymare: 199826 December 2016
PC sports games - from the dark ages of dodgy console ports to modern marvel NBA 2K1725 December 2016
Day of Infamy, new expandalone from Insurgency devs, hits Early Access beta25 December 2016
Raptor Claus is coming to town with ARK: Survival Evolved's patch 253 update25 December 2016
Blizzard's Christmas gift is five free Overwatch loot boxes - login for yours24 December 2016
Modular toolsets and kitbashing: the secrets behind Bethesda's open worlds24 December 2016
Star Citizen dumps CryEngine four years into development, moves to Lumberyard for 2.624 December 2016
The Worlds Adrift alpha NDA no longer applies23 December 2016
Roguelike run 'n' gunner Hive Jump leaves Early Access on January 1823 December 2016
RimWorld’s Wanderlust update adds randomly-generated globes for full planetary exploration 23 December 2016
Warframe’s The Glast Gambit expansion lets you spawn homing maggots23 December 2016
Steam is slowly coming back online after apparent DDoS attack23 December 2016
Titanfall 2 is $29.99 in EA's Origin Christmas sale - you know what to do23 December 2016
Cloud Pirates giveaway! Win one of 500 keys for the closed beta of this skyblazing MMO!23 December 2016
The Steam Christmas sales are live23 December 2016
Merry Christmas, you filthy animals. But don't worry, we're not actually going anywhere...23 December 2016
The PCGamesN Awards 201623 December 2016
GOG’s own winter sale comes a-knocking with cheap games23 December 2016
Crypt of the Necrodancer brings the beat back with prequel DLC on Early Access January 2423 December 2016
Valve fined three million AUD by Australian Federal Court over refund policy23 December 2016
Valve-made Dota 2 documentary True Sight complete, episode three focuses on EG23 December 2016
7 Android versions of great PC games to try on Amazon's App Store23 December 2016
Shattered: Tale of The Forgotten King looks like Dark Souls, but with good platforming22 December 2016
Drone is a sci-fi arena shooter where the community builds gorgeous futurescapes22 December 2016
An Overwatch animated short is being made for Lucio, according to voice actor22 December 2016
The developers of Baldur’s Gate are making a new game and they want testers22 December 2016
Karl Fairburne returns to kick the Nazis out of Italy in Sniper Elite 4 trailer22 December 2016
Watch us grow tired and weary of each other's shortcomings in Can't Drive This22 December 2016
New documentary features Journey dev on the struggle of indie studios, is on Steam now22 December 2016
The best games of 2016: Furi22 December 2016
Overwatch made 10% of premium PC total revenue in 2016, despite releasing in May22 December 2016
Heat Signature's factions revealed as dev heads to Valve for partnership on development22 December 2016
Black Mesa devs to "push the boundaries" of Xen as they release first image of new area22 December 2016
Autobalancing in TF2 casual games is probably for life, not just for Smissmas22 December 2016
G2A unveil game bundles in overhaul of controversial Shield service22 December 2016
A Nemesis-style threat, glue guns and telekinesis - Prey's aliens and abilities explained21 December 2016
Blizzard reveal Zul’jin, the next addition to the Heroes of the Storm roster21 December 2016
Logitech Spotlight: 16.8 million reasons you need a G810 Orion Spectrum 21 December 2016
Overwatch server browser coming early 2017, but don’t expect Valentine’s or Easter events21 December 2016
The Overwatch devs are tweeting out photos of their community crowdfunded cookies21 December 2016
Resident Evil 7 data mining reveals full plot details and DLC plans21 December 2016
Cobbles, bad cockney accents and moonlight dominate Vampyr's Darkness Within trailer21 December 2016
Website wardrobe malfunction lets slip the new Nvidia-powered Dell XPS 1521 December 2016
Overwatch This episode 13: Overwatch in 2017 - heroes, modes, skins and events21 December 2016
Topic of the Week: 2017's most anticipated PC games21 December 2016
Dota 2 7.01 patch nerfs Monkey King, buffs Enchantress and Meepo, fixes various crashes21 December 2016
The best games of 2016: Planet Coaster21 December 2016
Melee attacks and merch come to Battletech - buy clan banners to hang from your walls21 December 2016
Major Gwent update adds Trololo and ranked play, tweaks progression and XP systems21 December 2016
Free Mafia 3 update adds car customisation, street racing and bright red racing car21 December 2016
Pre-order exclusive early access to Halo Wars: Definitive Edition has choppy launch21 December 2016
First paid Civ 6 DLC brings Poland and Viking scenarios, balance update also released21 December 2016
Asheron's Call and its sequel are being shut down on January 3120 December 2016
BioWare are livestreaming a man in a chair20 December 2016
Surprise Overwatch Christmas comic gives Tracer a girlfriend and Widowmaker feelings20 December 2016
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is on sale now for under $2020 December 2016
Ready for mayhem in Medici? Just Cause 3’s multiplayer mod beta begins today20 December 2016
We played and wrote about every single game we were sent in a week20 December 2016
A StarCraft concept artist is now making a manned mech that could crush your tiny head20 December 2016
The best games of 2016: Firewatch20 December 2016
Only Chile gets Nvidia's PC gaming revival kit. That's ok, I'm after the PC gaming survival kit20 December 2016
Skyrim’s total conversion mod Enderal is getting an expansion, Forgotten Stories20 December 2016
The Long Dark's new Resolute Outfitter update adds a new area, wetter clothes20 December 2016
Galax's GTX 1070 marks the return of the single slot graphics card20 December 2016
Overwatch on sale - 25% off base version, 33% off Origins edition, 50% off upgrade20 December 2016
92-page patch note document heralds the coming of Street Fighter 5 season two20 December 2016
Here's everything that's in Minecraft Windows 10 following the 1.0 Ender Update20 December 2016
Telltale: our format doesn't change because it should be as instinctive as Netflix20 December 2016
Join us as we endure apocalyptic misery in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier20 December 2016
The Walking Dead season three is still better than the TV show, despite moving Clem out of the spotlight20 December 2016
Blizzard put out casting call to cast two Hearthstone casters19 December 2016
Christmas comes to Novigrad in the Winter is Coming mod for The Witcher 319 December 2016
Gaming Santa is real and he's got game codes for disadvantaged kids19 December 2016
Dawn of War 3's new trailer gives us a glimpse into the eternal war's story and characters19 December 2016
Forza Horizon 3 gets microtransactions - its most expensive car costs over £8019 December 2016
Job posting at id Software points to microtransaction focus for Quake Champions19 December 2016
An Eve player was mean, so Reddit played Santa and sent him 6,000 units of space coal19 December 2016
New Miller Rapport walks you through the 12 slays of Christmas19 December 2016
Paying for upgrades in For Honor will give you more ways to play, not make you stronger19 December 2016
Batman's son, Damian Wayne, could be getting his own game after Suicide Squad is canned19 December 2016
The best games of 2016: Dishonored 219 December 2016
If a LoL pro isn't in Riot's database - and dozens aren't - teams can poach them19 December 2016
For Honor uses peer-to-peer networking, but Ubisoft say “no player will have an advantage”19 December 2016
AI War 2 raises nearly double its Kickstarter target, and is thus happening19 December 2016
Making it in Unreal: the gods go turn-based in Smite Tactics19 December 2016
Tracer shooting lasers out of her eyes is why you don't get to play early Overwatch builds19 December 2016
Nvidia confirm the existence of the GTX 1080 Ti as well as a new team green loyalty program19 December 2016
Polish government approves $7 million grant to CD Projekt for "seamless multiplayer" research19 December 2016
You can play the Resident Evil 7 demo for free on Steam now19 December 2016
G2A are developing their own VR game, Blunt Force, and it’s a time-bending WW2 shooter19 December 2016
Serious Sam: The First Encounter comes to VR on December 2018 December 2016
Kite Games show off new commander system with this Sudden Strike 4 trailer18 December 2016
Petroglyph take their 8-Bit strategy series into space with 8-Bit Invaders18 December 2016
The best games of 2016: World of Warcraft: Legion18 December 2016
Weapons from other Square Enix RPGs appear in new Nier: Automata trailer18 December 2016
New A Hat in Time trailer shows off its third chapter and 2017 release date18 December 2016
Offworld Trading Company opens up to modding support via Steam Workshop18 December 2016
Gun Media teases playable camp counselors and Jasons ahead of Friday the 13th beta18 December 2016
Star Marine finally comes to Star Citizen with patch 2.618 December 2016
Blizzard respond to frigid reception about Mei’s Legendary Winter Wonderland skin18 December 2016
Cyanide Studios release new Call of Cthulhu screenshots, detailing eerie Darkwater Island18 December 2016
Morrowind Rebirth keeps on trucking with its 39th major update since 201117 December 2016
Phoenix Labs show off the design process behind Dauntless’ weighty combat system17 December 2016
Fanmade expansion to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Antibirth, releases on December 2017 December 2016
Bring all your little friends as Overkill Software announce Scarface DLC for Payday 217 December 2016
The best games of 2016: Dark Souls III17 December 2016
Climax Studios carve some tubular waves with the announce trailer for Surf World Series17 December 2016
Merry Auraximas as Daybreak release festive update for Planetside 217 December 2016
Alien structures rise from the deep in Subnautica’s Precursor update17 December 2016
Red Hook Studios release details about the new Fanatic boss for Darkest Dungeon17 December 2016
Blizzard bring the banhammer down on another wave of Chinese Overwatch players17 December 2016
Long awaited Homestuck adventure game, Hiveswap, finally comes to Steam Greenlight17 December 2016
Plunder ancient vaults and terraform entire planets in Starbound 1.216 December 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: three awesome indies you can get free by upgrading your PC16 December 2016
Become a star citizen in Space Engineers, which is in beta now16 December 2016
Dick around in space buggies and terraform planets in Astroneer right now16 December 2016
Warhammer - Vermintide gets all festive; kill rat men in the snow in the Karak Azgaraz DLC16 December 2016
Unity now supports the Vulkan API16 December 2016
Are Intel cutting corners with Kaby Lake's thermal goo?16 December 2016
Former Konami president Shinji Hirano is now president of Kojima Productions16 December 2016
Revelation Online giveaway! Win one of 500 codes for the second closed beta!16 December 2016
MSI are jumping into the ol' monitor game with their curvy new MSI Optix series16 December 2016
Riot and Major League Baseball announce $300m League of Legends streaming deal16 December 2016
Slavery, serpents and human sacrifices are Conan Exiles' take on the survival genre16 December 2016
Get 14 great Star Wars games, including The Force Unleashed 2, for just £1816 December 2016
The best games of 2016: Overwatch16 December 2016
Lego Worlds will double in price come launch16 December 2016
YouTube address unsubscription complaints, get 24,000 dislikes16 December 2016
Have a snowball fight in Verdun's Christmas Truce DLC, proceeds go to War Child charity16 December 2016
Titanfall 2 sales rally in November, but COD reigns supreme16 December 2016
Watch us demonstrate a masterclass in walking along corridors in Space Hulk: Deathwing16 December 2016
You can vlog on Twitch now, and soon you'll be able to stream from your mobile easier16 December 2016
CrossCode update 0.8.5 adds new temple and extends Basin Keep area16 December 2016
Cyanide Studios unveil Styx’s Rebirth power in this new trailer for Styx: Shards of Darkness15 December 2016
Doom: Bloodfall adds a new weapon, three maps and the Spectral Pinky to multiplayer15 December 2016
Logitech Spotlight: seven reasons the G213 keyboard is next-level15 December 2016
Fight for King and Country in Together for Victory, Hearts of Iron IV’s first big expansion15 December 2016
Pewter Games’ The Little Acre is now available on Steam and GOG15 December 2016
Nexon unveils two huge updates for MMOs MapleStory and Riders of Icarus 15 December 2016
Riot unveils major rule changes ahead of 2017's North America League Championship Series15 December 2016
Create your own winter wonderland with Planet Coaster’s winter update15 December 2016
Face tracking technology and Twitch means dogs playing videogames and a lot of memes15 December 2016
Intel Core i7 7700K benchmark preview15 December 2016
Hearthstone sets are designed in eight months, and Blizzard want some help with that15 December 2016
Capcom accidentally release balance changes for Season 2 of Street Fighter V early on Steam15 December 2016
Lead your WAAAGH to victory with the reveal of the Ork Faction for Dawn of War 315 December 2016
New screenshots released as Shenmue 3 PC pre-orders go live15 December 2016
Topic of the Week: What's your pick for the best game of 2016?15 December 2016
Rainbow Six Siege's mid-season patch adds a new PvP map, finally buffs Tachanka15 December 2016
The best games of 2016: Hitman15 December 2016
Stellaris 'Banks' patch 1.5 to debut tradition trees in similar style to Civ 5 social policies15 December 2016
Try out the new and improved Division for free this weekend15 December 2016
World of Warships community questions decision to award USS Alabama to testers15 December 2016
Watch Dogs 2 update adds misson replays, hacking invasion tweaks and San Francisco’s famous fog15 December 2016
Finish the fight: Killer Instinct’s Definitive Edition hits Windows 1014 December 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: get three VR games free with new GTX HTC Vive bundle14 December 2016
Rime reportedly drops PS4 exclusivity, gets into bed with PC, Xbox One and Switch14 December 2016
Doom, Deus Ex and Dawn of War: ModDB unveils the 100 best mods of 201614 December 2016
Ubisoft begin sign ups for For Honor’s closed beta in January14 December 2016
Former Lionhead man reveals brash tactics studio used to stamp out Fable bully14 December 2016
Dishonored 2 New Game Plus lands December 19, custom difficulty in January14 December 2016
Overwatch This episode 12: Winter Wonderland arrives and the year is nearly over14 December 2016
Flying cars and full on plastic surgery hit GTA Online in Import/Export update 14 December 2016
Torment: Tides of Numenera comes out on February 28, pre-orders now live14 December 2016
Against all odds, the Windows Store could be about to get even worse14 December 2016
The best games of 2016: Doom14 December 2016
“If you're bored of the game then just stop playing", says Rust co-creator14 December 2016
Umberto Eco meets Ren & Stimpy in Quote, a surreal indie brawler about burning books14 December 2016
Cross two off the naughty list in Hitman's free Holiday Hoarders mission14 December 2016
Steam now officially supports PlayStation 4 controllers (no PowerGlove support planned)14 December 2016
Command ballista elephants and lead Vietnam in Age of Empires II's Rise of the Rajas14 December 2016
New 'Remnants' gameplay trailer shows the two faces of Worlds Adrift13 December 2016
After 16 years, EA's exclusive licensing deal with Porsche is over13 December 2016
Overwatch's Winter Wonderland update - all the Christmas skins, emotes, modes and maps13 December 2016
Overwatch's Winter Wonderland update is now live13 December 2016
Resident Evil 7 is a ruthless return to old-school survival horror13 December 2016
Spark Souls - The Surge gets a new gameplay trailer13 December 2016
Here's how save game transfer works in Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 313 December 2016
8v8 "too chaotic" for standard Overwatch, say Blizzard13 December 2016
Watch us slice and dice our way through baddies in Shadow Tactics13 December 2016
Corsair's new drive is like a lamb to the Samsung SSD slaughter13 December 2016
Google partners with SpatialOS to allow more access to massively multiplayer tools13 December 2016
It’s you versus Hitler in Sniper Elite 4’s Target: Fuhrer pre-order DLC 13 December 2016
Yooka-Laylee release date set for April 11, features platforming classic casino world13 December 2016
Ubisoft say For Honor's single-player campaign is always online despite Steam, uPlay listing13 December 2016
Evolve wasn't the end - Left 4 Dead devs Turtle Rock are back with new fantasy shooter13 December 2016
No more Metro books but that "doesn't mean the story can't continue" says author13 December 2016
Dota 2 patch 7.00 now online with Monkey King, talents, the backpack and more13 December 2016
Mirror's Edge Catalyst and Star Wars Battlefront are now free on Origin Access13 December 2016
Batman - The Telltale Series ends tomorrow, December 13, so here's the spoiler-filled trailer12 December 2016
American Truck Simulator's big rescale is complete, adding hundreds of miles of road12 December 2016
Brutal Doom 64 gets a big patch to add kick attacks, tactical mode and deathmatch12 December 2016
Twitch gets AutoMod, an autonomous tool to clean up racist, sexist and other abusive chat12 December 2016
Ex Witcher 3 dev now working at Techland on an open-world fantasy game12 December 2016
The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series season 3 launch trailer shows a familiar face12 December 2016
The Realities Centre is offering £30K to VR start-ups in new 'incubator' scheme12 December 2016
Total War-powered game show Time Commanders re-debuts tonight12 December 2016
Battlefield 1's Giant's Shadow patch adds spectating and WW1 authentic weapons mode12 December 2016
Nobody cares Final Fantasy 15 and The Last Guardian aren't on PC - The Miller Rapport12 December 2016
Squad-based WW2 MMO Enlisted lets players decide which campaign is developed next12 December 2016
Plasma cannons and power swords in Space Hulk: Deathwing's launch trailer12 December 2016
You can't play Onward if you're under 5'6", as dev struggles to bring VR shooting to all12 December 2016
AMD are still fighting against history and all those forum comments of 'AMD drivers suck.'12 December 2016
Making it in Unreal: inside the imposing engines of Train Sim World12 December 2016
"I don't think it would hurt" to keep your Mass Effect: Andromeda saves, says creative director12 December 2016
OG become three-time Major champions as they take Dota's Boston Major11 December 2016
Dota 2's Monkey King release date, abilities and lore – everything we know11 December 2016
Watch a $10,000 Eve Online death star be blown to bits11 December 2016
The life and times of John Romero, gaming's original rockstar - part 3: Nightmares11 December 2016
The Binding of Isaac's next expansion Afterbirth+ adds more everything and mod tools10 December 2016
Kuma and Panda coming to Tekken 7 along with custom online tournaments10 December 2016
The next Valve Dota Major will finally grace CIS region in April, Kiev rejoices10 December 2016
UK RAF should hire drone operators "out of the PlayStation bedroom" says commander9 December 2016
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth gets widescreen support via a mod9 December 2016
NVIDIA Showcase: how to win a new GTX 1080, Oculus Rift headset & more9 December 2016
Capcom think Resident Evil 7 could sell 4 million copies on day one9 December 2016
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare sales are down nearly 50% on Black Ops 39 December 2016
You can play Steam games with PSVR, albeit unofficially9 December 2016
Could infantry be coming to War Thunder? This teaser suggests so9 December 2016
Eve Online developers CCP could be going up for sale9 December 2016
Watch us endure the worst games of 2016, according to review aggregators OpenCritic9 December 2016
PewDiePie deletes his channel to celebrate 50 million subs - but not the one you watch9 December 2016
Industry Manager: Future Technologies giveaway! Win one of 100 copies of this economy simulator!9 December 2016
Five Ubisoft employees have been fined $1.26 million for insider trading9 December 2016
The Division’s DirectX 12 support will arrive next week along with big bug fixes9 December 2016
Eve Online beginner's guide: finding your feet in the game's newly F2P universe9 December 2016
Total War: Warhammer is cheaper than ever to celebrate Wood Elves DLC release9 December 2016
Mass Effect: Andromeda novel Nexus Uprising will make sense of the latest trailer on March 289 December 2016
Are any developers actually receiving Valve's "pre-paid Steam revenue" VR funding?9 December 2016
Microsoft and Intel's Project Evo - making mixed reality mainstream in 2017. Sure...9 December 2016
"Are computer games a real job?" and other questions at i59 24 hour charity podcast9 December 2016
Shaq wants you to tune into Twitch on Dec 12 to watch eSports in the White House8 December 2016
Obsidian lay off an undisclosed number of developers on Armored Warfare8 December 2016
Kingdom Come: Deliverance is feature complete, now Warhorse are squashing bugs8 December 2016
Get ready for Overwatch novels as Blizzard establish book publishing label8 December 2016
Free-to-play third-person MOBA Gigantic has an open beta for Windows 10 only8 December 2016
HoTS' new game director has “some cool ideas” to implement in-game eSports spectating8 December 2016
Watch as we turn hundreds of zombies into red sloppy mush in Dead Rising 48 December 2016
Sean Bean can't believe he was killed again in Civilization 6's intro8 December 2016
Battlefield 1's free map, Giant's Shadow, lets you shoot a train with a crossbow on Dec 208 December 2016
The life and times of John Romero, gaming's original rockstar - part 2: Doom is born8 December 2016
Step aside, Dishonored - stop time with your farts in South Park: The Fractured But Whole8 December 2016
AMD Radeon Crimson ReLive - game capturing, speed boosting and feature-packed8 December 2016
Doom-inspired roguelike becomes DRL and goes open-source following Zenimax's legal warnings8 December 2016
Mojang launch as the official community hub and news source for all things blocky8 December 2016
An hour of Dawn of War 3 Eldar gameplay, narrated and explained8 December 2016
New AMD Radeon Polaris 10 XT2 and Polaris 12 GPUs appear in Mac drivers8 December 2016
Dean Hall talks VR's lack of profitability and the danger of exclusives being "destroyed"8 December 2016
Logitech Spotlight: meet the G4037 December 2016
Doom's Free Update Five adds bots to multiplayer and strips out Denuvo7 December 2016
It runs at 60 frames-per-hour, but this Atari 2600 emulator in vanilla Minecraft is amazing7 December 2016
Russian MPs call for FIFA 17 ban due to “gay propaganda”7 December 2016
Dead Rising 4 PC port review - benchmarks, performance analysis + how to get 60fps using recommended specs7 December 2016
Capcom show off a Nemesis-style threat in Resident Evil 7 gameplay footage7 December 2016
Overwatch This episode 11: The holiday event plus the three-team trade7 December 2016
Ubisoft are giving away Assassin's Creed 37 December 2016
Topic of the Week: Your biggest multiplayer memory7 December 2016
Space Hulk: Deathwing gets mini-delay for optimisation pass after technical beta7 December 2016
Mobile Warhammer 40k tactics game Space Wolf ditches F2P for paid Steam release7 December 2016
What if GTA but tactics - Ghost Recon Wildlands beta sign-ups are now available7 December 2016
"I only understood some of it" - Mads Mikkelsen chats about his role in Death Stranding6 December 2016
Battleborn's big winter update unlocks all 25 characters from the start and adds a draft mode6 December 2016
Creators of hacks and aimbots in South Korea can now face up to five years in jail6 December 2016
Kill la Kill animation studio to produce the intro for Skullgirls dev's RPG Indivisible6 December 2016
Old School Runescape players battle for $10K on December 17 in the Deadman Invitational6 December 2016
Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive mod brings CS 1.6 into CS:GO later this month6 December 2016
League of Legends patch 6.246 December 2016
Ghost Recon Wildlands will let you drive a bulldozer... and take out targets in any order6 December 2016
Our Eve Online beginner's guide continues in episode three - a disappointing surprise6 December 2016
Even you can't save Aston Villa, but you can try for free - Football Manager 2017 has a demo6 December 2016
Intel rumoured to be using rival AMD's tech in their own processors6 December 2016
Rogue's Soon on winning with Misfits and "disappointment" in Overwatch League 6 December 2016
Sniper Elite 4 story trailer showcases Italy, the perfect spot to shoot Nazis in the balls6 December 2016
Guild Wars 2 PVP revamp on the way, ranked play with more and better matches the plan6 December 2016
Grab any character, weapon or asset from in-game and 3D print it - G2A's next big business6 December 2016
Alienware Aurora review: a grey box gaming PC that's business up front, party in the back6 December 2016
Free Horizon Signal DLC brings Alexis Kennedy’s writing to Stellaris in patch 1.46 December 2016
Hearthstone streamer's card collection was so huge Blizzard had to improve their server tech6 December 2016
Three-way trade between top Overwatch teams sets stage for regional League rosters6 December 2016
Pyre, the next game from the Bastion developers, has competitive multiplayer6 December 2016
Prey is a Metroidvania-style immersive sim with leg-breaking survival elements5 December 2016
Dishonored 2 gets further improvements for performance and mouse inputs in patch 1.35 December 2016
Pitchford says offering Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition free to owners of original "not possible"5 December 2016
Grass cutting, puzzle solving and more shown off in Hob's Forest walkthrough trailer5 December 2016
Eve: Valkyrie's free Gatecrash update adds an icy new map, pilot customisation and more5 December 2016
What went wrong with Paragon and how the Monolith update is trying to fix it5 December 2016
Crusader Kings 2's Monks & Mystics DLC adds options for cults and cloud wizard worship5 December 2016
P.T. datamining leads to Norman Reedus and an eyeless ghost flirting while holding a fetus5 December 2016
We let Simon Miller loose in No Man's Sky and it went as expected5 December 2016
G2A aims to be "literally number one" for payment providers next year with G2A Pay5 December 2016
Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Eternal Throne puts the force front and centre5 December 2016
Street Fighter 5’s second season begins December 20 with a massive balance patch and Akuma5 December 2016
Making it in Unreal: MEG 9 is a vehicular shooter from father of cyberpunk William Gibson5 December 2016
World of Warcraft legacy server Nostalrius returns on December 175 December 2016
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite PC coming late 2017, adds Morrigan and Captain America5 December 2016
Resident Evil 7 PC demo available December 19, TAPE-3 trailer expands on the spooky house5 December 2016
G2A Direct signs up "over 50" developers in four months, including Hi-Rez and SuperHOT4 December 2016
Donate to Make A Wish by adopting World of Warcraft's adorable Fel kitty this Christmas4 December 2016
Finding Hitman's elusive targets too easy? Let chance pick your next mission4 December 2016
Overwatch player hits skill rating cap of 5000, is theoretically The Very Best4 December 2016
MechWarrior 5 bringing singleplayer mech combat back in 20184 December 2016
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite gameplay trailer revealed at Capcom Cup4 December 2016
Darksiders Warmastered patch nails constant 60fps on AMD machines, may still leak memory4 December 2016
Steep has snuck out onto the mountain for winter, here's the launch trailer3 December 2016
See Full Throttle Remastered's fancy new cartoon style in the first look trailer3 December 2016
Dead Rising 4 says Christmas is definitely here with festive launch trailer3 December 2016
Mech Warrior spiritual predecessor BattleTech's plot and characters revealed3 December 2016
Titanfall 2's first free DLC map, Angel City, is live for everyone tomorrow, December 32 December 2016
Warhammer 40K FPS Space Hulk: Deathwing gets a lengthy trailer2 December 2016
Play Titanfall 2's multiplayer free for an unlimited time between December 2-42 December 2016
Sims 4 patch stops your sims getting it on when people are watching2 December 2016
Ship of Heroes is a space-set spiritual sequel to City of Heroes2 December 2016
New Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer introduces us to your space station home base, the Nexus2 December 2016
More levels and chefs on the way to Overcooked as it serves up free Christmas DLC2 December 2016
Konami's cancellation of Silent Hills was "moronic", says Guillermo del Toro2 December 2016
Here’s everything that will be playable on Oculus Touch when it launches next week2 December 2016
Nvidia are releasing a new card with the GTX 1080’s GPU. A hobbled one. For China.2 December 2016
Not had enough video entertainment? Searching "The Game Awards 2016 4K" on YouTube brings up a load of porn2 December 2016
Razer Blade review: a gaming laptop masquerading as an Ultrabook2 December 2016
Yes, Mass Effect: Andromeda's faces DO look really weird, but Bioware are working on it2 December 2016
Watch Dogs 2 review - brazenly silly2 December 2016
Houston Rockets basketball team enters eSports with former Archon CEO at helm2 December 2016
Hearthstone bug means early-openers get 33% bonus packs in NA2 December 2016
Halo Wars 2 trailer introduces us to the baddest Brute there ever was, Atriox2 December 2016
The Game Awards 2016 - all the winners2 December 2016
Here's all the trailers from The Game Awards 20162 December 2016
Extended Prey gameplay trailer explains and dissects the evil space station2 December 2016
Mass Effect: Andromeda's gameplay trailer reveals improved combat and epic exploration2 December 2016
Season three of Telltale's The Walking Dead gets an extended story trailer2 December 2016
Prey's The Game Awards 2016 gameplay trailer shows a super creepy, modern System Shock2 December 2016
Telltale release a tiny teaser trailer for their Guardians of the Galaxy game2 December 2016
Dauntless is a F2P co-op game inspired by Dark Souls, Monster Hunter and WoW2 December 2016
Hannibal actor Mads Mikkelsen shows up as a bad guy in Death Stranding's second trailer2 December 2016
Rocket League heads to space on December 7 with the Starbase Arc arena2 December 2016
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition set for release on April 7, 2017 - you can play as Duke Nukem2 December 2016
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