Diablo 4’s most annoying mount issue is finally no more

Diablo 4 mounts mostly let you get around its vast open world incredibly quickly but they suffer from constant roadblocks, but that’s changing in patch 1.1.1.

Diablo 4 mounts - a horse wearing a skeletal mask over its face gives a dramatic side-eye.

Getting around in Diablo 4 should be no trouble once you’ve unlocked your first Diablo 4 mount, but there’s been a few problems with the system since launch. Your Diablo 4 horse is an incredibly fast way to get around the vast open world of the RPG game, but the handling on them is a little clunky, and your travel is frequently impeded by literal roadblocks. Thankfully, all of your mount woes are set to soon be a thing of the past.

Responding to a user question on the Campfire Chat where Blizzard revealed its preliminary set of Diablo 4 1.1.1 patch notes, game director Joe Shely explains some of the current issues the team is working on for mounts. He also gives a fun example of how a concept can seem a lot more interesting in theory than it is in practice, and reveals a very welcome fix.

“In theory, the idea that you’re riding through an area and some bandits, or some skeletons, have set up a barricade for you and you have to dismount and fight them all – that sounds like a fun idea,” Shely says. “It doesn’t exactly play out that way,” he laughs, “you’re just sort of annoyed, and you say, ‘okay but can I ride around the top of the barricade?’ Then it’s a fight about whether the collision actually touches… We’re going to fix that.”

Diablo 4 mounts - Tweet from game director Joe Shely: "We're going to allow the mount charge to break through barricades. I realized I didn't state this explicitly during the #Diablo4 campfire chat today."

Shely clarifies further on Twitter exactly what that means. “We’re going to allow the mount charge to break through barricades,” he adds, “I realize I didn’t state this explicitly during the Diablo 4 Campfire Chat today.” That’s great news – it does add a tiny bit of player agency, because if you’re not keeping a boost charge ready you might still get stuck, but now you can actively push through these roadblocks in a satisfying manner.

A few other changes are coming too. “We’re going to make mounts feel better, broadly speaking,” Shely remarks. This includes improvements to the boost on a controller, where using multiple boosts doesn’t correctly stack for players on the controller, and general improvements to pathfinding that should help prevent the mount from getting stuck on geometry as you cross the various regions of the Diablo 4 map.

You can watch the full conversation on mounts in the Campfire Chat video below, with the segment in question starting at the 1:26:30 mark.

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