Battlefield 2042 update finally rolls out full squad orders

Battlefield 2042 update 5.2.0 releases at the start of August, and brings an Hourglass rework, new weapon attachments, balance changes, and squad orders.

Battlefield 2042 update 5.2.0 - a soldier wearing orange shades and a helmet.

Battlefield 2042 update 5.2.0 releases next week, and it’s finally putting the finishing touches on the squad management system with the introduction of squad orders, along with kick and lock functionality for the multiplayer FPS game. There’s also a rework of the Hourglass map, and this latest Battlefield 2042 patch changes the way dispersion affects SMGs and LMGs.

The team notes that its Hourglass rework fulfills its commitment to reworking all of the Battlefield 2042 launch maps. This new-look Hourglass is a little smaller “to keep combat focused,” and it’s a bit more broken down, suggesting that we’re now seeing it further through an extended conflict, with damaged zones, increased military outposts, and additional fortified positions in key areas.

SMGs and LMGs get some big overhauls in this patch – firstly, Vault SMGs, LMGs, and Sidearms (where possible) have now had their All-Out Warfare attachments added. To help improve consistency and the number of options that feel competitive, DICE says it has tweaked the damage curves, dispersion, recoil behavior, and accuracy for a number of other SMGs and LMGs so they can match up to their All-Out Warfare counterparts. “Since this is a large rebalance injection into the game,” DICE notes, “we will be monitoring the feedback and data post-update and we are ready to make further changes.”

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Also included in the 5.2.0 update are the long-awaited squad orders, something I still can’t quite believe we made it this far without. You’ll now be able to coordinate more easily with your squad, earning additional XP for completing objectives assigned by your squad leader. If you think they’re not up to the leadership role and aren’t taking action on order requests, you’ll also have the option to take leadership duties from them.

Squad leaders, meanwhile, will have their own tools at their disposal. Following many player requests, you’ll now have access to lock and kick functionality, meaning you can lock and unlock your squad to prevent/allow new joiners, and remove anyone from the squad who you feel isn’t carrying their weight.

DICE says that it had initially decided not to include these in the first iteration of squad management tools, which rolled out with the start of season 5. However, it says, “No matter our previous reasoning for not initially including these options, you’ve told us this functionality is crucial to your squad management experience so we’re adding both these features.”

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