Best games like Diablo 2023

The wait for a new Diablo game rumbles on, so here are our absolute favourite games like Diablo to keep the hordes of hell demons coming your way.

Diablo 4's Lilith

Looking for some games like Diablo to keep you busy during the current Diablo dearth? If you need to get your fill of hitting stuff, leveling up, and wearing unreasonably jagged and oversized shoulder pauldrons, you’ve come to the right place.

With the Diablo 4 release date slowing approaching, all this talk of Blizzard’s acclaimed ARPG series might have you feeling the urge to sink your teeth into a hack-and-slash lootfest. That’s where we come in, We’ve also factored in features like the camera angle, the world setting, and tone. Without further ado, here’s our complete list of games like Diablo for your perusal.

The best games like Diablo are:

Games like Diablo Path of Exile: A group of heroes in Path of Exile takes on a gang of blackguards wielding sqords and crossbows on a crumbling castle walkway.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile is probably the most well-known entry on this list. It’s taken a few years, but PoE is now a massive, fully-fledged alternative to Diablo, and an exceptionally deep experience in its own right. Better yet, it manages to take the formula laid out by games like Diablo and turn it into one of the best MMOs on PC. Even more impressive is the fact that it’s free-to-play with a model that’s about as fair as they come. There are countless PoE builds and styles of play to experiment with, and developer Grinding Gear Games is constantly updating the game with massive expansions every few months, not to mention the upcoming Path of Exile 2 release date.

Games like Diablo: four heroes prepare to face a monster in Lost Ark

Lost Ark

Few MMOs have the slick controls and rich character and loot progression of Lost Ark. It’s one of the most popular PC games of all time and regularly claims hundreds of thousands of concurrent players on Steam. Oh, and it’s free, so there’s no reason not to give it a shot.

Perhaps most impressively, Lost Ark manages to deliver cinematic levels of scope and spectacle throughout its main story, with large-scale battles that feel like something out of Lord of the Rings. And that scale extends to the amount of roleplaying options available to you: nearly 20 Lost Ark classes across five archetypes, 60 levels to work through, pets, housing, crafting, and much more to master. If you want a game to consume your life like Diablo once did, then Lost Ark is the closest you’ll get.

Games like Diablo Titan Quest: The hero of Titan Quest exploring the Great Pyramids, with open sarcophagi displaying the mummified remains within, while an enormous anthropomorphic scorpion advances upon them, a sword held in its claw.

Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition

Titan Quest might be on the older side when compared to the other entries on this list, but there’s no denying its standing as one of the best ARPGs. From the minds of Brian Sullivan and Randall Wallace, Titan Quest offers a refreshing change of scenery from the post-apocalyptic horrors that games like Diablo often attempt to emulate. Instead of hell, Titan Quest transports you to the Ancient World mythologies, where you are tasked by the gods to defeat the Titans rampaging across the earth. Along the way, you can expect to encounter epic heroes, such as Achilles and Odysseus, and traverse mythic locations like the River Styx and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

The Anniversary Edition of Titan Quest, released in 2016, overhauls Titan Quest’s geriatric multiplayer functionality and implements vital quality-of-life improvements, as well as some new heroes and bosses to encounter.

Games like Diablo V Rising: A group of vampires in V Rising assaulting a human town, rushing in to attack a small battalion of guards wielding guns and crossbows as the townsfolk cower in fear.

V Rising

V Rising isn’t your typical Diablo clone – in many ways, it behaves more like a survival game than an ARPG. You awaken as a freshly-turned vampire thirsting for blood. Once that need has been stated, your first priority is to gather materials to build a base. The sun is a slow killer for a vampire, so you must spend the daylight hours sequestered in your castle, crafting weapons and building structures, until night falls. The cover of darkness grants you the freedom to hunt at your leisure, pillaging townsfolk for their loot and their life – just be sure to make it back to your castle before sunrise.

The combat is where V Rising’s resemblance to Diablo truly shines through. Its open world is brimming with bosses, and slaying them often bestows powerful weapons and spell upgrades. The combat UI is a dead ringer for Diablo, with a quick cast skills bar and the quintessential life orb, albeit with another twist: feeding on enemies doesn’t just restore your life, it also grants additional buffs dependent upon the enemy you’re feeding off, draining their power. V Rising is a fun survival game both while playing solo and with friends, but it’s definitely earned its place on our list of games like Diablo.

Games like Diablo Victor Vran: A library in Victor Vran, with books stacked high on the floor and tables, and spilling out of chests, while scrolls and maps line the walls.

Victor Vran

Victor Vran has you playing as the titular demon hunter on a quest to wipe out evil and whatnot, standard stuff story-wise. It’s got an excellent level of customization regarding abilities, weapons, and skills, with plenty of directions you can take your demon-hunting build-in. Everything is viewed from an isometric, top-down perspective so if you’re a veteran of older RPG games then you should have absolutely no issue adapting to Victor Vran.

Make no mistake, this is not a game on the same scale as Diablo or Path of Exile – the build diversity, game length, and world are limited – but if you’re after something light and accessible with a grim aesthetic to boot then this is definitely worth checking out. It’s also been updated a few times with DLC that adds in new attacks, new weapons, and even new maps.

Borderland's bounty hunter Lilith

Borderlands Series

The Borderlands series is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something that scratches the same itch as Diablo in terms of loot spilling forth from every enemy you slay. There are heaps of nods to Diablo-likes, including loot-hoarding minions, rarity tiers, and classes that you can min-max whichever way you want.

Sure, it’s a bright, brash, and colorful series in terms of its tone, and switching from hack-and-slash gameplay to shooting might be a step too far. However, if you love nothing more than seeing a golden pillar of light bouncing out of a dead minion then you owe it to yourself to at least give Borderlands a go.

Games like Diablo Book of Demons: The cards available to add to your deck in Book of Demons, which include spells such as Fireball, Ice Bolt, and Heal among other item cards such as the Divine Potion and Hourglass.

Book of Demons

Book of Demons probably has arguably the strongest aesthetic on this list. It’s all designed to look like a pop-up book, the kind you’d read when you were younger, or maybe the ones you read to your children or younger siblings. But it also deserves some plaudits for twisting Diablo’s hack-and-slash gameplay into a deck-building hybrid.

The combat is simple, requiring you to play cards rather than mastering your hotkey bar. Still, things get more complex by having you manage special abilities and develop your character over countless dungeon runs. It’s a lot of fun, and there are actually two other games set in this world that are in development too, just in case you fall in love with it.

Games like Diablo Torchlight 2: A hectic battle in Torchlight 2 between a band of heroes and an enemy called Spot, encountered in one of the ARPGs many dungeons.

Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 is a slightly more colorful take on the Diablo formula but make no doubt: this is an ARPG for veteran dungeon-crawlers just like Diablo. It’s got all of the same mechanics and components that have made the genre what it is, but you can do extra things like sending your pet to the market to sell off your loot on your behalf.

It’s full of nice little touches like that, which help to make the game feel a little bit smoother and more friendly, plus there are loads of weapons and play styles to mess around with.

Games like Diablo Warhammer Inquisitor: An enormous reanimated skeletal soldier firing a minigun fused to its arm in Warhammer Inquisitor, its patchwork body covered in blood and gore.

Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor – Martyr

If you’ve always wanted a game like Diablo set in the Warhammer 40,000 world then this really is the best option currently available. Inquisitor – Martyr has you choosing between an assassin, psychic, or armor-clad brute battling against the horrors of the 40k universe as one of the agents of the Imperium. The voice acting is about as dramatically overwrought as you’d expect of the 40K license, and there’s plenty of monolithic imperial-gothic architecture to gawp at as you fight to eliminate the corruption.

That means bullets, blades, and blazes as you carve a path through expertly designed enemies and bosses, all meant to horrify you before they succumb to the overwhelming might of your shoulder pads. Character progression is a little lacking, which leaves gameplay feeling stale after long sessions. Thankfully, there are some neat twists in the form of Uther’s Tarot, a system that lets you customize the galaxy map with everything from difficulty and objectives to the kind of loot you want to drop. There are even some choose-your-own adventure-inspired cards that allow you a little more freedom within the main campaign.

Games like Diablo: Battling the Nurgle hordes in Warhammer: Chaosbane

Warhammer: Chaosbane

If you prefer fantasy to 40K then Warhammer: Chaosbane is for you. The gameplay, boss battles, class progression, and level design are all top-notch, and while itemization is a little lacking, the gameplay is sharp and addictive.

It may not boast a Diablo game’s robust endgame or sharp controls, but Warhammer: Chaosbane is a superb action-RPG for as long as the main story lasts. You pick between five classic Warhammer classes and guide your chosen hero through a campaign that’s stained pus-yellow campaign by nasty Nurgle, smashing, cleaving, and burning through minions in dank sewers, embattled towns, and on castle ramparts.

All the loot drops are tailored to your class so there’s much less junk to sift through, which is a welcome change from the Diablo series. The leveling process itself is also very satisfying, with powerful new abilities at every unlock milestone – the upgrades never feel like skill tree-filler, despite there being a total of 180 across all the heroes. Additional difficulties and modes like boss rush await you after rolling the campaign credits, but there are enough Diablo-like thrills in the story to slake your thirst for hacking and slashing hellspawn.

The narrative is definitely painted by numbers Warhammer, but it’s a good vehicle for some of the areas you’ll get to visit over the 15-hour-long campaign, although the sewer sections definitely outstay their welcome.

Games like Diablo Grim Dawn: A group of heroes in Grim Dawn going up against zombie hordes at a deserted farmstead, casting powerful spells to keep them at bay.

Grim Dawn

If you want a truly in-depth and complex ARPG experience, then Grim Dawn is probably the one that fits the bill on this list of games like Diablo. There are lots of things worth noting about it, from the apocalyptic setting to the obscenely deep in-game lore, but the thing that makes Grim Dawn so enjoyable is its dual-class system.

As with any ARPG worth its salt, you get to choose a class, but what makes Grim Dawn different, is the ability to combine classes together to make a hybrid of your own. Add to that hundreds of item skills and you begin to see just how versatile Grim Dawn’s class system is. If you enjoy abyssal landscapes and inventing builds then Grim Dawn is absolutely for you.

That’s a wrap on our list of the best games like Diablo. If you haven’t been keeping up with all the developments announced for the long-awaited sequel, we’ve got guides for all the best Diablo 4 classes, including the overhauled Necromancer. We also have a list of the Diablo 4 skill trees and their changes, so you can get a headstart on character customization. Finally, if you’re planning to traverse this new version of Sanctuary with friends, we recommend taking a look at our Diablo 4 crossplay guide for the full details.