Cities Skylines 2 houses have a really annoying problem

Cities Skylines 2 makes massive changes to roads and traffic, but the Paradox and Colossal Order city-builder seems to have an irritating issue with housing.

Cities Skylines 2 houses: A main road and a huge train in the suburbs of a metropolis in city-building game Cities Skylines 2

Cities Skylines 2 houses have an aggravating little issue. We’ve already seen how Paradox and Colossal Order are transforming roads in the upcoming city-building game, and quite frankly, we couldn’t be happier. Roundabouts, highway ramps, and easier water and electric lines are all confirmed for Cities Skylines 2, but based on some recent gameplay footage, there’s a frustrating problem with how houses and residential squares are laid out. If you pride yourself on a meticulously designed, flawlessly efficient metropolis, ahead of the Cities Skylines 2 release date, this one might make you itch.

As previously reported, Cities Skylines 2 roads and traffic are getting a huge overhaul. The much-needed roundabouts are finally coming, alongside easier tools for creating beautiful, symmetrical residential blocks. However, although roads are getting simpler and tidier, Cities Skylines 2 houses have our pedantry for perfect, parallel design soaring into overdrive.

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Paradox and Colossal Order have introduced a welcome change to residential areas in Cities Skylines 2, adding clearly delineated and much-more-detailed yard and outside spaces around each suburban home.

The consequence however is that housing blocks have these aggravating, awkward, and irregular angles between them – unlike reality, where gardens, fences, and hedgerows are shared between plots of land, in Cities Skylines 2, we have these jarring gaps. Check out the image below, as captured by Reddit user ‘AltAccount.’

Cities Skylines 2 houses: A top-down image of some small suburban houses in city-building game Cities Skylines 2

Especially with those two houses on the left, you can see a huge, empty space between them where they ought to join up. Of course, this is unlikely to affect Cities Skylines 2 in a significant gameplay sense, but if, like us, you have a penchant for building the neatest and most seamless city possible, this little graphical quirk may well get under your skin.

Nevertheless, Paradox and Colossal Order continue to offer updates on how CS2 may change before launch, and we’ll always have Cities Skylines 2 mods to address minor concerns like this. All is not lost.

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